Maybelle Anne Ozera, Present year

Maybelle Anne Ozera was born on February 14. She lived everywhere, but mostly, she lived in Los Angeles, California, with her Aunt. When the summer before her fouth year, her Aunt had told her to pack her bags because they were moving to England, and she would be attending Hogwart's School For Whitchcraft And Wizardry. Of course, Maybelle was upset with her Aunt. What fourteen year old girl wouldn't be? She was moving a whole continet away! Well, that was...until the year had started and she met Jacob Ryan Newman, who would soon become the boy she fell in love with. The only problem at the time, was his sister, Isobel Maria VonHue.

But, as time went on, Maybelle and Isobel went through some "fun" times. Mostly it was Maybelle unintentionally breaking Isobel's wrist. Maybelle: HEY! That wasn't MY fault! There was also the time they went to Hogsmeade and Jake had tried to make Maybelle and Isobel friends. Yup, that worked. And of course, there was the summer when Isobel had slammed the door in Maybelle's face.