Kurumi Hollingberry
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Kurumi Hollingberry


Kurumi Hollingberry


May 12, 2061

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Half-Japanese & Half-British

Magical Characteristics


11.4 inch, Holly wood, Griffin feather core


her mother's corpse




fresh strawberries, sugar cookies, french bread

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Kurumi Rasting (nee Hollingberry) was born on May 12, 2061 in Yuzawa, Niigata, Japan. She currently is a Dragon Fertility Specialist at the Galloway Rehabilitation Reserve.  She is also a Metamorphagus like her father. Kurumi was born to a muggle mother and a pure-blood father, making her half and half. Her mother, Yukie Someya, is Japanese and her father, Charles Hollingberry , is British. As a result, Kurumi and her three brothers were bullied not because they were witches and wizards, but because they were "half breeds" - meaning only having half Japanese blood. It is due to these unfortunate circumstances that her parents decided to keep their magical abilities a secret until an owl arrived from Hogwarts. Kurumi, who took the most severe bullying, was told her siblings had to study abroad in England and that they would explain why to her when she was older. Further damange caused by all the bullying lies in Kurumi not only being incapable of controling her abilities, but she shuns and rejects that part of herself while also harboring a phobia of being different. The only girl of the family, Kurumi grew up doing everything her brothers did including intensive kendo training as her mother’s family owns a dojo.

Early Life

Kurumi's parents had always wanted a daughter, especially Charles, so when Kurumi came into their lives both thought that it was going to be the happiest day of their lives. However, when Yukie saw that her newborn daughter had violet eyes, she immediately rejected the notion of even holding her in the hospital and it had been Charles to first hold her and look into her eyes. Kurumi had no skinship with her mother until almost a month after being released from the hospital. It had been Charles and her brothers who had taken care of her the most and Yukie finally gained an interest in Kurumi when she began to walk. As a result, Kurumi obviously had a stronger bond with her father and brothers than she has with her mother.

Around the age of 5, when private kindergaten began, Kurumi started wearing brown colored contacts to hide her violet eyes. After this, Yukie FINALLY would look her daughter in the eye and began taking a much more active role in her daughter's life. Charles had charmed the contacts - the first time since the incident involving Charles' family that Yukie had allowed magic to be performed in the house - so that they would not aggitate her. It was around this time that Yukie began teaching Kurumi how to bake, flower arrange, play the piano, and a few other feminine things.

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Kurumi Hollingberry, age 3

Kurumi took to baking, but she had very little interest in the others since none of her brothers were active participants. Instead, as soon as lessons with her mother were over, she would run through the garden until she reached the kendo school owned by her mother's side of the family and practiced with her brothers. By age 7, she had found her two loves in life: baking and kendo.

When Kurumi began muggle elementary school, her brothers were all already at Hogwarts - although she had been told that they were simply studying abroad in England to gain a broader education. Her metamorph abilities began to show more and more do to her nervousness and shyness, so Charles would magically spray paint her hair to remain black during the day. Still, strange things would often happen around her at school due to her being a witch, but most of her classmates never took notice. Kurumi quickly made a friend on her first day of school, a girl named Hitomi, and the two became almost inseperable. Finally, it seemed like Kurumi had a female who she could trust in.


Kurumi Hollingberry, age 7

Due to the prejudice against foreigners in the small mountainside village, whenever Charles would go out he used his abilities to make himself appear Japanese. There was one close call when Kurumi and her classmates had been asked to draw their family and she had drawn her father with his usual dusty blonde hair and green eyes. Quick spell work at a parent-teacher's meeting had fixed this, but the results were only temporary. During a turn of unfortunate events on the playground one day at school, Kurumi's brown contacts fell out and, due to her panicked state, turned blue. Her classmates saw this and began calling her a liar. Her secret out, everyone in the school knew that she was half-Japanese and the bullying began. Hitomi's family forced her to leave the school and moved to a different town as they were too ashamed that their daughter had been friends with "a filfthy half-breed." School shoes taken from her daily and thrown out the window, tripping, kicked, school lunch spilled all over her, and cruel words were only some of the things the young girl endured from her peers.

From that day on, the only friends Kurumi ever had were here brothers and the family dog. Kurumi also began associating her violet eyes with all the hatred around her and, when she began realizing that some of the things she could do were different, she began hating what she was and the desire to be normal and go through life unnoticed haunted her. Still, Kurumi wanted people to accept her, to have friends again, and the only way she could earn anyone's respect was through her studies.

Education at Hogwarts

It wasn't until about two weeks before the Hogwarts Express would be leaving Platform 9 3/4 that Kurumi finally received her acceptance letter. Her mother had nearly beated the owl to death with a broom, refusing to allow her daughter to go to a "cursed school." Naturally, this did wonders for Kurumi's self-confidence, and it was finally revealed to her that her brothers were not only studying abroad, but that they were wizards as well. Thinking that the reason her eyes were violet and her hair could change color was because she was a witch, Kurumi looked forward to entering a world with people more like her, but she couldn't help but feel anxious as well. What if, even in the wizarding world, she was different?


Kurumi Hollingberry, first year

Her first trip to Diagon Alley started with her first ever plane ride. No mode of magical transportion was allowed by her mother, and her father did not want to risk Kurumi being denied the opportunity to attend Hogwarts by sneaking out under his wife's nose. However, her mother DID leave Kurumi with a gift before she left. On the morning Kurumi was to depart for England, her mother presented her with a munchkin cat who became the girl's magical familiar.

Upon arriving in Diagon Alley, anxiety took over and Kurumi was barely able to walk on her own. She clung to her father for most of the first day, but when work called him away on the second, she had no choice but to finish her school shopping by herself. She first went to Ollivanders for her wand which, after a few failed attempts and melting the wandmaker's shoes to the floor, she received. She then went to buy her Hogwarts uniform and it was there that she met someone who would change her life. While looking at ties, Kurumi met Gryffindor second year Adam Burn . She felt an instant connection with him, but it was a connection that frigntened her. As they became friends, she feared that the same thing that had happened with Hitomi would happen to her again. Would he reject her for being half-Japanese? What about her being half-blood?


