Nikolaus von Brandt


Nikolaus Julian Kiefer von Brandt

Date of Birth

11th January 2085


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry






Athletic, strong, sturdy, 5'10"


Dark blond, floppy



Magical Characteristics




9 ¾", hippogriff talon, spruce. Sturdy.




Freshly cut grass, brand new sports gear



Nikolaus Julian Kiefer von Brandt, more commonly known as Niko, is a young wizard currently in his sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Born in Germany and named Nikolaus Wolff at the time of his birth, Niko was adopted at the age of four by Caspar von Brandt and James von Brandt (né Summers), and in the process gained an older sister, Philippa von Brandt. Niko started his first year at Hogwarts in 2096 and was sorted into Slytherin house. When not at school, he lives in Cumbria with his family.

Personality and Key Characteristics

Niko is highly competitive and active, which works out well for him as he takes part in various sports and considers himself to be a serious athlete, holding numerous medals and trophies. The sports Niko actively competes in are youth mixed martial arts, combat, and swimming, the latter of which he is not quite as interested in but still pushes himself to win because he never wants to lose. He is a naturally good swimmer. The sports that Niko takes part in (non-competitively) are horse-riding (only in the summer now that he's at Hogwarts), karate (he is currently a junior black belt), and skateboarding (which he dreams of competing in but likely will not, due to his other commitments). Before going to Hogwarts, Niko was also on youth cricket and lacrosse teams, but, though he enjoyed both sports, had to give them up in order to attend boarding school, as he could not commit to team sports and the associated training sessions throughout the term.

At Hogwarts, Niko is granted occasional weekends out of school to compete, and undergoes intensive karate training throughout the holidays to make up for missing out during the school year. He practices all of his sports throughout the year, while also keeping up with his studies. His social life is therefore a necessary sacrifice, and he has few friends. With his time being so precious, he is very particular about who he will spend time with, and who he considers a friend. But Niko is also very impatient with people, partly for this reason and partly because he has little tolerance for the drama which is rampant among his peers.

As well as being competitive, Niko is extremely ambitious, with high hopes for himself in the worlds of sport, and high expectations for himself in terms of academia. Though he no longer believes he is inherently better than everyone else - in sports or otherwise - Niko is nevertheless aware that his dedication to everything he does makes him a very intelligent and skilful young man, and he sees no need for false modesty. What's more, he prefers that his achievements come from hard work, determination, and dedication, rather than natural ability, because that means he is the sole reason for his successes.

Though he is not necessarily lacking tact, Niko can be rather blunt in his approaches to socialising, usually due to the fact that he doesn't see the point in wasting time talking about unnecessary things when he could get straight to the point. He is confident, approaching others and introducing himself with no worries about social interaction, and though he doesn't have a great many friends, that is more to do with the time he devotes to his sports and schoolwork than an inability to befriend others. Despite his bluntness and need to keep things moving forward and not dither around in the present moment, Niko is highly perceptive and notices subtle changes in things or people. He is terrible at small talk, but good at engaging in deeper conversations about the things that matter.

Niko has always been strong-willed and stubborn, with things generally being his way or the highway, and this has mellowed only slightly as he has gotten older. He does whatever he can to get what he wants, whatever the cost, rarely giving up. His stubbornness makes him hate to lose, either in competitions or in life. He is fiercely loyal to a select few, and expects this to be reciprocated always. Any kind of betrayal, real or perceived, leaves him utterly thunderstruck and deeply hurt. Niko does not make those kind of feelings widely known, however, and instead forms long-lasting grudges.

After he was adopted, Niko grew up a very spoilt child, and hints of this still remain in his attitude. He can be impatient and intolerant, and gets extremely jealous very easily, and isn't really used to not getting what he wants. That being said, when it comes to his friends, he has developed a natural tendency to not necessarily look after them, but remind them to look after themselves. He is slightly more patient with his friends, but on the whole is impatient with people who let things that he deems trivial affect them so much, and irrational or illogical people. He doesn't understand the point of self-sabotage, and struggles to put himself in someone else's shoes, especially when they do this, or when they're struggling (though he does try). Having grown up a great deal, Niko now comes across as straight-laced and serious but, as his any friends would find out, this is not necessarily the case.

