Abraham Altaïr Botros-Giordano


Abra, Abey, Junior, Abraham Jr., Baby Abey

Date of Birth

12th April 2080


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

House Affiliation


Class of





5'7", slim


Brown, long-ish



Magical Characteristics




12 ½", phoenix feather, laurel, springy (first wand)
12 ½", phoenix feather, juniper, springy (second wand)


The Monster™


Broom polish, home-made food, something associated with Dante



Musical Career

Years active

2095 - present


Wrock, alternative wrock, pop wrock, indie wrock


Vocals, guitar


Dark Circus Records (2097 - 2100)
Mind's Eye Records (2100 - present)

Associated acts

The Dead Kneazles

Abraham Altaïr Botros-Giordano (born Abraham Altaïr Botros and known mononymously as Abra), is a singer-songwriter who was born 12th April 2080 in Alexandria, Egypt. He attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was sorted into Gryffindor house, though he was a very rare four-way Hatstall. Abra served as Gryffindor Quidditch Captain in his fifth year, and Gryffindor Prefect in his sixth and seventh years. He graduated with the class of 2098.

Abra lives in a studio flat in London, England, along with his cat, Squigs (a gift from his brother) and his crup, Feo (left to him in his grandfather's will). He is married to Dante Botros-Giordano. They were boyfriends since fifth year, got married on a whim on 7th July 2097, and kept it a secret for over a year afterwards.

Abra was one of a number of new artists featured on a compilation album released in June 2098, when he was 18. His first solo album, Colours That Don't Exist, was released in July 2099, and his next project is currently underway. Abra also takes on painting commissions as a secondary means of supporting himself; he creates hyperrealistic, vividly colourful magical portraits, many of which incorporate abstract features.

Personality and Key Characteristics

Abra wears his emotions openly and is terrible at suppressing them. Though he is outgoing and confident around his family and friends, he tends to be more shy around people he doesn't know very well. From around the age of ten, he started trying to overcome his shyness by acting instead as different characters or other people, and occasionally embellishing the truth in his attempts to connect with others.

He has a flair for dramatics, especially around his family and friends when his behaviour can be surprisingly eccentric, but he has a soft heart and a generally gentle temperament. When he is not surrounded solely by those he is close friends with, Abra is more likely to stay quiet and keep to himself, and generally prefers his own company.

Despite his shyness and discomfort around unfamiliar people, Abra wanted to pursue a career in music nevertheless. His passion had been writing and singing songs, and playing his guitar, for some time, enough that he felt brave enough to put himself out there. When it comes to performing, he gets through it by using his acting skills to play a part, putting on the persona of 'the charismatic performer'.

Given his exuberance around his friends, his line of work, and his tendency to fool people into thinking he's more outgoing than he is, Abra is sometimes mistaken for an extrovert, but the opposite is true. He is incredibly sociable and outgoing when he is at ease, but finds it much more comfortable, and easier to recharge, when he is on his own. Sometimes he goes very quiet, and on those days he prefers spending time alone, or simply existing quietly with a relative or friend who is happy to sit in silence with him. Once he has 'recharged', Abra can easily return to his more exuberant state.

He is very physically affectionate with his friends, and enjoys hugging, holding hands, and giving kisses on the cheek to friends regardless of gender, provided they are okay with it. But though he is usually loving and gentle, on a bad day Abra is liable to be snappy and lose his temper even with those he loves the most.

Abra is most at ease around his family, and knows he can always count on them for support; in return, he puts them before everything else. However, being part of such a big family, with many successful relatives and a lot to live up to, can have its drawbacks. Growing up, Abra felt immense (though self-imposed) pressure to live up to the family name, and especially to prove himself worthy of the name 'Abraham Botros', which carried a lot of weight. For a long time, he desperately wanted to prove himself (particularly to his father, with whom his relationship is practically non-existent), and to be the best at something, anything. It took him years to work past this, and on bad days Abra still feels like he needs to be the best at something before he can have any self-worth, but for the most part he no longer feels this way.

Around the age of sixteen, Abra began to realise that his desire to prove himself to others had inadvertently set him on a path didn't work for him. He became conscious of the fact that his main motivation in life was always the approval of other people, and has since changed the ways he motivates himself. Abra now focuses on what he enjoys rather than the things he thinks people expect or want him to do.

Abra sets himself very high expectations. He is a perfectionist, and when he cannot meet his own impossibly high standards, he becomes upset, demoralised, and anxious. When he was younger, he had a tendency of starting projects and picking up hobbies, only to quickly abandon them once he realised he wasn't instantly perfect. Luckily, he is very receptive to encouragement and support, and can usually be spurred on, but does have the tendency of not trying at all in things he knows he cannot do, so intense is his fear of failure. Although he is confident in his song-writing and performing abilities, his perfectionism meant that establishing himself in the music world had extra hurdles. Abra generally feels that there is always something that can be improved in his work, and so learning when to stop and call a project finished has been difficult, though invaluable. Even so, writing and recording music can often be a lengthy process for him.

Anxiety is a huge problem for Abra, and though he uses his talent for acting and his creativity to push past this and his shyness, he also suffers from panic attacks that strike out of nowhere. These first arose when he was nine, shortly after his grandfather became ill, and became much worse after his first year at Hogwarts. He has regular sessions with a Healer, who diagnosed him with generalised anxiety disorder and panic disorder, in addition to post-traumatic stress disorder, which all exist independently of each other. Though Abra is quite a fearful individual, almost always on edge, he tries to be brave and push through the fear.

Abra has severe dyslexia, which wasn't diagnosed until he was twelve. This made school a nightmare, as he struggled with all theory lessons, and any subject that required closely following written or verbal instructions, such as Potions. He always felt he was wasting his and everyone else's time by staying at Hogwarts, but saw his school years through to graduation all the same.

One thing Abra never had any kind of internal conflict about is his sexuality. He first suspected he might be gay when he was ten, and knew for sure when he was twelve. Though his certainty in the area was a major positive, it also meant that for a while Abra couldn't understand why anyone would feel conflicted or uncertain about themselves. Luckily, he developed more understanding and patience by the time he was thirteen. Now, Abra includes LGBT+ themes in his music, to show solidarity and support with any listeners, particularly the younger ones, who might be struggling with who they are, need to know that they aren't alone, or simply want to feel represented and seen.

Interests and Abilities

Art: Abra has been interested in art for as long as he can remember. He explored many styles over the years, and has now settled on painting hyperrealistic portraits with vivid colours (occasionally incorporating abstract features), generally in oils and on large canvases. Throughout his years at school, Abra frequently produced art and often focused more on that, along with his music, than on his schoolwork; as a result, his grades were not great but his artistic and musical skills improved exponentially. He spends a lot of time drawing and painting for fun, and now also takes commissions as his secondary income. Abra takes a lot of photographs in order to have reference photos for his art; he doesn't consider himself a skilled photographer, but he did take photographs for the Yearbook while at school.

