Melanie Sung
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Full Name:

Melanie Sung

Goes by:

Mel, Mellie, Melon, Melon Head, Marshmallow, Royal Fruit, Princess Melon, Bunny, Noodles Girl

Date of Birth:

April 27th, 2064





Relationship Status:


Magical Abilities & School


11 inches, Birch wood with a unicorn hair core


Currently unknown


Currently Unknown

Best Subject:

Charms & Arithmancy

Worst Subject:



Music, singing, dancing, playing with instruments, art, drawing badly, photography, pink, purple, smiling, outdoors, flying, the zoo, her guitar, shopping, ice cream, chocolate, making pastries, making food, shiny things, soda, airplanes, sports, breakfast, hats, rabbits, Mondays, mornings, stuffed animals, hugs, noodles


snakes, clowns, fangs, the wind blowing her papers, liars, butterbeer, tripping, scratches, being unprepared, losing things, getting lost, her cousins tricking her, dirt, rats, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Jellybeans, homework, writing, small dark places, being bored, being hungry


Clowns, snakes, sharks, vampires, animals with very sharp teeth and a taste for human flesh, being a nobody, setting something on fire, hurting other people, the boogeyman, magical creatures

Melanie Sung was born on April 27th, 2064 in New Jersey, USA. She graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the year 2082. She was a transfer student from Salem. Melanie is currently pursuing a career as a singer in America and is getting ready to become famous. Melanie Sung is now signed under the company of Bewitched Records.


Early Life

Melanie Sung is the daughter of Elizabeth & Kenny Sung and born on April 27th, 2064. She was born and raised in New Jersey, USA content with her ordinary life. Both her parents are half-bloods, making her one as well.

Her parents are both very protective of their daughter, particularly her father who will always worry about his little girl.

Melanie Sung (1 year old)

Elizabeth & Kenny married at the age of 23 & 24, respectively, and had Melanie a year later. Elizabeth works as a dance instructor while her father is an architect. Melanie learned dance from her mother but didn't ever care too much about architecture and how it was important.

When her parents were at work, Melanie would often be taken care of by her Aunt Minnie with her cousin Elaine. As a result, Melanie is a very family-oriented girl who will never turn down the chance to be with family - hence why she is staying with her grandparents. At the age of eight, she displayed signs that she knew magic when she accidentally petrified a clown at her birthday party. As a result, Melanie is afraid of them now because she will never be able to get the image of that clown in her face out of her mind. At the age of nine, she developed a keen interest in music and dance because her cousin Elaine had taken up both as well.

Up until the age of ten, Melanie attended a Muggle primary school to learn her alphabet and math. She quite enjoyed going to school there but she never felt like she belonged there even though she got along fine with everyone. Her fondest memories were of snack times with her classmates because they would all swap snacks to get what they liked the most.

Life at Salem

First Year

Melanie was excited to enter Salem since her favorite cousin Elaine went there as well. She wanted to feel like an adult going off to a school by herself. She knew she would miss her parents dearly but she was too excited to

Melanie Sung (11)

care. While at Salem her first year, she met her best friends, Sabrina & Jason, who she loved dearly. Melanie believed in cooties at one point, but her cousin, who was three years her senior, told her that cooties didn't really exist which was the only reason why she was friends with Jason in the first place. She struggled with a few of her classes and was lucky that the classes that she didn't excel at, her best friends did. Melanie is very grateful for her two best friends who supported her through everything.

From her friends she learned many things and tried to figure out who she was amongst them. She didn't exactly know what that meant but she had heard about it from her cousin so she thought it was something she ought to do. Melanie did know what she wanted to be though when she grew up - she wanted to be famous. Her friends agreed as well. They all decided that one day, the three would be famous and still be best friends and that they would never ever forget each other. With that, the three often hung around the school, chatting, laughing, dancing and singing trying to figure out how they were going to be famous.

That summer she was upset to leave school because she didn't want to leave her friends behind. She was grateful though because Sabrina & Jason didn't live too far away from Melanie... well... not exactly. The two resided in NYC and that was the first time Melanie was able to go to the city with just her cousin alone. It definitely made her feel more grown up.