Niko feels a strong sense of loyalty to his parents, and never refers to them as his 'adoptive family'. He has no interest in contacting his biological parents and reuniting, and seldom thinks of them; his real family are those he grew up with. Due to what he knows of the circumstances of his birth and having to spend his early years in care, he has some abandonment issues, but feels he has no right to complain given how good he's had life since, and that it shouldn't be an issue given that he has truly left his biological family in the past. Nevertheless, though he exudes confidence, Niko has an unshakeable need for structure and security to feel safe, and, around the age of fourteen, started to crave deep human connections with others. He chooses to broadcast neither this nor his insecurities, and does not talk of feelings in public, rather valuing his privacy. He will, however, share his thoughts and feelings with a close friend or his parents, when he is able to recognise and accept that he is having problems.

Interests and Abilities

Art: While not even close to being an artist himself, thanks to a complete lack of artistic talent, Niko's major non-sport-related interest is art appreciation. When he was growing up, his father encouraged intellectual pursuits as well as physical activity, and art appreciation was what stuck.

Combat Sports: Thanks to his interest in karate, Niko also developed an interest in Mixed Martial Arts when he was about ten, and he went on to compete in muggle Junior Mixed Martial Arts competitions. When he was thirteen he also started competing in wizarding Combat tournaments, specialising in the martial arts aspect. His high level of fitness and longstanding history in studying and practicing martial arts meant that it wasn't long before he started to prove himself at these competitions.

Karate: Niko took up karate when he was four, along with his sister. He studies the 10 kyū shotokan style, and his particular school does not submit the younger students for grading until it is clear they have mastered the appropriate techniques, to prevent them progressing through the belts before they demonstrate their maturity as well as their ability. As of July 2099, Niko wears a junior black belt. He must go through another rigorous grading session when he turns sixteen in order to earn his 1st dan senior black belt. Due to the interruption of training while he is away at Hogwarts, Niko trains on his own throughout the school year, and attends intensive training sessions (and gradings, when he is ready for them) over the school holidays.

Languages: Niko is multilingial. His first language was German, and he is also fluent in English, which is now his primary language. He is highly proficient in Italian, French, and Latin, and also has some knowledge of Norwegian. The latter is due to his formative years in the German children's home, where they taught English and Norwegian to every resident. Due to the fact that he is very out of practice, Niko's Norwegian is extremely rusty.

Miscellaneous Sports: Niko is interested in sports above all else, though wizarding sports don't really do it for him. In addition to his main sporting activities, he also enjoys horse-riding during the school holidays. Prior to Hogwarts he played lacrosse and cricket, but had to give up when he left for school as he could no longer attend team training sessions. Niko is also an avid skateboarder.

Swimming: Niko has a natural talent for swimming, largely helped by his build. He took up swimming when he was eight, and started competing in junior competitions when he was nine. Niko is yet to place lower than second in any of his swimming competitions.

History and Early Life

Pre-Life and Early Life

Claudia Wolff was a pureblood German witch, and Markus Nilsson a pureblood Swedish wizard. They met when they were students at Durmstrang; Claudia was in Ucilena and Markus was in Wolverine. They started a relationship together and, when they were still quite young, Claudia realised she was pregnant. The pregnancy was kept a secret with only immediate family members knowing anything about it, and Claudia agreed to give up the baby. After Claudia gave birth - a private midwife and healer having brought in to preside over the home birth - Claudia's older brother, Carl, took them both to Winterhaus Wohngruppe, a wizarding children’s home just outside of Hamburg, far from their own home in Heidelberg. She left the baby outside the front door, wrapped up and cloaked in warming charms, and, while saying goodbye, secretly tucked a letter inside his blankets explaining the situation and that she had named the child Nikolaus Wolff.

