Jory James Stonewall is the eldest of two children of Samantha (an Interior designer) and Danny Stonewall (consultant to local detectives) and older brother to Grace Stonewall, all of whom are muggles. He was born on November 19th, 2063.

Early Life: At an early age, Jory did indeed display signs of magic but his parents could never quite figure out why their son was caused strange happenings. These occurrences happened especially when he wanted to be particularly quiet but was badgered to speak. the most memorable event was when one of his older aunts came around to visit and she was harping on six year old Jory to speak more. Under the pressure, he made both the television and the radio volumes blare on to the maximum.

Samantha Stonewall

On his eleventh birthday, he and his family were greeted by a Hogwarts Professor who explained every strange happening caused by Jory and then proceeded to give them a few demonstrations on magic. It was safe to say that his parents were relieved that there was an explanation for all those mysterious things.

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Hogwarts Life: (September 2074- June 2081) (Terms 29- 35)) :

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