Walnut as a kitten

To her surprise, he did not care about either of these things and the two continued to grow very close. When Adam began dating first year Slytherin Katie Starr, Kurumi felt a tinge of something that bothered her, but she had no idea what these emotions entailed.

At the opening feast, Kurumi coined herself a nickname in the first few moments she was in the Great Hall. Due to her love of baking, she had brought cookies for her housemates and all the other houses and quickly became known as Cookie Girl - a nickname that has stuck with her throughout all her years at Hogwarts.

Kurumi spent the majority of her first year playing catch up in all of her classes. Arriving at Hogwarts feeling like all muggleborns must have felt, Kurumi feared that because she was different, she would be judged and thus her old routine of proving herself through her studies came into play. This payed off in the end as she was the top point earner in not only Gryffindor house, but the entire school.


Kurumi in her costume for the end of the term costume ball

Kurumi's first year was also the year of the Triwizard Tournament, and the first year cheered her femele prefect and role model Cameron Carddock on fiercy. Unfortunately, the older lioness did not win the tournament, but Kurumi didn't pay much attention to that. Cameron had been a very influencial part of her first year at Hogwarts, and Kurumi approached the end of the year wishing that she had had more time with the prefect. At the end of the term costume ball, Kurumi went dressed as Sailor Mars - her childhood heroine - and fell victim to a harmless prank when she ate a cake spiked with a growin potion that made her so tall her head hit the enchanted ceiling in the Great Hall.

Also, while her and Adam shared a dance on the dance floor, he presented her with a gift in the shape of a ring engraved with cherry blossoms on it. While there were no promises or vows of love attached to the gift seeing as Adam had bought it on a whim having seen it and knowing how much Kurumi liked cherry blossoms, it meant a lot to Kurumi and was the first gift she had ever received from a friend. She hung it on a silver chain that she always wore around her neck. It also served as a reminder of the cherry tree that the two had planted in the student garden earlier in the year.

Gryffindor won the House Cup and she became the top points earner in her house and the entire school with 619 points. Kurumi boarded the Hogwarts Express with a heavy heart at the end of the term as she said good bye to her first set of 7th years and her second home.


Kurumi Hollingberry, second year

After spending the entire summer back in Japan with her overbearing mother and being locked away from all talk of magic, Kurumi had been more eager than ever to get back to Hogwarts. She met up with Adam in Diagon Alley where there were kind of sort of a couple and they caught up about each other's summers by the pygmy puffs. Kurumi left the shop unaware that Adam went back to buy one of the pygmy puffs she had been fussing over and gave it to her as an early Christmas present back at Hogwarts.

Kurumi met Eino Uronen, a Ravenclaw boy who would become her best friend, on the train ride and began fascinated with his pet cactus, Faustus. Upon arriving at Hogwarts, it was clear from the start that things were different. Seated next to Headmaster Tate was the mysterious and controversial Mr. Ikenna who helped turned Kurumi's world upside down. Kurumi began to question her relationship with her mother and the very notion of wizarding kind having to be kept hidden and in secret. She often sought the man for advice and was seriously considering seeking guidance from him on the study of Legilimency when he suddenly vanished from the school all together.

Kurumi found herself invited to a party held by the acting Minister of Magic, Lord Borr, in Diagon Alley where several mysterious parties took a special interest in her. Kurumi even managed to upset the Headmaster in asking about Mr. Ikenna's whereabouts, but it seems like that, even now, remains a mystery.

Kurumi's second year also marked the beginning of two friendships that would forever change her. One was with an older lioness named Lexi Denver who Kurumi met while at the Gryffindor study tables in the common room. Lexi had fallen victim to a hex that caused her to sprout antlers from head and had caught Kurumi's attention. However, this was not their first meeting. Kurumi and Lexi had met earlier in the term in the kitchens when Kurumi had spotted her snogging a Slytherin boy named Salander who Kurumi looked up to and had a bit of a school girl crush on. Kurumi had attacked the pair with cookie dough carrying birds and the excuse that she was really a soul sucking rock demon in disguise. Needless to say, the experience ended on a good note as Kurumi apologized to Lexi for what had happened and the girl became Kurumi's Mama Lion.

Another friendship that sprung up this term was with Hufflepuff Treyen Lockhart. They met on the train ride to school when Kurumi had bought a mysterious issue of the Quibbler and he, on accident, had made her cry. Kurumi feel for his sparkly smile, but more importantly, she feel for the compassion and confidence that he showed and gave her.

As the year progressed, and perhaps tied to her confusion due to the appearance of Mr. Ikenna and all the talk about the relationship between Muggles and the wizarding world, Kurumi's metamorphic abilities began acting up and she felt as though she had even less control over them that before. This made her turn to the library where she began doing research about her father. After hours and hours of research over the span of several months, Kurumi came to know that her father, Charles Hollingberry, was infact a Metamorphagus and that she had inherited his gift.

Kurumi once again applied herself to her studies with vigor and earned the title of top points earner for Gryffindor house and the school once again, helping Gryffindor win the House Cup again with her 761 point contribution. However, her second year ended on a bitter note as Adam was forced to leave Hogwarts because of his magic hating parents. After exchanging harsh words with each other in the common room, their relationship ended and they parted ways thinking that the chance of them ever meeting again would be almost zero. Still, Kurumi had promised him that she would wait...and wait she did...


Kurumi Hollingberry, third year

Spending her entire summer depressed back in Japan until the final week or two of the summer when Selina insisted that Kurumi come to her home and get her mind off things. The second year ended up putting Kurumi through Quidditch boot camp and attempted to tackle the nearly impossible mission: teaching Kurumi how to fly a broom.

Upon returning to Diagon Alley, the still heartbroken Kurumi met a boy name Connor Campbell in the book store, and the boy took a special liking to the girl that made her feel very uncomfortable at times. While the two got along, Connor's intense attitude and passion often caused the hole in Kurumi's heart left by Adam to sting and she began feeling even more insecure.

