Alexa Christina Cambridge
Sugar Addict Extraordinaire

Date of Birth

June 16, 2067




9 ¾ inch English Oak wood, Griffin Claw core , strong



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Alexa Christina Cambridge

Alexa (16th June 2067) born the daughter of Michael Cambridge and Susan Cambridge nee Lucius (deceased) is a pureblood witch living in in a small town just outside of London, England. She currently attends Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardy where she has been sorted into Gryffindor and has served as Gryffindor Prefect (2082-2084) then Head Girl (2084-2085).


Anyone who knows Alexa knows that she's a pretty open book. She doesn't have any reservations about most things and will often speak her mind without hesitation. Lex is highly opinionated and this comes with her stubborn nature and strong will. Once she sets her mind to do something it makes no sense trying to stop her because her brain won't even process what you're saying. Over the years she's taught herself to disregard everything unless she finds it interesting, entertaining or useful and once you're not agreeing with her she generally won't acknowledge what you say without some opposition as she's not one to take things sitting down. Her drive and determination cause her to do some pretty over the top things from time to time but even with the disapproving looks of others she typically isn't affected because she doesn't care what others have to say. Alexa can be considered shameless because of this. If she wants to do something, the last thing she'll think about is the reaction of others; she'd much rather think of how much fun she'd have or how satisfying it would be. There are very few people who's opinions matter to her in the first place.

She's a curious one, often getting into things just to know what they're like and she's definitely free spirited. The only things that bother her can be (and often are) classified as trivial matters because she just finds it hard to take life too seriously. Lex prefers to make life an adventure even if she has to create one every step of the way. Most times she's eager to get into things and has a real thirst for mischief. Where there's trouble, there's Alexa Cambridge running right behind. Getting into trouble doesn't usually bother her (she thinks of it as a necessary evil when having fun) however she's able to take things seriously when called for. Alexa is super friendly to just about everyone. So long as you don't give her a reason to be annoyed or miserable she'll have no problem considering you a friend. Some people also say she's crazy--insane even. This. Is. True. She knows it and just about anyone who spends a day with her would notice. Her ways of doing things can sometimes be unconventional and she tends to think outside the box even when a perfectly normal plan could work just fine.Lex has a knack for blurring the lines between bravery and stupidity which she does very often if given the chance. The child has quite the temper on her as well, leading to spouts of aggression but she'd worked on it and has learnt to control this (to an extent).


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Young Alexa

From the moment Alexa was born both parents tried bringing her up as best as they could. Michael, not being very big on discipline would always leave that to her mother who seemed to know exactly how to stem any little hints of naughtiness that threatened to show without putting a stop to her creative process. She was always a strong-willed and opinionated child, however this was within limits. The occasional tantrum was thrown and even tolerated so long as she understood that they had to end once her mother said so. Whether it was her mother or her father she was always given affection in excess. They treasured her as their 'little princess' and praised her for just about everything she did. This was, of course, easy enough for them to do seeing as she was their only child. This all made for a happy little family full of laughs and giggles; the works.

However, the good times didn't last very long. At the age of five Alexa's mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness and given only a few months to live. Neither knew exactly how to share this news with her and in the end opted not to tell her at all. Against all odds she got past the time alloted but for the next year of her life Alexa watched her mother become increasingly ill with very little in the way of an explanation. What started out as simply not being able to go for walks as long or as often turned into her mother not being able to leave the bed for more than a few minutes at a time. She smiled less and spoke very few words. All of this was hard for the child to understand and Lex would sit quietly by her bed side listening to her breathing for as long as she was allowed to before she had to go to bed. Even though she didn't know what was wrong she knew something wasn't right. Just two weeks before her 7th birthday she found out exactly what. Lex stood silently in the corner of her parents' bedroom and watched her mother's life slip right out of her.

Her behaviour only seemed to spiral after this. With her mother gone there was no constant discipline. Her father felt he didn't know how to raise a little girl and allowed her to raise herself for the most part. Whenever she cried he ran to her side, if she made a fuss he gave in almost immediately and once something was demanded of him he tried his best to comply. This was all because he told himself he would try to ease the trauma of her losing her mother at such a young age. Consequently, she grew thinking she could do whatever she pleased and get whatever she wanted, when she wanted simply because she wanted. This attitude was present in every area of her life and though her father hoped she would have grown out of it by the time she hit Primary School that never happened. In fact she became very dependent on his attention and affection, sometimes acting out in order to get a reaction from him.

