Appearance Altering Spell

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Appearance-altering spells can be used to change the physical appearance of a human being. Although some spells actually alter the physical form, less complicated spells will merely give the appearance of change and cannot be detected by the caster without use of a charmed mirror.

Appearance-only Changes

  • Tirinum - Changes appearance of height and build
  • Portanis - Changes the appearance of clothing
  • Haniros - Reverses the effects of Tirinum and Portanis

Hair and Eye

  • Felintas - Changes length and texture of hair
  • Ristaris - Changes the color of hair and eyes
  • Intaris - Reverses the effects of Felintas and Ristaris

Other Facial Features

  • Prostarium - Changes nose and mouth
  • Wishirum - Changes ears and chin
  • Contaris - Reverses the effects of Prostarium and Wishirum
  • Malifius - More complex facial transfiguration spell