Things at Hogwarts were once again chaotic with the appearance of a strange ship and students acting strangely and speaking in tongues that were beyond Kurumi's understanding. This was only made worse when their new Ancient Runes professor spoke in such a thick accent that Kurumi and friend Caroline Scott decided to try and compile a dictory of the man's speech - although they never got around to completing it. Kurumi tried her best to steer clear of all the crazy happenings, but ended up being right smack in the middle of two events. One being the fire in Professor Lafay's storeroom that her and Eino had accidentally started when they investigated the loud crackling noises coming from behind the door. Another was the appearance of a mysterious red X on the fifth floor that Kurumi found her hands stuck to as if a Permanent Sticking Charm had been cast on her.


Kurumi in her Quidditch robes

Upon Selina's request, Kurumi tried out for the Quidditch team. While she would never admit it to anyone, part of her attraction to trying out was because she thought that if she did, she would feel closer to Adam who had not written her or contacted her in any way since his departure at the end of last term. To everyone's surprise, Kurumi made the team and became Gryffindor's Seeker, recording one snitch catch on the season. The best part for her, however, was that the Quidditch Captain, Simon Bennett , gave her his old broom and engraved his signature in it. With it in hand, Kurumi felt a little more confident and was determined to make both it and its former master proud.

She also continued her research in the library, this time with Treyen's help. These sessions brought her closer to him and her feelings for the Hufflepuff grew and grew to the point where she had built up enough courage to tell him how she felt, thinking that he felt the same way. However, when she went to confess her feelings, she found a copy of the Aparecium on the ground, revealing that Treyen was already in a 'sort of' relationship with someone else. Kurumi was completely heartbroken by this news and her hair remained a sickly greyish-blue color for an entire month afterwards. While the two were giving each other some space, a Polyjuice assignment where Slytherin second year Sierra Greingoth and Kurumi were partners took a turn for the worse and ended in Treyen never wanting to see Kurumi again. Sierra, polyjuiced as Kurumi, met with Treyen and kissed him. Treyen, wondering how he really felt about Kurumi, had kissed Sierra back thinking that he was kissing Kurumi. Kurumi left Hogwarts thinking that Treyen was made at her for being honest and telling him how she felt, which is something that he had been telling her all along: to never hide who she was or how she felt. Kurumi, while polyjuiced as Sierra, was kissed by second year Hufflepuff Conan Taylor in the kitchens. She later explained to Conan at the end of the term feast that it had been her, Kurumi, and not Sierra that he had kissed. Expecting him to hate her, Kurumi was pleasantly surprised when Conan quickly forgave her and the two formed a friendship and plans to meet over the summer in his hometown in Orlando, Florida.

Despite all the emotions floating around, she still managed to become the top point earner for Gryffindor and the school for the third term in a row contributing 760 points to the cause. Lord Borr awarded her and the other top point earners from the other houses a private tour of the Ministry of Magic to take place at the beginning of next term.

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Kurumi Hollingberry, fourth year

Leaving her third year behind had come as a blessing to Kurumi. Having finally removed the cherry blossom ring from around her next, Kurumi looked towards the summer as a means of restarting and renewing herself. She spent the first month of the summer in New York City participating in a special study abroad program for young witches and wizards around the country at the Wizarding United Nations - located right below the muggle United Nations. There, Kurumi met Vincenzo "Vickers" Vanderbilt and the two became friends and pen pals after the program ended. Having had her fill of diplomacy, Kurumi spent a week at Conan's home in Walt Disney World.

After enjoying her first trip to the United States, Kurumi returned home to Japan to find that she had a surprise visitor: Sierra. Results of the polyjuice potion unknown, Kurumi and Sierra spent a week at her home where Kurumi saw an entirely different side to the she-snake and learn some very shocking things about her and her relationship with a certain Hogwarts professor. It was also during this time that Kurumi learned she had been appointed Prefect for Gryffindor house.

Upon arriving at Hogwarts, it became clear that Kurumi's fourth year was going to be another one full of twists and turns. First, the house elves - due to reasons unknown - were not up to their standards in delivering food and cleaning the flatware. Kurumi and newfound friend Gideon Gert took it upon themselves to clean things up as best they could before any of their housemates came down with the stomach flu or something worse. But, this wasn't the worst of it all. During the feast, someone Kurumi never expected to come back to Hogwarts did: Adam Burn. Unable to hide the pain he had caused her, Kurumi slapped him across the face and released an entire year of hurt and betrayal in the process. After the feast was over, Kurumi rushed to the kitchens hoping to see her house elf friend Twinkle, only to find that the house elves had closed the kitchen to all students. Naturally, this made Kurumi very uneasy.

As the term went on, Kurumi once again threw herself into her studies and was somehow able to balance out her prefecting duties and Quidditch. Kurumi was beginning to find her place in the world and was even becoming to enjoy Quidditch, until the events of Gryffindor's match against Ravenclaw. After being knocked off her broom and into a giant puddle of mud, Kurumi found that the broom Simon had given her was snapped in at least two pieces. After Carter carried her off the field, Kurumi decided that she was going to give up the sport.


Kurumi & Jonathan

After the winter holidays, Kurumi confessed her feelings to fifth year Slytherin Jonathan Kim and was overjoyed when he said that he returned her feelings. The two shared their first kiss in the pathways and had their first proper Valentines' Day together where Kurumi made Jonathan various sweets and he played her a piece on the piano that he had composed himself.

As the term went on and finals approached, Kurumi spent most of her time not in classes tutoring Jonathan for his OWLs while also working on her own studies. During an Astronomy lesson, one of her house elf friends named Tinka made a surprise appearance and sent the young lioness back into a panicked state over the well being of her dear little friends. At the closing feast, everything came to light as it was revealed that what had been causing chaos all around the school were the playful antics of a baby house elf. When the infant had been caught, Headmaster Tate said that it would have to leave the school unless someone spoke for it, which Kurumi did since she had promised Pips that she would do everything that she could to allow Nimma to keep the baby elf. The Headmaster accepted this and allowed the baby house elf to stay, which Kurumi had begun calling Hoppity due to her not wishing to continue to call it an it, and asked that she go to the kitchens to check on the house elves and the baby the following term. Kurumi happily obliged.