Drama: Having been a part of a drama club for a year before starting school, as well as Hogwarts' own drama club, Abra has always shown great interest in acting. He is highly skilled at it too, evident in not only the roles he has had in various productions, but also in his day to day life. Abra's on-stage persona is likely his most important role to date.

Languages: Growing up in Egypt, Abra was brought up speaking both Arabic and English, making him bilingual. He does not currently know any other languages. Abra can speak and understand both Arabic and English fluently, but has much more trouble with reading and writing in either language, due to his dyslexia.

Music: Abra commits a lot of time to music, especially now he is pursuing it as a career. He plays the guitar and sings, and received lessons from West Odessa in both of these areas when he was younger. Abra also writes and performs his own songs. He is by no means naturally gifted at guitar; it took a lot of time and work to reach his current skill level, especially as, when he was younger, he had a bad habit of forgetting to practice for long periods of time. Songwriting (or, the composing of songs, as he dislikes the actual writing part) comes a lot more naturally to him. New melodies and lyrics are constantly occurring to him.

Quidditch/Flying: Due in part to the influence of his family and family friends, Abra was flying since before he could walk. He started attending Quidditch camps as soon as he was old enough, and later played for the Alexandria U14 and U17 teams, and the Gryffindor house team, though he was almost always anxious about the attention. His position was Seeker, and he is very skilled at flying and seeking (the latter especially when he discovered that he needed glasses and started wearing contacts, allowing him to find the snitch with more ease). Since graduating from school, Abra no longer plays Quidditch and seldom finds the opportunity to fly recreationally. He was voted Most Likely to Play Professional Quidditch in his fourth year at Hogwarts, the first year that Quidditch was brought back. Though it had been his dream as a child, by this point he no longer wanted to play professionally.

Synaesthesia: Abra is a synaesthete. In his case, sounds, smells, taste, and touch invariably trigger the perception of colours. It generally enhances his perception of the world, especially given his ability to perceive more colours than the average person, but can easily be overwhelming at times. He does find that it enriches his experience with art and music. Abra also has a form of spatial-sequence synaesthesia, though to a lesser degree, which means that he often automatically assigns spatial locations to particular times, dates, names, etc.

Tetrachromacy: Abra is a tetrachromat. Generally this means an organism has four cone cells in the eye, and in humans generally relies on a person having two X chromosomes. However, it was determined in his fourth year through a simple test that Abra has XY chromosomes, meaning that his perception of extra colours likely has a magical explanation. He opted not to look into the matter any further, but has allowed one of his friends to interview him, form theories, and write about the phenomena. While some find this ability intriguing, Abra, who has never known any different, just considers it normal. It has, however, explained why some things, like colour-matching in painting, and trying to achieve exactly the right hue when brewing potions, can be so distressing for him.


Pre-Life and Early Life

Owen Botros is the eldest son of the late Abraham Botros. Abraham's father was Abraham Botros Sr., who fought and played a significant role in the Second Wizarding War when he helped to hide muggleborn witches and wizards. Abraham Sr.'s wife, Latifah, tended to the wounded.

Though he grew up in Egypt, Owen attended Hogwarts like the rest of his family, and was a member of Hufflepuff house. After graduating from Hogwarts, and then from Wizarding University, Owen returned to Egypt where he met Nora. In 2063, after a long and rocky on-off relationship, Owen and Nora married; this was shortly after a long break-up, during which Owen realised he could not live without Nora, leading to him proposing out of the blue even though she was seeing someone else at the time. Nora broke off her relationship in order to be with Owen.

Owen and Nora's eldest son, Hassan Botros, was born in 2065, and their daughter, Lilian, arrived in 2067. The relationship between parents and children was like in any pureblood family; Owen and Nora watched their children closely for signs of magic, and were relieved when they were eventually accepted to Hogwarts. Hassan was raised by Owen to have a high sense of responsibility, and it was always fairly clear that Hassan and Lilian were the most cherished grandchildren.

The plan had always been for Owen and Nora to have just two children, but, years later, one more came along. Abraham Altaïr Botros (then referred to as Abey by his cousins and siblings) was born on 12th April 2080, in Alexandria, Egypt. The age gap between Abra and his siblings is significant, and in terms of age he is much closer to his cousins than to his brother and sister. Abra lived with his parents in the family mansion in Egypt, and had an incredibly privileged life. Every summer, at his grandfather's insistence, the family would gather in the Alexandria mansion and spend the entire summer together, a tradition Abra's own father continued to insist upon after Abraham's death. Some of Abra's earliest memories are of running or flying around the grounds and the house in Egypt, and playing games with his cousins and siblings. He showed his first signs of magical ability as a toddler, when he would change his toys into different colours.

Abra grew up spending a lot of time with his cousins, particularly Junia, Alanna, and Aaron, who were the closest to him in age. Due to family connections, Abra also personally knew a number of famous witches and wizards while growing up, including Sherman Clark (who was the Minister for Magic for a time), Quidditch player and wrockstar West Odessa, and Quidditch player Alice Odessa, all of whom had known him since he was born. Abra's own brother was a professional Quidditch player for the Montrose Magpies, and also played for the Egyptian national Quidditch team. Because he knew all of these people from a very early age, Abra never considered it out of the ordinary to know so famous people.



Age 7

Prior to attending Hogwarts, Abra did not attend Primary Wizarding School, though his mother ensured that he would be appropriately educated in preparation for Hogwarts. He was raised bilingual, speaking both English and Arabic. Being related to a famous Quidditch star - and pseudo-related to two more - Abra was raised knowing how to fly a broom. He participated in Quidditch camps from the age of four, and met some of his longer lasting friends there.

In 2088, when Abra was eight years old, a curse-breaking accident put his grandfather in the hospital, triggering memory loss and episodes of confusion. Abra and the younger members of the family were permitted to visit their grandfather in the hospital from time to time, though not often, as he would often have trouble remembering them, which was upsetting for everyone. Around this time, Abra, already tormenting himself over the pressure of living up to the Botros legacy, and now with the added worry about his grandfather, went from shy to anxious. At the age of nine, he had his first panic attack, which would turn out to be the first of many.


Age 9

In the summer of 2090, when Abra was ten years old, his grandfather revealed to him and his siblings during a visit to his St. Mungo's room that he would be returning home that day. Abra was elated, confident in the belief that his grandfather must be well again if he was coming home. Hassan, Lilian, and the Clarks (who had also come to visit) had some reservations, but Abraham, stubborn and determined, did indeed return home. Later that night, back in Alexandria, Abraham Botros passed away surrounded by his loved ones. His death had a huge impact on the surviving members of the family.