When she was 9 her father met a woman by the name of Amanda and married her just 6 months later. Naturally Alexa wasn't very pleased with this; being deeply offended that her father would try to replace her mother and took an instant dislike to the woman. The two had never gotten along and there was always a little battle for her father that she usually won through means such as: crying, throwing a tantrum, breaking things, giving him hugs and everything in between (there was even a point where she jumped from the neighbour's roof because he refused to let her have candy for dinner after Amanda spent the whole afternoon cooking; he gave in once he ensured she wasn't too badly injured which annoyed Amanda to no end, yet another win for the child.)
Another young pic

Alexa at 9

During the course of the next two years Alexa tried everything in her power to make the woman as miserable as she felt. Often times she would drop something she was allergic to in her food, throw her clothes in the freshly watered garden or make loud noises when she was having an important call. This disruptive behaviour was even seen at school. In the classes she hardly ever sat still, had a problem with back answering her teachers, showed aggression towards any of the children that wouldn't let her have her way and was an overall disagreeable child when she was provoke (to her provocation included displaying stupidity in her presence). The only people exempt from this behaviour (to an extent) were her bestfriends Jeremy (muggle) and William (half-blood) who she seemed to enjoy spending a great deal of time with her no matter how often she insulted and degraded them. In fact there were numerous occasions where she would actually treat them as equals and the three could share a good laugh (sometimes at each other's expense). Her overall behaviour seemed to tone down a bit gradually as the time to head off to Hogwarts drew nearer and nearer. This is thought to be because she was excited by the prospect of meeting new friends and wanted to make herself as marketable as possible however there's no proof of this as she might have simply matured.

First Year

Alexa started her first year with a bang. Never really being one for subtleties she found herself scaling the side of the Hogwarts Express shortly after arriving on the platform. This was quite a justified action as her kneazle had run off with the intention of eating her friend's owl and had chased it to the top of the train. This got her a lot of stares and attention from the older students (one of which threatened her) who made it clear that they thought her actions were stupid (not that she cared), all except one, Genevieve Branxton, who seemed to encourage her heroism. During the train ride she got herself conned into calling the Headistress 'Hog's Head' and not surprizingly the woman didn't find it very amusing. This was where she also got suckered into a bet involving the sorting hat and a bit of gravy. (The consequence being that she had to eat the sorting hat). Before the starting feast was over she found herself in even more trouble, getting into an argument at the Slytherin table that ended with everyone invloved (Theo, West and Serenity) being silenced by Professor Scabior.

During her first few days, wanting to make good on her word, she stole a broom from the broom closest and broke into the Headmistress' office. She got as far as to have the hat soaked in gravy then placed in her mouth before she was caught and given a detention (which she was later kicked out of). After this ordeal she remained relatively good, giving very little trouble and causing very little mischief until a Hufflepuff, Laura Hyde, brought out the worst in her and provoked her to the point where she broke her wand. This led to another detention which was followed closely behind by a suspension. During this time, she received quite the shock. Her step-mother was expecting and her room would be handed over to the baby once it came. Already very upset about having her wand taken away, she flew into a terrible fit of rage almost immediately and threw the worst tantrum of her life.

Once back at school she tried her hardest to keep out of trouble (after receiving the threat of an expulsion if she were ever to 'act up' again) and for the most part it was successful.

Coming closer to the end of the term she found herself overly distraught at what she thought was the theft of her candy bag when everyone was locked out of their common rooms. This when added to the knowledge of a man eating plant running around contributed to her getting very little sleep. She came face to tendril with the plant when it stole a wombat right out of her friend (Minnie's) hand and again when everyone attacked the thing after it stole a student (Milton). Personally she felt the plant should have been a bit quicker with it's deeds but whatever. Milton lived and she was okay with it. Him being alive meant she wouldn't have to pretend to be simpathetic towards the situation. At the end of term feast she was a mess. Most of that day was spent locked away in her dorm crying, in an effort to get it all out before the feast. This worked fairly well with not a tear being shed once she got down to the Great Hall but there was no escaping the sad feelings as she would be, in her opinion, losing the people she had grown to love (The graduating 7th years).

