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Cassia Jane Somerlad
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Date of Birth

27th, June, 2066

Blood Status




Year at school



Owl named Snaty.

Physical description

Eye color







165 CMs.

Body type


Cassia was born in Bowness-on-Windermere, Lakeland, London to Marcus and Laura Somerlad on 27th of June, 2066. At eleven she went to Hogwarts like her parents had.


Cassia and her mother

Cassia is a nice girl with a high amount of curiosity. She likes meeting new people and knowing about them and their lives. She likes honesty and she always says what she feels which can't be good all the time. She believes that trust if the most important feature between friends. She loathes betrayal and rudeness. She can be annoying sometimes due to her curiosity. She is a passionate girl who gets excited and fascinated easily. Even by the simplest things she could get enthusiastic right away. Probably being a fervent girl is not good all the time because that would mean making big deals out of simple ones. She appreciates the simplest acts of kindness. She also trusts people blindly which worries her family. Because that would cause her pain if she had been stabbed in the back. Though she might not notice right away that she had been betrayed and there're actually two reasons to that. The first one is that she tends to see people's good intentions. The second reason is that she's not a very bright girl. She is not dumb but she can be clueless most of the time. And she likes joking around, don't mind her if she made a joke of you, she has good intentions but tend to be blunt and straightforward at times. And despite her eagerness and enthusiasm, the girl feels more self-assured when with few people. And she doesn't like to attract attention because that would mean so many eyes looking at her and she doesn't find that comfortable. One last thing is that she forgets a lot! So don't take it personal if she doesn't remember your name or invent a new one for you. Though she remembers faces very well.

As she became a teenager her feisty traits started to surface though she didn't become that much of a tough girl. She still isn't brave, mostly selfish unless one of her friends and the people she cared about were involved. She's been working on her comebacks and became quite good in sarcasm.

Furthur in

Likes and Dislikes

Young Cassia

Cassia is like an open book. You can easily find out about what she likes and what she doesn't. due to her active and continuously-excited spirit she likes noisiness and so much does she hate calm and boring places. She is a person to laugh, chat and goof around. The mainly thing that occupies her mind is how to have fun. And she usually does that by playing with her two cats, Rux and Fux. The girl had the cats since she was so young and her cats are her best friends. So if someone has cat then Cassia will like them due to the fact that this person owns a cat. And it makes perfect sense for her. And needless to say that as a hyper girl, Candy is a very essential element to her. She considers it important to stay alive. And naturally being a girl and all, she likes fluffy stuff. Also raining weather is a bonus to her usually-cheerful mood for she likes watching rain from her room window. It's One of her favorite routines. Meaning her favorite weather is the cold which explains her uneasiness being under blazing sun. She avoids having her skin getting burned. But average sunny days are fine by her. And so far that is a typical girl. But there is a certain characteristic that may seem weird and odd to some. And that is her loathing plants. Which started since she was five years old when one of her grandmother's plants supposedly tried to eat Cassia according to her. Though the grandmother insisted that this particular plant sways regularly whenever someone passed her. But that wasn't enough proof for the girl. And so since then she made sure not to make any unnecessary physical contact with any kind of plants. And with the help of her parents she was able to get rid of the nightmares related to plants.

About subjects

Cassia hadn't made up her mind on which was her favorite subject easily. Especially on her first year when she was still not sure about all the subjects. However, she managed to set general thoughts. She found herself fascinated by creatures and their habits. She enjoyed learning about their attitude and species. Though she had an annoying herself, she still found herself interested in this area and maybe her owl's attitude made her curious to get to know more about dealing with moody creatures. So Care of Magical creatures is among the enjoyable subjects.

Being a skillful witch had always been and always will be Cassia's dream. Being an excellent student at school wasn't her dream. A brilliant witch doesn't mean writing essays and answering questions, no. she figured that the type of witch she was hoping to be was one who had a creative mind that allowed her to get over whatever gets in her way. And oddly that led her t be interested in transfiguration. As the subject taught how to find alternatives and do without anything. It needed a tricky creative mind. It didn't have to be a smart solution always, just a handy suitable one. So the Slytherin become interested in this particular subject and was keen on getting better and better at it.

Carrying a wand and performing spells correctly was always how Cassia imagined a successful witch would be. Nevertheless, through time she had come to believe that not only by using a wand she could be an impressive witch. She had gained this belief by seeing her Head of House Professor Lafay. The potions mistress of course did perform so many spells accurately and correctly but also being able to identify ingredient and their effects, brewing liquids that could heal, change, harm ,alter or do anything, fascinated the girl. She might have found some difficulty with potions at first as particular ingredients disgusted her but eventually she was able to force herself to ignore that part of herself and get to know better about this awesome section of the Wizarding world.

And while finding out about her favorite subjects she didn't need to find out about her least favorite one. Which was Herbology. And that is due to her encounter with a plant when she was five. So she never enjoyed this subject and will never do. However, she tried to get over her fear by doing her best of touching the plants and running away from them. Which she achieved. The color doesn't drain out of her face when she nears plants. However, that doesn't mean that she will grow to like those things anytime. But she felt an improvement especially signing-up to the Herbology task force. And that way she proved to have come over her fear and replace it with loathing.



Little Cassia

Cassia is the is the oldest of two children in her family. She lives with her family in London where she was born. She was raised by both her mother and her grandmother. As her Father works in the ministry, in the International Magical Cooperation he tends to travel a lot. Which usually requires her mother travelling with him. And leaving both of the kids with their grandmother.

