Portanis Charm



Wand Movement

Tap wand on wand-side shoulder, stomach, and opposite hip in diagonal stroke




Charms clothing to give an altered appearance

The Portanis Charm alters the appearance of the spell caster's clothing without changing or damaging the fabric. The spell was taught by Professor Dyreth sometime during 2050-2051[1], and it was taught again in Term 18 by Professor Pierce.

Appearance and Effects

The spell caster should concentrate on the desired clothing change as they tap themselves from wand-side shoulder to stomach to opposite hip in a diagonal motion. The incantation should be recited at each point the wand touches the caster's body.

Although the caster will not be able to see any changes in their clothing without the use of a specially charmed mirror, the changes will be apparent to any observers. The changes are in appearance only - the appearance of winter clothing will not keep the spell caster warm, for example.

Reversal Charm

To end the effects of the Portanis Charm, the Haniros Charm is used.