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Himitsumahou Academy of Witchcraft & Wizardry


deep within Aokigahara


食べなくても神のように杖を振るいます.'Even if you have not eaten, wield your wand like the divine.

Permanent Residents:

Himitsumahou faculty Himitsumahou students


Japanese Ministry of Magic Mahoutokoro

Current Headmaster

Ryunosuke Hollingberry

Himitsumahou Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry (秘密魔法学士院) is a Japanese wizarding boarding school teaching the magical arts located in Japan. It is a small sister school to Mahoutokoro. Unlike it's sister school. Himitsumahou accepts students from South East Asia as well. Instruction is done in Japanese and immersion language classes are available to students coming from outside of Japan.


While the school itself is Unplottable, the location is somewhere around the base of Mt. Fuji hidden deep within Aokigahara.


Established 3 centuries after the founding of Mahoutokoro, Himitsumahou's ancient castle was once the secret imperial palace to the first emperor of Japan, Emperor Jimmu who was one of the wizarding world's first Seers.

Due to it's location in Aokigahara, Himitsumahou doe not have the means to house its own quidditch pitch and team. Therefore, after quidditch was introduced to Japan, Mahoutokoro extended the offer for Himitsumahou utilize its giant storm petrels that flew students worthy enough to make the the team back and forth each day.



The school teaches all the usual magical subjects, but places a special interest on Alchemy and Divination. The school bases its methodology on bushido.

Himitsumahou Academy does not use the house system and instead divides its students based on a practical exam upon entering the school. Depending on one's raw talent and potential, students are sorted into their kumi (組) and remain in the their kumi until graduating.

Kumis are represented by four colors: gold, maroon, lavender, and white. Gold being the most prestigious and white being the lowest. Each kumi is associated with one of four notable kami: Amaterasu, Hachiman, Omoikane, and Tsukuyomi respectively.


Alchemy - core subject; required all years

Ancient Runes - core subject

Charms - core subject

Care of Magical Creatures - core subject

Defense Against the Dark Arts - core subject; instruction begins with month long practice of proper wand wielding stance for all new and incoming students. Evolving from kendo and bushido techniques, proper wand stance will help the caster channel their magic through their chakara for more proficient and powerful spells. [to be continued]

Divination - core subject

Transfiguration - core subject


Known Students

Known Faculty

Ryunosuke Hollingberry (2084-present) : Headmaster; Defense Against the Dark Arts


Himitsumahou Academy's name is derived from the word 秘密 (himitsu) "secret" and 魔法 (mahou) "magic"