Not quite satisfied with the goodbyes at the end of term feast she, Alice and Penelope snuck into the Prefects compartment on the train ride back to the station. After a stop off there she met up with Aidan and they had the brilliant idea to take the food trolley, which they did. They and Alice had plans for the trolley but unfortunately they never actually fell through before the train hit the station.

Second Year

She started her second year by finding herself atop the Hogwarts Express (With Marcus Branxton) again. This time it wasn't for rogue animals but simply because she was bored (that was all the reason she ever needed to do anything). The opening feast was just a tad bit hard for her knowing that her Mama Vivi wouldn't be just across the Great Hall blowing kisses at her but somehow she survived it.

Once the term was in full swing she and Lottie took a first year (Audrey) into the Forbidden Forest with them. It was meant to be a nice trip, with a picnic maybe and a search for the perfect, man-eating, present for the Ravenclaw Captain (Milton). The trip went south when they got caught by the Ground's Keeper who took 50 points from them each and gave them a detention--not one she particularly minded because in her view they got to be muggle farmers. For some reason this excited her. After this detention Lex and Lottie made plans to create the perfect, exclusive drink and they took a trip down to the kitchens. During this year she also made her Quidditch team where she played Chaser alongside Jake and Christmas but missed her final game of the term because of a throbbing headache that wouldn't let up.

A little later on in the term she went to the Healer to request having her teeth impervius-ed so she could have all the candy she wanted but this only led to the healer thinking she had a problem and owling her father. Shortly after she received a howler from the man and an official ban from candy for the remainder of the term which the Healer saw to...or tried to by taking every drop of candy she had. This didn't stop her though, she had ways and there were people who hated seeing her suffer through withdrawal so there was always someone to offer her candy until eventually she had rebuilt her stash to its former glory.

This term was also the term of the elections, something she didn't find very amusing at all between the candidates invading their classes and the posters that weren't of Mr. Vinteren being put all over. The girl didn't have the attention span for th elections BUT she DID dutifully show up to cast her vote in the mock elections!

By the time the term rolled around to a close she was ready to pack up and head home. The term seemed to have dragged on for her and she was under the impression that Hogwarts had gotten a whole new breed of idiots overnight that she couldn't wait to get away from. At the closing feast she held up pretty well, no tears or anything...almost like she didn't care...which she probably didn't because as far as she was concerned her Mama Vivi had already graduated so there was nothing that could get her any more upset. At some point during the feast she and Lottie found Milton and tried convincing him that he wasn't smart enough to graduate. This was, of course, for the boy's own good but he didn't see it that way; pity. That night ended with her and Mo having something resembling an ice-cream fight that spun off from what was actually meant to be an ice-cream eating contest. By the time it ended they were both covered in ice-cream and she was grinning from ear to ear.

With her birthday catching her before the term completely ended she got the chance to be showered in CANDY and other forms of sweets. On the ride home she even got a HUGE, hollow, chocolate frog that held more candy inside from Aidan!

Third Year

The start to her third year should have been enough of a warning for her that the year would be a bust. From the moment they left the station it seemed Lex was destined to run into trouble. This trouble came in the form of one Garrick Ogden who crashed Lex and Lottie's compartment, created havoc then left them to deal with the aftermath. This first encounter of the term threatened to have a negative impact on the two but that clearly wasn't the case when Lex plopped down at the Hufflepuff table with the widest grin and an already erased memory. There were more important things for her to focus on, like the plastic cutlery she found set at each table; the first real sign that something was amiss. By the end of the feast she found out just what. The school was broke and they were in for a miserable term of washing and caring for their individual plastic cutlery, cleaning of their own rooms and washing of their own laundry. Aidan had been nice enough to offer to keep her things for her so she wouldn't lose them and they ended up having all their meals together as a result. The only other high point seemed to be the ice-cream machine that was donated by an unnamed source with ice-cream that made everything better.

Something else she found to smile about was the fact that Mr. Vinteren (BoG Governor who'd given her a chocolate frog) was now teaching History of Magic. While walking around the grounds in late Septmeber she had a run in with him in which he taught her the spell 'Expulso' which quickly became one of her favourites. It was one she learned in no time.