Saying good bye to all her seventh year friends and role models was the hardest thing that the lioness had had to do to date, but she knew that it wasn't really good bye. It was a see you later. Kurumi left Hogwarts as the top point earner in her house and the school for the fourth term in a row, earning 948 points, and felt that there would be a lot of exciting changes coming in her future. What those were, well, she would have to wait and see.


fifth year

Entering her fifth year, Kurumi was surprised to learn that Professor Bentley had taken over the post as Gryffindor Head of House, but was pleased to be able to work more closely with the Herbology professor towards building an even stronger house. She spent a good part of the summer staying with Jonathan at his home and returned to Japan for only a few weeks before it was time to board the Hogwarts Express. She also learned that her best friend, Selina, had been given the position of Quidditch captain and the now fifth year's outlook on the term seemed even brighter. There was only one thought lingering on Kurumi's mind: who was her co-prefect?

It wasn't until a few weeks into the term that Kurumi finally learned who she was co-prefects with and, Kurumi was not pleased at all. Having to work with Adam Burn was one of the last things she ever wanted to do, but was willing to everything that had happened to them in the past behind because it wasn't about them, it was about their house.

Strange things began happening around campus as creatures from the Forbidden Forest began to make their presence known within the school, and Kurumi found herself right in the thick of things. Kurumi gave up Quidditch to focus on her OWL studies and even found that juggling Gobstones was becoming a little too difficult, and had to take a back seat there as well.

For the first time, Kurumi spent the winter holidays home in Japan where she learned that her mother had been diagnosed with an incurable degenerative disease a year ago. The disease, Spinocerebellar ataxia, is one in which the person retains full mental capacity but may progressively lose physical control to the point where their body ceases to be able to function on its own. Kurumi, who had never had a strong relationship with her mother, found herself completely lost and emotionally numb. Upon her return to Hogwarts, Kurumi decided that she would not share this information with anyone, choosing to keep it all locked inside. Things only became worse for the fifth year when Jonathan was pulled from school because of his father. With no contact from him, Kurumi fell even deeper down the spiral of anxiety and depression until she could handle it no more and eventually told everything to Treyen while they were in the library together one day, allowing herself the release of emotions that she had been bottling up for months.

Strange things began happening, and not just about creatures coming from the Forbidden Forest, as an orb seemed to have come and found her while talking to fellow fifth year, Emrys. Kurumi kept the orb for a time, but eventually brought it to Professor Vindictus for him to do with what he wanted but then the orb somehow managed to pass into the hands of Lewis.

Those were not the only emotions that came to a boiling point. In Jonathan's absence, Hufflepuff Lewis Rasting became Kurumi's Potions tutor and she worked with him on their long term Astronomy assignment. What started off as an innocent desire to be close to someone quickly grew into something much more and the two kissed in the Owlery. Days later, Treyen confronted Kurumi about the kiss and she found that she had no recollection of the event. It was as if that time had simply been taken from her. Kurumi and Lewis eventually met up afterwards in the kitchens...which result in yet another kiss shared between the two of them.

Kurumi continued to throw herself into her studies, earning 1119 points for her house along with taking all of her OWLs.


Kurumi Hollingberry, sixth year

The summer leading into Kurumi's sixth year was ridden with hearbreak. After having said her good byes to Treyen at the Leaky Cauldron, her father immediately took her back to Japan where Kurumi saw just how far the illness had taken her mother away from her and her family. Towards the end of summer, Selina came to visit Kurumi and she admitted to her best friend about kissing Lewis. Selina was not pleased by this for various reasons and the two fought, but it ended up being the sort of release that both girls needed and their friendship became even stronger.

A few weeks after Selina left, Kurumi's mother's disease took a turn for the worst and it was becoming more and more clear that her time was running out. One day, Kurumi and her father paid what would be their final visit to the hospital. It was Kurumi who was with her mother in her final moments where her mother, for the first time, said that she was proud of her daughter and that she loved her. Her mother also left Kurumi with a journal of her thoughts during her illness. Completely torn apart by this, Kurumi's metamorphagus abilities switched off and her eyes turned to a "natural" chocolate brown color and her hair did not change colors.


Jonathan, Kurumi, and Lewis (manip by the amazing Rose!)

Being back at Hogwarts did not provide the usual comfort that it had always done for Kurumi as she faced another tough situation. The day after the opening feast, Kurumi and Jonathan met in the pathways where she confessed to cheating on him last term with Lewis. It is unclear whether Jonathan wanted to or not, but Kurumi ended the relationship by telling him that he deserved better, someone he could trust and that trusted him. Jonathan warned her that in ending their relationship that he would never want to see or speak to her again, something Kurumi did not want, but the Gryffindor also knew that she couldn't stay with him after breaking his trust the way she had. Still, despite the breakup, Kurumi continued to wear the necklace that Jonathan gave her.

Kurumi remained in bed for weeks after and if it hadn't been for Selina the Gryffindor probably would have wilted away to nothing. Jonathan had been Kurumi's first love, the first boy to tell her he loved her and that she was beautiful, and what had happened forever changed her. Two months later, Kurumi finally faced Lewis in classroom eleven and tried to tell him that he shouldn't want to be with her - believing that she shouldn't and couldn't be trusted with another's heart. Lewis resisted and told Kurumi that that was not her decision to make and that he still wanted to be with her. His words caused Kurumi's eyes to turn back from their unnatural brown to violet and when the two kissed her hair turned pink, showing that her abilities had returned.

After the winter holidays, the strange occurrences that were happening at Hogwarts came to a peak and Kurumi, along with several other of her classmates including Lewis, froze during a Potions lesson. She spent the following month in the hospital wing in this frozen state and when she eventually woke up had no recollection that she had been frozen at all. To her, she had been in Potions the entire time and even finished the sentence she had been in the middle of when she had froze. The Gryffindor was still very uneasy about all this as the real cause of the freezing and just where the orb had come from were still a mystery. Still, Kurumi tried to get herself back into a regular routine and tried to return her life to it being as normal as possible.

