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Aditya "Adi" Rehman (आदित्य "आदि" रेह्मन) was born on 17th of January, 2070 in the United Kingdom (UK) and is the sole child of Indira Rai- Rehman and Saieed Rehman.


Aditya is an Indian name meaning "Sun" in Hindi. It was chosen as it is his RPer's favourite Indian name. Rehman was randomly selected from a list of Muslim surnames.

Adi's Parents:


Indira Rai was born in Gujrat, India but she and her parents moved to Kent when she was just a few months old so that they could make a better life for themselves. When she was 11, it was discovered she was a witch when a Professor from Hogwarts came around to explain everything to her parents. At age 19, her parents were killed when a train derailed in India when they were on their way to visit their families and to attend a Hindu wedding. Indira was supposed to be with them but she had only just began her job as a writer for the Daily Prophet and was reluctant to take time off.


Saieed Rehman, a muggle, lived all his life in Kent. He never knew his biological parents as they abandoned him and his older brother, Amir, at an orphanage when they were 1 and 3 years respectively. They were adopted by a young Muslim couple about a year later who raised them as their own kids. Saieed graduated from college with a degree in Economics (which took 3 years rather than 4) and Amir with a degree Engineering.

Indira and Saieed met when she was 22 and he was 23 at a Phagwah fair. They dated for five years before getting married.

Amir Rehman is like a second father to Adi. The two get along very well and like Saieed

Amir Rehman-0.jpg

and Adi, Amir has a great sense of humour. He would often tease Saieed that Adi was his son (much to Adi's amusement) because he and Adi shared the same light brown complexion and looked more alike. Whenever Adi's parents would be busy and could not help him out with school work or attend his cricket matches, it was Amir who would be there for him. Adi's favourite memory of his uncle is of him creating a mini cricket pitch complete with mini players on the field using a combination of various materials. To this day, Adi still has this pitch in his bedroom.

About Adi:

Thought Aditya was an only child with working parents, he was never lonely because they always made time for him as did his uncle and grandparents. He was not a shy child and is not afraid to say what is on his mind and he has the habit to blabber excessively when he is excited or hyper. He spent his younger years attending muggle school as his parents wanted him to experience the best of both worlds. Adi excelled at academics though he was never a boy one would call a brainiac or a know-it-all. But where his true talent lied, as was discovered at age six, was in the game of cricket. Upon figuring this was something he was good at, he joined a Cricket Club (making him one of the youngest members) and began practicing almost everyday. Because of his hard work he was able to better his game and was eventually chosen as a member of his school cricket team as an all rounder (left hand batsman and spin bowler). His influences include notable cricket players like Kevin Peterson (England), Mahendra Singh Dhoni (India), Stuart Broad (England), Ricky Ponting (Australia), James Anderson (England), Stephen Flemming (New Zealand) and Mohammad Hafeez (Pakistan). His favourite teams are England and India.

Adi is also a huge fan of music and prefers rock to the other genres. Some of his favourite bands include The Dead Kneazles, Black Veil Brides, Dead by April, Nirvana, The Cranberries, The Who, Linkin Park, Bastille, OneRepublic, Bullet for my Valentine, The Calling, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Hawthorne Heights. One of his dreams was to learn to play the guitar but he has thought about learning the drums and piano too.

He also likes technology so some of his time is spent among the television, Xbox and computer. Books were also a major part of his life as he was always encouraged by his mother to read. Adi's favourite genre is fantasy. One other thing Adi is crazy for is Superheroes. He is more a fan of Batman than any other.

While growing up and having magical abilities, of course there were strange disturbances around him and these mostly happened when he was nervous. Once, before the final match of his first cricket tournament, all the water pitchers set up for the teams exploded showering everyone in the vicinity with water. Another time, when he was called upon to work a math problem on the board, the chalk he was using turned bright purple. There were other incidents but thankfully none were ever a danger to anyone.


Adi is very cheerful and at most times he can be seen wearing a grin which has become sort of his signature. He is very friendly and outgoing and has all the traits off a Hufflepuff: hardworking, loyalty and modesty. He is always optimistic even when things seem bad, he tries to find the good in every situation he is put in and loves motivating people. In addition, Adi likes to laugh and occasionally enjoys pulling a prank on a friend. In his third year, he discovered he was also capable of being very much insecure, a feeling which he really dislikes and tries desperately to keep it at bay. However, after he started to date Benny, this insecurity hardly ever, if at all, ever comes around.

Sometime during his sixth year at Hogwarts, Adi started to take more notice of the things he had accomplished, the many friends that he has, his popularity and the goals he has set for his future. As a result, he sometimes feels a little too proud though it doesn't make him feel superior others.

Adi is most comfortable and can usually be seen in a Tee shirt with art of one of his favourite bands, a pair of jeans (mostly black), and a selected watch from the many that he owns (collecting watches is one of his hobbies) and black sneakers. This look developed in his fourth year at Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Years:

Summer of 2081 & First Year at Hogwarts (Term 35: September 2081 - June 2082):


Adi was thoroughly happy when he got his Hogwarts acceptance letter though he already knew everything because his mother had explained it all to him. At Diagon Alley, he convinced his mother to let him go off and explore while she got his books. That summer there was a festival being held there and it was there Adi found his new obsession- Hippogriffs. Though he did not get to see a real one, he did ride the Mechanical Hippogriff at the Magical carousel. Adi also entered a pie eating contest and

ended up being the victor.

Afterward, he headed off to purchase what he had been most eager to- his wand. At Ollivander's, he was attended to by Ira Banner. Adi got the impression the man did not like him as he mostly replied to the questions Adi asked with one word. But he liked the guy even though he was a grump. After a few tries and numerous questions to Ira about wands and about why Ira did not like kids, Adi finally found his ideal wand. Afterwards, he headed to Scribbulus to purchase writing supplies and it was there he encountered a boy his age (whose name he would later find out to be Dylan Callaghan). An unfortunate event caused the two to start off on the wrong foot.

The trip to Hogwarts was a rather uneventful one and it was on the train he made his first friend- Annabeth Glasswell.  The boat ride along the Lake was also uneventful unless you counted the fact that he and Dylan got into the same boat and briefly engaged in a glaring contest before Dylan left and joined some other students in another boat, which suited Adi quite fine.

Rather than being nervous for the Sorting Ceremony, the eleven year old was quite excited. He didn't  

mind which House he was Sorted into, just as long he was Sorted. Finally when his name was called, he hopped up to the stool, sat on it and pulled on the Hat. After a brief deliberation, it shouted out HUFFLEPUFF! and Adi eagerly went off to join his new Housemates. 


