Katelyn "Katie" H. Star

"I'm not crazy, this is me being my normal self"

Katelyn Hermione Star (also known as Katie, Kate, Kat, KK Chibi Moon or Princess) was born on the 1st of July in the year 2061 in Sydney, Australia. Katie is currently attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardary as a proud Slytherin, and is in her Fifth year, OWL year.

Her mother was a witch and her father a muggle which makes her a halfblood, getting her magic from her mother. Katie grew up not knowing she had a sister so she always thought she was a only child, having no real role-model, only her parents, and sometimes her nieghbour whom was older then her. Katie was not one of what you might call "cool" girls, or maybe you call them friends, but Katie would call them 'people who have nothing to do with her life'.

Katie is actually scared of a lot of things, but her biggest fear would be her friends and family all dead, that would be her boggart, but she still has yet to face one. Her partronus being a fox, just like a student who goes back to when Harry Potter was at Hogwarts, Seamus Finnigan was his name. When shown the Amortentia love potion she would smell the sweet smell of strawberries.


Early years


Katie(infant) with her father

Joy brought Brooklyn and James Star when a healthy baby girl was born, thinking of a name they thought of the name Serena after her fathers grandmother who unfortunately died at age of 48, but then they dicided to call Katelyn, which had no naming after, just thought the name was beautiful, with the name meaning pure. Her middle name came from the parents wanting to honor what Harry and his friends had done back when Voldemort was around. Her parents agreed that their daughter would find out she was a witch when she was ready to go to Hogwarts, but until then it was kept secret from her.

Curious could be one of the many words she could of been used to discribe her with when she was a baby, she wasn't scared of anything uness it had more then two eyes, it creeped her out. She sometimes went were she wasn't aloud like in the kitchen, but fortunately she never hurt her self, but she did find the scissors and she cut a piece off the dining table cloth.

Katie soon found out why the kitchen was banned, and saw what she had never seen before in her life, her parents were asleep and Katie got hungry in the middle of the night and she could not wait for morning, she sneaked into the kitchen and found, not food, but a house elf named Twinkles, not knowing what it was she started talking with the elf and they became friends, her mum could hear sounds and came rushing to see Katie and Twinkles the house elf having "tea" (water) and her mum quickly sent her daughter to bed hoping the wizardring world was still a secret to her witch daughter until she was older.

Days went by, and Katie would normally be found in the garden either using her imagination to think she was a super hero of princess or playing with the family cat Spots, an old cat who had a great bond with Katie, protecting her from evil, but would always run away when Katie wanted to play dress up. Secretly her mother would be taking photos of Katie so she could capture those moments in her life, knowing soon she would grow older quick and this won't last forever. Occainsionly Katie would see her mother and insist on letting her take some photos, which at her age were okay, and Katie loved taking photos, maybe hoping to have that as a living.


Katie, age 7

The day came and Katie was old enough to go to primary school, she watched as some students dramacticly said goodbye to their parents, Katie was actually excited to get away from her parents and meet other her age. She saw a girl and a boy fighting her first day and couldn't help but go over and say hi since they were in her grade and she needed friends, she found out their names were Brodie and Alice Edwards and that they were twins, they did alike. They were fighting over who was smarter, and Katie couldn't help but giggle, joining in and saying she was the smartest out of them, and thats when the fight became a silly fight and there was no hard feelings.

Katie tried her best to make friends with the other girls but they seemed to leave her out whenever she did so she tried not to hang out with them, instead hanging out with Brodie and Alice most of the time and the boys the rest of the time, but they never seemed to change her girlyness, taking a liking to purple, but not pink, unless fluro of course.

Her grades were high being one of the smartest students in her year level, along with Brodie and others, unfortunately the girls started talking about her behind her back, and they weren't nice things, like calling her a geek, though she was proud to be one, it still hurt her when she was called that, and she was also was accsused of liking Brodie, even if she was never intrested in relationships at that age, only seeing boys as a friend. It got worse as days went by when some boys started disliking her, leaving her only with true friends Brodie and Alice whom became her best friends, and those three became the invincible trio were nothing was going to bring them down.

