Anastasia Truebridge's drawing of a Puffapod pod (seed).

A Puffapod is an extremely pink magical flower, approximately six feet tall when fully grown. Its seeds are explosive when dropped from a height of at least five feet. Puffapods are the subject of extensive research by Professor Anastasia Truebridge and were studied in Hogwarts Herbology class during Term 21.


Not much is known about the Puffapod or its discovery.


Puffapod pods (seeds) look like shiny, pink pea pods shaped like shells. They are also explosive. When the seed cracks along its fragile perimeter, or rim, it is exposed to the oxygen in the air, which causes it to instantly flower. The seed must be dropped from a height of about five feet so that the force of the drop is enough to crack the pod's tough, shiny perimeter.

The bursting-into-flower reaction is a defense mechanism caused by a chemical reaction on the inside of the pod. This unique stimulated magical growth has been the study and experimentation of many potioneers and Herbologists.

The flower which grows is hardy and highly colorful.


Puffapods are mainly found in magical floral displays and as decorative garden plants. They are especially popular presents from wizard children to the witch mothers on Mother's Day.


Colder climates, such as the Alps, can yield blue or purple puffapods. Warmer climates may yield yellows or oranges. The pinks can be found in a variety of climates, so long as the roots are kept warm.