Cassia and her younger brother ,Mike are best friends. They spend all the time together, playing and singing. They discuss magic a lot. And the two kids always talked about how excited they were to get into Hogwarts. When Cassia was to go to Hogwarts, the two kids were saddened to be separated. And the more Cassia thought about the fun she'd have at the school the more she felt sad about leaving her brother behind.

The girl and her brother have lots of friends. Considering they, too, travel with their parents which allow them to meet many people. However, their best friend is Liam, their nextdoor neighbor. The three spend lots of time together. Liam is older than Cassia by two years and he goes to another school, he is a wizard too!

Not only Cassia spends her time playing ad having fun with her companions . Her father is so concerned about giving his two children the knowledge he can provide at home. Especially Cassia as she being the eldest . The father is strict logical person who takes care of rational things.

While her mother is a passionate person. Who is responsible for moral issues and sensations. And surely not to forget Grandma Margret who is determined to change her granddaughter. As Cassia spends most of her time playing with Liam and Mike. Goofing around and most of all talking a lot! Her Grandmother never approves of this attitude . As she ,grandmother justifies her disapproving that a lady doesn't babble nor does she laugh out loud. And that is exactly how Cassia is all the time.

Grandmother Margret always complains to her son, Cassia's father, about his girl attitude. Marcuse is convinced that she is still a child and she will grow to be as her Grandmother teaches her to be. But no one knows whether his prediction is correct or not.


  • Father :Marcus Somerlad.
  • Mother:Laura Somerlad.
  • Brother:Mike Somerlad.
  • Grandmother:Margret Anna Somerlad.
  • Aunt: Lavone Calverley.
  • Uncles: Adam Somerlad. Silas Calverley.

Cassia and her father

Cassia and her Dad

Marcus Somerlad is Cassia's ideal. She always looks at her father as a perfect person. She admires his confidence and his ability to make people understand his opinions by speaking a few sentences.He is a strict person yet understanding. He believes in rules and boundaries that ,in his opinion, can make everything legit. He believes that an organized person is a successful ,happy one.
So whenever Cassia feels like she needs to discuss something logically she goes to her father who gets her through the matter easily and smoothly. Though the father travels a lot ,he makes sure to make up his absence by spending time with his two kids when he isn't travelling.

Cassia and her mother

Cassia's Mother, Laura.

Cassia probably has most of her mother's characteristics. For her mother is a passionate person who mainly operates under the impulse of her feelings and the swinging of her heart. Laura Somerlad is the person to sooth Cassia down just by holding her close. The mother is a fantastic listener who never gets bored of her talkative daughter.
However, the mother is a quiet person unlike the daughter. If Cassia is feeling down and depressed and doesn't feel like talking about it or discussing it she goes to her mother who easily makes her forget about it and brings her spirit up again.

Cassia and her brother

Cassia and her brother, Mike.

Mike is Cassia's best friend along with being her younger brother. The boy is three years younger than Cassia. And despite that fact Cassia rarely feels that gap of age. Probably because the brother is smarter. Unlike his sister, Mike resembles his father for being confident and calm. He and his sister don't share most of their characteristics as Cassia is talkative ,Mike talks briefly and when necessary. Cassia trusts people blindly on the other hand Mike has a hunch that rarely fails him.And yet the two makes great and compatible siblings.
However, they are not perfect. For like any brother and sister the two have fights and arguments. But never did any fight last for more than a day. Because after a couple of hours it'd be forgotten.

Cassia and her grandmother

Cassia's grandmother

Margret Anna Somerlad is a strict person. Who believes in discipline and none else. She takes it on her conscious to raise Cassia into being a classy sophisticated young lady. And here comes the problem as Cassia isn't that type of girl and is never going to be. But the grandmother never surrenderes. She keeps trying to change the girl's attitude and interests which is far than done. And that what causes the tense between the granddaughter and her grandmother.
Despite that, Cassia of course never loathes her grandmother. Neither does the older woman. It causes regular arguments ,their different personalities but they love each other no matter what. Especially that the grandmother has so many interesting stories to tell from her long life and that fascinates Cassia.

Cassia and her aunt

Lavone Calverley, Cassia's aunt.

Lavone Calverley is Laura's younger sister. Despite her being Cassia's aunt, the two were closer to friends than niece and aunt. Possibly due to the fact that Lavone was young being in her twenties. The aunt, lived in London in her own apartment but very often dropped by to visit even when it wasn't Christmas or an important occasion. Lavone, was an artsy kind of person who liked to draw and participated in many galleries. That probably affected Cassia and got her to be more interested in drawing although she didn't show the talent her aunt had. But still, the aunt liked to show her niece her work as well as giving tips. Another benefit of having a young aunt, was that Cassia could dish to her about girly stuffs.

Cassia and Liam

Liam Solvi is Cassia's best friend since they were young kids. And he is her nextdoor neighbor since then as well. Their parents are best friends which caused the children relationship to grow stronger. Cassia shares with Liam so many good memories. They spend so much time with each other including Cassia's younger brother Mike. Liam is two years older than Cassia. And that meant that he left for school before her. And that saddened the girl for she was used to spend all the time with him and that changed.
Cassia sees Liam as a perfect boy who knows everything. While Liam looks at Cassia as his young little minion and doesn't seem to notice her growing at all. As the two grow up and after Liam leaving, Cassia kept writing to him in an attempt to keep the friendship intact but he rarely responded at first then stopped all at once. It saddened her a bit but then she got over it and decided to treat him alike as she stopped writing to him herself.