He was immediately welcomed by Minerva Wheatborn & Wade Potter and other Hufflepuffs who made him feel quite welcome and at home. Adi attended all his classes, immediately taking a liking to Astronomy and much to his surprise, History of Magic. He found that he was rather skeptical of Divination. He rather enjoyed Potions as he found the brewing process fascinating mainly because of how simply adding ingredients could make something with good or bad effects. He hated Arithmancy as he thought the subject made no sense. A large of part of his hate had to do with the Professor who taught it. In his head, Adi referred to the man as Professor WackaDoodle, DADA was great except for the yoga part. He disliked yoga. Generally, he enjoyed the learning experience during his first year and this pushed him to work as hard as he could.

At the end of the year, Adi ended up at the top of the Hufflepuff points leader board with 403 points and third on the overall board behind Alexa Cambridge and Sophie Newell. He was also voted "Most likely to Invent or Discover Something" along with Isidora Miroslava.

Summer of 2082 & Second Year at Hogwarts (Term 36: September 2082 - June 2083):

Over the summer, Adi once again visited Diagon Alley with his mother to get the necessary materials for his second year. He was delighted to find out there was a pet Adoption going on there as he had intentions of getting an owl from the Magical Menagerie. But as soon as he laid eyes on the toads, he knew he had to have one. After convincing his reluctant mother who wanted him to adopt an owl or a

Second Year.jpg

crup, Adi happily filled out the adoption paper and he was given his new pet, two year old Gus the Toad whose talent happened to be croaking the alphabet.

The beginning of Adi's second year started off with the usual trip to Hogwarts via the Hogwarts Express. It was at Platform 9 and 3/4, he would meet his best friend, Benjamin Finnegan Atreyu along with his owl, Conrad. The Gryffindor and Hufflepuff became fast friends from that moment, often partnering with each other to complete class and homework assignments.

Back at Hogwarts, Adi wasted no time in getting back into the work flow. As weird as it sounded, he enjoyed attending lessons and even on occasions- homework. But a couple of weeks into the term, strange things began to happen to Hogwarts's students including Adi. It began with achy knees for him.

For the Prefects' Event that year, Adi took his crush Sophie Newell after asking her to be his Valentine. He was a lot relieved she did not decline his request as he thought she probably would have. Because of that, he almost chickened out of asking her.

Towards the end of the term, Adi's health went from bad to worse (lots of grumpiness, more aches and much slowness) due to the mysterious Aging problem at Hogwarts. At the Lake one day, he was frantically hunting for Gus who had vanished when he stepped on some stones. His leg bone being old, weak and brittle wasted no time in being dislocated. Slipping in and out of consciousness, he was vaguely aware that one of the Healers whom he had met in the Staff Room was making him drink a nasty tasting potion. But the potion helped relieve him of the terrible pain he was in and this helped the Healer to easily fix his leg.

This term, saw Adi really getting into Gobstones. He played for Hufflepuff during all their matches, accumulating a total of 22 points. He ended up fourth on the Hufflepuff Points leader board with 594 points (behind Sander Strand- 729, Ella Bishop- 637, Lux Carrignton- 616) and sixth overall (behind Alice Fisher- 666, Alexa Cambridge- 624). Adi also received an honourary mention on the Muggle Studies leader board.

Summer of 2083 & Third Year at Hogwarts (Term 37: September 2083 - June 2084): During the summer, Adi took music lessons, balancing the time between that and cricket at his Club. Having learnt the basics of the guitar from Dylan back in his first year, he had no difficulty mastering the instrument fully.

Adi started his third year with one goal in mind- slip Benny the Babbling Beverage. Even though the

Third Year.jpg

Potion would only make the drinker utter nonsense, he thought that was fine. As long as Benny spoke a lot more. With the help of Professor Culloden, he managed to secure the final two ingredients (as they were not available to students) and soon he was all set to begin his brewing. However, it was shortly after this that Adi would have the fight with Benny and Angel.

He knew from the first day they all returned to Hogwarts that Angel had a crush on Benny so when the two started to spend an increasing amount of time together, Adi began to feel left out. He thought Benny did not have time to hang out with him anymore. On day he spotted Angel and Benny by the Whomping Willow. Jealous and angry, shouted at them both. The fight ended with Angel crying and an angry Benny storming off. As the weeks went by, Adi began to miss his best friend. After AJ encouraged him to apologise to her sister, he decided he must do the same to Benny.

Soon afterwards (and after making up with Angel), Adi approached Benny at the Gryffindor Table. He told the other boy he was sorry for loosing his temper. They too made up but that was not the sole reason for Adi's approach. He wanted to slip his friend the Babbling Beverage. He finally manage to do that. Into Benny's pumpkin juice went the Potion and in no time was random words tumbling out of his mouth.It amused Adi very much and most of all he succeeded in making Benny speak more.

Third Year-0.jpg

Afterwards, he took his bestie to Professor Culloden who had requested to speak to Benny after he had to taken the Potion. Unknown to Adi & Benny, Culloden gave the Lion a fake remedy and seemed to have found it funny to try to make him talk. But of course Benny only uttered more nonsense and after that had taken its toll on him, he ran from the Office towards the Gryffindor Common Room where he was stuck outside the portrait of the Fat Lady because he was unable to say the password properly, Adi, who had followed his friend, joined him. It was then Adi started to regret his actions because he saw how miserable his friend was. Still wondering why the "remedy" Culloden had given the Lion was taking so long to kick in, Adi promised himself he would never again try to change Benny from being quiet to a more out spoken person.

About mid way into the school year, AJ confessed she had feelings for Adi that were more than friendly. Adi was surprised by the sudden confession but passed it off as AJ feeling affectionate towards him as he had only just saved her from the freezing waters of The Black Lake. AJ eventually agreed with him but from that moment things became awkward for the two, causing them to cease hanging out and talking to each other for months. Eventually the duo got over the awkward and became the best of friends that they once were again. It was at the End of Term Feast that Adi realised he was crushing on AJ. Try as he might to shake off the feelings, he just couldn't make it go away and finally had to accept it though he is yet to express those feelings to her.

Third Year-1.jpg

He was voted "Most Likely to be Best Friends Forever" with Benny. This year, Adi did not take part in Gobstones much, earning only four (4) points for Hufflepuff. He was however, the top point earner for his House with 632 points and third overall (behind Zander Adair- 645 and Alexa Cambridge- 643). In addition, he made it onto the Muggle Studies, History of Magic and Divination leader boards. He was also selected to be one of the editors for the Hufflepuff Herald.

