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"The end justifies the means."

Ombrelune house colours are grey and navy, and the house symbol is a moon.

The members of this house can be manipulative and cunning. They are very cool and calculating students who are averse to irrationality and prize people who make well thought-out and logical decisions. Ombrelunes are often good at more intricate or detailed subjects such as potions and literature; though they will happily study any subject they feel will benefit them in the future. Most, though not all, sorted into Ombrelune are cold, rarely displaying emotion openly unless they see some direct gain in doing so. They are the most ambitious of the Beauxbatons houses. They are very smart, logical and structured, and are highly curious and interested in the world and the intricate way in which it works. Ombrelune students often strive for approval and perfection more than anything else and are rather rational, planning to be the best at whatever they do. 

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