Niko spent his formative years in Winterhaus, which was originally founded with the specific aim of housing young and predominantly German witches and wizards in care who were also Durmstrang students, or who would be upon turning eleven. Winterhaus has a policy in which they only care for infants and very young children under exceptional circumstances, and Niko's situation was classed as such. For the entire time that he was a resident, he was the youngest child living there. It was at Winterhaus that he started showing early signs of magic, namely summoning things he wanted that were out of his reach. Niko was eventually adopted in 2089, when he was four years old, by Caspar and Jamie von Brandt. He joined Caspar, Jamie and his new older sister Philippa in their UK home in Ambleside, Cumbria, and his name was legally changed from Nikolaus Wolff to Nikolaus Julian Kiefer von Brandt. From then on Niko was doted on by his new extended family, and, compared to his old life, he was positively spoilt. At his request, Niko and Pippa started doing horse-riding and karate, and Niko very soon found his calling among all the different sports he now had the option of trying. Niko was also enrolled at St. Woboldo's, and started there when he was five.



Age 8

When Philippa went away to Hogwarts, Niko threw himself into his sports at every available opportunity, when he wasn’t at school or otherwise doing extra-curricular learning at home. He took up swimming, mixed martial arts, lacrosse, and cricket, on top of the horse-riding and karate he was already doing. Niko has always wanted to master and perfect everything he tries, and will stop at nothing until he manages it; he received a skateboard for his tenth birthday, and despite many cuts, scrapes, and broken bones, would not rest for long until he had started to master it.

For a while it was undecided whether Niko would attend Hogwarts or Durmstrang; there were concerns for the children’s safety at Hogwarts, but Philippa had attended Durmstrang for a while and been miserable at the time, so Jamie and Caspar were not incredibly tempted to send the children there. Ultimately, it was decided that Niko was to join Pippa at Hogwarts to start his first year in 2096. Niko was pleased, as it meant he had a better chance of leaving the school on weekends to attend his competitions, though he knew he had to give up his team sports - cricket and lacrosse - as he would be unable to commit to regular group training.


First Year (2096 - 2097)


First year

Niko was brimming with enthusiasm when it was time to head off to Hogwarts for his first year. Once at school he was sorted into Slytherin house, like his sister and Caspar, though the Hat briefly considered Ravenclaw, like Jamie. As for the rest of the year, Niko was expecting all kinds of fun and excitement and so was intensely disappointed when what he got was the new regime.

Headmaster Scrimgeour had come to Hogwarts, dethroning Headmistress Hawthorne in the process, and implementing all kinds of new rules and consequences. One of the new rules was the introduction of Special Obligatory Running Exercises, which involved running around the Quidditch pitch every morning. Niko, being a self-defined athlete, didn't mind the running so much as the part where they were woken at dawn by a blaring alarm. He was also appalled to learn that he could not leave the school in order to take part in his various sporting competitions.

By the end of the year, the regime was over, and though Niko was disappointed that his first year had been marked by so many rules and regulations, nobody had died and all that had really happened was that a lot of people had got fired, and several competitions had been missed. Niko, however, resolved to take part in them for certain the next year, even if it meant demanding to leave Hogwarts, which he hoped he wouldn't have to do.

Over the course of the year, Niko had made plenty of friends, most of them in Slytherin, like Alis Hanover. Other friends included Jackson Bole and Mark Gunter, both of Ravenclaw.

Second Year (2097 - 2098)

Niko spent most of his time in his second year training for his sporting competitions and keeping up with his studies. As such, he did not have much time for a social life, and did not consider it much of a priority. After a year of not competing, Niko resumed his competitions and won golds and silvers in swimming, and bronze in youth mixed martial arts. He also made the decision to sign up for the much bigger combat tournaments for the wizarding community, usually held in the summer.

Also there were pink furry mutants everywhere and a professor got eaten, but Niko von Brandt was far too concerned with his own activities to give any of it much thought.

Third Year (2098 - 2099)


Third year

Over the summer, Niko's sister Philippa held a summer party at the von Brandt home for her friends. Niko, in his infinite wisdom, invited Alis along, who in turn invited more kids their age, and so the party was crashed by the underclassmen, much to Philippa's chagrin. Niko also took part in his first large combat tournament (martial arts specialty), and though he only placed fourth in his division he was well and truly hooked.