The first disruption in her term came with the invasion of the Gringotts Goblins. Lex didn't mind them at all in fact she found them to be rather useful, in particular the one that broke open the points hourglasses exposing the gems inside. Without wasting time, Alexa waited for the opportune moment and swiped as many as she could, dropping some in Aidan's pocket when she could carry no more and made off with them. She later divided them and hid them in the event anyone would try to take them. The gems led her and Lottie to an odd incident in Mr. Vinteren's office where they went to ask the value of a gem. The situation only took a turn for the worst when questions were asked that they weren't prepared to answer. At this point Ivy Knox was called in and they were presented with Veritaserum. After refusing to drink any they were separated and given detention. Lex was sent with Knox but ended up driving the woman insane. The detention had no real effect on her.

She simply found other ways of occupying her time such as blowing things up by the lake with Nigel. They were joined by Mika and eventually the Grounds Keeper who took 20 points (an extra 5 for her alleged 'sass') despite Professor Airey's attempt at getting them off the hook.

As the term progressed Alexa seemed to only get worse and worse with a growing ice-cream addiction that she and a few other students couldn't explain. She was overly happy all the time, ran high on energy, couldn't quite put down a bowl of ice-cream for too long and was just about always thinking of something positive. These behaviours weren't questioned until after Lex found herself walking through the forbidden forest with a few others at midnight, looking to hug the trees and make it a happier place (Lex was also hoping to find a giant fridge full of ice-cream). They were found by the Grounds Keeper who then began to question their sanity.

Alexa's term took a deeper dive with the appearance of Dementors all over the castle. Showing up at matches, at the Quidditch party. randomly in the Common Room. There seemed no escaping them. Coming closer to the end of term Professor Lafay had them brew an antidote to the supposedly happy!ice-cream but at the party meant to sure them they were EVEN MOAR dementors. Lex watched, hardly able to move and witnessed the untimely end of the very Grounds Keeper who'd been showing up everywhere she found fit to cause trouble.She couldn't have been happier when the term ended and they were allowed to leave.

Fourth Year

As far as start of terms went this would possibly top her list of worsts. Spurred on by what might have been bravery, or what she later deemed stupidity, the Gryffindor made the decision to send one of her best friends (Aidan Stone) a letter explaining her feelings for him. Without a doubt it would be one of her most regretted decisions that resulted in an argument in the Luggage Compartment of the train in the hearing of anyone that stuck around. Voices were raised, accusations were made before Aidan unceremoniously stormed off leaving her with the declaration that she and Lottie were rubbish friends. Yet another train ride that wouldn't go well for her. Before the ride was up, she found herself wishing the term was over and she could head home. It was the most embarrassing day of her life. For the next month she ended up regretting her actions further as she was blatantly ignored by the Ravenclaw. It wasn't until the night of the Prefect Event by the fireplace that they talked out their differences and decided they would put it all behind them and move forward. A bit sore from this incident, Alexa attacked and delivered several blows to Tag's face when he messed with her best friend Cassia and made her cry--as she warned him she would if he did.

Another event she's not likely to forget would be the Halloween party the then 5th year students had put on down in the shrieking shack. It'd lasted well into the night with students from Beauxbaton and Durmstrang also being invited. It was the first time she'd been invited to a Hogwarts Party not hosted by the Professors.

This was also the term of the EBWEQBSC as a means of recovering some of the money that was lost by the school in the previous term with the three European Schools battling for the grand prize money that would no doubt come in handy. Alexa was chosen as the Champion for Herbology and was paired with Katrina Hudson, champion for potions. Together they worked to create a potion to counter the swelling solution fed to the house elf in their cave.

At some point in the term Lex was made aware of her best friend's boyfriend through less than convenient means that led to the two not talking just before their Quidditch match (Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff) where Lottie played Chaser and Lex was forced to play Keeper due to some team issues. In the end they were able to work it out once a proper talk was had and everything was out in the open. This should have been the end of her troubles for the term but the foreign students they'd so kindly shared their castle with proved to be a whole nother can of worms with their pranks and standoff-ish behaviour. The worst, perhaps, being the love potion laced chocolates given to Lex by Beauxbaton student, Gaston Le Blanc, that had her swooning and sighing in ways that had her wanting to claw his eyes out and rearrange his face when she was finally cured thanks to Lottie who'd hauled her down to Professor Lafay's office for a cure.

This was yet another term she was happy to put behind her, with a nice enough ride home in the back of the train with Lottie.