Last year at primary came fast and a few odd things started happening to her, everyone seemed to start avoiding her instead of stopping and calling her a name, scared that she was going to hurt them , like she once did to a girl who was not leaving Katie alone, anger filled her up and thats when a book flew and hit the girl on the side, leaving everyone gasping and scared, but Katie was confused about what had happened.

Time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

It all started normal, waking up, having cereal, watching tv, her parents asleep due to it being a weekend and they had no work. Katie was alarmed when she heard something bang on the window, she raced over, opening the curtains to see an owl, she was shocked to see one at that time of day, but not only was that weird, it had a letter in its mouth, she opened the window and took the letter and the owl flew away, she read the letter and yelled out she was a witch, and her parents woke up and told her everything. Katie was very excited but nervous, worried if the same thing would happen and she would have no friends like in primary.

First Year


Katie age 11, first year

Katie's mother wanted to be the first time she went to Diagon Alley to be with her so she could show her where all the good shops were and were she should buy this or that. That day she got her wand which was 11.5 inches with a unicorn hair as the core, and her robes, which were a little big for her but her mother said it was so she had room to grow into them as days went by.

When she first went to Diagon Alley by herself without her mother she didn't buy anything and just tried to make friends and see how the other students were like, some were actually really friendly to Katie. She met a boy that day named Adam Burn, he seemed very nice, and maybe cute? She was unsure, but their was no hate at that moment of time between them.

Katie was getting tired of making friends so she relaxed at that cafe with those colored umbrellas, and unfortunately it was busy and she could see no empty tables, but she did see a girl that looked too much like her for likings, her name was Samantha Meacen, she was a hufflepuff going into her second year, and she had noticed the likeness too, and thats when they found out they were long lost sisters, but her mother would never tell Katie how they had lost Sammy, saying somethings were meant to be kept secret.

Both her parents waved her off as she boarded the train to a year of magic and adventure, but before she did her parents gave her a pet cat, which looked very much like a fox, but was very much a cat. Katie called the cat Vixy, after a fox in a movie she had seen. On the train she made more friends, a lot more friends, and she wasn't the only hyper one, Selena Zabini-Riddle was one of those hyper people she met, which she really felt like was a big sister to Katie, even she Katie already had a big sister she liked to say Sel was her fake big sister.

On the train she met up with Adam, and they talked for awhile, and he then asked her if they wanted to be girlfriend and boyfriend, and even though her heart was unsure about this she said yes and so they did become a couple.

They finally arrived and Katie already loved Hogwarts, she was very nervouse when it came to sorting, knowing that her house-mates would be like a family and she wouldn't be able to change houses, and thats when the sorting house sorted her into Slytherin just like her mother, and she couldn't be more happy about being sorted there.

Hogwarts was so magical, and so... big, she got lost a lot, though she could always find her way to the common room, being one of her favourite places in Hogwarts, but how could it now be when it be when it be when it had a GREEN fire? Katie met a boy while she got lost one day, and his name was Edmond Malfoy, and they got along very well, there bond was strong, and thats when they became best friends, she couldn't ask for better,

She got detention once, and unfortunatley it was with scary potions lady Lafay(as Katie likes to call her) who she got in trouble with because she drank soda in potions, her punishment was she had to drink 5 drinks all diferent colours and each changed something about Katie, one burning her tounge, one freezing it, one making her green, one making her tounge fall off and the other she forgot.

Katie was unsure about Adam was now listining to her heart, hearing that he had been talking about her behind her back. On her way to the common room Adam talked to her and broke up with her, though Katie was sad, she felt a little happy, her heart seemed to like Edmond a bit, maybe Edmond was her guy?