Summer of 2084 & Fourth Year at Hogwarts (Term 38: September 2084 - June 2085):

Just before the start of Adi's fourth year, he was greeted with a surprise. He was made Hufflepuff Prefect. He was very pleased about this but decided to keep it a secret from his friends. In Diagon Alley, he met up with his three closest ones- Benny, AJ and Angel.

Now, Adi had already admitted to himself that he wanted to be more than friends with AJ but he wasn't sure how he should let her know. In Sugarplums (where they bumped into each other for the second Summer in a row), the two flirted with each other and in the end Adi ended kissing AJ. He passed it off as a casual kiss as he still wasn't ready to admit his feelings.

Fourth Year.jpg

Fourth year began rather eventfully. First of all, AJ kissed him on the Train when she found out he was made Prefect. But when he kissed her back, she rebuffed him. Second, Angel avoided Adi, Benny and AJ all through the Train ride though after much persuasion, she joined them for the carriage ride. Later, Adi would find out that she was avoiding them because of Benny. Thirdly, Ian got very jealous of seeing him and AJ joking around, eventually insulting unicorns (much to AJ's annoyance) and yelling at the duo. He even admitted he had a crush on AJ. Ian and AJ got into an argument that involved her stomping on his toes and him trying to hex her as she jumped out of the carriage to get Angel.

In summary, Ian lost his friendship that day with Adi and AJ and even potential ones with Benny and Angel. Adi is doubtful he would ever be friends again with the other boy as he's not likely to forget how Ian made him feel a failure the first day of being at Hogwarts as a Prefect and when he saw Ian trying to hex AJ. The two Hufflepuff boys had to share a dorm but Adi had no trouble ignoring Ian there and even at classes or anywhere else in the Castle.

Despite Adi's feelings about Ian, it was not long afterward that Professor Hadley called Adi to her office via Patronus to try to sort matters between the two Housemates but he remained stubborn. AJ, who had come along with Adi since she had been with him when the Patronus arrived, barged into Hadley's suite to defend Adi when she overheard him offering to step down as Prefect if Hadley was disappointed with him. He managed to calm him girlfriend down as Hadley took things into control. She asked the three students to write down something they admired about the other two. After giving them a short lecture on respect, she let them go with the hope that he and AJ would not ignore Ian if not


once again be friends. Adi had promised her that he would try to do this and gradually the two spoke a few words and began acknowledging each others presence.

The best thing that happened to Adi that year was AJ becoming his girlfriend. After much flirting at Sugarplums that summer between the two, Adi had finally decided that he would take the risk of telling AJ how he really felt about her. At the Start of Term feast, after he had returned to the Hufflepuff table from the Gryffindor Table after Ian's little episode there, AJ came over to make him feel better as it was then he really started to feel like a failure as a Prefect and his insecurity level rose more than ever. But she cheered him up in no time and soon he was telling her that he was crushing on a girl though at that time he did not tell her whom it was as he didn't feel it was the right time then. Of course AJ got distant with Adi because of that and coupled with the hectic first week back at Hogwarts, made them not get to talk much but it wasn't that long afterwards the two finally got to after meeting at the Wooden Bridge. AJ was still being distant to Adi but he eventually found out why. It was then that he confessed his feelings and told her that she was the girl he was referring to all


along. Of course she was very relieved and happy about this because she had had other ideas since Adi had not returned her feelings the previous year.

The most amusing (yet worrisome) thing that happened that year was when Benny becoming like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland for a short period of time after he came in contact with that weird Fairytale book. Benny adopted Gus the toad as his dormouse and would constantly talk about scones and tea parties. Adi allowed his friend to take possession of Gus for the duration of his new persona while he kept a close eye on Benny since the other boy would always get confused about things as was seen in one Ancient Runes class when he mixed up with the directions left and right. Fortunately, he survived being the Mad Hatter without causing any trouble and finally snapped out of whatever magical madness had gripped him though Benny did have trouble remembering what happened during that particular period of time. Adi had no problem in filling him in on that.

Unlike his during third year, Adi really took part in Gobstones this time around. In Hufflepuff's first match, which was against Slytherin, he scored 14 points. He was named Player of the Match along with Grayson Whitlock. In Hufflepuff's second match (against Ravenclaw), he scored 21 points and was again named Player of the Match and made his total Gobstones points for that year 35. Adi successfully brewed the Un- Felix Un- Felicis potion and was recommended to the 'Most Extraordinary Society of Potioneers' by Professor Culloden and was also given the opportunity to brew an advanced potion with him. The Hufflepuff chose Felix Felicis but due to the long period required for the Potion's brewing, this will be done in his fifth year. He was the top point earner for Badger House (and also overall) with 791 points and once again secured a spot on the Divination and History of Magic leader boards.

Adi was voted Mr Hogwarts and along with AJ, they were voted Cutest Couple for this term.

Summer of 2085 & Fifth Year at Hogwarts (Term 39: September 2085- June 2086): The day after Adi got home, he had to be taken to an Ophthalmologist because he was experiencing


serious headaches due to the sun’s glare as well as bright lights. He had had a really bad one on the train ride to King’s Cross the day before. After some tests, he was told he had to begin wearing glasses.

A newly bespectacled Adi spent his summer catching up with his cricket training. It was practically everyday he spent at his cricket Club and was even offered a place on the Under 19 Team but he had to decline the position since accepting it would mean quitting Hogwarts. Of course there were times he spent in Diagon Alley, hanging out at the Music Festival with Benny and AJ as well as grabbing his fifth year supplies while befriending a few new students in the process. Adi also spent time at Benny's as he was invited to celebrated his bestie's birthday along with AJ and Angel.

This year started off uneventfully for which Adi was grateful. The first week of Hogwarts also brought with it the one year landmark for which him and AJ started dating. The couple had a small celebration by hanging out at the Wooden Bridge and snacking on tacos and Chocolate Frogs. Adi also gifted AJ a chain with a unicorn pendant which she never removes from around her neck. However, towards the end of September, they had a major fight after AJ found out Adi's mother- being a bit old fashioned- disapproved of him dating her. At first he was reluctant to tell AJ but she badgered him until he did. He still isn't sure what came over him but he lost his cool with her after she became silent after he told her. He thinks that he expected her to get over it and move on in an instant because his insecurity acted up and he thought that if she dwelled on it, she would start thinking his mother was right. AJ in turn became mad at him after he lost his cool causing the two not to speak for about two weeks even though Adi tried to get her to talk to him, it didn't work. She would blow him off like she did in one of the Astronomy classes.

