Katerina Elizabeth Savoy was born August 3rd to Elizabeth and Josef Savoy. She is a graduate of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with honors in astronomy and transfiguration.
Basic Information






Mahogany 11" with Unicorn Core


Silvery Feline

Animangus Form

Tabby Cat

Early Life

A Start at Hogwarts

First Year - Katerina or Kat as most called her started off her years at Hogwarts like many other students that had passed through the hallowed halls since its founding. A chance encounter on the train led her to meet on of her best friends Si the duo then introduced to the third member of their would-be trio, Erinelle, at the opening feast. All three were sorted into Gryffindor House and Kat joined the ranks of those in her family who had gone before into the house of bravery, never looking back.

Second Year

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The end of her second year marked the loss of another good friend...Tristen who at the time was also her boyfriend. The trip home was a heart-wrenching time as the future third year was dealing with her first heartbreak as she would be separated from Tristen as soon as they reached London and never know if they were ever to see each other again.

Third Year

Fourth Year

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Fifth Year

OWLS: Astronomy- O

Charms- E

Defence Against the Dark Arts-A

Herbology- O

History of Magic- A

Potions- E


Care of Magical Creatures- A

Muggle Studies- A

Sixth Year 

Kat's sixth year was certainly interesting to say the least for temporarily Hogwarts ceased to exist to be replaced by two sister schools---Belle's School for Girls and Cooper's School for Boys named after the Minister at the time and his wife. Being separated from her best friend Si for the first time, she had to deal with the changes alone and in the house of Gryffindor those changes were drastic. Luckily some of the professors and students including Kat herself and another friend Anna weren't taking things lying down or rather seated on rough benches. The Glisseo charm certainly played a pivotal role that term. Kat never got to see how that term finished playing out as she was pulled out halfway through when her mother was brutally attacked and the family as a whole moved to Portugal so her uncle a healer could nurse her back to health.

Seventh Year

Her seventh year Kat was homeschooled by her aunt and her uncle when he could and she sat for her NEWTs halfway through the year. She received the following grades and was allowed to be considered graduated. Kat then went on to be accepted for early admission to the Lothian Healer Academy.


Working at Mungos


Wilson Greer

Husband and best friend.
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