Cassia and her owl

Cassia's owl, Snaty

Cassia has a honey-colored owl. When Cassia went to the pet shop she was intending to buy a cat because the girl is very fond of cats. And she has two cats at her home. However, once in the shop she decided to buy an owl to experience having an owl. She had started to learn how to take care of this creature and she named the owl Snaty. Because he is a rude snappy creature. Snaty always screeches whenever Cassia touches him. And not to mention how many times Cassia got bitten when trying to feed him. She always wonders about her owl's attitude. Other owls seem to be friendly with their owners at least. She and Lex had tried getting rid of him but that ended up quite badly.


Terms & Holidays

First year at Hogwarts

First-year Cassia.

Cassia was excited about her first year at Hogwarts. Though she was sad that she was leaving her younger brother behind, she couldn't hide her excitement about going to Hogwarts and learning all the cool stuff she heard of.
In Hogwarts Cassia was the same girl at home curious excited and easily fascinated by the simplest things. She tried as best as she could to get to meet students and make friends. However, she was surprised by herself that she couldn't always take the first step. She had always thought that she was a mixer person, which she was but she wasn't that used to take the first step and the reason was probably the lack of confidence. And despite that fact she met quite many students whom she become good friends with.
However, at the end of the year Cassia was so thrilled about what she witnessed of the cool events that happened at Hogwarts. She had learned so many things. Like being a wizard or a witch isn't always a good thing. As a kid she always assumed that being a witch was very cool and great. Which is true! But she found out just like her father used to tell her that some people miss-use what they have.
So, the naïve excited girl who entered Hogwarts had changed a bit to become less naïve and a slightly more wise. However, she is still curious ,squeaky and mostly clueless. But she had the same spirit and eagerness to know more and become a good witch…and to have fun and keep up with everything going on around school.

Summer before second year

This summer was different from all the other summers in Cassia's life. The reason of course was that she was waiting for something to come. Though she had had lots of fun as usual with her brother and friends and most of all, Liam, the girl still longed to return to Hogwarts. She longed for the castle ,for the common room and for her friends there.
And she felt that she had changed slightly and gained some wisdom and experience. She was also determined to be a cool, friendly and good second year. How? She 'll have to figure it out somehow.

Second Year at Hogwarts

Second-year Cassia.

Cassia's second year started out in a different way. For on the ride to the castle an unknown reason caused the train to break down and the students had to use portkeys to get to Hogsmeade station. Cassia's plans of being stronger and less childish were kind of ruined as she couldn't help not getting afraid when the lights went out and the train made a halt. Though afterwards she was able to contain her fears using the portkey and then getting into the carriages to get to Hogwarts. Another thing Cassia was excited about was the new headmistress. Cassia had encountered her on the train but it wasn't a very good first impression. She then hadn't known that this red-headed woman was the headmistress. The opening feast was quite different as Cassia wasn't among the firsties who were nervous about the sorting hat. She steadily walked to her house table and sat there with friends and met other ones too. The twelve-years also found classes different as she had an idea about the classrooms and professors. Though there were a couple of new ones. She was also grateful for her father who had gave her a couple of books to read during the summer which helped her so much throughout the year. She had worked hard to be a good student. She wasn't an excellent student but she wasn't planning on that and didn't care much about it. She only cared not to be a bad student. Because it would be un-cool. In this year Cassia met many new friends and was glad about this fact. She was determined to be all social and was trying to figure how that could be achieved. Though the creepy awkward event that took place at the castle somehow helped her. Like being locked out of the common rooms and having to sleep in the great hall. Such situations always made students stick together and spend more time together discussing and analyzing. Although ,Cassia wasn't so good at it she had thoughts and ideas. Some of them were a bit childish but she believed in them. And of course everything raised her curiosity and made her eager to know more. The second-year was also content that she had interacted with house-elves and ghosts this year. Well, she wasn't really glad about the ghosts part because they seemed to be responsible of most of what was going on. And so she and Theo decided to figure this out and investigate. They had become the Slytherin secret spies. And intended to accomplish missions and stuff because they were cool. And capable of doing so. And when Cassia thought that everything was going back to normal, two professors got eaten by a plant. Of course Cassia wasn't a plant fan in the first place and this incident only made her theory stronger. She of course felt sad and sorry for the two professors who were the old astronomy woman and the Ancient Runes prof who spoke awkwardly. So because of the sad feelings she had had and because of the intense curiosity that had gotten into her. She decided to join the searching parties that were set to search for the professors and the plant. It might sound not reasonable to see Cassia choosing to do so. And she herself had been surprised by her sudden decision. But she thought that not always searching parties would be assigned and she was curious to know how this thing was done. Another reason she joined is because she wanted to make sure the plant was dealt with justice.

Which was what happened. As the charms professor blew up the plant when it was cornered by the students and staff in the greenhouses. Where a student was pulled by the plant but Cassia was too busy making sure she was far away from the plant and also trying to convince her friend Lex to not sacrifice her precious life for nothing. Of course Lex and Cassia were so convinced that they had saved the school from the plant. Though the snake didn't even get near it but they had embraced that fact and believed in it and intended to pass it on the coming generations. They also were going to have statues built for themselves once they got older. And so the turn events of the year made Cassia both sad and excited to leave the castle. Sad because she had so much fun and hated to leave her friends. But excited to tell her family about her awesome second year and to get taller and older during summer.

Summer before third year

Almost a regular summer except for a couple of changes. One being, Cassia's brother preparing to Durmstrang institute. The other one being Cassia's puberty changes. As for the first, both the kids were excited though it took time until Cassia accepted the decision that her brother wasn't going to go to Hogwarts like her. After the decision was made, both of them made sure to hang out and take advantage of the summer before both were shipped to a different location for nine months. However, Cassia's moodiness due to her stressing about puberty, caused regular arguments. Or mainly her snapping at her brother who was totally dumbfounded and because he was a sweet kid he made effort to tolerate his sister's moods.

