Induco Spell



Wand Movement

Moving your wand over the words.




Erases the words that you point at while saying the incantation.

This spell was originally taught by Professor Isabel Adrie during the 2050-2051 term in her introductory Transfiguration class. Additionally, it was taught by Professor Alexandria Pierce in her time as Transfiguration professor during the 2064-2065 term. It is a very handy spell especially when you run out of parchments and don't have access to stores.


The spell erases the text from a page of paper or role of parchment. It doesn't hide it; it erases it completely. This spell is easy to use and can be used to erase as much or as little of a page of text as the caster desires.

To cast the spell, the caster points his wand at the first word of the paragraph he wants to erase, says the incantation, and moves his wand over the parts of text to be deleted. The wand should not actually touch the paper; the spell is best performed two or three inches away from the desired line of writing.


Transfiguration Lesson 5, Term 5