Her and Lewis' relationship continued to grow and Kurumi was for the first time in a long time genuinely happy. Only she was always stopping Lewis from saying three words to her, and the reason for that was because she still wore a necklace around her neck that Jonathan had given her. When she revealed this to Lewis, that it was holding her back and she still felt things for the Slytherin, Lewis had a dramatic reaction and it looked as though this would be the end of Lewrumi...only Kurumi chose that moment where everything seemed lost to tell Lewis that she loved him. That seemed to have been the words that Lewis needed to bring him back and he said them back to her. While neither of them wanted that to be the situation where they said "I love you" for the first time, it may have come at the best possible time.

After, Kurumi never wore Jonathan's necklace again...but she did continue to keep it in her pocket.

During one last Hogsmeade weekend, Kurumi and Selina happened upon Amarantha de Talone in the back alley and was shocked to hear her confess to everything. Unfortunately, the woman got away which only left Kurumi feeling more anxious and uncomfortable with everything. She was still out there and could continue to do the same sort of harm to others.

Despite being frozen for a month, Kurumi still managed to keep her status as top points earner in Gryffindor House and the entire school by earning 963 points. It was all bittersweet though as her favorite professor, and hero, Professor Williamson announced that he would be leaving the school as would Headmaster Tate. Still, things ended on a somewhat positive note as Kurumi was able to finally speak with Jonathan for the first time since their breakup and the two said things to each other that they had been keeping locked up inside for nearly eight months. They both still need healing, but at least Kurumi was able to leave Hogwarts with a real hope that one day they would be able to talk to each friends.


Kurumi Hollingberry, seventh year

Kurumi spent the first half of her summer vacation back in Japan where she had to help prepare for her mother's one year funeral rites. It was an emotional experience for her and her entire family as well as one that she was glad she could share with Treyen Lockhart - who had become as close as family by this point. Her mother's spirit was laid to rest completely and she moved on into the next world. This left the entire Hollingberry family at peace and the healing process for their loss could finally begin. The second half of her summer was spent with Lewis at his home in Nebraska and was full of incredible experience after incredible experience and only left the couple more attached and devoted to one another.

Things at the beginning of term were not how she had pictured them to turn out - and not just because of the train suddenly breaking down. Putting her own cocerns aside, Kurumi assisted as many students as she could when the Hogwarts Express came to a sudden stop on its way to Hogwarts. Once safely at Hogwarts, the Gryffindor couldn't help but feel uneasy - especially with ghosts interrupting lessons left and right.

OWLs & NEWTs Results

Kurumi took her OWLs during Term 30 and received the following marks:

Ancient Runes = O
Arithmancy = O
Astronomy = O
Care of Magical Creatures = O
Charms = O
Defense Against the Dark Arts = O
Divination = O
Herbology = O
History of Magic = O
Muggle Studies = O
Potions = O
Transfiguration = E

Kurumi took her NEWTs during Term 32 and received the following marks:

Ancient Runes O
Arithmancy O
Astronomy O
Care of Magical Creatures O
Charms E
Defense Against the Dark Arts O
Divination O
Herbology E
History of Magic O
Muggle Studies O
Potions E
Transfiguration O

Universitatea din Magic, Romania

Upon gradating from Hogwarts, Kurumi received a full scholarship to the Universty of Magic in Romania to study to become a dragonologist. 

Experimental Breeding, Hatchery studies...blah blah I need to write this bit too

Work at Galloway Rehabilitation Reserve


Kurumi has long black hair that, when not in its usual pony tail, cascades down to her waist and shares a stark contrast with her alabastor skin. Her eyes are violet in color, due to her Metamorph abilities, and they do tend to change color from time to time (as does her hair).

Personality and Character Traits

Kurumi is often described as being painfully naïve & innocent while also displaying a strong sense of determination. She is rumored to be part house elf because of how often she bows (always when she greets and apologizes), the fact that she bakes and hands out cookies, and because she hangs out in the broom cupboard from time to time. She also has a natural talent with animals and they seem to respond to her well. Her brothers sometimes describe her as “really strong, but never fully happy.”



Kurumi's family is and will always be very important to her. She is the youngest of four, having three older brothers. She is certainly the closest with her father, but she also has very strong bonds with her brothers. Her mother, on the other hand, has hardly ever cast her an approving look and is a major source of Kurumi's insecurities.


Charles Hollingberry, Kurumi's father

Fathers are always dotting on their daughters. It is only natural. However, Charles has an idolatrous infatuation with his daughter, Kurumi, who has always and will forever be his little princess. He is never without a picture…or hundred…of her and always carries a wallet sized photo album in his coat pocket that has an Undetectable Extension Charm placed on it. He has an array of nicknames that he uses when talking about here and never actually calls her by name unless she is in some sort of trouble. Some of these nicknames include: Ambassador of Cuteness, Ray of Sunshine, Little Princess, Rainbow of Perfection, and Cupcake of Sweetness. When he is speaking to Kurumi directly, he will mostly just call her Sweetheart - nothing too elaborate there.

Charles, growing up in a less than supportive home, wanted to be the father to his children that his never was to him. While he also dotted on his sons, Kurumi was always special to him. When she showed signed of inheriting his Metamorph abilities at birth, Charles knew that life would not be easy for her. All Charles ever wanted to do was tell Kurumi about why she could do the things she could, perhaps to ease some of her suffering and feelings of lonliness, but the burden of being half-Japanese in a xenophobic society made him hold his tongue.


Yukie Hollingberry, Kurumi's mother

Yukie Hollingberry (nee Someya) had a terrible encounter with magic after her engagement to Charles where his family used the Cruciatus Curse on her to make an example of her. This caused Yukie to fear all magic and ban it from being so much as discussed in her home. When her children were born, she saw them as cursed and tried to perform Shinto rights to remove the curse from them. As each of her sons showed signs of magic, Yukie prayed and prayed that her fourth child would be spared. But this was not the case.