Another significant event occurred that summer was the visit of Alexa Cambridge, Cassia's newly declared bestfriend. The sleepover had several goals they were all about having fun. And one different reason which was getting rid of Cassia's evil owl. After discussing and plotting the two dragged the owl away from the house while Mike's duty was to distract the adults.

And away from the house, took place a battle between two girls and a vicious bird. Surprisingly it ended in the girls scratched and exhausted because of chasing after the owl. Needless to say neither of them was amused or happy about the result. And so they decided to forget about it and erase it from their minds if possible. Towards the end of summer, both kids went shopping for their school requirements and promised to write to each other during the year.

Third Year at Hogwarts

Thirteen years old Cassia was pretty much the same with slight and obvious differences. One being her mood swings caused by her 'growing up' as in puberty. Like the girl she is, she had freaked out a bit dramatically. Especially with her grandmother drumming the concept of growing up into her. If the old woman thought it was helpful, she was wrong. It might have confused the people around her, particularly her friends. All thoughts were shared with Blue whom was the most to understand being the same age and on the verge of the same situation. Chocolate and candy provided by West also helped, as him being casual helped her being at ease and act casually in return. That though, wasn't the highlight of the year. Nothing seemed to be actually. As the wizarding world had the Board of Governors elections the school was occupied with that. Debates, lessons teaching them about all the electing thing and campaigns. It wasn't something that interested her. But she liked to snoop and have a look at mostly everything. Like during the hogsmeade debate, she and Lex had neglected whatever was going on on the stage and instead kept staring at the headmistress's hair debating whether it was real or not. The suspicions started when Lex brought up a time when Headmistress Truebridge wouldn't let the lioness touch the red hair of hers. While bored, the two could come with the craziest theories and ideas. Speaking of ideas, Cassia with Blue had had lots of talks about many girly things. Plus gossip of what was going on at the school as they shared their own opinions and point of views. That led them to an idea. Being quite confident and excited helped them develop the idea of starting their own business in the castle. Matching business. Since it was like one of the very things that interested the population of the school. They started with flyers and hanging them around the school. The brooms-cupboard was their headquarters as they did a bit of redecorating and cleaning. The thing was, that they had spent days there, munching on cookies and waiting for costumers to show up. No one did. They kept hoping though.

Between classes and randomly hanging out with friends as well as spending time in the broom-cupboard waiting for customers, nothing seemed to be happening. Away from the classes and all that, Cassia as usual was always attending Quidditch matches. Taking it on her conscience to cheer for her friends and more specifically those on the Slytherin team. And it was on one of those days that she and Lex decided to test out there theory about Truebridge's hair. With a quick plan, Cassia crept up on the woman from behind while Lex worked on the distraction. The snake had got her hand on a lock of hair and was about to give it a tug when the unfortunate happened blowing the entire plan. As she was a bit allergic to strong smells, cue her dislike for flowers, Cassia had sneezed smelling the perfume the headmistress had on that day. It would probably have been okay, had she not got snot on the woman's neck. It wasn't a pleasant situation. On the bright side, no punishment had been called for. Except probably sheer embarrassment. With that the blond strolled back to her seat. She might have felt a little bad having been yelled at, not that loudly nor abusively but she was one to exaggerate. She and Lex , down one of the corridors, managed a small note then the snake sent the note to the apparecium. The infamous paper took care of that and published an article talking about the headmistress's wig. It was a good laugh for both of the girls, especially when students spotted the headmistress having a haircut in hogsmeade. Maybe in a decade or so they'd feel bad and realize the wrongness of what they did. Or maybe not. That was something to lift up her spirit after the sore disappointment and failure regarding the Clue matching up business. Both the Ravenclaw and the Snake started discussing and analyzing trying to see where they had gone wrong. The year dragged on, the third-year continuing with her life routine at the castle, getting by with classes and homework while spending most of her time hanging out with friends and the only journeys she makes to the library were to see the librarian and TALK. He was a very good listener. The end of term feast came along, and with that the governors were announced. Like every feast, Cassia busied herself with a tour around the tables seeing her goodbyes then returning to the Slytherin's table when it was time for the speech and the food.

Summer before Fourth year

Non less eventful summer than the others. Though this one, the Somerlad family went for two weeks to Scotland to visit Silas Calverley, the uncle, Laura's brother. Both Cassia and Mike liked seeing their little cousins and hang out with them. As well as seeing their uncle and his wife.

Upon that, they all returned to Bowness-on-windermere and spent their summer regularly. Having fun, going to swim, biking and all that.

In addition to that, Cassia went to Lex's house and allowed her to open the birthday present the snake had given to her earlier. The birthday gift consisted of basic make up equipment which non surprisingly, Lex wasn't grateful for. During that visit Cassia attempted to give Lex tutorials about the usage of make-up while Lex question everything, shaking her head and winkling her nose all at the same time. The older girl was expecting that so she was unfazed.

Little time after that visit, Cassia went to Blue's house in Windermere for the weekend. Needless to say that they had lots of fun as they watched muggle movies, baked, gossiped, and did many other stuffs.

Also, like each summer, Cassia kept in touch with mostly all of her friends writing to them regularly.