During these two weeks, Adi went from hopeful that AJ would talk to him to convinced that she wanted nothing to do with him anymore. It affected him very much; he was unable to concentrate properly on his studies for OWLs and he lapsed into a sort of depressed state. He even almost hexed Agatha at the barnyard after she slapped him because he was teasing her. The hexing was something he would never have thought about doing if he was his normal self. Plus, it didn't help that his mother was also on his case even more to forget about AJ. However, one day when he was dejectedly hanging out at the Whomping Willow where he was supposed to be studying but in actuality he was lying on his back with his eyes closed and trying not to think of AJ. He thought he was dreaming when he heard her voice soon afterward but he wasn't in dreamland. AJ had actually been there and she wanted to


talk to him and so the two talked though they almost got into another argument over the way they both had handled the first situation.Luckily, the two seemed to have learnt a lesson from from their time apart and they quickly managed to fix things. Being back with AJ meant Adi was back to his normal bouncy and cheery self. Aside from studies, it was quite busy year for him.There were Cartography meetings to attend and he enjoyed these very much. Some of his favourite moments from those meetings were when a Niffler stole his Prefect badge in the Chamber of Secrets and the discovery of a passage from the Tapestry to the Hufflepuff barrels.

Another feat he had managed to complete was brewing Felix Felicis. The potion took exactly six months to be completed but with Professor Culloden's help and guidance, it was done and it was true that Adi was very proud of this since it was such a complicated potion to brew. He also took part in Culloden's workshop that enabled him to create a new potion. Naturally, his potion was geared toward magical creatures and he called it ''Super Easy Calming Draught for Animals''. Adi once again took part a great deal in Gobstones this term accumulating a total of 44 of Huffllepuff's 50 points (22 points for both the preliminary match against Ravenclaw and the championship match- which Hufflepuff won- against Gryffindor). He was Player of the Match for both matches. This term also saw him being the overall top student with a total of 772 points. Adi secured a spot on the Divination, History of Magic and Astronomy leader boards.

Adi's OWL results:

- Ancient Runes: A

- Arithmancy: O

- Astronomy: E

- Care of Magical Creatures: O

- Charms: E

- Defense Against the Dark Arts: A

- Divination: O

- Herbology- O

- History of Magic- O

- Muggle Studies- O

-Potions- O

- Transfiguration- E

He was voted 'Most Likely to Become Minister for Magic' along with Thornton Baines and Sophie Brown.

Summer of 2086 & Sixth Year at Hogwarts (Term 40: September 2086- June 2087):

This summer was a busy one for Adi. For one thing, he spent a lot of his time coaching the younger kids at his Cricket Club. Since he was offered a scholarship to study and play professional cricket but he had turned that down in order to continue attending Hogwarts. There were also camping trips with AJ and his cricket club involved plus the field trip sponsored by the Hogwarts Board of Governors, all


of which he did not miss.

Adi's sixth year started off quietly with him feeling quite relieved there would be no major exams this year. At the Start of Term Feast, he performed his usual Prefect duties and in the process making new friends including firsties Torie, James and Alfred (the latter whom he jokingly refers to as his 'Butler, Alfred Pennyworth' from the Batman comics).

This school year saw him most interested in two things: Human Transfiguration and the Patronus Charm. He was particularly interested in those two because he mainly wanted to turn Benny into a dragon that upcoming summer and because he was determined to cast a corporeal Patronus. With encouragement from Professor Dakest, Adi was able to cast wisps but not much else. He hasn't given up, though and planned to work harder on it. Professor Bellaire gave him advice on Human Transfiguration and Adi also got the idea to start working on becoming an Animagi.

Sometime before Christmas, Adi and Benny had a falling out because the Gryffindor thought that he was loosing the Hufflepuff to Henric whom Adi had started hanging out a lot with. Adi had a difficult time getting Benny to tell him what the matter was but when the other boy finally did so, Adi tried reassuring him that they were still besties. Benny didn't believe Adi and in turn, Adi grew angry because he was not believed. The two stopped talking for quite a while and because anger was a new feeling to him, Adi was not sure how to handle it. The result of this was him purposely banging into Benny in a History of Magic lesson and having the urge to throw hexes at the boy. It was a good thing he exercised self control for the former. But it did not stop him from purposely hanging out with Henric in every class that he could just to rub it Benny's face.

During that Christmas holiday, Adi for the first time was able to meet AJ's parents. It was needless to say that he was very nervous but Addison and Avery Valentine were very accepting of him. It was no different on his end; he liked AJ's parents very much. They showed him around the sweet shop Addison owned while she kept giving him cookies. Avery, on the other hand, told Adi about his job and questioned about him about his plans for the future. Avery and Adi got along mainly because they both have a sense of humour.

When Adi returned to Hogwarts for the rest of the term, before he knew it, his seventeenth birthday was upon him. It couldn't have been a more memorable day. There was a joint lesson of Potions, Astronomy and Defense Against the Dark Arts where some of the class got to be werewolves as part of the activity for that lesson. Naturally, Adi in his werewolf form, tried to get back at Benny by attacking him. The down side to that, however, was that they were forbidden to bit but he made do with leaping and pushing the other boy. Besides that, he got quite a bit of presents including: a Hippogriff Feather Quill from Henric, A Chocolate Frog from Zhenya, an autographed cricket ball of the Indian cricket team from Angel, a stash of Weasley Wizard Wheezes products from Leah and from Ilia,Chocolate Frogs, Dragon cards, a plush Hippogriff and a miniature carved Whomping Willow.


Adi's and Benny's friendship was still rather rocky. Professor Glendower noticed this during one of her lessons and sought to help the boys resolve the issue by having a chat with them in her office. She made the boys use puppets to get through to each other. Adi, using a crow puppet and Benny using a turtle one, were able to tell each other what exactly their problems were. Even after that, Adi still remained somewhat annoyed that Benny hadn't trusted him when he said he wasn't being replaced but he eventually got over it mainly because he knew what it was like to be insecure.

Adi developed a slight phobia for spider webs that term. The things had been popping up all over the school and one day, he walked right into a set situated outside the Hufflepuff Barrels. Perhaps if he had been paying better attention to where he was going instead of singing and shuffling about, the situation could have been avoided. He hated the feel of the webs and from that day on, he went out of his way trying to help get rid of them whenever he spotted them, especially in classrooms where he had to take lessons.