Upon seeing Kurumi born with violet eyes, Yukie rejected and refused to have any contact with the baby for a good month - causing a permanent rift to be between her and Kurumi. As Kurumi grew, Yukie hoped that in teaching her how to be a proper lady that her powers would be subpressed. She spent long hours teaching Kurumi the piano, baking, flower arranging, traditional Japanese dance, and many other things while always keeping a strict gaze and, for the most part, an unapproving smile.

Kurumi respects her mother and sees her as a very strong woman, but she is also the source of a lot of Kurumi's insecurities.

After being diagnosed with an incurable degenerative disease (Spinocerebellar ataxia), Yukie kept this information from her children and made Charles do the same until she had to hospitalized.

Yukie passed away on August 19, 2077.

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The oldest of the Hollingberry children, Ryunosuke is by far the most protective of his little sister. While he does tease her and completely take advantage of just how innocent and naive Kurumi is, Ryunosuke KNOWS that he is the only person alive allowed to do so. While their father was away on work, Ryunosuke took it upon himself to take care of his younger brothers and Kurumi, especially when their mother refused to lend a helping hand. He is also the one who got Kurumi interested in kendo. While his intentions were that Kurumi would be able to defend herself against bullies in school, he was more pleased by the patience and perserverance that the sport taught his little sister. Known as the prankster, many people are surprised by his sensitive side when it comes to his sister. Kurumi, while she will never admit this to anyone, actualy compares all the boys she meets to Ryunosuke. This is not just in mannerisms and appearance, but in personality and how they make her feel. Ryunosuke is the only boy who was ever really kind to her, along with her other brothers of course, so he is the model she has to compare people to. This results in her confusing notions of brotherly love with those of romantic love.

Prior to Kurumi heading to Hogwarts for her first term, Ryunosuke left her with the following parting words, "Get sorted into Slytherin and we will disown you."


Takashi Hollingberry, Kurumi's youngest older brother

Growing up the middle child, one would have guessed that Takashi would have been the wild one of the group, but it was quite the opposite. While Ryunosuke provided Kurumi with activity, Takashi provided her while knowledge. Despite the rest of the family being in Gryffindor, Takashi was sorted into Ravenclaw and tried his best to hand down some of his house's traits to his little sister. It was actually Takashi that told Kurumi that she should try to prove herself to her classmates and the town through her studies. He would spend long hours each day helping his little sister through all the subjects, but it soon became obvious to him that her abilities surpassed his own. Still, he always took at least an hour out of his evening when he was home on summer holiday and Kurumi still in muggle school to study and read with her. Due to Charles typically being gone in the evening, Takashi was the one who would read Kurumi bed time stories - and when he could, sneak in those of the magical variety.


Junichiro Hollingberry, Kurumi's middle brother

Junichiro was probably the person who helped Kurumi deal with "acting" normal the best. While everyone else in the family, minus thier mother, hated that they had to live in a world of lies, he rolled with the punches and ended up choosing a more muggle based life style. Prior to Kurumi learning that she was a witch, Junichiro was the brother who would skip stones with her by the river, go out at night and try to catch fireflies in a jar, just enjoying being instead of worrying about everything else.

While this may make it seem like he was insensitive to the family's plight, this certainly is not the case. Junichiro is perhaps the most sensitive of the three brothers, but he chose to distract Kurumi with childlike things instead of try to build her up to feel as though she had to prove herself. However, due to his personality being much more passive than the other two, Ryunosuke and Takashi had a greater influence on Kurumi.

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Kaishu Shiradou, Kurumi's godfather

Kurumi may not have any memories of Kaishu, but he was a very big part of her life. Besides Yukie, Kaishu is the only other person who knows who Charles really is and actually serves as the Secret Keeper for the Hollingberry's. While Charles' family has been quiet for years now and no immediate threat on the horizon, Charles appointed Kaishu the godfather of all his children "should the worst happen." Kaishu first met Kurumi when she was still an infant and he would often play the guitar for her to help her sleep. However, as Kaishu's own children grew, he found it more and more difficult to visit the Hollingberry residence - namely the problems he faced with his own son.

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Lewis Rasting, Hufflepuff

Kurumi and Lewis first met at the beginning of their fifth year before going through the barrier to get to Platform 9 3/4 and the Gryffindor took an instant liking to his cat, Vanilla. Her father, always suspicious of boys, attempted to trick Lewis into running into the wrong barrier, but Kurumi set the record straight she shooed her father away. Kurumi helped Lewis go through the barrier, pushing his trolley through the barrier together and arrived on the platform together. It was clear from the start that there was some sort of connection between the two, but it was purely friendship. Lewis was a transfer student and Kurumi was the always eager to helpful prefect who wanted to make sure that his transition was as smooth as possible. Still, it was clear from the go that Lewis' feelings towards Kurumi were different...stronger...

Kurumi and Lewis' relationship had always been awkward and innocent, but things began to change once she asked him to tutor her in Potions due to Jonathan's sudden disappearance from school. In return, she offered to help him with Astronomy and they teamed up to finish their stargazing assignment together. Feelings continued to grow, for both of them, until things came to a head one evening in the Owlery where the two kissed. Unfortunately, Kurumi had that time taken from her memory due to unknown reasons and only became aware that the kiss had happened when Treyen confronted her about the incident - which she felt in her heart and on her lips was true. Kurumi and Lewis happened to meet again on the last night of the term outside the kitchens when Kurumi had found his cat, Vanilla, in the Gryffindor common room and was bringing it to him. What started out as innocent cake baking quickly turned into the two of them kissing again, finding that it was virtually impossible for the two of them to stay away from each other.

At the beginning of their sixth year, Kurumi told Jonathan about her kissing Lewis and the two broke up. However, Kurumi refused to see or speak to Lewis until two months later due to her being too broken and damaged emotionally from losing Jonathan. When they did meet again, Kurumi tried to push Lewis away, telling him that he shouldn't want to be with someone capable of hurting people like she was, but Lewis told her it wasn't her decision to make and that he wasn't going anywhere.

They are now married and have two children, James Eiji and Rebecca Keiko.


