Scarlett Yuko Molina





Date of Birth

November 10, 2079


Manhattan, New York

Blood Status


Marital Status

Single and ready to mingle


9 3/4 inches, dogwood with unicorn hair core, flexible






It's a secret

Scarlett Yuko Molina is a pure-blooded 6th year student at Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry sorted under house Pukwudgie.


Scarlett is a self-proclaimed princess. Being the only child, she grew up having almost everything that she wanted. But because she grew up being the only kid her age in their household, she became generous and would give away what she deemed excess to other kids. This trait has remained strong even as she started to attend school. 

She is generally out-going and is not afraid to speak her mind. After being sorted under Pukwudgie, she believes that one shouldn't harbor any hard feelings and to advocate for this, she eventually becomes a patient and pleasant listener to the woes of her friends and family. She can also be sassy at times, especially when she's judging another person's fashion choices.


High-class fashion, apple juice, social gatherings


Patterned tights, spoiled food, people who can't follow dress codes


Dressing up, experimenting with make-up, yoga

Brief History

Scarlett Yuko is the only daughter and child of witch and Petals & Accents flower shop owner Medusa Dischell and pure-blood wizard Raymond Molina. Well into their age, the couple elected not to have any more childrenin order to focus on their only girl instead. Growing up, Scarlett had the undivided attention of both of her parents, but as she began wanting more playmates her age, she also began fashioning her own dolls and toys. This is where her love for dressing up and make-up stemmed from. And then she started showing a penchant for vogue art through magic, as expected, prompting her parents to send her to a wizarding school.

Their first choice was Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry but Scarlett, her eyes set on making it big in the fashion industry, decided that she wanted to establish her roots in the Big Apple. So Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry it was. 

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