Back at Hogwarts, things continued as normal, or about as normal as things could ever be at the school. For the first half of the year, Niko continued his competitions and was minimally affected by the stressed out forest creatures or the gradually more inclement weather, other than the fact that he couldn't send or receive any letters.

Niko was, however, slightly more affected by a conversation he overheard involving Alis and Jackson, and the latter's feelings for the former, and the suggestion of a date. Supremely jealous, though not entirely confident about the whys and wherefores, Niko devolved into stroppy teenager mode and privately labelled Jackson Bole 'public enemy number one', though he was incredibly subtle about it.

Later in the term, the weather situation was impossible to ignore; the mist that had surrounded the castle now surrounded the caste, so that it was impossible to get outside, and those who did somehow make it out there (two students in particular, including one boy from Niko's year) went missing and weren't seen again. What horrified Niko the most, however, was that once again he was forced to miss some of his term-time competitions. Not only that, but when the mist took over the lower levels of the castle, the Slytherins were forced to bunk up with the Gryffindors and be subjected to their childish games of 'the floor is lava'. Things only got worse when everyone in the castle had to evacuate through a secret passageway and go instead to stay in Hogsmeade and finish the term there.

This was the final straw for Niko, as now he didn't even have the Room of Requirement from which he always requested a room devoted to combat or a swimming pool to continue his swim training. At his first opportunity, Niko demanded that his parents pull him from school for the remainder of the term. Philippa stayed until End of Term Feast and subsequent train journey back to Kings Cross, but Niko was much happier back in the family home.

Fourth Year (2099 - 2100)


Fourth year

The summer before fourth year was what Niko had decided would be his Big Turning Point. He was going to become cool. He was going to become noticeable. He was going to get a haircut. And that was exactly what he did. Of course, he didn't really know exactly what else he could actually do to become cool or noticeable, so beyond the haircut he mostly just went back to focusing on his sports. He finally earned his junior black belt in karate, the highest rank he could reach until the 1st dan senior black belt became possible when he turned 16.

Not long after the start of summer, Niko was informed by his parents (who actually read the newspapers, unlike him) that the Hogwarts staff and students would be hosted at Beauxbatons that coming school year, due to the fact that the mist situation at Hogwarts had still not been resolved. Niko was at first unbothered by this news, mostly because, as a highly proficient French speaker, he felt perfectly well-equipped for living in France for nine months of the year. It was only later that he started to worry about whether Beauxbatons had a swimming pool or combat training facilities, or something similar to Hogwarts' Room of Requirement. Niko was also concerned over whether or not he would still be able to leave school in order to take part in his competitions, and decided that, if the answer was no, he would demand to be homeschooled instead.

But it turned out that there was no reason for Niko to not be allowed to continue competing in his various events, so he was soon off to Beauxbatons in the French school's carriages, a day later than usual on 2nd September. The school was extremely elegant and sophisticated, but Niko did not feel terribly out of place like many of his peers; he also had extensive knowledge of the French language on his side, and had been brushing up on his verbal skills over the summer. He was rather pleased with the surroundings, in fact, until he found out about the sleeping arrangements. Beauxbatons only had three houses, and so three common rooms to share, and one house needed to be accommodated elsewhere. Naturally, it was Slytherin who drew the short straw, and ended up in some sort of magically extended broom closet. This was the first slight; Niko did not see why another, less degrading area could have been chosen for expansion - as clearly, no broom closet would be originally big enough to house a quarter of a school - and decided that it was simply an act of spite by both Headmaster and Headmistress.

The second slight was that Beauxbatons had no Room of Requirement or equivalent, making training extremely difficult. There was a training arena, at least, which he made frequent use of for combat and martial arts, but nowhere in the school was there anywhere fit for swimming; even the lake was out of bounds. But despite these difficult circumstances, Niko kept training - at least where he could - keeping fit, and competing.