Second Year

In Melanie's second year she was more excited to go back. Over the summer, she had learned how to play guitar after begging her parents to allow her to get lessons. Despite having fingers that hurt and were covered in different bandaids, she was bouncing with energy. That was also the year she got a tad bit... obsessed with teddy bears. Melanie got a particularly cute one from Sabrina as a gift when Sabrina went to visit her family back in China. Melanie got her fair share of scrapes and scratches elsewhere though because that was also the year she discovered high heels and how she just wasn't meant to be wearing them. She adored the height because it

Melanie Sung (12)

made her almost as tall as Jason so she wore them as much as possible even though she fell a lot. This year was when her grandparents moved to London and as many times as she begged her parents to let her go overseas to visit them, their answer was a firm no.

Melanie was persistent though and kept asking her parents. She told them she was a big girl and as a result, she was given the task to take care of a goldfish. Her parents said if she could take care of it well, they would let her go. Sadly, she had overfed it and Sabrina had promptly flushed it down the toilet. The two tried to decieve Melanie's parents by purchasing a new one but she felt too guilty and immediately told them what had happen. During this year, she also developed a bit of a crush on her friend, Jason. Her cousin told her it was stupid though and that Melanie wasn't really crushing on him or anything because she didn't talk about him all the time.

During the summer, Jason & Melanie went to the zoo. Sabrina had been invited but had fallen sick which made Melanie a bit upset. Melanie also finally convinced her parents that she would be able to visit her grandparents. She also met her future best friend during this summer when she was wandering around NYC with her cousin. Her cousin had "accidentally" ditched the thirteen year old girl and Melanie ran into Landon, who she would become close friends with.

Third Year

Melanie entered the school year with a bright smile because she had convinced her parents to let her visit her grandparents. Better yet, they had also talked to her grandparents and was set to stay with them for a while. Melanie was ecstatic about it all and entered Salem with a cheerful smile. Her best friends, however, were less than pleased. They were supposed to stay together throughout the years and they wouldn't if Melanie went away. This year, Melanie also got her first boyfriend - Jason, but they quickly ended it because it was just a little bit too awkward and they decided a crush was just a crush and it didn't mean anything really.

Melanie Sung (13)

During the winter break, Melanie visited her grandparents to decorate her room. When she went out for a walk, she ran into Landon Hughes once more in an ice cream parlor where they talked before Landon left. Melanie didn't mind though because he had promised to give her a tour some time.

Upon arriving back at Salem, Melanie counted the days down till she would be able to get on an airplane again and travel back to that "wonderful country where people spoke with the pretty accents". Her best friends got a bit annoyed by this because they felt as though Melanie was excited to leave them but she wasn't. It was sorted out quickly. By the time Melanie was about to leave, the three had made many more memories and she knew that she would never forget either of them. Plus, they both gave her a teddy bear to add to her collection so that she would never forget them... ever.

Life at Hogwarts

Fourth Year

Melanie Sung; Gryffindor

The summer before Melanie's fourth year was definitely a nice one. She spent most of it hanging out in Diagon Alley and making new friends. Hanging out in Diagon Alley allowed her to meet other Hogwarts students and incoming transfers and for her to learn more about the school she would be attending. During this time, she met Queen Alice, Erin Heyman, Juliet Kim, Ryan Myles and several other people. She is happy to say that she is now friends with them and didn't have a rough time making friends. Melanie also purchased her first owl, and the only one that she CLAIMS doesn't hate her, Cotton Candy.

Things got a bit more troublesome on the way to Hogwarts though. During the train ride to Hogwarts, Melanie was super excited up until the point the train stopped moving and the students were forced to portkey to Hogsmeade Station where she found out that Queen Alice had a broken leg. Melanie was definitely panicking but with the help of an adorable cat and a lovely Gryffindor Prefect, the girl was able to relax and take a ride in the carriages to Hogwarts where she was sorted into the house of Gryffindor.

While in the house of Gryffindor, she has met many new people and made it onto the Gryffindor Quidditch team.

Melanie with blonde highlights.

Melanie had no prior experience playing in an actual game of Quidditch and was very surprised when she made it onto the team. She was even more surprised when she played beater in the first game. Melanie was actually a bit uncomfortable with this position that required hitting things that hit people but wasn't too bad at it. She practiced whacking things for a bit. During her second game, she played keeper and didn't do as well as she had hoped.