Devastated she found out Edmond had found himself a girl called Feenella, a friend of Katie's, she kept strong though and carried on. But one day she told Edmond about her liking him, which made things awkward between them, but Edmond promised he wouldn't tell anyone. But somehow Fee had found out and had a fight, ruining there friendship, but at the end, Katie had to lie and say she did not love Edmond so they would be friends, that who ever had told her was lying, and they friendship still lived, but for how long?

That year there was also a Costume Ball, Katie of course came, even if she had no one to dance with, but she loved dancing and dressing up she couldn't not atend, but as she watched her crush dance with his girlfriend she did leave to sleep in the dorms, fortunaly no one saw her leave and didn't try to stop her.

The year might have had a lot of drama but Katie enjoyed herself, as she had lots of friends, and they knew how to make her happy when she was sad.

Second Year


Katie age 12, second year, slytherin quidditch team's beater (with Alice)

Katie had grown into a beautiful tween in the summer. In the summer she dicided she would invite all her friiends and her sister's and have a party all together. She really dd invite everyone even people she net once, but she didn't care cause she had a great time, and so did everyone else. Katie met up with an old friend named Luke Gallows and thats when he asked her out, and she said yes, they became Kake and clearly a relationship that everyone was going to be jealous of.

Strange things happened in her second year, she fainted on the train ride to Hogwarts, but she was woken up by a boy. Katie snuck to the capin door next door to hers and heard Adam, talking about her, she kicked the door and ran, but Vixy stayed and hissed at the door. Katie was dead worried and found Sammy and her cat mog and they saved Vixy, Katie told Sammy about what was happening about her and Adam and Sammy told her she would throw a pie in his face for her, which made Katie happy, she loved having a sister.

Since this year there was no Tri-Wizard tornament, Quidditch was here, and Katie took the opitunaty and tried out, hoping to make it in the team, but her hopes sunk watching the great Quidditch players around her. A few days after she looks at the Slytherin notice board and is full of excitment, she had made the team, and was Slytherin's beater, along with her friend Alex, who was the other beater.

Katie spent most of her time with Luke and her sister, as her best friend had moved schools, at least that is what Katie guessed, as there was no sign, unfortunately she thought of him no longer as her closet friend due to not even owling her or saying goodbye, but she hopes that they would remain having a good bond to with each other and still be best friends.

A strange event happened one day in the corridor, Sammy started acting really strange, red eyes she got, and she was not acting her self, Katie scared, luckily Sammy was quick to get better and not be weird, otherwise Katie would have taken her to the Hospital wing, but after that Katie and Sammy were curious as to what was happening to them.

Meeting Luke was regualr on Katie's to do list, has she felt he was the only one she could talk to her, he was really her best friend for the year until she found someone who truely understood her and was kind, sitting at the lake one day both of them was, Luke leaned over to Katie and thats when he kissed her lips, shocked at first Katie kissed him back, first kiss, and Katie couldn't have thought of a better first kiss that with her Lukey <3

Near the end of year Katie and Luke were sitting together under the stars and chating suddenly he gave her a ring, a promise ring, he promised to be always be there for her, even if they broke up still to be friends with her, she doesnt think she will ever break up with him, she loved him, he was her soul mate, she could feel it, she knew it. At the end of the year both Katie and Sammy went missing, and Katie missed her next year of Hogwarts.

Fourth Year


Katie age 14, fourth year

Sitting by herself in the trainride Katie was quiet for the start of the year, a little shy since she had missed a year, but then she started catching up with friends and all was well, no drama everything was fine, but it seems Luke was no where to be found, wonder where he could be? Katie was worried hoping he was alright, because did that mean she would only have her sister to talk to? Because that year she seemed like not talking to her sister about her life.

Katie got involved in some classes, taking on a pet egg whom she called Eggy, and doing the around the world thing, mostly being partnerd up with Caroline when she could since Katie was very sad she was graduating that year, leaving Katie to cause all the mayhem by herself once she left, but Katie tried to be strong and move on.

Through all that year there was no sign of Luke not one, which made her worry and extremly sad, she has faced lots of loss through her life and didn't want to lose Luke, not now, not ever, but as days went by and no one knew where, she was losing hope.