It was in the arena that Niko met another fourth year, a Beauxbatons student named Leo Wolff whom he vaguely recognised. Leo came from Germany, as had Niko, and Niko was struck by his surname, which held particular significance. He mentioned nothing about it at first, choosing instead to hang out and train together. They would frequently spar, as they had the sport of combat in common. It turned out that they had both entered the same international combat tournament a year earlier, and competed against each other, which was where Niko recalled Leo from. In that tournament, Leo had placed third, and Niko fourth, but Leo had been forbidden by his father from entering that previous summer, while Niko had competed and placed second in their age group. It seemed that in that time, Niko had surpassed Leo in skill and ability.

After a few months of this, during a break in the middle of one of their sparring sessions while the boys were talking, Niko casually mentioned while relaying a story about his parents that he had been adopted as a young child, and that his original last name had also been Wolff. Though he spoke like it was a funny coincidence, there was a part of him that wondered if there was any connection between them. However, when Leo excitedly mentioned that his aunt had had a baby around his age and given him up, Niko wasn't sure how to proceed. They exchanged more of the details that they knew, and soon Niko was certain of the fact that he was indeed Leo's estranged cousin, but when Leo started talking about getting into contact with his aunt, and telling Niko about what she was like now, Niko cut him off. He told him that, actually, it was extremely unlikely that he had been the baby in question after all, and even if he had been, he wasn't interested in finding his biological family. After that, he rejected any attempts to talk about the subject of family either specifically or in general, and the two resumed their usual routine.

Niko regularly met with Leo to spar and train, while still studying for his classes and keeping up his fitness elsewhere as much as possible, but a few weeks after the Christmas holidays Leo was conspicuously absent for the second time that year. Niko soon found out that he had been suspended, and was more than a little irritated about the disrupted routine, and even more so when word reached him that Leo had got himself expelled days after returning from his suspension. Now having to completely rearrange his training routine and schedule, Niko was not impressed.

Elsewhere in the castle, low level chaos was reigning in Beauxbatons. It turned out that the Hogwarts students were getting more of the blame for it, so Niko did his best to keep his head down and not get involved. This was somewhat difficult when the party decorations for the Valentine's Day ball were trashed while being housed in the training arena, where he often spent his time. Niko, however, mercifully escaped the resulting 'trial', though the Hogwarts students were cleared of blame in any case.

Niko continued to feel intense jealousy regarding Alis and Jackson's relationship, and by then had realised that it was more a jealousy over having to share his friend with Jackson. He didn't feel as though he wanted to date Alis, rather he wanted to continue spending more time with her again. Niko generally found the sight of Alis and Jackson together sickening, and yet he had started to get used to Jackson in some way, without quite considering a friend. He liked to mess with Jackson, but wouldn't have stood for anyone else doing the same thing. Likewise, he could tolerate Alis perfectly well on her own; it was dealing with them as a pair that bothered him so much.

After such a long time of feeling jealous, Niko started to tire of it, but rather than put his feelings aside he spitefully decided he wanted Alis to experience the same thing, and so decided it was about time he found himself a girlfriend. The problem with this plan was that he deemed very few people to be both attractive and acceptable to date, and the few girls he approached, to try and get to know, ended up being the exact opposite of the kind of person he was into. In the end, he simply gave up, deciding he was too busy to bother with such things in any case.

At the end of term, a ball was held to make up for the cancellation of the Valentine's Day event, and Niko attended just as many of his peers did. Once there, he was somewhat interested to note that a lot of students his age became a lot more attractive to him when they made an effort, and not just the girls, but the boys too. He stowed this information away in his mind for the time being, however, and spent his evening having fun by sabotaging Jackson, surreptitiously shooting spells at him to cause embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. It wasn't much of a consolation, but it sufficed for the time being.

Fifth Year (2100 - 2101)

The next year and the Hogwarts students were back to their castle up in Scotland, as it had been cleared out of the boggarts that infested it. Niko was pleased to be reunited with his precious Room of Requirement, not to mention to regular routine and more-or-less normal school life. He was also reunited with Leo who, it turned out, had been accepted at Hogwarts after his second expulsion, and the two resumed their sparring and spending time together. No further mention of biological family was made by either party, much to Niko's relief.

