The Youth Auror Training Initiative or YATI program was established by former Department Head of Magical Law Enforcement Evander Bole in June 2074. It is a supplementary program designed to facilitate practical experience and introduce on-the-job training in an immediate way and at a fundamental level of Auror Training. The program is available only for Hogwarts Graduates, and only upon reccommendation by a Hogwarts staff member or past or present Senior Magical Law Enforcement employee.

Only the top Auror applicants are granted this opportunity which requires hard work and dedication and is set in addition to the regular workload of Auror Training at the chosen Ministry sanctioned training facility. Those selected for this honour will be employed on a part-time basis to fit a regular training schedule, and may nominate particular certification areas on which to focus on during their apprenticeship. In order to be considered, the following criteria must be met:


The back of the brochure and standard YATI application form

- Hogwarts Graduate or pending Hogwarts Graduate
-Aged 17-19 on the date of application
-Exceptional conduct and behaviour
-Active participation in school activities
- Letter of Recommendation from a Hogwarts Staff Member or Sponsorship from a Senior Magical Law Enforcement Employee
- Exceeds Expectations or Higher in at least 5 NEWT subjects, or judged to be at that standard if NEWT level has not been assessed.

This program is expected to take 2-4 years, depending on the skills of the applicant, and at the discretion of the Head Auror and Department Head of Magical Law Enforcement. Completion of the program to a satisfactory standard guarantees a position with the Auror Office of the British Ministry of Magic.

The Yati Leader position was created to better oversee the training elements of the program.

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