Felintas Charm



Wand Movements

Tap the top of the head




Changes the length or texture of hair

The Felintas Charm can change the length or texture of the caster's hair. The spell was taught by Professor Dyreth sometime during 2050-2051.[1]

Appearance and Effects

The spell caster must fix the desired change in his mind as he taps the wand on the crown of his head. Hair may be lengthened up to several inches, and curl or waves can be added or removed with the use of this charm. Longer hair will take more concentration.

Only one change should be made to the caster's hair per casting of the Felintas Charm or disasterous results may occur. For example, the caster may cast Felintas to make her hair five inches longer. She will then cast it again to make her hair straight.

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