Fourth Year at Hogwarts

That year started out in a weird way. And it wasn't on the train that it felt like that but rather on the start of term feast when everyone was shocked to see that their school was broke. The proof was visible in the absence of silverware for starters, as well as the dirty common rooms which they had to clean themselves. And the cleaning didn't only happen once, it had to happen throughout the year since there was no house elves. Something that had a huge effect although Cassia did enjoy cooking at times. But she did really miss the house-elves delicious meals. And on that topic, Cassia along others got the chance to express her feelings and thoughts about it in a history lesson held by Professor Erik Vinteren who was also a member of the Board of Governors. Cassia approved of the man and thought that he wasn't bad as a history professor but of course he wasn't like Professor Scabior, Cassia's favorite professor forever.

And in this term Cassia faced a very serious problem. The first financial problem that encountered her in her life. Since entering the greenhouses, the great hall, the library as well as other places needed a fee, Cassia found herself broke after school started by a month. She immediately sent a letter to her parents telling them to raise her allowance. But that wasn't as easy as she thought it'd be since her father refused to give her the raise she asked for and told her that she was now old enough to handle her financial issues. Something she clearly wasn't ready for yet but she never admitted it and instead took it a challenge. In order to fix that, she started selling items she thought she could do without them and surprisingly that worked well for her. She also got help from her friends who lend her money when she asked like West and Theo and Dora who bought her food.

The hardest part was probably having to miss Quidditch matches due to the fee. But luckily she didn't miss any match in which the snakes played and she was always there to cheer for them. Aside from the Cassia's and the school's in general financial issue something else was to be noticed. There was an ice-cream machine located in the kitchens, and in time, it was noticed that those who had eaten from it were full of joy, excitement and hyperness. Cassia's bestfriend Lex was one of the ones infected as well as other friends and classmates. And that might have not been a problem util Dementors showed up attracted by the happiness wafting of the happy ice-cream eaters. In more place that once, Cassia found herself face to face with dementors, not literally, and she didn't like the encounter and also failed to conjure a patronus. Towards the end of term, Cassia got infected after consuming ice-cream in Charms lesson where the preofessor, Ivy Knox had them eat it as homework. A week later, the potions mistress had finished a cure and presented it as a syrup during one of the lessons where the students brewed it themselves in large quantities and then went to the great hall where everyone was there to have it.


That cure however wasn't perfect since it made those infected feel depressed and restless. And by then the dementors' attacks had increased. Until the final encounter with them that took place in the great hall. A lot of dementors were there and that ended up in the Groundskeeper Forth passing away. Aside from that Vinteren pretty much saved the day.

Needless to say the end of term feast was a sad, depressing one, although Cassia tried to cheer herself up a bit trying to think of summer and other cheerful things.

Fifth Year at Hogwarts

Summer before fifth-year was a different one. Cassia had developed a one-sided crush on Tag and had gone to visit him in the shop he was interning in. Cassia had also gained more cool dormmates and the nights in the Slytherin girls' doormmates became awesome. Early on, Cassia decided to tell Tag but she couldn't do it so she told Alexa to do it just before a planned meeting in the kitchens. In a nutshell, it turned out the Tag didn't have the same feeling towards Cassia and still decided to kiss her. In his logic he was doing her a favor because they were friends and he thought that the first kiss would be totally easier that way. Needless to say that she disagreed with the logic hugely and stormed to her common room sad and teary. Lex took care of the punishing part where she as promised punched Tag. Cassia was sad for a while but she'd felt better after talking to her friends. West and Dora did a great of job of talking to her and making her feel better which helped a lot.

New rules were set by both Cassia And Lex who had also had her fair share of heart break with Aidan. The rules were to not get attached to anyone and not let feels rule them or lead their lives. Very early there was a prefect event, a pajama party which Cassia didn't want to go to because she was not yet over things. But Cat insisted she went and dragged Cassia with her there. Something that was cool since the blonde felt a lot better there. So when she did not find Alexa she went and fetched her which wasn't the easiest thing to do but finally it did happen.

During all that, there was a Competition between the magical schools. An academic one. There were visiting students and many of Cassia's friends participated. It was fun to a level. Since the visiting students started sabotaging around the school aiming to set the Hogwartians off their game and making sure they did not win. That however turned out to be useless since Hogwarts DID win and win the money prize which helped the school get back on its feet and not remain broke.

And that caused to a happy feast. Well, it was supposed to be but Cassia's role models, Ariana and Kat were graduating which only made Cassia stay sulking the entire time because the two girls meant a lot to her but she did wish them a happy and successful time and readied herself for a fun summer.

Sixth Year at Hogwarts

Sixth year started with big news! Cassia had been given the Prefect badge and she couldn't have been more flattered and surprised. The awesome thing that she was co-prefect with her best friend Theo and West had also been given the Quidditch Captain badge since fifth-year anyway. It was a great feeling especially since the three friends had plotted since there first year that they were going to rule the school and it appeared that they did. Right from the station Theo, West and Cassia met and got on the train together after taking a picture via Theodore's phone. Then it was the first time Cassia ever set a foot in the prefect compartments. Another great thing was that Alexa had been given the Gryffindor prefect badge as well which took time for the two girls to get used to.

The term started off with Cassia getting used to the responsibilities she was assigned as well as the fact that many younger ones were looking up to her and relying on her. Something she wasn't at used to or even thought of. Aside from her own personal issues, something weird started happening in the school. People were getting old! Like unnaturally old for anyone. Gray hair, stiff joints and bad hearing. A lot people around Cassia were getting infected so she was terrified. Especially that she cared for her health and looks so very much. It wasn't only students of course, it was staff as well. Once things started escalating, healers from the ministry were finally summoned. Cassia had the chance to meet with those and showing them to the Hospital wing but she didn't interact further more on account that she was no infected.