During this term, she also made new friends who became like her siblings. For example; Abigail "Abby" Hastings, who is now officially Melanie's elder sister. Her world also exploded when she was told that teddy bears weren't real and couldn't actually hear her. She was devastated. This was also the time when Melanie had to break up with her teddy bear boyfriend, Mister Bear. It was upsetting. During the winter break, Melanie got highlights in her hair, courtesy of her elder cousin, and she hates them despite the fact they kinda match her best friend's hair on occassion. She much preferred plain black hair. Luckily, they started to fade around March.

Melanie Sung; Quidditch player

Melanie's fourth year went quite swimmingly and she made loads of good friends and the whatnot. She got her first dog, Munchie, for her fifteenth birthday and didn't do anything too extravagant for her birthday though she had planned to. What she had really wanted to do was to really just sit down and eat cake with Alice and Landon. But Landon was going through a tough time so she supposed it was alright that this birthday wasn't amazing.

At the end of the term, Melanie realized that Miss Kurumi was finally leaving and she was sad about it but knew there were great things in store for the elder Gryffindor. She was just really excited for Summer break though so it was quite difficult for her to be truly disappointed. She also recieved an award. Given, the professor had called her Melanie Sung the Ravenclaw, which she clearly was NOT, but she didn't mind. She came in as the third place beater with three hits which was amazing to her because she only played beater ONCE. And she hadn't been to comfortable with that position either.

Fifth Year


Melanie Sung with red-brown hair. But mostly red.

started the summer before her fifth year in an argument with her best friend Landon, ending their friendship for possibly forever. She had been moping around before being invited to spend the night at Alice's. That was when she finally forgot about everything that had happened because something else happened - her hair. Alice Fischer had already threated to dye Melanie's hair but never thought that the younger Gryffindor would carry out on it. To put it simply, Melanie was wrong and now has red-brown hair. As revenge, Melanie has done the same to Alice. Despite how Landon and Melanie had almost ended their friendship, after a bit of talking and a random kiss at the Cafe With the Colorful Umbrellas, the two were a bit more than friends.

Melanie and Landon became a couple over the summer, doing couple-y things and being adorable and the whatnot. However, every fairytale comes to an end or well, comes to something - Landon wasn't going to be attending Hogwarts with Melanie that term which made her quite upset but she didn't mind. A month after the term started, the two split because of Melanie's stupidity and jealousy. Though, she did continue to do Quidditch this year. After her break up with Landon, she seemed to be a bit of a shell; she preferred being alone rather than with other people and didn't seem to smile as much. After a while, Christmas rolled around and she was back to normal or as normal as she could be.

Fifth year was OWL's year so Melanie has been studying loads, though getting quite bored with it. On the bright side, studying meant more study breaks which meant more food which means that Melanie was eating just as much as she was studying. In other words, Melanie ate a lot. Around that time, her red-brown hair had faded and turned more into a plain old brown before fading and turning back into her normal colored hair.

Later on in the year, Melanie recieved detention for having a tea party in the Astrophysics Laboratory. It was an accident of course, mostly because she had forgotten about the rules and decided it would be alright to eat food in the lab with her star. She was then joined by Alice and the two recieved detention together despite how it was pretty much just Melanie's fault. Professor Flamsteed's idea of punishment was making the two girls organize his tea and then eating an entire plate of disgusting cookies. Melanie thought that was quite unfair because she had made yummy cookies and the professor had eaten those instead of slime cookies. Plus, the two girls were then covered in the slime dripping from the ceiling of the dungeons. It was nasty. Luckily, Alice was smart and stuffed all the cookies down her robes so that the two could escape that horrible punishment.

Melanie's fifth year ended nicely with plans to work over the summer and visit her best friend/ex-boyfriend, Landon, and to just enjoy the summer after studying so much for the OWLs.