James Eiji's birth announcement


Rebecca Keiko's birth announcement

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Adam Burn, Kurumi's first friend in wizarding world

Kurumi met Adam in Mafam Malkins discussing ties of all things. For whatever reason, Kurumi felt comfortable talking to Adam and she quickly felt that he was someone she could trust, but with some reservations. Fear of being rejected again weighed heavy on her, but Adam proved time and time again that he was someone that she could rely on. Their friendship was tested when Adam started dating fellow first year Katie Star, and Kurumi often times felt like she was being pushed to the side by Katie's overpowering personality. Still, her and Adam always had the common room to talk to each other, along with the broom cupboard on the ground floor that became their secret hideout. By the end of Kurumi's first year, her and Adam's feelings for each other had grown and at the end of the term costume ball they were kind of sort of a couple, but nothing was solidified until the train ride to Hogwarts starting Kurumi's second year.

Everything seemed perfect and Kurumi's heart and mind were at ease. Little did she know, Adam had begun forming crushes on several girls and had been flirting with them behind her back. When Kurumi found out about this, she was furious because Adam had tried to keep it all a secret from her. Still, she forgave him and tried to turn a blind eye to the sliver of distrust he had planted. Over the next few months, more heartbreak was instore as Adam revealed that he would have to leave Hogwarts and move to Mexico. Depite Kurumi and others pleading with him and offering other ways to get around this, Adam made the decision on his own and ended his relationship with Kurumi "not knowing if they would ever see each other again."

To Kurumi, Adam was her first friend in the wizarding world and in life that stuck around and accepted her for who she was. It is because of this that she, at times, almost idolized him and reverred him more than was healthy. Kurumi had been chasing after the idea of what Adam represented and not him as a person. It took him leaving to see that he really hadn't treated her right and that she had been the one making all the effort.

Upon his return to Hogwarts, all her pent up rage and hurt from the year he had been gone could no longer be quelled, and she slapped him across the face only to be insulted right away by him. He, seemingly, hadn't changed at all. At present, Kurumi want's nothing to do with him.

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Eino Uronen, Kurumi's best male friend

Kurumi and Eino met on the Hogwarts Express at the beginning of both their second years. Kurumi was instantly drawn to the Ravenclaw because of the cactus he had sitting on his lap. The two talked in great length about the magical properties that Faustus, the cactus, possessed - even if it was all just in the boy's imagination. The two became friends quickly after that, sitting next to each other in most of their classes and just enjoying being second years together.

However, things became a little sticky when Eino tried to teach his pet cactus how to fly, throwing the potted plant from the top of the Owlery. He then tried to do the same with Kurumi's cat, Walnut, but Kurumi was able to use her quick thinking and Quidditch reflexes to save her feline companion from meeting the same crumbly fate as Faustus. The whole experience helped Kurumi realize that Eino's imagination was far too vast and overpowering - not necessarily a bad thing - but that she would need to stay on her toes.

One thing that their friendship provides Kurumi, other than trust and companionship, is laughter. Eino is always able to bring a smile to Kurumi's face. Whether that is intentional or not is another story.


Selina Skylar, Kurumi's best friend

Kurumi and Selina met on the Knight Bus traveling to Godric's Hallow during the summer going into Kurumi's second year. Still shy at the time, Kurumi did not speak much with Selina other than a few words of encouragement here and there, along with offering the red head advice about Hogwarts. During the first year they knew each other, Selina mostly spoke with Adam and seemed to be in an entirely different world from Kurumi. Kurumi, who was petrified of flying and Quidditch, had a hard time relating to the first year. However, all this changed when Adam left, leaving Kurumi nothing but an empty shell. Selina had been there to pick up the pieces and was more than just a friend to Kurumi. Selina became like a sister to her and the two began forming a bond that nothing would be able to break - although noses might from time to time. They tackled everything together: boys, chocolate frogs, flying, Quidditch, everything. Kurumi also supported Selina and became a very important companion during Divination when Selina's Seer abilities always seemed to act up the most. The two's bond became even stronger as the two tried to overcome their fears and anxieties about their special abilities together.


Hugo Doyle, Ravenclaw partner in crime

Kurumi and Hugo met during their first years at Hogwarts, but neither really spoke all that much to each other. They met on the first floor corridor by chance and Kurumi offered him cookies. This was the extent of their relationship until their second year when they began spending more time together and sat closer to each other during classes. Perhaps the event that triggered their friendship was during a Herbology lesson held by Professor Vindictus, who had temporarily taken up the post of Herbology Professor due to the mysterious disappearance of the actual professor. During this lesson, students were instructed to trim teething Venomous Tentacula plants. Hugo was bit, along with partially strangled, and began turning purple from the plant's poison and Kurumi struggled to bring him to the hospital wing for treatment. Hugo healed quickly and ever since then the two have been sort of reckless explorers together. They also gave up with a list of ambitions that they hoped to accomplish together during their time at Hogwarts, but seem to be better at planning things than actually doing them


Heather Olsen

Kurumi and Heather met in their first years at the opening feast. The two girls, both very shy at the time, did not speak too much until they arrived in their common room later after the feast. The two REALLY bonded over turning into canaries after eating Canary Creames together. Later in the term, Heather revealed a very personal family secret to Kurumi and the two bonded even more. Heather was Kurumi's first girl friend from Gryffindor house and part of what brought them together was that Heather was just as naive, if not more, as Kurumi. Kurumi therefore felt that Heather was someone that she could relate to and talk about things without having to worry about misinterpreting things. Kurumi also became very fond of Heather's stuffed panda, Mr. Panda and really enjoyed the long conversations with the three of them in the dorms - even if Mr. Panda never really spoke.


Treyen Lockhart

Kurumi and Treyen actually met under rather unfortunate circumstances. While checking out the sweets on the Food Trolley, Kurumi happened upon a mysterious Quibbler discussing the realtionship between the wizarding world and the muggle world. Always a sensitive subject to Kurumi, Treyen said something that made Kurumi cry, unintentionally, that flustered the poor boy but ended in the two of them becoming friends.

Kurumi always found herself drawn to Treyen...and blinded by his smile to the point where she bought a pair of sunglasses. She seems to be the only person affected in this manner. As the two spent more time together, Kurumi began forming a crush on Treyen and she thought that he returned her affections.