In the last year before Abra was due to set off for Hogwarts, he was enrolled in a muggle drama class, in an attempt to try and boost his confidence, and to prepare him for mixing with other children. Abra loved it, and especially loved learning how to act through his anxiety, and to put on a performance in order to get through any situation.

The night before his eleventh birthday, Abra was visited in his sleep by a Dream Messenger who left him a token, informing him he had gained entrance to the African magical school, Uagadou School of Magic. Upon waking, and discovering it had not been just a dream, Abra was at first intrigued and then, when he realised he did not also have a Hogwarts letter, utterly distraught. He begged his mother to get him into Hogwarts instead, fearful that he would end up different from his family, and separated from them. His mother promised that she and his father would do their best to transfer him, but the tears were for nothing, as later that day an exhausted barn owl arrived bearing Abra's Hogwarts letter, having simply taken slightly longer to reach the Egyptian household. Despair quickly turned to elation, and Abra was soon celebrating the fact that he would be joining his older cousins, Rula and Junia, at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


First Year (2091 - 2092)


First Year

As excited as Abra was for his first year at Hogwarts, his anxiety about going to live so far away from home and for so long had reached a fever pitch by the time he had to board the Hogwarts Express. Overcome with an intense flood of emotions, Abra ended up sobbing to his parents and siblings that, actually, he didn't want to go to Hogwarts at all, and clung to his mother at Platform Nine and Three Quarters. His tears lasted a while, but Abra was soon cajoled away from the majority of his family and onto the train, where Rula and Junia were sure to keep reassuring him. As Abra would later explain, it wasn't that he genuinely didn't want to go to Hogwarts, but more that it was suddenly sinking in just how far from the majority of his family - in particular his mother - he would be, especially as he knew he would struggle with written correspondence to and from home. However, the knowledge that he would still have two of his cousins nearby served to keep Abra reassured, not to mention the fact that he had accidentally-on-purpose stowed away a certain crup of his along for the ride, intending to keep Feo at Hogwarts with him despite the fact that only students fifth year and over could have them. Junia was let in on this particular detail, and loyally agreed to keep the secret.

But the next hurdle came much too soon for Abra's liking. The matter of his Sorting was one that - in his mind - was, and had always been, a sure thing. In the Botros family, girls were traditionally sorting into Slytherin, and the boys into Hufflepuff; he fully intended to follow that tradition. However, when his turn came to wear the Sorting Hat, Abra found that it was not exactly willing to put him in Hufflepuff. Instead the Hat, though it admitted that Hufflepuff would have been a good fit for Abra, decided that he would grow and develop better in another house that took him out of his comfort zone. It debated for a long time between the three remaining houses, eventually narrowed the options down to Slytherin and Gryffindor, and ultimately sorted him into the latter. His sorting took five minutes exactly, making him a Hatstall, though only just. Abra was distraught, and convinced that he had betrayed his entire family. He spent the rest of the feast at the Slytherin table with his cousins, mostly sobbing on them, and his dramatic emotional display attracted the attention of many in the Hall. But the Hat's decision was final, and Abra knew he would be stuck in Gryffindor house no matter how much he cried. He was, however, reassured by the fact that his own sister, Lilian, had also defied the tradition by being a Ravenclaw, and that he had also been sorted into the same house as his Alice, with whom he was very close.

The majority of the school year was marked by Abra's attempts to feel at home in Gryffindor house. He struggled with a fair amount of homesickness; not only did he miss his home in Egypt, he also missed his cousins who were actually with him at Hogwarts, and who lived a million miles away (aka: the Slytherin common room), not to mention the Hufflepuff Common Room, the place he had been fully prepared to live in. Early in the term, he tried to switch houses with his friend, Derfael Ashburry-Hawthorne, who had been sorted into Hufflepuff and was immensely unhappy about all the plants in the Hufflepuff common room. When it became clear that a house swap would not be possible, Abra and Derf began having sleepovers in an empty classroom. Things were made slightly easier, however, by the fact that Abra's childhood friend, Théodore Montmorency, had also been placed in Gryffindor and lived in the same dormitory. As time went on, Abra made many more friends in Gryffindor, and started to feel a little more at home there - though he would always claim to be a Gryffindor hostage, wishing he was living in Hufflepuff with Derf, and his other friend, Hazel Martin-Pryce.

It very quickly became clear to Abra that learning magic would not be as easy as he had expected. He excelled in the practical aspect of his classes, but more often than not, theory would be involved, and Abra soon started to struggle and lag behind, failing to produce classwork and homework. One day, he was inexplicably gripped by a sudden and intense feeling of impending doom, and became convinced he was about to die (another panic attack, he later realised) and so he hid away in a broom closet until it was over. After that point, Abra started skipping certain classes, usually by feigning illness, attending only the ones he knew would not expect him to do much reading or writing, or those in which he was supposed to hand in homework he'd not done, as his anxiety surrounding those classes felt like a precursor to the unpleasant sensations he preferred to avoid. His difficulties did not go unnoticed, either; the astute Healer Reed was quick to pick up on what was going on, especially after Abra turned up at the hospital wing having eaten a Fever Fudge in order to give substance to his story.

On a more positive note, Abra got to join the Hogwarts Duelling Club once he was at school, something he had been planning for years, determined as he was to be the greatest at something, and wondering if that something might be duelling. Other significant events involved his cousin Rula getting engaged and trusting Abra and Junia with the information before she told the rest of the family over the Easter holidays. This occurred not too long after Abra himself secured himself a "girlfriend" in sixth year Gryffindor Aslan Evans after he sent her a 'Will you be my girlfriend?' note during a portal-related lockdown. He and everyone else knew that the relationship was not a real one, and Abra also already figured by this point that he liked boys rather than girls, but it was fun to pretend.

Abra's first year at Hogwarts was marked by the very pressing issue of a magical portal that had appeared in the school. Multiple students - including Abra's own cousin, Junia - were, at various points, snatched by the portal and taken to an alternate Hogwarts (complete with terrifying monster) before eventually returning. At one point, Hogwarts was put into a sort of lockdown when three boys - Rooney Bronwyn, Henry Whittebrook, and Carlton Lewis - disappeared into the portal for a full five days before being returned. Aside from his concern about the students who disappeared, his hopes for their safety, and his naturally high levels of anxiety, Abra was not terribly worried about the general situation; having lived an incredibly sheltered life, he believed that everything would work out fine, because a happy ending was always around the corner, especially at Hogwarts.

Unfortunately, he very abruptly lost this outlook when he and his friend, Simon Rockefeller, were snatched by the monster and dragged through the portal, mere seconds after being told to head to Professor Sokolov's office on their own during another sudden lockdown. The monster took them back to its lair and threw them into the corner of a room, practically on top of the remains of a human adult - the school caretaker who had gone missing at the start of the year. Simon suffered from severe asthma, and so Abra screamed for the both of them and tried to fire spells at the monster to make it go away, but the monster only grabbed his wand and snapped it clean in half. At this point, the monster grabbed Abra, who stopped screaming and started sobbing. The monster was only seconds away from sinking its teeth into him when it suddenly stopped and pushed Abra and Simon onto the wall, where they were secured by tendrils, before it crawled up onto the ceiling and waited.