OWL Results
Ancient Runes: A
Arithmancy: O
Astronomy: E
Care of Magical Creatures: O
Charms: E
Defense Against the Dark Arts: E
Divination: O
Herbology: E
History of Magic: E
Muggle Studies: O
Potions: O
Transfiguration: O

Sixth Year

The summer of 2080 was a quiet summer for Melanie. She flew back home for the summer and easily got a job with her elder cousin's help as a waitress in a muggle restaurant. Suprisingly, Melanie enjoyed her job immensley only stopping by Diagon Alley on her days off. Over the summer she was also able to visit Landon because her job just so happened to be in the same city Landon was residing in. However, Melanie's summer was not just dedicated to working. She actually went on a few dates with a coworker but because he was a muggle and she was not, and the fact that she didn't even go to school in the city, that remained a secret to most and ended quickly no matter how cute he was. Over the summer, Melanie also frequented open mic nights at cafes with her elder cousin, enjoying the chance to just sing out loud in front of an audience and reminding herself that one day she'd be paid to do that.

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Seventh Year

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After Hogwarts

Melanie Sung's debut as a singer in America

After graduating from Hogwarts, Melanie and Landon both ended up moving to New York. Originally, Melanie's plans after graduation was to go save up some more money before traveling for a year with Abby however, their plans fell through. Regardless, Melanie worked back at a muggle restaurant for a bit and going to open mic nights at cafes like she had done in previous summers. The former lioness also frequented open mic nights in wizarding cafes hidden in the dark alleyways of New York City with Landon. After a few months, the two decided to move in together into an apartment located in Lower Manhattan.

While at an open mic night at Accio Cafe, Melanie was approached by a man who represented Bewtiched Records. She was greeted by a hello and a business card and was told to call him after she considered his offer. He had offered her a chance to try and record with them for a little bit before cutting a demo. Melanie could barely wait till the next day to call the man back.

After doing some investigating, as her cousin and Landon both requested, Melanie finally confirmed that this guy was the real deal. She called him back a few days later and he quickly set up some studio time for Melanie.

First Magazine Cover for Witchly Magazine, a USA based teen magazine

Her first album was simply a cover of popular muggle songs from the 2010's before starting to work on her own music. She went through extensive dance and vocal training to help assist her with her future endeavors. While she wanted to write an acoustic album, her manager insisted that making a more upbeat, dance-type music would make her more sucessful at first before pursuing what she wanted to do. Reluctantly, Melanie agreed.

The cover album was sucessful and booked Melanie several gigs before getting some jobs as opening acts for other wellknown singers. All the while, she was working on her next album which was released entitled "JUMP!".

The album included thirteen songs.

The tracks include: 1. Jump! 2. Don't Stop the Party 3. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 4. Me & You 5. Dream High 6. Dance, Dance 7. Midnight 8. Closer 9. 11:59 10. Hey Hi Hello 11. Dream High (acoustic) 12. Me & You (remix) 13. Sundown

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Melanie is very trusting of people and believes that they wouldn’t lie to her. That’s also the reason why it’s very easy to gain her trust but also just as easy to lose it. Once you lose her trust in you, she’ll always wonder if what you’re saying is a lie. Melanie is very sweet and tries to obey her parents’ wishes and do well academically. However, she isn’t exactly the sharpest and can be a bit slow at times but by no means is she stupid. She can


be very smart and can study diligently but she believes that one day she’ll be famous and she won’t need any of the things she learns in school which can deter her from what she’s supposed to do.

She also loves joking around and general teasing of others. It’s very easy to make Melanie laugh and when she finds something particularly funny; it can take her a while to stop laughing. She also loves making other people laugh and smile with music and lame jokes. She’s not the best at telling jokes but she loves hearing them from other people. Melanie also ends up cracking up whenever she trips or dances awkwardly. It’s not that she’s a bad dancer, she just doesn’t like it when the spotlight is put on her immediately and she has to dance – she simply doesn’t know what to do any does something random. The girl is also very clumsy and trips over everything and anything which isn’t great since she loves to wear tall shoes; plus, she has a horrible sense of direction.

In a small group of people, she can be loud and outgoing but in front of a huge audience of over forty people, she gets quite nervous and her face turns red. Getting compliments can also cause her cheeks to turn pink. She is, generally, very comfortable around people though and doesn’t mind striking up a conversation with a stranger. Because she dislikes crying, Melanie tries to be optimistic though there are her off days when she’s just sensitive.


Melanie stands proudly at 5 feet, 5 inches tall. At one point, she had conviced herself that she was really tall before all her cousins grew even taller and she just felt short. Melanie knows she'll grow taller though... at least she hopes she does. But she doesn't mind because that means that she can still wear heels. Melanie loves to wear tall shoes because it makes her taller but she's not the most graceful which means she ends up on the floor more often that she would like or care to admit.