While the healers took their time figuring out what was going on, the prefect event was ready to be launched. It was a Valentine's party! Cassia wasn't that excited for it on account that she had no one to go to but that did not stop her from having fun. And she had responsibilities to attend to anyway. Being prefect and all. She was assigned to man the Tunnel of Love and watch over things. Although, something significant had happened or well, almost happened. Theodore was assigned to Kidding Booth and Cassia had the craziest urge to go there. But then it took a lot of thinking and considering to stop herself from doing this for several reasons. The most important one of them was that that might rattle their friendship in one way or another.

Anyway, the party ended and everything went back to normal. Well, almost since literally no one was getting any younger but quite the opposite. When things started to get completely out of hand and absolutely advanced more help was called for and finally cures were brought. Turned out while everyone was getting old, Professor Botros was getting younger due to a medicine he'd acquired. But then everything and everyone was fixed and the school had a normal end of term feast.

Seventh Year at Hogwarts

Head boy and Head Girl of 2084 (Manip by Emily)

Seventh-year started with even more surprising and flattering news that sixth-year. Cassia was offered the Head Girl badge which was absolutely surprising and awesome! What made it awesome was that she and Theo got to be Head girl and Head Boy which couldn't have gotten better except maybe if Quidditch wasn't cancelled causing West to hand over his badge which he totally deserved.

The year started with Cassia trying to wrap her mind around the fact that this was her final year in the castle. She tended to make herself not dwell on the fact much but she rarely succeeded. A lot of her friends seemed to be liking the idea of leaving but she didn't. But then again there was another thing to divert her from this. Hogwarts always had something in store for them. Though, this time it wasn't until after a while that everyone admitted that something was wrong. It was awfully cold. Which obviously wasn't that weird at first since it WAS winter. But then it started to get ungodly cold.

It seemed that the Professors had their doubts about this but they were secrets. Because one time at the CoMC club meeting, Professor Thompson sent both Cassia and a Ravenclaw girl, Jasmine after Mister Kitridge and a Gryffindor set off to the Forbidden Forest to investigate a suspicious light that shown out there. Following with charmed blankets, Cassia and Jasmine caught up with the two who were soon joined by Professor Fuller. Not long after a couple of Acromantulas showed up and started talking about humans wandering around the forest and a woman with an accent and other things that made absolutely no sense to Cassia. But that wasn't the important part, that was when something out of the blue attacked killing the Acromantula and injuring Kitridge and Bay knocking the others to the ground in the process and disappearing without anyone getting a proper look at it. Cassia and Jasmine carried Bay while Professor Fuller carried Mister Kitridge and the group set off to the Hospital wing terrified and on edge. There, Tillstorm wasn't happy to see that students were involved in this and a fight started between and Fuller right after The Headmistress, Professor Thompson and Glendower joined. Cassia and Jasmine were tended for and then left for their dorms.

After that, Cassia's head of house regularly checked on her making sure she was alright. Cassia was curious to know about the creature that appeared and caused the harm but she had other things one her mind like NEWTs. But it was awesome when those were postponed. The reason behind that wasn't awesome though. Since they were bloody snowed in and no one could get in or out. The owls also fled and everything seemed to be failing. That was when the prefects led by Cassia and Theo started planning for the annual prefect event. It was decided to hold a Magical Field Day indoors since everyone was bored out of their minds with the whole locked in thing. Organizing it was fun and so was participating in it.

Towards the end of the year, the Headmistress was able to contact the ministry who were able to get everyone out in time for the final feast which was the probably the saddest for Cassia where she barely talked. She just sat absorbing and clinging to all the memories of the place she lived in for seven years. She was sad to leave but still a bit excited for the big bad world outside.

On the final train ride, Cassia spent most of the time with Alexa who, too wasn't happy about her bestfriend graduating but it was the way it was and they were planning for the summer anyway.

Life after Hogwarts

Cassia's after graduation plans were simple. She was going to do some traveling and try to figure out what she wanted to do or study. Her parents had provided money for the traveling but she had refused to take all of it and insisted that she would find a job to be able to do more traveling. Something she started to regret right away after finding how hard it was. However, things started looking up when she finally managed to get TWO babysitting jobs. Cassia was thrilled and super excited for her new job which will lead to money then more traveling.


Another interesting and fun thing that started happening right after graduation was Cassia hanging out with Theo a lot. During the Graduation party in which The Dead Kneazles rock, the two former Head Boy and Girl had lots of fun and decided to have lunch the next week. Like always Cassia enjoyed the time she spent with her bestfiend but it was different during those times. And like always the former snake focused on the friendship more ignoring all other feelings. Until one day she received a letter from an anonymous who was expressing their feelings and giving some hints for Cassia to guess who it was from. The letter was the greatest thing that ever happened to Cassia in that field, the emotions, feelings one. She read the letter over and over again and only one name kept repeating itself. And so she decided to write back anonymously to see if it was really him. In the letter she mentioned meeting at the fountain in Diagon Alley. The great thing was that it turned out that she guessed well and that it was indeed Theodore. There the two awkwardly - at first- talked and discussed things and it was there where they had their first kiss and officially started dating. Which was August, 2084.

Once Summer ended, the weird feelings came when it officially downed on Cassia that she won't be returning to Hogwarts. It was both exciting and terrifying. She was having fun and enjoying her job but the thing she enjoyed the most was being Theo's girlfriend. Needless to say the two spent most of their free time together. Cassia also got a cell phone and was willing to learn about muggle technologies to keep in touch. On new year's eve, the two shared a romantic night that was capped off with a kiss to welcome the new year. The days after that pretty much flew by without much of the routine changing.

