Potted Flutterby bush, waiting to be planted.

Flutterbys are magical plants with purple flowers. Friendly plants, they quiver with excitement when near humans. Like mundane bushes, flutterbys regularly need trimming and excel when sung to. They are the subject of a lesson during Term 23 under Professor Anastasia Bunbury's tutelage.


Not much is known about the origin and discovery of the flutterby bush, althouth it is rumored to have been named after the butterflies which are attracted to the bush's waving, animated tendrils.


Flutterbys tend to have long, bright green tendrils which wave as though they have been caught in a soft breeze. In the spring, the bush produces fragrant purple flowers that look similar to lavender.


Flutterbys are mainly used for decoration or to cheer up terminally ill patients. They make excellent gifts. Flutterbys also attract various species of moths and butterflys.

Trimming Charm

Taught in Herbology Class by Professor Ian Ashby, and used specifically for trimming the Flutterby Bushes, the Flipnsnipwitit charm turns one's wand into a razor. The incantation is, "flipnsnipwitit," and the wand movement is a vertical "karate chop" motion.

A good way to remember the charm, according to Professor Bunbury, is, "Ac-cent your t's to cut it sharp like cheeeeeeese, remember the rhyme and you'll be done in no ti-me!"