She likes to wear t-shirts and jeans or a large sweater though because they're comfortable but she also loves to

Melanie and her guitar

wear dresses and skirts and all things pretty. She can found most often in her school uniform and wearing a hat or some hair accessory because she loves hats. She also adores clothes that her elder cousin, Elaine, gives her because she finds them amazing - mostly because she looks up to her cousin. Melanie also loves nerdy glasses without lenses thinking hat they are adorable and fashionable.

Melanie also has long dark brown/black hair. She dyed it at one point a lighter brown but is quite over it now because she also had shorter hair. Over the summer, she likes to cut her hair so that it is shoulder-length because it feels lighter but she doesn't like how short it is, limiting how she could possibly style it. She weighs about 112 lbs and will always carry a bag with her. Melanie will not be found without her adorable bandaids of all sorts because she knows she's going to need them when she trips or falls.



To Melanie, family is very important. She strives to please her parents and is very close to them all. Melanie doesn't know where she'd be without her family members and hates to disappoint them because when she does, she feels as though she is also letting herself down. To her, friends are also like her family.

Elizabeth Sung

Elizabeth Sung

Elizabeth Sung (nee Woo) is quite strict. She demands perfection from her daughter because that was simply the way she was brought up. Elizabeth loves her daughter very much and pushes Melanie to be the best she could possibly be though Melanie often forgets what her mother says and does the wrong things. Melanie respects her mother a lot but her mother often finds Melanie a bit childish. Elizabeth will always have a smile on her face though it can be quite hard to tell whether she means it or not. Melanie doesn't mind when her mother gives her a sarcastic smile because Melanie will take that as a hint to actually make her mother laugh. Which she would eventually find a way to do.

Her mother doesn't approve of how clumsy Melanie is but loves the fact that she decided to take up dancing. Melanie learns dance from her mother and her mother pushes her even more in this field, hoping that it will make Melanie a little more graceful. Sadly, nothing has come out of it yet.

Elizabeth never turns down an opportunity to teach her daughter a lesson about life and responsibility and the consequences one has to face.

Kenny Sung

Kenny Sung

As a father, he loves his daughter very much. Melanie loves her father too though there are times when her father will act more immature than her. Kenny is a very carefree man who loves a good laugh. He enjoys cracking jokes and making people smile which is why Melanie thinks that he's the perfect fit with her mother. Her father can always make her mother smile, a true genuine smile, no matter what the circumstances are. That's also why Melanie also tells her father about all her misdeeds first - so he can break it to her mother.

Kenny works as an architect and attempted to teach Melanie about it many times. Kenny finds it interesting but his daughter wasn't interested in anything but the final product. As a child, Melanie would go to her father for help with any school projects because she loved watching him help her with painting things and building little models.

As carefree as her father is, he does have quite a few tricks up his sleeve to make sure that Melanie never steps out of line. He has a way with words and whenever he knows Melanie did something bad but won't admit it, he has a way of guilting her into confessing everything.

Elaine Woo

Melanie and Elaine hanging out in the summer time

Elaine is Melanie's elder cousin, by three years, and Melanie looks up to her a lot. Elaine is what made Melanie interested in music and becoming famous in the first place because that's what Elaine intended on doing. From a young age, Melanie would look up to Elaine and dress like her, talk like her and try to hang out like her. When school started and Melanie made new friends the two cousins drifted apart. Elaine is finishing her last year in Salem while Melanie is at Hogwarts.

Elaine treats Melanie like her younger sister because the two were around each other so much, it definitely felt like it. Elaine gets irritated easily when Melanie hangs out around her too much and can have a bit of a temper. She gets mad easily and can come off as mean to many people because she finds a lot of people, like Melanie, weird. However, she is very good at getting her way and is very good at sweet-talking when she needs to.


Sabrina Park

Sabrina Park

Sabrina is Melanie's best friend since the two met at Salem. The two were actually both looking for their first class when they got lost and got scolded at by the teachers for being late. Since that very first day the two have become super close. Sabrina was dubbed "the Dinosaur" by Melanie and Jason because Sabrina would eat a lot. She was the type of person who would steal food off of your plate when you weren't looking. After Sabrina tried to take a bite out of Melanie one day, Melanie was known as "the Marshmallow". Melanie didn't get it, but found it funny.