Towards the end of the term, Acromantulas began attacking the school and taking students, one of whom was Lux. For a SNAC meeting, Professors Cassie and Glendower led a group of members down to the Chamber of Secrets so that they could locate Basilisk fangs. Adi, Benny and Kate found one each and they were taken back to be duplicated and shrunk. These shrunk fangs were to act as an amulet to keep the Acromantulas away but as Adi found out some days later, they did not work. He was passing by the Entrance Hall when he heard the spiders in a sort of argument. Soon he was joined by Yoongi and apparently the creatures heard the two boys' whispered conversation about getting help from the adults causing an attack. Soon they were joined by Henric, Penelope, Ilia, Tobias (who freed Adi after he was completely wrapped up in web from one of the Acromantulas), Sophie Brown and Professors Dakest, Culloden and Moxley. The group's effort was not enough though and Ilia was taken hostage by the creatures into the Forbidden Forest, joining Lux, Cinna, Noel and Headmistress Truebridge.

The remainder of the group met in the Great Hall with the rest of the school to form a plan to get back the hostages as well as to drive away the spiders left as well as the fresh wave that arrived at the Castle. Adi joined the Search & Rescue team along with the group from the Entrance Hall, some Ministry officials, Maisie the Honeydukes shopkeeper. Professor Cassie and Mr Kitridge. The team was able to make it to the Forbidden Forest using the Disillusionment Charm. The adults distracted the acromantulas while the students were able to rescue the hostages, Adi immediately going for Lux. The hostages were rescued and the group was able to get back to the Castle unhurt thanks to some good spell work and an awesome idea of using fire to keep the creatures at bay from Dakest.

The rest of the term passed quickly with the Prefects' even soon upon them. That year, the student leaders had planned a Water/ Caribbean themed event. Adi was in charge of the food station were he had the time of his life sampling all the exotic food. The water sports weren't so bad either as he particularly enjoyed the snorkeling that he, Henric and Ilia did. The Groundskeeper, Scott, also made his return during the event. He had been missing for quite some time and had vanished somewhere in the Forbidden Forest after sent to find one of the Hippogriffs which had taken off during a Cartography meeting. Adi Toby, Sophie, Beverly and Professors Culloden and Thompson had gone to the Forest to find them but the students, despite being of age, were barred by the Age Line from going further. They were instead forced to get help from staff with Adi and Beverly getting Headmistress Truebridge while Toby and Sophie got Professor Dakest.

Adi took it upon himself to approach Professor Bellaire about Human Transfiguration. He was mostly interested in it since that Summer he planned to turn Benny into a Dragon but he also got some knowledge about becoming an Animagus. This led to several lessons between him and Bellaire. Animagus training was the most difficult thing he had ever tackled and by the end of the term, he had made a small amount of progress.

As usual, Adi took part in both Gobstones matches for this term. On both occasions he was named Player of the Match, scoring 18 points against Gryffindor in the preliminary match and 17 points against Ravenclaw in the Championship match (which Hufflepuff won), making his total score a total of 35 of Hufflepuff's 39 points. Once again, he made it onto Divination, History of Magic and Astronomy leader boards and was the overall top student with a total of 772 points

Adi was voted ''Most Huggable'' along with Kyroh Scabior, Tobias Fuller- Thompson and Norah Kittredge.

Summer of 2087 & Seventh Year at Hogwarts (Term 41: September 2087- June 2088) : This summer proved to be one of the best for Adi. He got his driver's licence and though he didn't have a car of his own at that time, he had permission to use his mom's, dad's and uncle's car whenever he wants. As usual, he coached the younger kids at his cricket club and this time he got even more attached to them and vice versa. It was safe to say that when some of them demanded he stay to be their coach permanently, he was quite tempted to agree. But of course he had bigger plans so with the promise of returning to coach them again during the next school break, Adi headed


off for Ilia's family's reserve with AJ and Henric where he spent quite a few days getting to know his Slytherin friend's relatives and the many creatures there. It was during then that Henric had confided in Adi that he liked Ilia more than a best friend and from then on had to put up with merciless teasing from the other though Adi kept Henric's secret.

After getting back from the Reserve, Adi spent most of the remainder of the holidays at Benny's. This summer, being able to do magic out of School, he was able to chase the dream he had of turning Benny into a dragon. It took him multiple tries and an enormous amount of focus but he finally did it. Benny became a LionDragon since that was the type Adi had focused on. Under the Disillusionment Charm, the duo went for a lengthy ride. It was during this time that Adi also worked on modifying the Canary Cream. He successfully did so, lengthening the time for a person to spend in canary form to three minutes up from the standard one minute. It was say he had the time of his life.

Coming down to the end of the holidays, he visited Diagon Alley to get his seventh year supplies and as usual he met up with old friends (specifically Lux and Zhenya) and made a few new ones as well. Adi also took the opportunity to get himself his first ever tattoo to which his father and Uncle Amir approved but not his mother.

His seventh and final year at Hogwarts began quietly with him making some more friends namely Ava and Teddy Burton, Henry Whittebrook, Owen Montezor, Remy Edwards and Paulina Holiday, That very first week, Adi showed off his corporeal Patronus, Glider, to Dakest (he had also worked on perfecting that over the summer), got to know the new Professors- Myers (whom he liked instantly because of his musical background and easy going nature) and York (whom he had to take some time to warm up to because he didn't like that she had taken over Bellaire's subject). Best of all, however, was introducing Culloden to the modified Canary Cream via slices of cake. The man had turned into a large canary for the usual three minutes but did not go down without attacking Adi with a few gentle


beats of the wings.

Aside from the playful side of Adi showing, there were some times when he had to push that aside to be there for his friends. Henric turned up at his dorm one day to talk about his biological parents. Before the term had officially had started, Adi (thanks to his mother) had given his friend the names of his possible biological parents. Adi comforted his friend who was being bothered by his insecurities as to why his parents had abandoned him.

Christmas soon arrived and Adi, for the Feast, decked himself out in a Santa suit complete with a beard and mustache though he was without the big gut. He spent his day hanging out with his friends especially Marsha. The two of them decorated a tree by themselves with the help of the Groundskeeper, Mr McLeod.

The most significant thing that happened to Adi that day was that Benny confessed he had more than best friends feelings for him. It happened in the Room of Requirement after they had gotten away

AdiBennyPP Bre.jpg

from their other friends. The Puff had been joking around about Benny being fat and that the only reason he stuck with Adi was because he loved him. Benny visibly reacted by swallowing nervously but Adi didn’t think too much on it. Eventually he realised his bestie had something on his mind, Benny admitted that ‘feelings’ was one something. The Lion was very reluctant to tell Adi what he was talking about which caused him to think that maybe Benny still did not trust him after last term. But after Adi’s continued prodding into saying what was on his mind, Benny admitted he no longer had feelings for Angel. Adi’s response to that was asking who was the lucky girl to which he got the reply that it was not.