Shouts from a rescue party had reached the lair - students and staff of Hogwarts had entered the portal to find the two first years - and Abra screamed as loud as he possibly could in order to get their attention, and also to warn them that the monster was waiting for them, until he ended up repeatedly sobbing 'It's waiting'. In no time at all the rescue party arrived, fought off the monster, cut Simon and Abra down from the wall where they were being held, and took them back through the portal. Once everyone was back in the regular Hogwarts, Miffy and Storm - the most recent Hogwarts poltergeists - flew through the portal and, in doing so, resealed it.

Even after the portal was closed, Abra was traumatised and remained utterly shaken by the event, refusing to be alone in Hogwarts without an adult or family member nearby until the end of term, terrified that the monster would come back for him. On top of everything else, he lost his wand to the portal too, having had it snapped cleanly in half by the monster during Abra's attempts to defend himself. Both halves were still in the alternate Hogwarts, and would remain there forever. Abra spent the remainder of the school term attempting to recover from the ordeal, but was reluctant to let Healer Reed dull the memories, given what he had seen of his grandfather's memory problems after his curse-breaking incident. Abra relied instead on Calming Draughts and Dreamless Sleep Potions, though he would often close his eyes and be convinced that he was back in the alternate Hogwarts.

By the end of term, though Abra was far from top in any of his classes, he had earned 108 points for Gryffindor and managed to place second out of all of the first years in the Duelling Club tournament. His friend, Derf, had placed first.

Second Year (2092 - 2093)


Second Year

Once he was back home in Egypt for the summer and away from Hogwarts, Abra started to feel better. However, he became very clingy with his mother, still had nightmares, would frequently wake up screaming 'it's waiting', and refused to sleep with the light off. Otherwise, his days were spent in the safety of his house or out at the beach, swimming in the sea, with the familiar environment (but very different from at school) playing a key role in his recovery from the ordeal. Abra and Junia both planned to try out for the Alexandria U14 regional quidditch team, with Abra making it as the reserve Seeker.

Going back to school for his second year, however, Abra took a giant step back in terms of his recovery. He became permanently on edge and terrified, more so than at the end of his first year, reacting badly to triggers that occurred in many of his lessons. He began avoiding the fifth and sixth floors - the floors in which the whole catastrophe from the year before had occurred - including the classes on those levels. His avoidance of classes and homework intensified, but for the most part there was one major event during the school year which served as a welcome distraction.

Abra's second year was also the year that Hogwarts hosted the IMPS tournament, a competition held for the schools of Hogwarts and Ilvermorny. The students and staff of Ilvermorny all came to stay for the duration of the tournament, which was held in the form of four different challenges over the course of the term. As an extra treat during the tournament, there was also a party around Christmas which took place on Merlin's Pride, a ship out on the Great Lake. Unfortunately, an unknown prankster had spiked the food and drink with Veritaserum without anyone noticing, causing mayhem in the social lives of the students. Abra was affected by this when he witnessed a truth-potioned Derf loudly profess his love for Valerie Gray, an Ilvermorny competitor that his friend had developed an obsession with. To this, Abra could only admit to himself, out loud because of the Veritaserum, that this made him jealous of Valerie Gray. This was the first real sign that he had started to develop feelings for Derf outside of his friendship, and he spent the rest of term analysing and processing what these feelings might mean. This was the final confirmation for Abra that he was, in fact, gay.

Abra made it to the end of his second year this time with no major upsets or near death experiences, of which he was thankful. He came second in the Duelling Club tournament again, which left him frustrated over repeatedly ending up second best, and he started to question whether Duelling Club was really for him. Put simply, disappointed at not being able to be the best at something, he began to consider quitting it altogether. In his end of year exams, which he could not escape this year, Abra just barely managed to scrape through with minimal passing grades.

Third Year (2093 - 2094)


Third Year

The start of the summer also marked the start of the Quidditch U14 season. After the previous starting Seeker for the Alexandria U14s aged out, the position was freed up, and Abra easily earned the spot for himself after trying out. His team played a good season, with Abra catching ninety percent of the snitches throughout his games, helping his team to finish at the top of the league.

After talking with his older brother, Hassan, over the summer, Abra was set up with regular sessions with a private Mind Healer, who diagnosed him officially with generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder, and proceeded to help him cope with those issues. Additionally, he started to see an extra tutor who specialised in dyslexia, to help manage his schoolwork and day-to-day life. He went on seeing these professionals throughout the school year.

Back at school, Abra mustered up the courage to audition for the school play, a production of The Fountain of Fair Fortune, in which he was cast as a narrator alongside Derf. Outside of rehearsals and classes, Abra started to withdraw, preferring his own company especially while in some of his less pleasant moods. He continued to draw, paint, sing, and play guitar, devoting much of his time to being alone, and all of his alone time to his artwork and his music. Conversely, his schoolwork - as usual - fell by the wayside.

In the latter half of term, there was an incident witnessed by Abra and everyone else involved in the play. A student, later confirmed to have been possessed, entered the play rehearsal in the Room of Requirement and handed out cursed objects to Professor Myers, and a couple of other students - one of whom was Junia. When Junia and the others touched these objects, they too became cursed. Abra was terrified for Junia, and had to be forced away from her so that the Headmistress and staff could work on healing the students and Myers. Junia was ultimately okay, physically, but after the incident, Abra and his two younger cousins, Alanna and Aaron, were pulled from school until the end of term; Junia stayed behind to focus on her OWLs.

The day before he was due to leave the school, Abra shared his first kiss with Derf, while saying goodbye to him. Being pulled from school meant being away from his friends, and no longer being able to perform in the play, but had the minor upside of not being committed to the end of term exams.

Fourth Year (2094 - 2095)


Fourth year

At the start of the summer after his third year, Abra decided that 'Abey' was far too childish a nickname for a teenager such as himself, and started requesting that people call him 'Abra' instead. When the U14 and U17 Quidditch seasons started again, he tried out for the Under-Seventeen team for Alexandria, as he was now at the minimum age threshold. He expected to be offered the position of reserve Seeker at the very most, but found that the Seeker who had aged out of the U14 team the year before had gone on to play for the Egypt U17s instead. In her absence, the starting Seeker position for Alexandria was empty, and Abra earned it for himself. He spent the rest of the season in a state of indecision, finding that the U17 teams had somewhat bigger crowds in the stands, and that he had to struggle through more anxiety than ever in order to play. Ultimately, however, Abra did not quit the U17s, and learned to enjoy playing with this team just as much as he had in the lower age bracket. Later in the summer, Abra attended a pool party held by another rising fourth year, Zita Valla, a Slytherin.