Fifth Year

The most shocking summer of her school career came just before the start of her Fifth Year when an owl appeared at her kitchen window with a letter and a badge. Naturally she and her father thought the owl had gotten the wrong address and several attempts were made for the owl to return but to no avail. This annoyed the lion to no end, with thoughts of detention on the first night back for nicking a badge; something she took no actual part in. It wasn't until her father found the note attached with her name on it that the two had a good laugh about the universe's latest joke before going out to celebrate. Even then Alexa wasn't completely sure about it as the prospect of responsibility has never appealed to her and in fact scares her a little, though she'll never admit it. Some might have noticed her lack of badge wearing on the train until she was instructed by Professor Bellaire to either wear it or return it. The biggest shock on the responsibility train was learning she would be the sole Prefect for the house that year, leaving all decisions and concerns to her. This is something she took in strides and found she genuinely enjoyed being the only one to call the shots.

This year she was forced to be a bit more settled due to the upcoming OWL exams that she admittedly was never too sure about especially when it came to History of Magic and Arithmancy. Both Cassia and Lottie agreed to help her with her studies, causing her to worry less but exams soon became the least of her troubles when her hair started changing colour and her bones began to ache due to an aging epidemic plaguing the school at the time.

This didn't put a damper on her, or anyone else's, Quidditch playing. The only damper was having Alice move her from her beloved Beater position and over to Keeper no matter how often and how loudly she'd tried explaining that she wasn't cut out for it. 'Captain's orders' was usually the excuse. It was just as well she'd been moved however after busting her elbow cracking a Bludger during her first match due to the aging.

Further into the term she was approached by Slytherin, Charlotte Stylinson who told her that her best friend (Jun Kim). Being always the skeptic about such things, Lex wasn't inclined to believe her despite the insistent nature of the girl who at some point got offended and assumed Lex had insulted her and called her a liar. This didn't particularly bother the Gryffindor, who was possibly as annoyed with the constant assault of questions and assumptions the girl had for herself. It wasn't until after she'd spoken it through with Cassia and Lottie that she decided to find out for herself which she did after her final Quidditch match of the season in which she'd suffered a concussion from a bludger to the head. Despite the throbbing headache, the two got through their conversation just fine and she walked away with the status of 'girlfriend'. An ironic ending given her general distaste for Ravenclaws.

The end of term proved the saddest she'd had since her first year due to the fact that Alice would be leaving. Her mood only rose after she was promised a sleepover with Alice for their last night in the castle.


Michael Cambridge (Father)

Michael Cambridge had always been a man of few words. Even while at Hogwarts
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Michael Cambridge

he managed to get by saying very little and observing very much. It was this characteristic that drew Susan Lucius (Hufflepuff) to him in the first place. He'd always had a certain fascination with muggles that his family could never understand or accept. The discovery that he had a job that invloved contact with muggles put him in terrible standings with his family which was made even worse when he announced that he would be marrying a Hufflepuff. Rather head strong, he had no intention of listening to anything they had to say and in fact for the first two years of his marriage he kept himself and his wife pretty scarce to his side of the family. It was only after the birth of Alexa that he figured he would give them a chance.

To a large extent he's a pushover when it comes to the females in his life. He would often let Susan make the decisions and after her death Alexa began calling the shots. It's not that he can't be assertive but rather that he hates seeing them upset. He would sometimes tell Susan that it was the defiant look in her eyes whenever she wasn't getting her way that usually made him give in and it's the same defiance Lex holds that renders him powerless.

After the death of his wife he felt like all was lost. Without her he had no idea how to raise a little girl, leaving Lex to run about as she pleased and do whatever she saw fit. This was because he didn't want to make her upset; if he did he'd feel like he'd done something wrong. He likes to think that he's done a good job of raising his daughter, though secretly he thinks he's a failure. This makes the subject of parenting a rather touchy one for him, ending with Alexa usually getting her way whenever someone makes a complaint because he's trying to prove that they have no power over her but that he's the one who makes the final decision.

Susan Cambridge (nee Lucius) 

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Susan Cambridge nee Lucius

Susan was anything but you're typical Hufflepuff. She was loud, disruptive and without restraint while growing up, frequently getting herself, and anyone she could find at the moment, in trouble. There was a joke going around at one point that she should have been a Gryffindor. She was always head strong and argumentative, never letting anything get her down unless she chose to let it.