It was needless to say Adi was stunned but he recovered himself to ask whom it was. When the  

Gryffindor tentatively admitted that the feelings for him, he lost his voice in shock. Benny mistook the silence, thinking that he had just ruined their friendship but Adi reassured him that nothing could ever change it. That reassured Benny who admitted further that he only started having the feelings sometime during that term. The Puffer jokingly suggested that they had hung out too much and that maybe they should distance themselves from each other but Benny hurriedly said to forget that he had said anything. Adi said that asking him to do that ‘’was like asking me to forget hippogriffs exist’’. It was he who made the move to initiate a kiss after telling Benny to stop feeling sorry for himself and being unhappy about confessing. Adi was not disappointed when the kiss was returned but it did fill him with guilt because of AJ. The two ended up kissing again sometime after, this time with Benny initiating it.  


When Adi told AJ what had happened between him and Benny, she asked him to choose between Benny and her. He was not really surprised it came down to that but he didn’t need to think twice about choosing his first best friend though it killed him that he'd been put in a position to hurt AJ. However, his choice was not something that he regretted. His relationship with Benny has made him even happier and his insecurities are no longer a bother to him.

With his new found happiness also came lots and lots studying for his NEWTs and also a detention. The detention came because Adi punched Henric in the nose at the Tree house. He did this because he lost his self control due to all the anger he had been holding in from the way the other Hufflepuff hurt Ilia. Henric's nose broke but Adi did manage to fix it magically. Unfortunately for them, Mr McLeod, the Groundskeeper, happened to be by there at that exact moment since his attention had been caught by all the shouting Adi had been doing. He, Henric and Benny and Ilia, who were there too since Ilia had asked Adi to meet her there, were taken to Headmaster Botros's office where they explained what had happened to him and their Heads of Houses. Adi and Henric each lost fifty (50) points while their detention consisted of punching a total of ten difficult- to- burst- balloons. Each time a balloon burst, they duo was showered in disgusting things including egg yolks, swamp water and baby food. It was overseen by Botros and Moxley.

Hufflepuff once again won the Gobstones Cup with Adi contributing 18 points to the Preliminary match

Made by Squishy Kitakins -3.jpg

against Ravenclaw and 25 points to the Championship match against Slytherin. He was named Player of the Match for both. He made it onto the leader boards for Transfiguration, Divination, Muggle Studies and Herbology. Adi placed fifth place in the Dueling Club and earned the title ''Most Inclined to Cast Non-Verbals''. He earned the most points this term with 519 (which would have been 569 if he had not lost 50).

After the Championship Gobstones match, Adi was approached by Varek Gray, the manager for the Hereford Hippogriffs, who explained that he would like Adi to sign onto the team. The very much excited seventh year agreed. It surprised him that he had not thought of joining a professional Gobstones team before. He will attend University while continuing to train and practice during his first year after which he will be given a full contract with the team.

Adi's NEWT results:

- Ancient Runes: E

- Arithmancy: O

- Astronomy: E

- Care of Magical Creatures: O

- Charms: E

- Defense Against the Dark Arts: O

- Divination: O

- Herbology: O

- History of Magic: O

- Muggle Studies: O

- Potions: O

- Transfiguration: E

Adi was voted as one of the Seventh Year Legacies along with Zander Adair, Sophie Brown and Cutty Mordaunt.

After Hogwarts and University Life (Summer of 2088- June 2092):

Adi and Benny confessed their relationship to their parents that summer. As expected, the Atreyus and


Adi's father, Saieed, took the revelation quite well but it was his mother, Indira, who did not. She had a difficult time accepting everything, leaving Adi to tell Benny yet again that his mother's approval was not needed. However, this did not really reassure Benny and it continued to bother him until he finally sought a one-on-one with Indira without Adi's knowledge. Later Benny would tell him that Indira had finally come to terms with their relationship.

Adi and Benny moved into their rather spacious and comfortable apartment sometime in August for the start of University. As they would be attending the campus in Edinburgh, they found one quite close to it. With some modifications such as changing colours here and there, they made it even more to their liking.

The couple started their first year at Wizarding University with them majoring in Magizoology but with

Adi's Animagus form.jpg

Adi doing a double major, Potions being the other one. In addition to this, he continued his Gobstones training/ practice and started giving remedial Potions for those who needed it. A few months into the academic year, Adi successfully became an Animagus. He is very thankful to Professor Sophia Bellaire for all her help.

Adi at 20 years.

For the 2090 Wizarding Games in Australia, Adi was one of the players for the Britain Gobstones team. Earlier in the same year,he and Benny officially adopted Azura Luna Kennedy whose mother had died. She requested to have her name changed to Azura Luna Snow after her mother's title and the boys made it happen.

Close Friends:

Benjamin "Benny" Atreyu (HolmesianFeline): Adi's best friend and boyfriend. He met Benny on Platform 9 and 3/4 during their second year. Their pets Conrad and Gus seemed to have formed their own friendship


quickly. The boys' friendship wasn't far off, however. Adi took a liking to the shy kid, knowing fully well that his shyness would hinder him from making many friends. The Hufflepuff thought the name Benjamin was too long to keep pronouncing so much to the other boy's annoyance, he gave him the nickname Benny. Benny took some time to warm up to his new name even though he tried with no avail to get rid of it. Another nickname Adi coined for his best friend is Dragon, which he did during Potions class when the potion they were brewing had to be tested on someone. Naturally, the two boy s partnered up and when Benny blew the potion on Adi, it reminded him of a Dragon breathing fire. Benny plays a Beater position on the Gryffindor Quidditch team and Adi is there to support him for every match even the ones when he is playing against Hufflepuff. Adi wishes Benny would open up and speak a lot more and ever since the beginning of his second year, he has the idea of slipping the boy a Babbling Beverage. Despite his shyness, Benny's a great friend and according to Adi, the two complement each other. Benny is the shy one while Adi outgoing and talkative; Benny is more rational while Adi is likely to say and do the first thing that comes to his head. It was always Adi's dearest ambition to Transfigure Benny into a dragon someday something which he achieved during the summer of 2087.

Adi kept his promise to Benny in August of 2088 when he presented him with a dragon for his 18th birthday.

Made by The Graphics Goddess aka Bre .jpg

Lux Carrington (Squishy): Adi's girl best friend. He still has no idea how he and Lux became friends though he thought they might have forged a friendship during one of their classes. What he does know is that over the last few years, he and she became really good friends. Maybe it was because the two had so much in common including their high energy levels, their love for sweets and the fact that they thought alike. Adi became more fond of Lux when he found out she comforted AJ over the time he and she fought, when AJ's own sisters failed to do so.

