Lily Violet Potter

Liliana Mumy

Actor: Liliana Mumy

DoB: July 13, 2065

PoB: Great Langdale Valley, United Kingdom

Lives: Great Langdale Valley, UK

Blood: Halfblood (Discovered magical blood on her father's side of the family in year 6 of Hogwarts.)

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Year: Seventh

Wand: Rowan wood, graphorn hide 12.5 inches, tad stiff Patronus: unknown

Boggart: unknown

Occupation: Student


Youth (2065-Summer of 2076)

Lily Violet Potter was the firstborn daughter to Joseph James and Katie Marie(Graziano) Potter. She was born in a local hospital on July 13, 2065, weighing 3.4kg and 52cm in length. Her distinctive features are her bright blue eyes and red hair. Lily had a pretty basic childhood. She started reading at age 3, exceptionally early for her skill level. Her parents homeschooled her through elementary school. Her younger brother, Lupin James, was born in December 2075. It wasn't until when she turned 11 that she received a letter from the magical school known as Hogwarts that she realized she was a witch. Her parents took her to Diagon Alley for the first time and then on September 1, 2076, they took her to Kings Cross Station and sent her to her first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

First Year (2076-2077) Term 30

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actress:Liliana Mumy

Lily's train ride to Hogwarts was uneventful, except for the discovery of different kinds of candy not seen by muggle kind. Once they reached Hogsmeade, she was able to get her first glimpse of the castle across the black lake. After the boats took her and the other firsties across the lake, they made their way up into the castle for the first time.

See here for Sorting: [1]

After her sorting into Ravenclaw house, Lily sat down at the table for the opening feast and made her first of few long time friends in Louisa Carter, a fifth year Ravenclaw, as seen here([2]) Louisa would play a big role in Lily's next few years at the school.

In the time following the feast, Lily met a few more people who would become her friends including one Taylor McIntyre, a former transfer from Beaubatons to Hogwarts. Taylor was a year ahead of Lily and was in Ravenclaw house as well.

Lily attended many lessons in her first term, including a charms lesson that ended in a game of capture the flag and her first flying lesson. She attended a couple quidditch matches to cheer on her house team. She even participated in a sleep over outside the castle where they could watch the stars, until they had some animal issues when animals from the forbidden forest came and crashed the party.

The biggest part of the term for Lily was when she fell down the stairs on her way to class and knocked herself out while also damaging her knee. Luckily, Taylor and another friend were there and were able to get her to the hospital wing where Healer Tillstorm revived her and mended her knee. Lily had to stay the night in the observation wing until her knee was better and she was released.

After an interesting first term at Hogwarts, Lily ended up making the top ravenclaw points earner list once at the very beginning of the term. The closing feast and train ride home were soon over and Lily was back with her parents and her 1 year old brother.

Second Year (2077-2078) Term 31

Lily's second term started off meeting several new people on the platform in King's Cross Station. One of such people happened to be on the receiving end of Lily's uncontrolled trolley, though no one ended up injured in the incident.

For the most part, the term went off without any issues. Lily tried out and made the Ravenclaw quidditch team as a reserve and was able to play in a couple matches as beater under the lead of Captain Ellie Stone. They even managed to win the Quidditch Cup in Lily's first term on the team. Lily was also tied for 3rd in most bludger hits of the season with 3. One other new twist to the term, Louisa Carter, Lily's go-to upper classman had become prefect for the claws.

The term ended up being very similar to the others. Typical classes of daily life, with one small exception. In Care of Magical Creatures, WWW hatched a baby dragon which the class named Roro. They spent the term learning about how to care for dragons. The term ended with all those who had been frozen becoming unfrozen and with the great Headmaster Tate retiring. The train home was as typical as any year, with Lily wondering what the next year would bring.

Third Year (2078-2079) Term 32

Fourth Year (2079-2080) Term 33

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Fifth Year (2080-2081) Term 34

Sixth Year (2081-2082) Term 35

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Seventh Year (2082-2083) Term 36

Current Term.

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