Then summer of 2085 came which was a very big deal because Cassia's bestfriend, Alexa was graduating. Something the Gryffindor couldn't wait for. And that got the former Snake so pumped. She'd missed her bestie plenty! Talking through the fireplace wasn't enough at all. So when the lioness finally left the den the two started planning their big adventure. The one they've been talking about since they were like second years. It took a lot of bickering but they finally decided on something. A trip to the Amazon Rain Forest! Both of them had a whole different idea of what they were going to do there. But that didn't matter because they ended up facing unplanned scenarios and going on a completely different track of what what vaguely decided. Which was all the more fun and epic!

At that same summer, Cassia started applying to universities hoping to study journalism. But unfortunately she didn't get a response back which got her sulking and sad. Leading Theo and Alexa to cheer her up separately and on their own ways. Especially with Theodore's and Cassia's first anniversary little celebration. Which eventually worked leaving her determined to apply again and try work more on her qualifications. And by that she started writing articles and sending them to small local newspapers and magazines. Some of them got published and some not. But she kept on that and didn't give up.

Another year passed by, with Cassia hanging out with her bestie who was now in the ministry and when she wasn't with her she was most definitely with Theodore. Her plan to apply to a university wasn't forgotten but she was enjoying life and having fun with her job for the time being. So when summer of 2086 rolled in, Cassia was excited and anxious. But what was cool about this summer is that her brother Mike was graduating.

Starting University

In the summer of 2087 Cassia finally got accepted into University to study Journalism/Literature Studies after applying few times before. She was over the moon that her efforts of working on and better her qualifications finally paid off. She celebrated this awesome achievement with her boyfriend and friends and started preparing right away!

Friends and acquaintances:

Gwendolyn Greene

Cassia and Gwen

Gwen is a Ravenclaw student. She is three years older than Cassia. The two girls met while Cassia was lost at the moving stairs and Gwen was kind enough to lead the firstie through and give her a tour . Since then the girls kept spending time together despite the three years gap between them. Not so many older students liked to listen to the chatty girl while Gwen was a very good listener who never snapped at Cassia regardless of how annoying she got. Another reason for Cassia to enjoy Gwen's company is that Gwen has a cat and Cassia adores cats Despite this strong relationship ,the two girls keeps the competitive spirit on. Each one of the girls is proud of her house and never allows any criticizing. But they agrees that this is healthy and natural. They both enjoy it.

Ariadne Marchbanks

Aridane is Gryffindor student who happens to be Gwen's best friend which means that she too is three years older than Cassia. They met at the platform when Cassia saw Pluto, Ari's cat and the second-year then rushed to the creature. The two girls accepted their relationship easily because each one of them stated that she doesn't have much friends from the other girl's house. So they needed each other. Enough said.

West Odessa

Cassia & West

West Odessa Is a fellow snake and he and Cassia are both in the same year. They first met by the lake and instantly decided to build a raft captained by West and Cassia was positioned the navigator. West also promised to make Cassia meet Henry the squid. The house mates seemed to share the same excited spirit and proud of their house. West has a dream of ruling Hogwarts along with his best friend Theodore. And they made it clear that Cassia, as a fellow snake could participate in achieving this dream. Cassia considers West a good friend and a reliable house-mate.The two, vowed to watch out for each other's backs in which Cassia was to point out any signs of stupidity if shown by West as they feared stupidity might be contagious.

Theodore Kinsley

Cassia & Theo AKA Catty & Buttress

Theo shared the same year and house as Cassia he's an excited boy and West's best friend. The same occasion gathered Cassia with Theo and it was the raft-building in which Theo was assigned the quartermaster.. They also agreed at the end of term feast on their first year ,that Slytherin was the coolest house and that only Snakes had the credibility to rule the school. That's when Theo said that Cassia was a legit person to participate in ruling the castle. Therefore, Cassia was pleased with the praise given to her and immediately considered Theo a good trusted boy for his ability of recognizing cool people; meaning her. But it was in their second year when the relationship between the two developed to a very strong friendship and partnership too. As they agreed to be Catty and Butress the awesome spies of Slytherin house!The best friends hung out regularly. It was during their sixth-year that Cassia started developing feelings towards Theo but only after Graduation when she admitted her feelings to him when he did and they started dating since then.

Emmanuelle Zoéy Moreau

Emmanuelle Moreau is an older Slytherin girl. She's older than Cassia by five years and she doesn't like younger annoying students. However, Cassia met the girl at the Slytherin common room and Cassia bugged the girl as she kept babbling. Though Em snapped at her several times but Cassia never seemed to notice. And that wasn't the only time. Whenever Cassia spotted the girl she rushed to her. And probably Em tried to hide from her but in vain.

Katrina Marie Hudson


A Slytherin girl who's two years older than Cassia. The two girls met in Cassia's second year when the common rooms were locked and students had to sleep in the great hall. Kat and Cassia had chatted a lot before going to sleep and Cassia liked Kat because she thought she was a cool older student. And so the two became good friends and spent time together. And a very important thing that Kat didn’t seem to be bothered by Cassia's babbling ,over-excitement and curiosity. Which is probably why the two got along both were nice.