Once back at school, Abra's life in the feelings department became more confusing than ever. At the start of term feast, he witnessed Zita Valla approach Derf and kiss him. Confused and upset, Abra became saddened and a little jealous. He later discovered (and used his own logic to deduce) that the kiss had meant nothing and that Derf had not expected it or any feelings from Zita, but was also informed that Derf had kissed another Slytherin in their year, Natalie McKinley. This, Abra knew, did mean something, as he knew that Derf and Natalie had been close for some time. Because of some miscommunication, regarding Derf believing that Abra wanted to be in a relationship with him (though his insecurities had actually meant the opposite), Abra became upset and withdrawn again. For a short time, he avoided Derf rather than attempt to talk through the issues with him.

As his fourth year progressed, Abra quickly discovered that his schoolwork was not about to get any easier. He struggled more than ever with classwork and homework, often relying on help (aka copying) from his dorm mates, though his grades continued to suffer as he became more disheartened with his own abilities, and thus isolated himself from others. However, while he struggled academically, Abra was excited to hear that Quidditch was finally coming back to Hogwarts; he tried out for the team, and made it as starting Seeker for Gryffindor. He also continued his time with the drama club, after briefly considering quitting, given the disasters that had befallen the rehearsal the year before. This term, the play was to be a musical, The Wizard of Oz. Abra auditioned, and got the part of the cowardly lion, the appropriateness of which did not escape his notice. In terms of other school activities, he quit the Duelling Club in his fourth year, accepting that this was something he was never going to be the greatest at, and unwilling to continue falling short of being the best.

Throughout the year, Abra suffered with worsening nightmares and flashbacks related to his first year, the growing intensity being partly the result of the stress surrounding his academic life and his worries about schoolwork. It was after one such episode of nightmares that Abra was up earlier than usual in the music room, where he was found by a patrolling Derf. In their conversation, the two finally shared some very frank, honest, and open communication about the feelings they shared for each other, while also clarifying that neither wanted to be in a relationship or felt ready for one.

During his fourth year, Abra made another new friend. Sam Strider was a Hufflepuff in the year above who had transferred to Hogwarts at the start of term. It was during a discussion with Sam that Abra discovered that his ability to see extra colours was not as common as he thought it was. He had previously realised that it was something he could do that others generally couldn't, but believed it was similar to how Derf was red-green colour blind, in terms of frequency. Sam explained to him about tetrachromacy, and how things called 'chromosomes' were involved, and used a number of other terms that made Abra's head spin. He eventually grasped the basics of what Sam was saying; that someone identified male at birth usually couldn't be a tetrachromat. Mostly to satisfy his new friend's curiosity, Abra accompanied Sam to the Potions lab where they brewed a potion together (Sam did most of the work). When Abra added his saliva to the vial of completed potion, it turned purple, which apparently meant he had XY chromosomes. This meant that it shouldn't have been possible for him to be a tetrachromat. Abra decided not to look into the matter any further, as he was content with knowing the 'what' without the 'how' or 'why', but he did consent to Sam continuing his research on the matter, even agreeing that he could write about him some day.

Gryffindor's performance in the Quidditch Cup had been promising this term, and they were in the lead until their last game. They lost this game and ultimately missed out on winning the cup, something Abra found difficult to deal with, though he eventually accepted the loss as just another part of the game. Thoughts of Quidditch angst, however, were driven out of his mind by the end of term field trip to Dufftown, a local muggle town, where the Hogwarts staff had taken students as a treat before exams started. During the trip, several students ended up possessed while in the presence of the muggles, including Derf and another of Abra's friend's, Jessa Cambridge. In all the commotion, Derf's warty newt, Scamander, fell out of his pocket and may well have come to an untimely end. It was Abra who rescued her, much to Derf's utter relief when he returned her after everything had died down.

At the end of term, Abra struggled through his final exams, again just scraping acceptable passes to allow him to progress to his fifth year, mostly making up for his poor theory exam grades with much better marks in practical exams. He nevertheless struggled even more than he had in the past, which did not bode well for his upcoming OWLs.

Fifth Year (2095 - 2096)


Fifth year

The summer before Abra's fifth year was spent in relative comfort and relaxation. He spent much of it at the beach, swimming in the ocean, or playing Quidditch with his U17 team in Alexandria, and generally recuperating after the stress of being at school. Towards the end of the summer, with his parents' permission, he performed at an open mic night in the city, fighting through his intense anxiety to get up on stage, where he then sang and played guitar. Things were made slightly easier by the fact that, after a long and difficult deliberation, Abra decided to start on potions for his generalised anxiety which had been steadily growing worse.

One surprise came during the summer when Abra received a letter naming him Gryffindor Quidditch Captain. He was shocked by this, not least because a friend in his year, Zoryn Spinnet, had been the captain the year before, leading to the general expectation that she would continue in the role. Even once Abra knew that Zoryn had been made to give up the badge by her parents, he still felt that there had to have been some mistake in passing it along to him, and inevitably grew anxious about it, and about his cousin Junia's potential reaction. However, once those around him - including Junia, and former Hogwarts Quidditch captains West and Alice - showed their enthusiasm and encouragement, Abra couldn't help but start to feel proud of himself.

Abra started off the term strong by having a panic attack at the feast, once the gravity of the school year fully hit him. When term fully kicked off, he went to see Professor Marchand, the Gryffindor Head of House, to see if he could get out of his OWLs. He was, naturally, unsuccessful. In September, Abra held tryouts for the Gryffindor Quidditch team, and was thankful he had chosen to start his anxiety potions as they helped him get through the ordeal of public speaking. Throughout the start of term, however, Abra's confidence as well as his emotions in general began fluctuating wildly due to side effects of his potions. He put up with this as it still meant a reprieve from his anxiety.

As Christmas approached, mistletoe began springing up in the corridors, and it was under one of these bunches that Abra and his dorm-mate, Dante Giordano, shared a kiss, which was unfortunately witnessed by Derf. Shortly after the holidays, Abra and Derf went through a sort of not-quite-break-up (as they had never actually been together), which caused them to keep their distance from each other for each other for the rest of term. This was a major source of angst and grief for Abra, as he felt like he was definitely losing his best friend. He did, however, spend more time with Dante, and the two got even closer.

The end of term brought a harrowing experience for most of the staff and students of Hogwarts when a horde of Inferi emerged from the lake and attacked. They were looking for treasure that had been recovered from the lake and was being held in the castle, and were brutal in their attempts to get it back. Abra himself came face to face with the corpses while walking through the pathways with his friend Bel Macindoe, and ended up battling the Inferi alongside her, Derf, Professor Grimsbane, and a few others. Though their skirmish was not heading for a positive outcome, the Inferi at the castle doors received their treasure before it ended too badly, and the horde attacking them retreated to the lake. Abra and Derf were reunited that night in the hospital wing, with each expressing that they still cared for one another. Even so, Abra and Dante officially got together shortly after the Inferi attack.