Katie had communicated with her young side making the most beautiful first year friends as they were so sweet, she also made so many ravenclaw friends, which may sound odd but that is what happened, she also saw that some first years seemed to be having drama and remembered her drama first year, which made her feel old that she was now 14, but oh well!

Katie though depressed about loss bumped into a firmilular face and seeing Pam, one of her close friends and was full with joy, but even if it didn't exactly heal her heart she had taken a happy turn for the rest of the year. Katie was very happy with how many house points she earned, though she didn't many she doesn't normally earn that much, which made her inspired to try and become one of the top five slytherin house point earners next year, but knew that was going to be very hard she was still going to try.

End feast and Katie went spazz meeting so many new people and making people laugh. On her way home, just like the way there, she sat alone.

Fifth Year

Tumblr luc63aV8Fk1r4zg1no1 400

Katie age 15, fifth year

Katelyn since seeing her mother again could tell this year was going to be good, she started connecting her music side bringing her iPod everywhere listening to awesome music. She hung out in Diagon Alley most of the summer, and with her sister and mother, unfortunately listening to her sister ramble on about OWLs, which made her think maybe she was going to be like that once she finished her OWLS, but knew that probably won't happen, maybe.

Katie met up again with a boy she had met at the feast named Johnathon Walker who had been very kind to her, who then invited her to come get an ice cream with her, when an unfortunate encounter of a spider came up and Katie was making a fool of herself in front of him and everyone there, but she was really scared as it was big and it was ON her hand, yes ON her, John got it away and thats when he kissed her, and she kissed him back, and John said to Katie once she breaks up with Luke they will work things out together, and now Katie is very unsure what she should do.

The start of year feast was a little crazy, but, well, John had asked Katie if they could out, and of course, she said yes, and that means, she had to say no to Luke when she next saw him. Katie had many missions for the year and one of them was for everyone to know her name, and so far so good she has made around10 more friends, but she was still in need of a best friend. The one thing on her mind that year was QUIDDITCH. She so badly wanted to make the team practising everyday for the try outs that were to come.

Katie has had bad times with relationships with the past, and it seems she must be a magnet to bad relationships, but this time it wasn't her relationship, somehow she had gotten mixed up with someone elses. A boy named Harvey Watson, Katie looks at him as a brother, but his girlfriend, Minerava Wheatborn, had seen them together talking in the owlery and accused them of being together. Katie couldn't believe this, when Katie hugged Harvey at the courtyard to say sorry about the drama she had caused Minnie had seen her and snapped, and unfortunately broke up with Harvey, and Katie had never felt so bad before.


Katie isn't your typical Slytherin, nor your typical Malfoy, she is very bubbly like a soda that has been shaken, and has a loud personality some say. She can be lazy at times, mostly when she is tired, and likes to read in her spare time, which is normally interrupted by people wanting to talk to her. Katie is a massive quidditch fan, and is great at it too, loving every minute she spends in the air on her broom. She does admit when young she was a tad boy crazy, but has changed and now not, and hopes to shake it off so people didn't think of her like that anymore. Katie would like to take over the world one day but for now she is just gonna be the awesomest ever.

Days go by and she is getting more mature and slytherin like but still nothing like one as is so nice. Always ready to make new friends as long as they are prepared to be friends with the best person ever a hyper crazy awesome Sythie, not everyone can handle her awesomeness.


Katie has long thick blonde hair that goes down to the end of her chest with a side frindge, she normally has her hair out but sometimes she likes to have her hair in a neat pony tail, mostly like that when she is studying or doing homework as it helps her consentrait more. Her eyes are a beautiful sky blue, that shine in the light and are her favourite thing on her face. She is an average height for her age but is one of the tall ones in her year, which is odd as her mother was never tall, but then again her father was. Katie likes to keep her nails painted, her toes normally green for slytherin pride and her fingers painted fluro pink.