Isidora Miroslava

Cassia, West, and Isidora. manip by Tegz

Dora is a Ravenclaw and the same year as Cassia. Cassia had first met her at the kitchen corridor and they did some kind of an experience on the magical door knob AKA green pear. They were just checking the efficiency of the spells around the school. And they were satisfied with it. The two also made cookies that day. Cassia considers Dora a cool and kind person. Though she couldn't really figure out the girl much but then most Ravenclaws were hard to be figured out. Nonetheless Cassia would call her a good close friend because you don't do experiences and make cookies with random people. In their third-year, the two girls did some secret research to find any information about Dora's parents and siblings whom she hadn't been in contact with since forever. And this topic was a sensitive one only very few people knew about it and Dora didn't discuss it quite openly. Cassia respected the delicacy of this and made sure her friend felt comfortable about it. From that time on, the friendship between the two kept going on and they regularly hung out together.

Blue Gracae

"CLUE" AKA Cassia and Blue at Hogwarts.

Blue is a Ravenclaw student who's the same year as Cassia. The eagle is a part of the trio that includes Theo, West and Blue. And Likewise ,Cassia met the girl by the lake when the raft-building was on. Boatswain was the position that Blue filled. The relationship between the two girls developed during their second year until they become best friends who talked about girl stuff. Something Cassia liked doing and couldn't much because she didn't have a sister. But having Blue solved the problem for her. In their third-year the two started a business in the castle. A matchmaking business as they trusted their hunch and instinct. They did some advertisement however, they didn't really get most customers but that didn't hold them back or make them lose interest.

Alexa Cambridge

Alexa is a year younger than Cassia and she is Gryffindor. The two met at the start-of-term feast in Cassia's second year and Alex's first. They both were bored waiting for the speech to eat and so they started to talk. Both of them seemed to be excited and eager for the term. Lex and Cassia continued to meet and spend time together. Their relationship developed into a very unique friendship. They have a couple characteristics in common such as excitement, enthusiasm. And despite the fact that they don't agree on many issues that only seemed to make their friendship more interesting. They are the kind of friends that would talk openly with each other without having to worry if that's polite or not. Cassia considers Lex one of her closest and coolest friends she also gets inspired when she's around her best-friend lioness.

Lotus Wisteria

Tag Kildare

Same year as Cassia but in Gryffindor. The two's first encounter was a game back in their second year. Numerous others were involved in that Truth or Dare game. Cassia had dared him to act as a monkey and so he did. Aside from seeing each other in classes and around the school they didn't meet much. Until their fourth year where they hung out a couple of times and became friends over the interesting and unique conversations and theories they developed. They also had nicknames figured out for each other. Him philosopher Tig, and her Cassia-yes. At the beginning of fifth-year a crush developed towards him but that didn't end up well since he didn't feel the same towards her and only kissed her claiming to do her a favor which saddened her and resulted in the two not talking to each other for about four months. After that period of time they started to talk again and eventually the weirdness faded away and they went back to being friends again.

Marcus Orion Branxton

Also known as Mo, he is a Ravenclaw and same year as Cassia. He came to Hogwarts in third year. Being West's childhood friend made Cassia curious to meet the newest third year at the time. Aside from seeing him in classes she got to meet him properly in Mika's birthday. Him being a nice boy, smart, cool and with nice hair. She considers him a friend.

Amelia Kaikoura Johanson

Bliss Hope-Mae Ryans

Terry Radley

Terry is a Slytherin Student who's in the same year as Cassia. They met in Diagon Alley before their second year started. The two spoke mostly about magical creatures as Terry told Cassia about his family's Phoenix and Cassia was fascinated even without seeing the creature.

Schuyler Emmons

Ascanius Stark

Caterina Moretti

Derryth Ferrier

Olivia Clarke

Olly was Cassia's ONLY enemy at Hogwarts. The two met on the train at the start of their fifth-year which was Olly's first year at the castle. On the train, Cassia took it on her conscience to tell the new student ALL about the school. And that of course didn't go well especially that the news was about a dead groundskeeper who was devoured by dementors. The two girls disliked each other and since then started avoiding each other's company which wasn't an easy thing since they had quite the number of mutual friends. Something both of them could not understand.

Ariana Logan

Cassia and Ari had a very special relationship. The two first met in a pep rally held in Hogwarts during Cassia's second year when she was a squeaky child and LOUD child. Later on they were properly introduced to each other by Kat who told Cassia that Ariana liked to be called Logan, something that stuck on the snake's brain permanently. Day by day the relationship between the two started to blossom into a great friendship in which Cassia found a role model in Ariana. Which was why she was devastated when the older girl graduated. Even after that the two kept in touch and Cassia was absolutely happy when her friend had a baby girl and always visited during breaks. And when Cassia graduated she always went to visit and spend time with her friend whom remained her fierce, sassy and pretty role model - Logan

Jum Kim

Elodie Robertser

Cutty Mordaunt

Serenity J. Wheeler

Serenity is a fellow Snake whom Cassia met in the summer before her second year at the books' shop. Cassia found out that Serenity was one year younger than her. So Cassia started to tell the new student about Hogwarts and passing her own excitement of the new term. The two met more than once and Cassia was always surprised that the girl had not much of proud in their house Slytherin. Which bemused Cassia. And so she took it on her conscience to make Serenity a proud snake. Though she wasn't actually doing much of a job.

More to be added ....


Second year to-accomplish list:

  1. Try to be better in Herbology. ✘✘✘ Naah..
  2. Gain more confidence.....
  3. Quit squeaking!✘ She forgot to do this.
  4. Trying to be smarter. ....She thinks she did that.
  5. Get to know more students.✔Awesomely done.
  6. Trying to befriend Snaty.✘ Like that was ever gonna happen.