Exams still went on at the end of the year and Abra took them while trying to mentally recover from his second near-fatal Hogwarts experience which, combined with the fact that he had not done any studying all year, did not bode well for his grades. He was happy when they finally reached the end of term, so that he could return to the comfort of his family home where he could recover from the year's events in peace.

Sixth Year (2096 - 2097)


Sixth year

Early in the summer, Abra received his OWL results and was disappointed - but not surprised - to find out that he had failed absolutely everything. Though at first he considered the option to retake his exams in the winter, he made the decision to do them instead in the summer, before returning to school. This time, he put time into studying, once he felt he had suitably recovered from the events at the end of the previous term. A lot of his time was also devoted to his music, and to putting together demo tapes to send off to various recording studios in the pursuit of a career in making music.

Abra's summer Hogwarts letter that year brought with it another surprise; he had been made Prefect in place of Quidditch Captain. Abra was relieved at this; though he had some reservations about being unpopular with a few of his more trouble-making friends, the pressure of his captaincy and the prospect of disappointing his fellow Gryffindors with the rosters had been almost more than he could take. He accepted the badge and the responsibilities that came with it. Towards the end of the summer, he retook his OWLs, and received his grades the day before taking the train back to Hogwarts. He had passed a handful of subjects, and was perfectly satisfied with this.

Once back at Hogwarts, however, the year took an unpleasant turn almost before it was even underway. Headmistress Hawthorne was deposed during the start of term feast, and a newcomer, Headmaster Scrimgeour, took her place. With a new Headmaster came a new regime, and new rules with harsh consequences were put into place. This included the introduction of S.O.R.E. (Special Obligatory Running Exercises), which required that every student wake up at dawn and run around the Quidditch pitch. Abra, who was not a student that enjoyed running in his spare time, loathed this but did not dare rebel against it.

Early in the term, Abra tried out for the Gryffindor Quidditch team and once again made it onto the roster as starting Seeker.

As the year progressed, various professors were fired and replaced with new staff members much like Headmaster Scrimgeour. Later in the year, an old tradition was reinstated wherein Prefects could dock house points from fellow students using little black books, with the threat of badge loss if the books were not used (this inaction being proof that the Prefects were not doing their jobs). The reaction to this from the Prefects was mixed. Abra was one who was largely unhappy with what was being asked of him, but resolved that he would indeed dock points if it came to it.

The end of the school year couldn't come too soon for Abra and the rest of the students, who were mostly resentful towards the new management of the school and largely on the verge of rebelling. It came as a shock to Abra when it turned out that the fired professors had been at the school along, Polyjuiced and disguised as new students, one of which had been staying in Abra's own dormitory. But shock turned to relief when it turned out that now it was Headmaster Scrimgeour's turn to be kicked out of Hogwarts. Scrimgeour and his staff were out, and the old Hogwarts professors were back in.

Seventh Year (2097 - 2098)


Seventh year

Still utterly besotted with Dante, Abra spent much of his summer spending time with his boyfriend. It was still early in the summer when Abra and Dante, who were now both of age, decided, in their infinite and impulsive Gryffindor wisdom, to get married. They did exactly this, keeping it a secret from both of their families at first, though Abra couldn't help but confide in Junia. The idea was that the union would be Abra and Dante's secret at first, and they would eventually have a much grander, more extravagant ceremony and party which all of their family and friends would be invited to.

For the rest of his summer, Abra split his time between open mic night performances in both Alexandria and London. He continued to send out demos to recording studios to try and make some headway on forging a career in the music business, but received no responses at the time. Though he had a contact in the music business in the form of West Odessa, Abra was determined to try and break into it without any major help, and he was also slightly anxious about being told his dream was too unrealistic.

On 1st September, Abra boarded the Hogwarts Express and headed to his final start of term feast, finding out in the Prefects' Compartment that Derf had been made Head Boy. Compared to the previous year, the feast was largely uneventful, save for the house elf that appeared looking for a lost pet.

Early in the term Abra and the other prefects received a talking to when Derf was the only one of them to report students using Polyjuice Potion to imitate Maxton Carden in Charms class; Abra promised to report all rule-breaking he witnessed in the future. Outside of classes and prefect duties, Abra made it onto the Quidditch team for the final time in his preferred position of Seeker. He also, to his great delight and anxiety, received word from Dark Circus Records, an independent label based in London, that they wanted to meet with him to talk about releasing some music. Abra attended said meeting and they signed him that day; he organised to go back and record during the spring holidays, in order to be ready to release something in the summer on a compilation album of new artists. He was, however, warned that he was unlikely to be a success story overnight (this he already knew) and that it would be a good idea to get even more performing experience.

Several other things seemed to go awry that year at Hogwarts. Aside from a situation in which someone created a portrait of Zoryn Spinnet as a flobberworm and hung it outside the Gryffindor Common Room, several things started going missing in the castle, including the sofa in the Gryffindor Common Room, leading to the suspicion that the apparent ongoing prank war had escalated. It soon transpired, however, that the missing items were being gobbled up by fluffy pink mutants, who eventually ate Charms professor Dolly Dopple.

All through his seventh year, Abra put very little effort into studying for his NEWTs, given that his plans mostly revolved around making it in the music business or, failing that, taking up a career in art. He, did, however, put an exceptional amount of effort into trying to ignore the fact that neither of these options made for very safe future plans. His final year at Hogwarts was largely spent by making the most of not yet being thrust into the adult world, and when he took his NEWTs it was without having any expectations of himself, though he still became anxious at what his family would think when he inevitably failed the majority of his exams. Abra did, however, finish the school year as Gryffindor's top points earner, helping Gryffindor to come in second in the race to the House Cup.


At the age of twelve, in the summer before his second year, Abra tried out for the Alexandria Under-14 team in Egypt. He made the team as its reserve Seeker. Though he didn't play any official games, he was bumped up to starting Seeker in the summer before his third year, aged thirteen, when the previous Seeker moved up to the U17 team. That summer, Abra caught the snitch in 90% of the games he played, and Alexandria won the U14 league with ease.

In summer 2094, when he was fourteen, Abra was eligible for the Alexandria Under-17 team. The position of Seeker was open, as the player that he had replaced in the U14 team the year before had made it onto the Egypt U17 team that summer, and so had left the Alexandria team. Abra, to his immense surprise and mild alarm, made it onto the Alexandria U17 team as starting Seeker.

Despite his initial apprehension, Abra stayed on the team, joining his cousin, Junia, who played Chaser. That summer, he caught the snitch in 70% of games he played; this league was more of a challenge given the age and experience of the other players, and Abra was one of the youngest. (That term at school, Abra was made Seeker on the Gryffindor team, when Quidditch returned after eleven years of absence from Hogwarts.)