Early in the term, Niko was approached by another fifth year transfer from Beauxbatons, a Hufflepuff by the name of Candi, who asked if he would tutor her, alleging that Leo - their mutual friend, it turned out - had been singing his praises - no doubt in between friendly PDA sessions. Unsure exactly what to think of that, Niko nevertheless agreed, halfway between begrudgingly and willingly. Tutoring sessions commenced, squeezed into his schedule, and they focused mostly on Ancient Runes.

Niko also started being a little friendlier with Jackson, even considering him something of a friend, though their acquaintanceship had been gradually evolving for the past year or so. This emerging cordiality was partly due to the fact that Niko was no longer jealous about the Alis situation, having decided his time and energy was better focused on his academic and sporting pursuits. He had started preparing for his OWLs in fourth year, and, in his fifth year, continued to stay on top of his homework and revision even alongside more intense training.

The teen drama which had so far been more or less absent from Niko's life soon made its appearance, however, when Alis and Jackson 'broke up', in circumstances which were far from amicable. When Niko learned more details of the situation, including the mention of the word 'betrayal', he found he had little patience. After telling Alis he thought she was being ridiculous and unreasonable, she became furious with him, but Niko did not relent. He tried to get Jackson to stop dwelling on the situation, and also to not let the whole business stop him from taking care of himself and focusing on the important things, but it was difficult to get through to him and Niko did not have to patience for trying the softly softly approach. When Jackson started acting his own brand of ridiculous, Niko grew tired of the entire situation. His friendship with Candi, however, was blossoming as their tutoring sessions continued, and they got along very well together despite being very different people.

Niko continued to train for his competitions and also for his first dan black belt, having been until then able to progress no further than his junior black belt, which he achieved when he was fourteen - with his sixteenth birthday, he became eligible to attempt the grading for his full black belt. With training and studying underway, and the drama amongst his friends, he saw other people less and less. As June drew nearer, Niko felt some anxiety about the upcoming important exams, but considered it a healthy, useful amount of stress.

He did, of course, continue to see Candi for tutoring sessions, and she frequently caught up with him around the castle, trying to persuade him to divulge in an ice cream treat with her, despite knowing full well about his strict eating habits. It was a testament to their friendship that he occasionally relented, and another that he finally revealed to her that they had more in common than she knew. Candi, a forthcoming and open individual, had told Niko early on that she was adopted, had been in the system, and the general circumstances around it. It was not until this point that Niko revealed that he too had been abandoned at a young age, and later adopted, not necessarily because he wanted to hide it but because he was a relatively private individual, and seldom considered it relevant information. With Candi, however, and their similarities, it clearly was indeed relevant.

At the end of the year, Niko - one of the more prepared students in the year, no doubt - sat his OWL examinations. Apart from feeling just shy of the normal amount of nerves, he was extremely confident in his abilities. Having sat the exams, any remaining worries were banished from his mind. Niko felt absolutely certain he had done just as well as he could have hoped, and so ended the term on a high.

also: niko and alis might have made up, still figuring it out brb

Sixth Year (2101 - 2102)

competitions // black belt // wins out the oiseau // candi coming along to support him // OWL results //

Achievements, Accolades, and Qualifications

OWL Grade
Ancient Runes O
Arithmancy O
Astronomy O
Charms O
Defence Against the Dark Arts O
Herbology O
History of Magic O
Muggle Studies O
Potions O
Transfiguration O

Competitions (pre-graduation)