After having Alexa, she was determined to change and to make sure she ended up nothing like her. In her effort to ensure this she would always reprimand Lex as soon as the action was done--but nothing too harsh because she still believed in allowing creativity and room to grow. Between her and her husband she made certain that her daughter always felt loved no matter what the circumstances.

It was only after she fell ill that she really started loosening her reign on the then still rather young child. Unable to keep up with many things she would suffer from her spot on her bed but the suffering was more a result of the helplessness then the disease itself. She wanted to live long enough to see her daughter's next birthday however this never happened as she died just two weeks before the girl turned 7.

Amanda Cambridge (nee Allen) 

Without a doubt Amanda happens to be Alexa's least favourite person in the world. The woman is of a materialistic mind and has a mean streak about her. Growing up the she had always had the dream of one day living the perfect life; rich, good looking husband, nice big house, maybe with a dog but not likely and NO children. After finding Michael she thought this dream had finally been realized however that perception quickly changed after she was brought to his home 4 months into their dating so she could meet his daughter. At first she thought it would be fine. A shy girl who'd just lost her mother...they'd be able to bond and the kid would stay out of her way--if only! From the first words exchanged it was clear the two would never get along. She learnt very quickly that the child had a tighter grip on the man than she ever could. This was first realized only moments into their meeting when the 9 year old began crying and was led away by her father.

Quite determined to not make the girl ruin her dreams or her chances with the man she had fallen in love with she often tried to force his hand in making her grow up but to no avail. The moment Lex cried, Michael was lost. This made her dislike of the girl grew stronger. The two couldn't get along for very long, if at all, and the two actively fight for the whole of Michael's attention as neither is keen on sharing.

When she'd finally had enough of Alexa being spoilt rotten she begged Michael for a baby under the guise that she simply wanted a child that was completely hers. Now she tries her hardest to ensure that only HER daughter is spoken of and whenever the man is free she tries to dump the baby on him so Alexa can't snag him away. Her ultimate plan is to have the girl feel as isolated and defeated as possible in an attempt to crush her spirit and "teach her a lesson".

Jessa Cambridge

Jessa is Alexa's baby sister. She was born purely out of spite for the girl and it was only after the first few months of her life that her mother actually took a genuine interest in her and began doting on her out of actual love. Michael loved her from the start but feels rather conflicted, knowing that Lex doesn't like her even in the least bit and that the girl gets heart breakingly miserable when she sees him with the baby. At the moment Alexa is very cold towards her. She can't stand to hear her babble, giggle, laugh or CRY.


Serenity (Seri) Wheeler-

Alexa's first best friend. The two were separate halves of a whole, meeting in Diagon Alley the summer before they started Hogwarts and ran into each other again on the night of the opening feast when Lex decided to defend her from the likes of a miserable Theo and his best friend West. Since then the two had been pratically inseparable. Both her and Lex had made several plans for mishief, not many of which were carried out and they had a clear understanding of each other. Alexa would get rather defensive when anyone tried saying anything bad about her and actually got into an argument with a group of Slytherins because of her. Serenity promised her that if she became Head Girl she'd duplicate the badge and give one to Lex so they could rule together. They had plans for dual dictatorship one day however this is no longer possible as Seri never came back after her first year.

Genevieve (Vivi) Branxton-

She is hands down the only person Lex would blindly follow off a cliff without question (but only out of naivety and a lack understanding that most things are not to be taken seriously) . She takes whatever she says as law and enforces it if she can. From the moment she met her on the platform on the train ride she decided she liked her because she was one of the few people Lex deemed to have a brain and she was the only one who seemed to condone the small girl's acts of heroism. Alexa thinks of Vivi as her 'Mama Vivi' and she enjoys any time she gets to spend with her. Though she has a stong dislike for most older children she has nothing but love for her and a level of devotion that would cause one to wonder.

Cassia Somerlad-

Cassia and Lex have a very strange friendship. After their meeting at the Slytherin table at the start of term feast they ran into each other a few times, had a conversation here and there but in all of that they seemed to have very differing views on just about everything. This didn't mean they didn't get along; it just meant they gave each other a different perspective that they wouldn't have thought of themselves. The two consider themselves to be true heroes and are simply waiting to grow a bit taller so they can have statues made after them. The way they tell it, they single handedly got rid of the man-eating plant that threatened the school and no matter how many different ways you ask that will still be the story. Lex considers Cassia to be one of her bestfriends and she loves spending time with her. In her mind the girl is really smart which makes her even more special because she allows Lex to carry out her plans but most smart people won't! As of her third year Lex has become rather concerned for her because of the 'changes' the girl keeps talking about accepting. In her mind Cassia is slowly crossing over and she doesn't like it one bit.