At first, Sabrina didn't say much but when she did it meant a lot. The two realized that they had similar goals and wanted to be famous after talking a lot to each other. Melanie and Sabrina could tell anything to each other and after their first year together at school, Sabrina was running around the place, shouting things. She knew all of Melanie's secrets and Melanie knew all of Sabrina's. It was through Sabrina that she met her other best friend, and a third of their little trio - Jason Jung.

Jason Jung

Melanie and Jason back in Salem.

Jason is Melanie's second best friend, but tied with Sabrina for first ranking in Melanie's list of best friends. Sabrina & Jason actually knew each other prior to entering Salem since the two were neighbors. Melanie was hesitant with being friends with Jason because her cousin Elaine had told her once about this thing called cooties and that just sounded gross to the girl. But after a little more time, the two became super close and cooties were forgotten. After all, friends didn't give friends cooties - that was just weird. Jason, like Sabrina & Melanie, wanted to be famous but preferred dancing over everything. He enjoyed being the center of attention and being good at stuff while Sabrina & Melanie would't flaunt their talent like he did.

For a very brief time during the summer before her third year and in the beginning of her third year, the two dated. But it quickly ended because of three reasons - one, Melanie was going to leave for Hogwarts at the end of the year; two, the two found it awkward to be anything more than friends and three, it was just a crush.

However, the two remained close friends and Melanie will always have a little place in her heart for her first boyfriend, kiss and tied-first-place best friend.

Landon Hughes


The way Landon and Melanie met was actually an interesting story. Or not really. It was the summer before Melanie's third year when they met in New York City. Melanie was out with her cousin and her cousin's friends. Elaine had told Melanie to wait on the sidewalk for a while so that Elaine could get ice cream for her. Melanie had agreed before she realized they had ditched her and had asked Landon if he had seen an ice cream truck pass by. The two quickly became friends, exchanging phone numbers and even having their nicknames for each other. Melanie was dubbed "Melon" by Melanie and Landon was called "Pobby". Odd? Maybe.

The next time they met was a pure coincidence. During the winter break of Melanie's third year, Melanie ran into Landon at an ice cream parlor in London where they talked over ice cream. Landon was definitely Melanie's new best friend after that. Well, her best friend on another continent.

Landon and Melanie met up the summer before their fourth year ready to enter Hogwarts. The two become very close and eventually not just best friends on another continent but just her best friend. The two dated briefly before breaking up after Landon moved and started to attend Durmstrang. However, a little bit along the way, the two found a way to make it work again and are now currently dating and have been for over a year and a half.

"Queen" Alice Fischer

Alice & Melanie.

Alice Fischer and Melanie met formally when they were at Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream parlor. Prior to it, Alice was Queen Alice to Melanie & Melanie was Princess Melon, which basically meant Alice was Melanie's mother. She wasn't Melanie's real mother, but Melanie went with it because it was... interesting. Melanie made a pig-rabbit for the younger girl and also swore that one day she'd get the blonde in a dress. Which she will since Alice had promised Melanie that the two would go dress shopping. Therefore it was a win for Melanie. Either way, Melanie was determined to get the blonde in a dress. However, as of the beginning of summer in the year 2079, Alice Fischer was no longer a blonde... but a brunette because Melanie had dyed the girl's hair.

Melanie looks up to the younger girl a little bit and loves being friends with her. She worries when the girl gets hurt though, immediately making Melanie go into a mother-mode... which means the roles have been switched since Alice is supposed to be Melanie's mom. Though there is proof of Melanie mothering Alice or worrying too much about her... like when the train broke down. The two are also on the Gryffindor Quidditch team together and do loads of stuff together... like get noodles. Because that's absolutely necessary.

Abigail "Abby" Hastings

Abby is Melanie's unofficial-official elder sister. Abby is two years older than Melanie,

Abby & Melanie going out shopping.

making her a sixth year. Melanie isn't exactly sure how the two became sisters but they did and Melanie is very grateful for it. -will add more when Jenn isn't lazy-


Term 32 (2078-2079)

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Term 33 (2079-2080)

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