Ristaris Charm



Wand Movement (Hair)

Tap the top of the head

Wand Movement (Eye)

Tap between the eyes or at the corner of each eye




Alter the hair or eye color of the caster

The Ristaris Charm can change the hair or eye color of the caster. The spell was taught by Professor Dyreth sometime during 2050-2051.[1]

Appearance and Effects

The spell caster must fix the desired hair color in his mind as he taps the wand on the crown of his head. The color change, if the spell is performed correctly, will spread from the point of wand contact to the ends of the hair within a few seconds. Longer hair will take more concentration.

Eye color can also be changed using the Ristaris Charm. The wand point should tap once between the eyes to change the color of both and should tap once at the outside corner to change each eye individually or to change eyes to different colors.

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