Bliss Ryans-

Lex affectionately calls her Blissy!Face and loves her very much. The two met down in Diagon Alley just before the start of her first year and ran into each other agin on the train. She thinks Bliss is really nice and likes seeing her because the girl just always seems to be smiling!! Whenever she hung out with her she always had fun and this girl is one of the few that she would ever consider sharing her candy with. This is obviously a big deal. Anyone who knows the girl knows that she isn't a fan of sharing anything and candy is at the top of her list of things she will not likely share.

Aidan Stone-

They met in Honeydukes during a Hogmeade weekend in their first year where they spoke about the value of candy and the trouble they found themselves in because they had run out. This gave Lex the idea that he might very well be a Sugar!Addict like herself, making him alright in her book. By the end of their first year they hatched a brilliant plan to take the food trolley so they could have all the candy to themselves. This plan quickly escalated into the formation of a partnership. They have there squabbles every now and then and are pretty immature towards each other (not seeing the point in being nice, wanting to win even if winning would make the other one feel bad etc.) but they're still partners through and through. He is possibly one of the only boys that she doesn't actively find annoying and she likes hanging out with him whenever they do. They became close friends, best even, and she appreciates that he'll tolerate her Gryffindor plans that most others would try to talk her out of. Lex also likes the way he thinks, his plan to get a sword and gallantly defend the castle was well received by her and he's good on giving candy so that's a plus.

Alice Fischer-

This is another person that Alexa looks up to. She loves her, end of conversation. When the two are together they get some very strange things done and in some ways Alice can be considered a bad influence on the young girl but that's never bothered Lex before and she won't let it now! She loves the fact that she can count on Alice when someone decides to be rude to her. The only time she ever truly gets upset at the girl is when she refuses to show any form of bias but this is only because Alexa is possibly the most unreasonable child on the planet. Alice also has a super power, she can talk Lex out of doing almost anything by simply using guilt manipulation. She's not sure how the girl does it but when she lays the guilt on it's usually thick and has Lex grumbling. This is most likely because she actually cares about Alice's preception of her and doesn't like the thought of disappointing her. Her opinions matter to her. Not many people's do.

Lotus (Lottie) Wisteria-

Alexa really likes Lottie. She thinks the girl is full of brilliant ideas. The two hit it off almost immediately when they met and even planned a trip together for a visit to the Forbidden Forest. This trip only cemented the fact that Lottie is a thinker and the two have plans for their own special kind of drink which they later created in their Third Year. Lex considers her to be very nice but she knows the girl has a mean side too, something that makes her like her even more. Puffers are nice and she likes them but EVERYONE needs a bad side and Lottie has one! Currently she's trying to get her to like Aidan a bit more and thinks she has this situation under control.  It took some time but she's no longer outrightly mean to him. The two are best friends for life and Lex is determined to make sure it stays that way because she values Lottie and doesn't want to even think about not talking to her ever again. They have a special connection because they get each other...even when others think they're being mean. Some times they don't even need words in order to communicate. It only takes a look, a sigh, a smirk.

Louisa Carter-

Next to Vivi, she's Alexa's favourite Ravenclaw. She met her during a quidditch match where she tried to paint her face red. In the end she was only allowed to paint a few stars on but that was good enough for her! It was during that same game that the girl became hopelessly traumatized and Louisa, being the saint she was decided to LIE until Lex was calm enough to be reasoned with. Alexa thinks she's really smart and enjoys bothering her as much as she loves snuggling her. This is one of the people that she genuinely cares about and this causes her to come off as being overly curious and her asking too many questions but that's only because she WANTS to know how she's doing and if she's well.

Dylan Montmorency-

The circumstances that led to these two becoming so close all started with her wanting to touch his hair and him wanting her to stop arguing with West (which she ignored and still does whenever he suggests it). She thinks he's cool and enjoys his squishy side, thinking that his scary side is just a figment of his own imagination because she finds it hard to think of him as being itimidating. She likes that he tries to look out for her and knows he has her back most times. There are times however where she sees the need to shun him and these are when she finds herself in an argument with West because he never seems to be on her side. In this way she thinks he fails as an ickle parent. She believes that if he refuses to show favouritism to her half the time then he should remain neutral about the whole thing. His opinions also matters to her but this becomes relative whenever she's upset depending on her reason for being upset. 