The next summer, when he was fifteen, Abra continued to play for the Alexandria U17 team. They came second overall in the league, with Abra catching 80% of snitches. (The school year following this, Abra was made captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, where he played as Seeker.)

The summer that he was sixteen, 2096, Abra threw himself into his Quidditch training and helped the Alexandria U17 team win their league. He caught the snitch in around 85% of his games. (He was no longer captain of the Gryffindor team that school year, as he had been made prefect instead, but Abra again got onto his house team as Seeker.)

Summer 2097 was Abra's last on the Alexandria U17 team before ageing out. He caught 85% of snitches for the second year in a row. The team came second in the league by a narrow margin of points. (In his seventh year at Hogwarts, Abra made the Gryffindor team as Seeker for the final time.)

Gryffindor Quidditch 2094-2095

Gryffindor Team
Chaser (#1): Beau Montague (Shanners)
Chaser (#2): Théodore Montmorency (oh its Erik ok)
Chaser (#3): Olivia Phillips (Govoni)
Beater (#4): Callum Kettleburn (Rey)
Beater (#5): Zoryn Spinnet - Captain (ArianaBlack)
Keeper (#6): Faith Chosen (laurange)
Seeker (#7): Abraham Botros Jr. (Felixir)
Reserve (#8): Emma Dakest (PatInTheHat)
Reserve (#9): Amara Kaul (dansgurl)
Reserve (#10): Rylee Prichard (Kolyander)

Game Results
Gryffindor vs. Slytherin - Gryffindor wins (190-80) (Abra plays as Seeker, catches the snitch)
Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff - Gryffindor wins (260-70) (Abra plays as Seeker, catches the snitch)
Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw - Ravenclaw wins (120-300) (Abra plays as Seeker, does not catch the snitch)

Gryffindor Quidditch 2095-2096

Gryffindor Team
Chaser (#1): Emma Dakest (PatInTheHat)
Chaser (#2): Anna Meriwether (Hey Ju)
Chaser (#3): Chang-Woo Spenley (Watson)
Beater (#4): Rylee Prichard (Kolyander)
Beater (#5): Zoryn Spinnet (ArianaBlack)
Keeper (#6): Faith Chosen (laurange)
Seeker (#7): Abraham Botros Jr. - Captain (Felixir)
Reserve (#8): Beau Montague (Shanners)
Reserve (#9): Aston Murray (NPC)
Reserve (#10): Jessica Owens (NPC)

Game Results
Gryffindor vs. Slytherin - Gryffindor wins (290-180) (Abra plays as Seeker, catches the snitch)
Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff - Hufflepuff wins (70-240) (Abra plays as Seeker, does not catch the snitch)
Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw - Gryffindor wins (180-70) (Abra plays as Seeker, catches the snitch)

Gryffindor Quidditch 2096-2097

Gryffindor Team
Chaser (#1): Anna Meriwether - Captain (Hey Ju)
Chaser (#2): Théodore Montmorency (oh its Erik ok)
Chaser (#3): Chang-Woo Spenley (Watson)
Beater (#4): Rylee Prichard (Kolyander)
Beater (#5): Zoryn Spinnet (ArianaBlack)
Keeper (#6): Józef Kowalski (Harron Peasley)
Seeker (#7): Abraham Botros Jr. (Felixir)
Reserve (#8): Faith Chosen (laurange)
Reserve (#9): Beau Montague (Shanners)
Reserve (#10): Tessa Roberts (natekka)

Game Results
Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw - Ravenclaw wins (50-160) (Abra plays as Seeker, does not catch the snitch)
Gryffindor vs. Slytherin - Gryffindor wins (210-90) (Abra plays as Seeker, catches the snitch)
Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff - Hufflepuff wins (140-150) (Abra plays as Seeker, does not catch the snitch)

Gryffindor Quidditch 2097-2098

Gryffindor Team
Chaser (#1): Anna Meriwether - Captain (Hey Ju)
Chaser (#2): Tessa Roberts (natekka)
Chaser (#3): Józef Kowalski (Harron Peasley)
Beater (#4): Rylee Prichard (Kolyander)
Beater (#5): Zoryn Spinnet (ArianaBlack)
Keeper (#6): Faith Chosen (laurange)
Seeker (#7): Abraham Botros Jr. (Felixir)
Reserve (#8): Emma Dakest (PatInTheHat)
Reserve (#9): Cordelia Winklebleck (griffin)
Reserve (#10): Lydia Myers (NPC)

Game Results
Gryffindor vs. Slytherin - Slytherin wins (130-270) (Abra plays as Seeker, does not catch the snitch)
Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff - Hufflepuff wins (150-280) (Abra plays as Seeker, does not catch the snitch)
Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw - Gryffindor wins (210-20) (Abra plays as Seeker, catches the snitch)



Age 18

Immediately after graduating from Hogwarts, Abra returned to the Botros mansion in Alexandria. With few plans as to what he was going to do next, all he could do was wait for the compilation album to be released. Once that happened, and the reception was ultimately good, Abra made plans to release more music with the same label.

A few weeks after leaving Hogwarts, Abra's NEWT results arrived. As he had expected, he didn't do amazingly well, achieving only two NEWTs at Acceptable. However, this meant he had technically passed fifty percent of his NEWTs, which was more than he had been expecting, especially given he had done next to no studying all term.

For the next year, Abra continued living at home while he worked on his music and started recording. Despite being married to Dante, they made no plans to live together at the time. Dante was studying to be a Healer and Abra's focus was largely on his music, but their relationship kept going strong and they frequently saw each other, usually with Abra visiting Dante. They continued to keep their marriage a secret, just until they figured out exactly how they were going to break the news to family and friends who might not have taken it well.

Though he mostly focused on his music while he lived at home, Abra knew he would need some other source of income. He anticipated a slow climb to success in the music world, if he was successful at all, and it was necessary that he find a job. Rather than find conventional work, however, Abra started taking painting commissions in December 2098, creating magical portraits for a fee. This was not exactly a secure job, but he was undeterred.

Abra's first single was released in July 2099, followed soon after by the album. Two months later, he moved out of the family home (somewhat reluctantly, and mostly because living with his parents didn't seem to fit the wrock image) and into a small studio flat in London, the absolute cheapest he could possibly find. Once he moved out, Abra's anxiety problems - which had, for a time, abated slightly - got significantly worse. His mood also dropped significantly, as it had been threatening to do since he left the distraction of school and his friends. Rather than tell anyone, he tried to channel his feelings into his music, on the days that he felt like doing anything at all.