Beverly Wayne: (Deezerz): Adi and Beverly first met at the Slytheirn House Table. He got the impression that Beverly or Bevvy/ Bev as he calls her, did not like him at first. But they got along well and their friendship grew quickly especially as they were prefects and would often work together. It became their thing for Adi to try to get a genuine smile out of Beverly since she never did that. In her final year while making pizza in the Hogwarts kitchen, he succeeded in getting that smile out of her. The two keep in close contact even after graduating from Hogwarts.

Zhenya Burton: (Jessiqua): How their friendship started, Adi cannot remember. He just knew that he liked Zhenya from the moment he met her because, like Hady, she was awfully friendly to him. The two worked well together and would partner up in classes. Before Zhenya graduated, Adi promised her that he would look after her twin siblings, Ava and Teddy, the following year when they started Hogwarts. He is pleased to say that he managed this. The friends are still as close as they were while attending Hogwarts.

Hady Lynch (SpiritWolfe Malfoy): Adi is SUPER protective of Hady or Hades as he fondly calls her. She's one of his 'little sisters' and he would do anything for her. The two first became friends when he helped her with some calculations for Arithmancy during one of the classes. The two became closer and Adi told Hady firmly that she will be responsible for taking care of his Hippogriffs (health wise) when she becomes a Magical Creatures vet. He helped and encouraged her until she was able to cast a corporeal Patronus and is always proud of her when it comes to her academics. The two share an interesting way of eating Chocolate Frogs- they hold it by a leg while they do so, a habit he picked up from Hady. Adi was even more protective of her when she confided that she had a crush on Frankie. At Hady's birthday party of 2088, it could be seen how much he distrusted the Gryffindor.

Henric James Nicolei (Symphora): Adi really got to know Henric at the end of his fifth year at The End of Term Feast. It all started in the midst of Adi finding out that the younger boy had a crush on Leah. Adi was protective of her, teasing Henric and giving him a difficult time but for some reason him and Henric became good friends. They hung out a lot during that summer field trip of 2086 with Henric suffering a whole lot of teasing. Back at Hogwarts, they hung out some more, the most memorable time was at the Treehouse when Adi levitated the younger boy up to the House's platform. It was thanks to Adi's mother, during the summer of 2087, that Henric got the first break about his biological family. Indira Rehman had seen one of the photos Adi had taken with AJ, Henric and Ilia during their summer vacation together and thought that Henric looked familiar. She gave Adi a name of a boy whom attended Hogwarts at the same time she did- Declan Montgomery. Indira also added that Declan had married Emillie Jane Krauss. Both were Slytherins and had died years before. On the carriage ride to Hogwarts, Adi related this news to Henric though he purposely did not tell him that the two had died years earlier.

Ilia Valke (VRSCIKA):Adi first met Ilia during the Start of Term Feast in his Sixth Year when Professor Flamsteed was conducting a Pet Rock adoption. The two got along instantly and from that day and they started hanging out a lot. Adi really got to know more about Ilia when they ventured to take a closer look at the Whomping Willow. She is one of his closest friends and sometimes Adi gets the feeling she is a Mother Hen to him and Henric even though he considers her a little sister.

Marsha Hanover (stormdancer): Marsha and Adi are very, very close. He is extremely protective of her as a big brother would be. Adi likes hanging out with her and one of his favourite things about Marsha is her giggles and for this reason, he would always tickle her. During her first year, she met his fairies and named one of them Boom. Toward the end of the term where the Acromantulas attacked, Marsha and Adi stuck together with Adi lifting her in his arms to keep her calm. The two can be spotted jogging along Hogwarts's Grounds together almost every morning, thanks to Marsha who suggested it.

Kace Lecium (Expecto-Penguin): Kace and Adi met at the Start of term feast and became friends rather quickly after hanging out at the Prefect Bonfire Event where they bonded over Superheroes. They spent time talking about building superhero and villain snowmen and other guy stuff as well as doing homework with Kace helping Adi get better at his spell work for the most part.

Aubrey "AJ" Valentine (PhoenixStar): Adi met AJ in Sugarplums Sweet Shop when he literally bumped into her. He found out she was a first year who would be joining Hogwarts soon. Because she was new to the Wizarding World, AJ bombarded Adi with questions, including one about Chocolate Frogs. Adi promptly made up a story that they were made of real frogs. AJ seemed to believe his ridiculous story at first but she later dismissed it. Ever since that day, the two have become good friends with Adi helping her out in classes whenever she needs it. The two enjoy hanging out together and would often have friendly competitions about whom who beat who over little things such as who would master a spell first. He found out his friend

likes these competitions and he would often use them to his advantage to motivate AJ. Sometimes he would even pretend he was failing at whatever task they were doing just so she could be even more motivated at getting the task right. Adi finds it easy to confide in AJ and it was she whom he told everything to when he fought with Benny and Angel. She was his closest friend after Benny but after they broke up, they drifted apart though Adi did keep his promise of giving her a unicorn which he did the summer after completing Hogwarts..

Sander & Cristoffer Strand (FireboltAvis88): Adi first met the elder Strand brother (Sander) at the Start of Term feast during his second year. The two became fast friends despite the age gap. They sometimes partnered in classes and to complete homework assignments. For the Christmas holiday that year, Sander invited Adi along with some others to spend it at his house. It was no different with the second Strand brother. The two Hufflepuffs quickly formed a friendship and very often can be seen partnering either in classes or for homework. When Professor Botros posted a list of activities he needed for students to volunteer themselves for, Adi and Cris pooled their time to help find Remembralls and pick tea leaves. It is difficult to say which of the two brothers Adi is closer to.

Wade Potter (Charely Potter) & Minerva Wheatborn (Bazinga): both of them were seventh years and the Hufflepuff prefects when Adi entered Hogwarts. Both of them, especially Minerva, took special care in welcoming him into Hufflepuff and making feel at home. He was very sad to see them go at the end of the term and as a result, he clung to Minerva at the Hufflepuff table for a good part of the End of Term Feast.

Ella Bishop (TakemetotheBurrow) & Alec Summers (hermionesclone): Ella was yet another Hufflepuff to welcome Adi to the Puffer clan. He got along with her well and the two even shared gummy worms at one of the Quidditch matches. Super Seeker, as Adi liked calling Alec, was one of the coolest dudes Adi had ever met. They both liked Superheroes (hence the Super Seeker as Alec liked Superman). Plus Alec was a great teacher as Adi found out when he needed help to master the Shield Charm. Alec was patient and encouraged Adi, eventually Adi got the spell right. The couple was in their sixth year when he first met them.