Melanie Sung-

Melanie is one of the happiest people Lex knows. She thinks the girl has some rather funny views on the world, maybe even a bit on the naive side but then...what does she know? She's just as naive. She thinks the Melanie has a heart of gold, always smiling and offering hugs to any and everyone. The girl is so nice in fact that in the summer before Lex's second year she went over to her house to help her pack and get her room cleaned; not something many people would have volunteered to do. When she first met her she thought she was her 'sign from under water' because she had been out by the lake looking for the giant squid when the girl suddenly appeared. Now the two have plans to one day meet said squid, befriend him and take a lovely ride across the lake with him.

Katrina (Kat) Hudson-

For most, if not all, of her 1st year at Hogwarts she was disliked by this girl for reasons she didn't know and didn't really care to know. Whenever she was around her she would notice the girl shooting her glares or outrightly being rude but this didn't really bother her because she couldn't care less what older students thought. She remained quite indifferent to her as a result however this changed after one night of extreme stupidty on the part of one Ariana Logan. The two found out that they had more in common than they orignally would have guessed and it wasn't long after that before they decided that they were pseudo!sisters. Lex loves her and the fact that she's always giving her chocolate frogs.

Marcus (Mo) Branxton-

She met him at the ice-cream shop in Diagon Alley in the summer before her second year and took an automatic liking to him simply for the reason that he was Vivi's brother and in her mind, anyone with the last name Branxton was nothing but pure gold. He seemed really fun too, accompanying her when she wanted to climb to the top of the train and even offering to help her figure stuff out about sarcasm and metaphors. Her perceptions of him didn't really start changing until he allowed himself to be told who he could and could not talk to by someone else. This told her that, contrary to her earlier belief, he does not in fact have a mind of his own and lacks a brain. This put her off because her Mama Vivi was known for being very smart. Consequently she's left to believe that it isn't the name Branxton that should be revered but simply the name 'Genevieve' and now the name Branxton is worth little more than dirt to her (Just the same as anyone else's last name). Her view on him isn't terrible anymore though, as of her Third Year he somewhat redeemed himself; talking to her, letting her hangout with him, SAVING her over and over when the dementors attacked. Now she thinks he's cool and considers him a friend whether he considers her one or not.

West Odessa-

For one to not know that these two don't get along well with each other one would have to either be extremely blind or extremely daft. When put into the same conversation one can expect a full blown argument seconds later as neither likes to be wrong and neither will give in without having the last word.She had her suspicions about this one because of the way he spoke of one of her bestfriends but it wasn't until their first major argument that she realized just how much he irritated her. Now she can't stand a bone in the boy's body and it doesn't help that he's convinced a certain Branxton to never speak to her again. At the moment they don't bother each other much, seemingly wrapped in their own lives. It's almost like a silent agreement to co-exist without much arguments or acknowledgement of the other's existence these days.

(Will add more people later on)

Random Facts about Lex

--> She had her first chocolate frog at the age of 4 when her grandparents came to visit and got her a whole pack which her mother was not pleased about.

--> Alexa went her whole pre-hogwarts life only having about 2 or 3 friends, thinking of everyone else as nothing more than acquaintances and in some cases pawns.

--> Her favourite colour's blue because that's the colour her mother most often wore.

--> She gets actual headaches when she's not getting her way or when she gets frustrated by things she has no control over. The perceived stupidity of others has also been known to give her headaches.

--> She's suffered from feelings of abandonment ever since her mother died and it gets worse every time someone leaves.

--> She can will herself to stop processing things once she's not particularly interested.

--> No matter how often the doctors try explaining to her, she's convinced herself that she isn't allergic to strawberries.

--> It is very difficult for her to hold a grudge unless someone does something she deems extremely awful and even in those cases she still doesn't have it in her to be hateful; to date there is only one person she truly hates, Amanda.

--> Her oblivious nature is self-induced. There are many things that she sees but wills herself to ignore because she doesn't like complications or unpleasant things.

--> Her view of the world is black and white with very little grey area in between.

--> She asks questions out of compulsion and only about 60% of the time is she actually interested in the answer.

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