One thing that Treyen did that no other boy had ever done was help and encourage her to get through her shyness about being a Metamorph. In fact, Treyen is one of the first people to encourage her to actually show her abilities instead of trying to hide them away. This struck Kurumi's heartstrings and made her special connection with Treyen feel even stronger.

However, towards the end of her third year, Kurumi found herself confessing to Treyen that she liked him, perhaps confusing brotherly love for romantic interest since Treyen reminded her so much of Ryunosuke and her father, and was heartbroken when it was revealed to her that Treyen was already interested in someone else and that he did not feel the same way. A little something called polyjuice potion made matters even worse and now Kurumi finds that she has not only reverted back to her shy and introverted state around him, but she is even a little afraid of being near him.

Eventually, Kurumi was able to become readjusted to Treyen and began to relish in the brother-sister relationship they had formed after the Hufflepuff came to the Gryffindor and explained what all had happened. It took some time but things slowly returned to the way they used to be - minus her hair changing colors whenever she was around him. Treyen continued to be someone who Kurumi could confide in and was the first person in the school that she talked to about her mother's illness.


Stradivarius Salander, Papa Snake

Towards the end of Kurumi's first term, a Care of Magical Creatures class brought everyone to the Forbidden Forest to observe a Acromantula colony. While trying to get a closer look, Kurumi accidentally stepped on a twig, snapping it in half, and causing the spiders to suddenly charge at all the students. Salander had been the closest to Kurumi and had accepted her tiny hand as it searched for something to hold on to. Not even knowing who the tiny first year was, Salander made sure that Kurumi made it back to the castle safely. Kurumi immediately saw Salander as her Slytherin Prince and formed an innocent school girl crush on him.

During her second year, she found that Salander and Lexi were dating and was crushed for a time, but quickly healed from it all when she sorted out her feelings and realized that she felt that her and Salander had a very strong brother-sister connection. Ever since, Kurumi has thought of him not as her Slytherin Prince but as her Papa Snake. Kurumi feels that she can talk to Salander about anything and everything and he really sees her as a little sister. He is protective of Kurumi, especially when there are boys around.


Jonathan Kim, Slytherin

Kurumi and Jonathan met during Kurumi's third year on a Hogsmeade weekened when she met up with Heather in Madame Puddifoots. The two got along well and Kurumi instantly saw him as yet another big brother figure in her life. The two spent a lot of time together, chatting and getting to know each other, and Jonathan quickly turned into one of those people Kurumi knew that she could depend on and speak to openly about anything.

During the summer leading into her fourth year, Kurumi and him met up during the carnival going on in Diagon Alley and it was during this time that Kurumi began to feel a little differently towards him. However, coming off the disaster of a term that had been Connor and Treyen, Kurumi tried her best to ignore these feelings for fear that she would only be repeating the same mistake again. However, when they met on the platform to head to Hogwarts, it became apparent that there was SOMETHING going on. During the first half of the term, the two grew even closer and there were several occasions where both tried to tell the other how they felt - including Kurumi declaring her love of French bread - and she went into her winter holidays with the small regret that she hadn't told Jonathan how she felt.

Upon returning after the holidays, she was surprised to find that Jonathan had bought her a gift in the form of a purple scarf. She had a gift for him as well - a knitted green teddy bear - and after giving it to him finally told him how she felt. She assumed that he would only look at her like a little sister, so she was surprised when he returned her feelings and kissed her.

The following year, Jonathan left Hogwarts suddenly due to his father pulling him from school and was never given the opportunity to return Kurumi's letters. This reopened old wounds in the Gryffindor and she thought that Jonathan had forgotten and abandoned her. It turned out that he never had, but the damage had been done as Kurumi had cheated on the Slytherin with Hufflepuff Lewis Rasting. When Kurumi told Jonathan of this, ultimately ending their relationship, both were heart broken as it was the first time either of them had said "I love you" to another person. Jonathan told Kurumi that ending their relationship would mean that he would never speak to her again because he would always want more.

They are currently on speaking terms and moderately "okay".


Josh Carter, Gryffindor

Kurumi first met Josh only a few weeks after discovering that she was a witch. Upon her first visit to Diagon Alley, the then eleven year old was easily distracted by everything in the streets and literally ran into him, falling backwards in the middle of the cobbled road. Josh picked her up and offered her a piece of chocolate - to which she still keeps in her pocket at all times.

Kurumi developed a sort of girlish crush on Josh from that moment on, but often got those feelings confused with brotherly love like emotions. Still, her hair did manage to turn pink around him a few times, but that stopped once Kurumi met Evelyn Flores at the opening feast her first term. She had found Josh at the Slytherin house table and present him with a cookie to which the She-snake GLARED at the first year Gryffindor and therefore earned herself the nickname of "Cookie Hater." Still, the encounter did not hinder Kurumi was wanting to spend more time with Josh - she just kept her distance whenever she was near.

Josh became one of Kurumi's fiercest older brother figures and he, in return, became perhaps more protective of her than even Salander was capable of. Josh graduating weighed heavily on Kurumi, seeing as Josh had become a huge part of being a Gryffindor to her, so when it came time for her to board the train and head back to Hogwarts she was very sad to say good bye to him. However, Josh left her with a piece of him to have with her at all times - his Hogwarts tie.


The name Kurumi (久留美) is the Japanese word for "walnut". However, when you break up the individual kanji in her name the meaning becomes "long time," "detain," and "beauty." The last name of Hollingberry was chosen from a selection of rare British last names found through Google.

Fun Facts

  • Kurumi's personality is based of her creator's 3 host siblings
  • While Kurumi may love baking, her creator is slightly indifferent to it
  • Kurumi's back story of being bullied by her classmates because of her half-Japanese status comes from personal experience and observation
  • Kurumi's creator really wants a munchkin cat
  • Back when her character was being created, the name Seraphia Kurokawa was used. This name would roughly mean "angel of the black river," but was thrown out when the character's personality became more soft and gentle
  • Kurumi Hollingberry is played by Keiko Kitagawa