Hannah Lockwood (PhoenixStar):  These two are not really friends right now. Hannah and Adi first crossed paths in the first Astronomy lesson of the term when he successfully hit her with the spell they were practicing causing her to fall into the Lake. When she tried to get he revenge on him with the spell, she missed completely. Since then, Adi suspected that was one of the reasons she hates him so much. Other reasons (cited by Hannah herself) include him being a Hufflepuff, annoying and stalkerish. After their rather long chat at The Courtyard, Adi became fascinated by the then sixth year because he had never met 

someone who was always rude and mean (hence his nickname for her- Queen of the Meanies & Meanie) and disliked Puffers so much. Plus he wanted to be her friend. This fascination led him to trying to find out more about Hannah. He would often tease her or sit next to her in classes to make small talk. But nothing ever worked for the sixth year always told him he was annoying her and that he was a stalker. After the last DADA lesson of the year, Adi wanted to take one more stab at forging a friendship so he started to follow Hannah. However, he became lost in thoughts about the lesson they had just exited and did not realise he had followed the girl down into the Dungeon until it was too late. Hannah once again accused him of being a stalker. Adi lost his patience and began calling Hannah the nicknames he gave her and in turn she lost her patience, hexed Adi and made him loose all his teeth. Determined Adi demanded his teeth back with much hand gestures. Hannah in the end agreed to return all his teeth and after some minor mishaps that included Adi receiving teeth the length of fangs, he finally got all his teeth returned in their right size. at the end of Term feast, Adi sat at the Slytherin table for sometime because he was chatting with his friends. When Hannah came along he tried to hide behind Sophie but Hannah still saw him and they started their usual mini arguments which ended with Adi telling Hannah he was done trying to be her friend and he wanted nothing to do with her anymore. Hannah gladly agreed to his statement.

However, in Hannah's final year, the Slytherin approached Adi at the Lake and apologised for her past behaviour. Adi, taken aback by this, thought she was joking and just for fun dropped Gus down her robes. This highly amused him especially after Hannah started doing some kind of weird dance to get the toad out of her robes and shouting at him at the top of her lungs. After Hannah had calmed down, Adi figured she was serious about her apology especially since she refused to leave him alone but he told her he would accept it if she went swimming in the Lake with Gus perched on her head. Hannah refused, of course but she offered to apologise to Gus for calling him nasty and disgusting to which Adi told her to "Look deep into Gus's toady eyes and apologise. Don't forget to pet him lovingly." Hannah apologised. Gus seemed to have forgiven her for he licked her on the cheek. More shouting on Hannah's part followed but she and Adi had put their differences aside and are now friends.

Elodie Robertser (Shanners): Adi met the fifth year girl at the Duck Pond. He was attempting to attract the attention of a duck causing him to lean too far over the pond. Elodie warned him about it but as stubborn as he could be sometimes, he refused to listen to her and to be a show off, Adi leaned even further over the Pond. The result was him loosing his footing and he started falling face first into the Pond. But Elodie managed to grab him before he was completely in. Still, he managed to get himself soaked. Elodie instead of being mad at him for not listening to him, took care of him instead. She took him to the Kitchen, got him wrapped in a blanket and made him hot chocolate and soup. Adi refers to her as Super Els since he sees her as a Superhero for saving him.

Sophie Newell (Anna Banana) & Caleb Newell (Lissy Longbottom): Adi had no idea that these two were siblings until he met Sophie. Though he had noticed her at the Start of term Feast, during the first year trip via boats and classes, he never really got to speak to her until they met at the Duck Pond. He secretly has a crush on her though he thinks she suspects that so that's not much of a secret now. During their second year Adi asked Sophie to be his Valentine and she was his date to the Valentine's Day event organised by the Prefects. Adi met Caleb at the Maize Maze at the beginning of the term. They teamed up to find a way out of the maze together. He gets along well with the twins as shown when he left the Hufflepuff table to sit with them at the Slytherin table during their first End of Term Feast.

Dylan Callaghan (Ringo): Adi first encountered the then fellow first year and Hufflepuff at Scribbulus when Adi accidentally made an ink well smack Dylan in the face thus splattering his face with ink. He apologised even though he was laughing a lot because he found the situation quite funny. However, the other boy wasn't so good natured about it and the two exchanged some rude words ending with Dylan purposely upending an ink well over Adi's head. Since then, the two merely exchanged glares and the occasional mean word whenever they came across each other. However, towards the end of their first year, Adi came across Dylan as he was playing his guitar and since he had always wanted to learn how to play the instrument he asked Dylan to start teaching him. In the end, Dylan apologized for his behaviour at Scribbulus and agreed to teach Adi the guitar.

Annabeth Glasswall (IvanaR): Anna was one of the first friends Adi made when he arrived at King's Cross. She helped him by showing him when to stash his trunk, telling him about Hogwarts, the subjects taught there and the Professors. In particular, she told him about her House- Hufflepuff. Anna kept him company throughout the train ride and introduced him to another Hufflepuff- Asher. Anna & Adi also partner up occasionally to do homework. When it involves spell work and the Adi is having a difficult, she can be very patient and encouraging.

Cutty Mordaunt (SlytherinSistah): Adi met this fellow first year for the first time in Transfiguration class though he was aware of him during the traditional boat trip over the Lake. In Transfiguartion, Cutty was having as much trouble with the spell they were practicing that day as Adi (Transfiguring a bunny to a hat). Cutty had seen the Hufflepuff using "Reverto" and he asked him to show him how to do that spell, though it sounded more like a demand to Adi. The next time those had an intercation in a class was during the Wandlore seminar where the two partnered up to use a portkey.

Ariel Bride (Zoom): Ariel met the nice fourth year girl at the first Prefect's event. He was building his stuffed hippogriff and she a Unicorn. The two chatted for a good while while they worked on their respective animals. Even though they had just met, Ariel told Adi a secret- she thought Hippogriffs were scary. She even helped him to magically sew up and transfigure clothes for the Hippogriff. He never got to speak to the Unicorn loving girl much after that for some reason but he hopes he can soon.


1. The name Saieed was chosen as the RPer has a close friend of the same name.

2. Adi's father has an Economics degree which he completed in 3 years. The time Adi's father took to complete his degree is actually the time a real life friend of the RPer took to complete his.

3. Adi was born into a Hindu & Muslim family (though religion is not a big thing in the family). His RPer was born into a purely Hindu family.

4. Adi's RPer is a huge fan of Cricket though she does not play it and also supports Team India.

5. Though he's more into Batman from DC Comics, Adi's RPer favours the Superheroes of the Marvel world.

6. Adi's RPer is also a huge fan of music, particularly Rock and the bands listed above are some of her favourites.

7. Adi is purely left handed but while his RPer favours her left hand, she is ambidextrous.

8. While Adi has a pet Toad, his Rper is not a fan of the creatures.