The Herbology Hall of Honor was started by Professor Anastasia Bunbury in Term 21 (2067). It featured outstanding samples of student work for Terms 21-23, including drawings, notes, and bits of original poetry.

Term 21: Puffapods

Homework drawings from Lesson One:

Term 21: Extra Credit - Potting Puffapods

Term 21: Planting Puffapods/Flutterbies

Term 22: The Water Lily Victoria Amazonica

Term 22: Gillyweed and Cuscuta

Term 23: Care of Magical Creatures "Gifts O' Poo"

Professor Bunbury,

Please enjoy this humble gift in all its finery. I hope you can make use of both, and please know I am always willing to help "spread" the joy.


Copernicus P. Kettleburn


Dear Professor Bunbury--
Please enjoy this lovely gift, may it bring you happiness. You are the best Herbology teacher I know! Perhaps you can use what's inside the box as fertilizer for your plants?
To a professor pretty and true,
Who has the best taste when it comes to shoes.
I hope these are just the right size,
I see why you capture the heart of guys.
Please take these shoes and where then with delight,
I hope it makes up for what's in the box alright.
I better get top marks for this kind of work,
Cause I would hate to cause any damage or make you go berserk!
Thanks so much for your wonderful class today,
I feel like I've learned a lot, that's all I have to say.
--Rafe Lycaon


"The reason I think you deserve this poo,
is for all the wonderful things you do.
You give us great lessons,
you love you plant specimens.
And you can be smart and beautiful too!"

~Chris Potter


Here is a present from me to you,
the coolest professor with an awesome red hair-do
During our Devil's Snare lesson people gave you a hard time
Because they all thought you'd put their lives on the line
After that stress you deserve a present or two!
So I've decorated a pot and filled it with poo!
While the silvery dung smells, the plants think it's a treat
But you've been warned--it's not something to eat!
Jack Fritzera, Gryffindor Quidditch Captain ___________________________________________________________________________________

"I looked high and I looked low
What I found doesn't glow
But here it is with a nice bow
I could have made a song that I sung
But I found you some moon-calf dung
Professor Bunbury, here's hoping this is something you like
And after getting this I'm going to take a hike."

~Jason Potter Weasley


"I picked this for you,
A jar of moon calf poo.
I hope you like it so,
I even wrapped it in a pretty bow."
~Destiny Shepard


To you, lovely professor,
Here is a present, for you're gross lovely plants.
It's shiiney! You might laiike it. It can double up as a mirror, so that you can do your hair and such.
AND because I LOVE you so much and i know you will love the gesture, i am about to send a little note to all of the ghosts so they can come and look at it with you!
You can have a Ghosty Poo Party!!
You are very welcome, in advance : )
Lucille Beambrook


This poo,
is so not you,
and well . . It's something I had to do,
so to make it easier;
I got you a shoe -
containing a pair of shoes.
P.S I suck at Poems, enjoy the shoes. Not so much the poo.
Tammy Wood.


Magical Plants are Beautiful
When They Grow Up Healthy and Strong
Bouncing Bulbs, Devil’s Snare, Fanged Geraniums,
Flitterblooms, Flutterby Bushes, Honking Daffodils,
Mandrakes, and Puffapods Need Tender Loving Care
Which You Give Them Each and Every Day
I Bring to You Today a Small Gift
I Hope You Can Use All the Time
Mooncalf Dung Collected Under a Moon so Full
We Could Hear the Werewolves Howl and Yell
The Dung Was Collected After the Mooncalves Had Danced
And Pranced the Night Away
I Collected This Dung With Tender Loving Care
During Our Latest Care of Magic Creatures Soiree
So Your Plants Can Enjoy This Magical Fare
The Mooncalf Dung Will Help Them Grow Big and Strong
The Devil’s Snare and Flutterblooms Will Sing Along
Professor Morgan Gave Us This Task
To Bring You These Mason Jars
With Pink Decorations Galore
She also Sends You Salutations and More
And Hopes You Will Enjoy Her Little Morsels
And Want More

The Mooncalf Are Now Back in Their Burrows
The Students Are All in A Hurry
They Must Finish This Task Before the Witching Hour Chimes
This Jar Is Just One of Many
That You Will Find in A Hurry
The Other Students Will Bring Their Jars
Before the Deadline Don’t Worry
Have Fun Spreading the Dung
May You Plants Live Long and Prosper
Happy Planting Professor Bunbury
Abby Wright


You know your subject well,
You know your pink high heels,
I bet you can in one glance tell,
How a leaflet feels.
You know each pretty plant,
Or the most vicious of vines,
You know their ways, their habitats,
You can read their signs.
In class, you often tell,
Plants love some love, good care,
I bring a little bit of both,
My hard work as their share.

HavefunwiththePink, Professor.
♥ Fyodor Balouch


Even though it's eww,
I picked this for you,
Inside is a jar of poo,
Did you know Moon Calfs don't moo?
Nicolette Finn


Dear Professor Bunbury,
I must warn you that while I barely know you and therefore am eager to get to know you, this gift is not a sign of the opposite. In fact, this is simply an assignment for class, and I'm sure you'll have already received tons of gifts like these. Disgusting as it may be, I'd like to remind you, also, that the chocolates are indeed uncontaminated. However, if I were you, I wouldn't dare touch it. But if you believe that you would like to indulge...go on ahead. Otherwise, toss it out. Thank you for understand, professor.
Lucy Dawn.

Professor Bunbury, a fine teacher
Though some may view her as a scary creature
Therefore, it may seem fit to give her this
It's a bottle of filth, it's pretty hard hard to miss
Perhaps her creature-like self might do well
To roll around in this substance carrying a horrid smell
Because after all, she's Professor Bunbury
Quick! Get out! HURRY!!


Here's a pot of poo
Especially for you
You make the gardens a beautiful place
Where people can relax and have some space
This is not meant to be rude
It's just a present from me to your plants for you.
Michelle Stefko
p.s. This really isn't meant to be rude. It's just an assignment, and your plants will love it!


"Not exactly a gift,
though something quite useful,
for your passion and interest,
those plants that are so beautiful. "

~Evelyn Flores


"Poo for You"
By: LouAnn Lavender Purple
One day, when I am old and gray, have wrinkled skin, and can no longer see,
I will be able to sit back in my rocking chair and remember just what Hogwarts once meant to me.
My first memory was attending the Start-of-Term Feast, where two boys slung---all over us---gobs of poo.
We gathered that poo, each and every smidget of it, as a gift to someone special---you!
How ironic is it that today, on this...random day in February...I once again come to you with a jar of poo.
I think it's become sort of a tradition to bring these jars of fertilizer as gifts to you!
You know, in our world today, there are some people who enjoy diamonds, shoes, dresses, and rings...
But you, Professor Bunbury, oh great lover of poo, seem to not get gifted with those material things!
It is POO FOR YOU...always poo for you. For we know this is what you truly want and need.
Remember to enjoy it, and of course give it to the plants without greed.


"Does Herbology bring Prof. Bunbury joy
Did this mooncalf dung come from one named Roy
Either way it does not matter
Since our midnight session there is mooncalf dung that could be put in a batter
A mixture that could help the Professor of Herbology do great things
And therefore fly up on soaring wings."

~Zoe DeValk