  • Husband: Dante Olivier Botros-Giordano (né Giordano) (b. 25th July 2079)
    • Mother-in-law: Isabella Giordano (née Ricci) (b. 19th September 2050)
    • Father-in-law: Saro Ciccio Giordano (b. 23rd April 2039)
    • Brother-in-law: Francis Giordano (b. 3rd March 2070)
  • Mother: Nora Botros (b. 2037)
  • Father: Owen Botros (b. 2037)
  • Brother: Hassan Asim Botros (b. 21st March 2065)
    • Sister-in-law: Katherine Marguerite Botros (née Emerson) (b. 16th August 2065)
  • Sister: Lilian Botros (b. 2067)
  • Paternal grandmother: Deborah Botros (deceased)
  • Paternal grandfather: Abraham Kareem Botros (b. 14th August 2003, d. 24th August 2090)

  • Nephew: Jasper Amir Botros (b. 4th August 2093)
  • Niece: Margaret Naia Botros (b. 2096)

  • Uncle: Julianne Botros (b. 2039)
  • Aunt: Patricia Botros (b. 2041)
  • Cousin: Rula Mariam Van Hutton (née Botros) (b. 4th February 2075)
    • Cousin-in-law: Maxwell Irvine Van Hutton (b. 25th September 2074)
  • Cousin: Junia Latifah Botros (b. 27th June 2078)
  • Cousin: Alanna Maysan Botros (b. 1st July 2082)
  • Cousin: Aaron Matin Botros (b. 1st July 2082)
  • Aunt: Sally Russ (née Botros) (b. 2042)
  • Uncle: Tony Russ (b. 2039)
  • Cousin: Eureka Russ (b. 20th April 2073)
  • Aunt: Janet Botros (b. 2049)
  • Cousin: Marci Hanuel Lee (b. 2060)

Work History

Various Clients
Artist (December 2098 - present)

Singer-songwriter (August 2095 - present)

Music Career

Though he received a guitar for his ninth birthday, Abra didn't learn to play until he was eleven. At this point, he started receiving lessons in playing guitar and singing from West Odessa during Hogsmeade weekends. Before long, he started thinking up new melodies and accompanying lyrics to go with them, his first attempts at rudimentary song-writing. Abra's first songs are long since lost; for the first couple of years that he wrote songs, he was reluctant to try to write anything down, and only started doing so when he realised he no longer had even a vague memory of his earliest attempts. The first songs he wrote and kept a record of date back to when he was around fourteen years old.

Abra played at his first open mic night in August 2095, in his home city of Alexandria. He continued to do so over the following few years, eventually branching out to London venues as well. In the summer of 2096, he began putting together and sending out demo tapes to record labels. Abra didn't hear back from anyone until late 2097, when a small, independent label, Dark Circus Records, invited him to a meeting. The label signed him the very day of the meeting, specifically to release some music on a compilation album of new artists. He made plans to go back over the Easter holidays to record, so that the album could be released in the summer. The label advised him to get as much performing experience as he could.

[The compilation album], on which Abra ultimately had three tracks, was released in June 2098, the same month Abra graduated from Hogwarts. The reception to the album was good, and Abra used the exposure to secure various gigs around the United Kingdom, usually as a warm-up act for more well known artists. He also made plans to release a solo album with Dark Circus, who contacted him to ask if he was still interested in doing so.

To begin with, Abra planned to release an extended play, based on advice from his various contacts. Ultimately, however, he found he just couldn't bring himself to cut down the tracklist enough, and decided to instead take a risk with releasing an album: Colours That Don't Exist. All of the songs he wanted to put on it were by this point already written, and many had been recorded for his demo tapes, but Abra spent many months fine-tuning everything and trying to get it as close to perfect as he could. West Odessa also provided input and gave Abra a lot of advice in regards to the track list, single releases, and generally getting things polished. He played on several tracks on the album in the role of an uncredited session musician.

The first track from the album was released in mid-July 2099, with the full album release coming at the end of the month. In August, Abra threw himself into working on a second album, while continuing to play in other gigs. He entered talks with Mind's Eye Records regarding releasing his second album with them, but decided to delay making a decision while he was still actively releasing singles from Colours That Don't Exist.

[move to mind's eye and second album details tba]


[New Artist Compilation Album/Sampler] :: June 2098, TBA

  • TBA

Colours That Don't Exist :: 31st July 2099, peaked at #32 for 5 weeks

  1. Don't Forget Me (not released as a single)
  2. Slytherin Soul, Hufflepuff Heart (not released as a single)
  3. Lilipad, Lilipad (not released as a single)
  4. Colours That Don't Exist (released 12th July 2099, peaked at #33 for 4 weeks)
  5. Upside Down (released 31st October 2099, peaked at #38 for 3 weeks)
  6. The Damage (released 3rd February 2100, peaked at #20 for 6 weeks)
  7. Panic Attack (released 10th July 2100, peaked at #8 for 9 weeks)
  8. I'm Not a Baby Bowtruckle (not released as a single)
  9. Born in June (not released as a single)
  10. Pride Isn't Just for Lions (not released as a single)
  11. Juniper and Elm (not released as a single)
  12. Only You (cover) (not released as a single)

the deep dark :: 10th November 2100, TBA

  1. long way (down) (TBA)
  2. dramatic (released 20th October, peaked at #3 for 7 weeks)
  3. the deep dark (TBA)
  4. obliviate (TBA)
  5. double-edged word (TBA)
  6. father/son (TBA)
  7. the things we need (TBA)
  8. dementor's chill (TBA)
  9. burnout (TBA)
  10. long way (up) (TBA)

Lyrics and Song Details

Colours That Don't Exist













the deep dark


A sardonic track that fluctuates between a faster tempo (the verses, which are more bitter and seething, lyrics allude to being called overdramatic all the time) and slow tempo (the chorus, sadder, disappointment at problems being trivialised, regret over not standing up for himself, and over sometimes even laughing along with it). The final verse is performed in the same style and tempo as the chorus. Starts to fade out, but ends abruptly.

Lyrics TBA









Accolades, Achievements, and Qualifications

OWL Grade
Astronomy P
Care of Magical Creatures A
Charms A
Defence Against the Dark Arts E
Divination P
Herbology A
History of Magic D
Potions D
Transfiguration E

NEWT Grade
Care of Magical Creatures A
Charms D
Defence Against the Dark Arts P
Transfiguration A

  • Most Promising Firstie - First Year [Term 45]
  • Most Likely to Build a Pillow Fort - First Year [Term 45]
  • Most Likely to Invent or Discover Something - Second Year [Term 46]
  • Most Dramatic - Third Year [Term 47]
  • Most Likely to Breach the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy - Third Year [Term 47]
  • Most Likely to Play Professional Quidditch - Fourth Year [Term 48]
  • Most Likely to Become Minister for Magic - Seventh Year [Term 51]

  • Gryffindor Quidditch Captain (2095 - 2096)
  • Gryffindor Prefect (2096 - 2098)
  • Apparition licence

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