  • Gold medal (Junior WizSwim regional (North West) swimming meet, age range 9-10, February 2094) [age 9]
  • Silver medal (Junior (muggle) national summer swimming meet, age range 9-10, June 2094) [age 9]
  • Gold medal (Junior (muggle) national winter swimming meet, age range 9-10, November 2094) [age 9]
  • Gold medal (Junior WizSwim regional (North West) swimming meet, age range 9-10, February 2095) [age 10]
  • First place trophy (Junior (muggle) British summer championship swimming meet age range 9-10, July 2095) [age 10]
  • Second place trophy (Junior WizSwim British summer championship swimming meet age range 9-10, August 2095) [age 10]
  • Silver medal (Junior (muggle) national winter swimming meet, age range 10, November 2095) [age 10]
  • Gold medal (Junior WizSwim regional (North West) swimming meet, age range 11-12, February 2096) [age 11]
  • Gold medal (Junior (muggle) national summer swimming meet, age range 11-12, June 2096) [age 11]
  • Second place trophy (Junior (muggle) British summer championship swimming meet age range 11-12, July 2096) [age 11]
  • First place trophy (Junior WizSwim British summer championship swimming meet age range 11-12, August 2096) [age 11]
  • Second place trophy (Junior (muggle) British summer championship swimming meet age range 11-12, July 2097) [age 12]
  • Second place trophy (Junior WizSwim British summer championship swimming meet age range 11-12, August 2097) [age 12]
  • Bronze medal (Regional (North West) Junior Mixed Martial Arts competition, age range 11-12, August 2097) [age 12]
  • Gold medal (Junior WizSwim national winter swimming meet, age range 11-12, November 2097) [age 12]
  • Second place trophy (Regional (North West) Junior Mixed Martial Arts competition, age range 11-12, December 2097) [age 12]
  • Gold medal (Junior WizSwim regional (North West) swimming meet, age range 13-14, February 2098) [age 13]
  • Silver medal (Junior (muggle) national summer swimming meet, age range 13-14, June 2098) [age 13]
  • First place trophy (Junior (muggle) British summer championships swimming meet, age range 13-14, July 2098) [age 13]
  • Fourth place (International Wizarding Youth Combat Tournament, age range Under-14s, July 2098) [age 13]
  • First place trophy (Junior WizSwim British summer championship swimming meet age range 13-14, August 2098) [age 13]
  • Gold medal (Junior (muggle) national winter swimming meet, age range 13-14, November 2098) [age 13]
  • Third place trophy (Regional (North West) Junior Mixed Martial Arts competition, age range 13-14, December 2098) [age 13]
  • Second place trophy (International Wizarding Youth Combat Tournament, age range Under-14s, July 2099) [age 14]
  • Second place trophy (Junior (muggle) British summer championships swimming meet, age range 13-14, July 2099) [age 14]
  • First place trophy (Junior WizSwim British summer championship swimming meet, age range 13-14, August 2099) [age 14]
  • Gold medal (Junior (muggle) national winter swimming meet, age range 13-14, November 2099) [age 14]
  • First place trophy (Regional (North West) Junior Mixed Martial Arts competition, age range 13-14, December 2099) [age 14]
  • Bronze medal (Junior (muggle) national summer swimming meet, age range 15, June 2100) [age 15]
  • First place trophy (International Wizarding Youth Combat Tournament, age range Under-17s, July 2100) [age 15]
  • Second place trophy (Junior (muggle) British summer championship swimming meet, age range 15, July 2100) [age 15]
  • Gold medal (Junior (muggle) national winter swimming meet, age range 15, November 2100) [age 15]
  • Second place trophy (Regional (North West) Junior Mixed Martial Arts competition, age range 15, December 2100) [age 15]
  • Gold medal (Junior (muggle) national summer swimming meet, age range 16, June 2101) [age 16]
  • First place trophy (International Wizarding Youth Combat Tournament, age range Under-17s, July 2101) [age 16]
  • First place trophy (Junior (muggle) British summer championship swimming meet, age range 16, July 2101) [age 16]

Karate (shotokan)

  • Orange belt - September 2089 (age 4)
  • Red belt - March 2090 (age 5)
  • Yellow belt - September 2090 (age 5)
  • Green belt - June 2091 (age 6)
  • Purple belt - June 2092 (age 7)
  • Purple belt (white stripe) - June 2093 (age 8)
  • Brown belt - September 2094 (age 9)
  • Brown belt (white stripe) - December 2095 (age 10)
  • Brown belt (two white stripes) - July 2097 (age 12)
  • Junior black belt - July 2099 (age 14)
  • First dan black belt - July 2101 (age 16)
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