The all-witch band Glitter Dragon formed in late 2080 when the former Hearts on Fire added new lead singer Glitter Vipertooth. Hearts on Fire consisted of sisters Alixe Ramsteed and Anarka (Ramsteed) Opaleye, and Anarka's sister-in-law Calixta Opaleye.  The three girls attended the Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts together and graduated in 2079, after which they immediately began seeking a label for the band they'd formed while at school.  The group didn't catch much attention until Glitter Vipertooth joined, giving them a grittier and more complex sound.

Glitter Dragon's first album History of Tragic dropped in spring of 2081.  The first single from that album, Stairs to Nowhere, spent 6 weeks at the top of the UK WRock 10, and the second single History of Tragic, spent 10 weeks, making their debut into the UK Wizarding market very successful.

Their long awaited second album Your Thoughts Aren't Worth a Knut dropped in fall of 2088 after the band took a long hiatus for individual projects and personal reasons.

The Band

  • Glitter Vipertooth - Lead vocals
  • Calixta Opaleye - Background vocals and lead guitar
  • Anarka Opaleye -  Background vocals, piano, and bass guitar
  • Alixe Ramsteed - Drums

History of Tragic

  • Snitch
  • You Have Great Hair But You Have No Heart
  • Stairs to Nowhere
  • Remembrall We Did Together
  • Big Man with a Wand
  • Baby Unicorns Prefer Girls (And So Do I)
  • Avada Kedavra (the Rhyme Woulda Had-ya)
  • History of Tragic
  • Save Your Broom
  • Fire Eater

  • Bonus Track: You Broke My Heart, I Broke Your Wand
  • Bonus Track: Amor-tense-ia

Your Thoughts Aren't Worth a Knut

  • How to Train Your Dragon
  • Sleeping with Sirens
  • Pretty Boys and Strong Women
  • Your Thoughts Aren't Worth a Knut
  • Surprise Yourself
  • Star Crossed
  • Everybody's Girl
  • Eat Your Young
  • Life Sucks (And So Do Dementors)
  • I Slept With A Muggle For One Year And All They Gave Me Was This Song Title
  • Divination is Shit/Determine Your Destiny
  • Am I Okay?

  • Bonus Track: Diadem's Are a Girl's Best Friend
  • Bonus Track: Twice as Nice as Ice Mice
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