Shriveling Potion



Side Effects


Brewing Time

A couple of hours

The Shriveling Potion was taught by Potion Mistress Hecate Lafay sometime during the 2074 - 2075 school year.


The Shriveling Potion is commonly misidentified as the Shrinking Potion. While they do share the same effect, the Shriveling potion shrinks something by dehydrating it, making it very useful and very dangerous. It makes something shrivel, wither, and wrinkled like turning a plum into a prune. An antidote supplied by the professor was necessary to revert the effects of this potion.


  • Water
  • Three Frozen Ashwinder eggs
  • Five drops of Caffeine
  • One teaspoon of Powdered Bicorn Horn
  • Nine daisy roots, chopped
  • One Squeezed shrivelfig, (skin included)
  • One Sliced caterpillar
  • Four horns from horned toads
  • Two rat spleens
  • One cup of leech juice


  • Fill cauldron with water
  • Break the Ashwinder egg into the cauldron.
  • Add five drops of caffeine
  • Stir three times counter clockwise after each drop.
  • Sprinkle powdered Bicorn Horn into cauldron.
  • Chop nine daisy roots and add
  • Stir twice clockwise.
  • Squeeze shrivelfig and dropped it into the cauldron.
  • Slice caterpillar on an angle, making five pieces.
  • Duck
  • Add the four horned toad horns.
  • Stir three times clockwise.
  • Add two rat spleens
  • Add one cup leech juice.


Potions Class 1, Term 28