Small kitten


Marshmallow is the magical familiar of Leaky Cauldron's owner, Ryoma Shiradou . While the cotton ball with eyes will spend the majority of his time perched on his master's shoulders, the cat also waites tables with a tray charmed to his back.

Many who enter the Leaky Caludron are surprised to find that someone like Ryoma has an animal like Marshmallow, but no one is more surprised than the man himself. When Ryoma walked into Magical Menagerie with a lady he was on a date with, he had every intention of impressing the woman with how much he knew about felines - show his sensitive side as it were. But when he laid eyes on Marshmallow, it was he who walked out of the shop with a new pet.


Ryoma Shiradou

Ryoma will not go anywhere without Marshmallow and the cat even has his say in the interview process for hiring at the Leaky Cauldron. Each client has exactly 30 seconds to try and find the cat's sweet spot or else they cannot be hired. Thankfully, Ryoma's current assistant was able to find the cat's sweet spot- located on the bottom of his hind left foot right between his foot paddings - in 23 seconds exact.