Mother, Brooklyn Star


Brooklyn Star (nee Malfoy), mother

Brooklyn grew up learning that purebloods were the best, and all her siblings agreed with that, expect Brook, her best friend was a muggleborn, but she never told her family. When she married a muggle her family never spoke to her again, but her sister cursed her family. Katie's mother is kind, sweet and caring, and likes to think she is funny, but she isn't really. She enjoys food and baking, and also photograhery, which is were she got that from. Her mother had never been sader when her husband died, and that was the first time Katie saw her mother cry.

Father, James Star

Katie had a close bond with her father, he made her laugh and happy even on the most glomyest days. Every night he would put with her asking for the same book read to her every night, being Peter Pan and Monsters INC, because she was cool like that.

Unfortunately when Katie aged to 12 that year she had lost him, he was murdered by the sister of his wife who is now locked away in Azakaban. Katie doesn't like speaking about his death as she gets teary, on the brink of tears, but she gets stronger everyday knowing that her father wouldn't want to see her like that and want her to be as happy as the shining star she is.

Older Sister, Samantha Star

Squid AnnaSophia 06

Samantha "Sammy" Star, older sister, age 15, hufflepuff

Katie did always wanted a sister, she always got lonely when she was by herself alone at home, and was jealous of her best muggle friends with there closeness as siblings, and thats when Katie's wish came true before her first year at Hogwarts, meeting Samanatha, her mother never told her how her family lost Sammy, but later on they found out that Sammy had been kidnapped by their crazy aunt and brought to England and put up for adoption, their aunt caused a lot of trouble in their life, making Sammy act crazy with red eyes and Katie faint and get dizzy, but they survived together as sisters, and will always stay strong.

Katie really enjoys spending time with her as Sammy would always be there to help Katie when she needs advice, and even though they are sometimes never alike, or are in different houses, they were meant to be sisters, and Katie is very thankful.

Pet Cat, Vixy


Vixy, pet cat

Katie was given her pet cat on the day she left for Hogwarts by her parents, even though she looks so much like a fox, she is a cat, and Katie really likes how she looks like a fox, makes Katie feel like she has a unique pet. Katie and Vixy are close and she was devasted when she lost her on the train to Hogwarts in her second year, but she was saved by her sister, and Katie was delighted to be reunited back with her sidekick Vixy. Vixy loves attention and hates to be ignored, so make sure you don't leave her out.

Luke Gallows


Luke "Lukey" Gallows, ex-boyfriend, slytherin

The two knew each other for quit some time but never really talked much, so there friendship was never strong, but it was one day that Katie had invited him to her party that the two grew strong with friendship, maybe more then just friends, Katie sat in the garden crying, by herself with no one to talk to, thats when Luke came along to cheer her up, bringing a smile back to her face. Luke then took all the courage he could use and asked if she wanted to go out with him, though Katie was unsure about being in another relationship after the one with Adam and what had happened, there was something about Luke that her heart was saying yes, so thats what she did, and now they are clearly the best couple ever.

Katie stayed true to herself and was just her hyper little self and it seemed Luke didn't mind it at all, being a little hyper himself at times, but of course Katie was much more hyper and crazy then him. Luke was always there for Katie when she needed a hand through tough times. The two shared there first kiss at the lake, it was a normal day and thats when he kissed her.

It was funny one day, Katie overherd Luke's cousin talking to Adam Burn and he asked why she was alone and she said her friends werent there and that her cousin was probably off snogging with his girlfriend, but they weren't, but Katie found it very funny.

Ever since Katie was kidnapped in her third year she has not seen Luke at all, and is now worried she never will, as he was and probably always will be the love of her life, but that now is unsure as she has met a boy who likes her and she sort of likes him back so is unsure that when she see's Luke she should break up with him, as he has caused a lot of pain.

