Dresden Draught


Helps keep the drinker awake, content and better at concentrating


Should not be drank by Diabetics

Brewing Time

Under an hour



Dresden Draught was taught by Potions Master Adam Dresden sometime during the 2064 - 2065 school year in Potions Class. Wanting to change things up and deviate from the standard potion instructions, Dresden instructed students to write their names in their textbooks as they would be making a potion in class together. This particular potion was created by Dresden himself, hence the name, and has a lovely cherry aftertaste. Everyone in class was able to sample the potion that day.


The potion helps you keep awake, content and better at concentrating.


  • Water
  • Armadillo Bile
  • Bottle of a muggle soft drink called Pepsi
  • Cherry syrup
  • Powdered moonstone
  • A chocolate bar
  • Chamomile
  • Ginger (for a more powerful potion)
  • Purslane (for nightmares)


  • Bring water to a slow boil.
  • Add lavender and stir 21 times, counter-clockwise.
  • Add chamomile and let simmer for 20 minutes (potion should be pale, clear, purple with a tint of green, though the green may not always be observable)
  • For nightmares: add a pinch of purslane and stir 5 times, counter-clockwise
  • For a more powerful brew: add a pinch of ginger and stir 5 times, counter-clockwise


Potions Class One Term 15