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We will caution you now to always be on your toes around this toadstool. It is unpredictable at even the best of times. It ranks among the most dangerous toadstools in the world and was once even banned from use by Ministry of Magic officials.


This Fiery red toadstool may seem like nothing more than a gorgeous eye catching mushroom but upon closer inspection you will find a fierce fungus. Aptly named after its unusual hue this toadstool is easily identified by its rich flame like colourings.


The Blaze Again Button is also the only toadstool which spontaneously bursts into flame.

Care Of

The Blaze Again Button are rated 6, useful but considered dangerous. They can be an extremely tricky toadstool to track down. It may take quite a bit of hiking and digging before finding your first cache. This shouldn't discourage you though. They are terribly exciting to find in the wild. They prefer to grow in small groups and thrive in environments provided by rotting logs near swampy areas. They tend to hide away from light as much as possible, so you may have to actually break apart rotting stumps in order to find these little treasures.


These toadstools are one of the most popular in the world and are renowned for their use in fireworks. They create unique colourful patterns and no two explosions are ever identical. Interest in this toadstool has increased dramatically since the Ministry took it off the Officially Restricted From Use list. Just remember to always handle this particular toadstool with care and DO NOT store in any closed container. Magical Plants Herbology