Edmond Malfoy

Nick jonas

Edmond Malfoy, bestie, gryffindor

Meeting Edmond was one of the best things that happened to Katie, there friendship was mighty strong and it wasn't going to break, though when Katie started having a crush on him and told him things got awkward, but he still tried to treat her the same, but it was never the same again, but Katie had to tell him, she really did like him, one of the nicest guys she had met. Katie was kind of jealous when she saw Edmond and Fee together, mostly when she saw him dancing with her, heartbroken, but Katie still wanted to be best friends with him.

Unfortunately she has not seen him since end of first year, and she may never see him again, but Katie still thinks of him as one of her bestest friends.

Caroline Scott


Caroline Scott, partner in crime, slytehrin

duuun dun, duuuun dun, dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun, daaaadaaadaa DAAAAH! Katie's partner in crime, they be the trouble makers at Hogwarts, better watch your step and check behind you wherever you go, you could be the next to be pranked by the evil two. Meeting in Katie's second year at school, Caroline was in her fourth at the time, and instantly becoming friends, of course currently it is Carolines last year and Katie is mega sad about that but to help heal some of the pain they dicided to do the "travel around the world" thing at Hogwarts together,

Pamphylia Barstow

Instantly becoming friends at the first meeting in Katie's first year Katie was devasted that she never saw Pam again in neither her third or second year at Hogwarts. But as Katie started wondering around Hogwarts more in her fourth, she ended up at the Lake were she first met Pam, and thats when she saw her again, and Katie squeled with joy.

Beatrice Castell


She met her one weekend at Hogsmeade in the Three Broomsticks when they started talking, Katie couldn't help but notice that her name was from A Series of Unfortunate Events, and so Katie wanted to call her Baudelaire, which she does, and in exchange Beatrice calls her Chibi Moon. Though it very unfortunate they have something alike that makes you want to cry, both of their fathers are dead. Katie felt like they had a strong friendship that no one could brake, and so Katie feels like she would be one of her bestest friends, even if she is a first year they get along well.

She doesn't have many secrets with Beatrice, telling her why she wasn't at Hogwarts in her third year was a secret she told just anyone, but she felt she could trust Beatrice and told her. They both share a love for Quidditch which they talked about a lot at their first meeting, and promised each other that they would practive one day together.

Selena Zabini-Riddle


Selena Zabini-Riddle, fake big sister, slytherin

Katie and Selena are close, and very alike, both have a love for candy and are very hyper and very awesome. Katie always felt like Selena was a great sisterly figure in her life, looking up to her for help, sometimes Katie felt that she was more likely to be her sister then Sammy, since they were so alike.

Jonathan Walker


Jonathan "John" Walker, boyfriend, gryffindor

She met him at the end of year feast of her fourth year, and he was very nice to her and she felt calm talking to him as he was flirty and made her giggle, and blush.

They met again in Diagon Alley and chated and the same as when they met, Katie was blushing and laughing, and he invited her to come get an ice cream, she of course got vanilla since that was her favourite, and everyone knos it is the best ever, duh! Katie kept talking to him about their lives and he seemed very cool. Katie wasn't acting very cool though when she felt something crawl on her hand and let out a huge scream to see a big hairy spider on her hand, she didn't care as she felt poeple staring at her as she was making a fool out of herself. John braverly flicked the spider away not scared at all and chuckled at her, and then he leaned in, and kissed her lips, and well, she kissed him back, even if she was still together with Luke. John pulled away and said that they can work things out together once she breaks up with Luke.

At the start of term feast John had got the courage and asked Katie on a date, and Katie said yes, they still have yet to go but so far they have had a wonderful time together planting veggies.

Violet Le Veela


Violet Le Veela, bestest friend, hufflepuff

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Fun Facts!!

  • Katie's model used to be Annasophia Robb but then was changed to Diane Kruger.
  • Katie is a lot like her creator as they are both very hyper and love sugar.
  • Katie was first going to be called either Emma or Taylor, but then was changed to Katelyn.
  • Her model was going to be at first Victoria Justice, but the creator felt she didn't match Katie.
  • The name 'Katelyn' came from one of the creators childhood friends.
  • Her creator likes to make Katie have drama in her life as it is fun to RP.
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