The Chimaeras were a wizarding wrock band, popular from the early 2050s to approximately 2060. After the death of the lead singer, J in 2059, the band planned a reunion tour to be led by Marcus Lawson, but the mysterious circumstances surrounding J's death resulted in it never taking off.


The Chimaeras formed in early 2050, when the founding members J ? and ??? were nearing the end of their studies at the Wizarding University of Dramatic Arts (WADA). Marcus "Axe" Lawson joined shortly after graduation, when the Chimaeras had secured several tour dates but were in need of a noncontagious guitarist. (Their previous guitarist had fallen ill with dragonpox.)

The Chimaeras disbanded when a group of Dark wizards crashed one of their concerts in Liverpool, and lead singer Jimmy I think his name was was killed in the altercation. Jimmy came back to haunt the band's solely devoted groupie for the next five years, until a Ministry-enforced restraining order forced him back to their Liverpool concert venue. It has been said that his ghost can still be heard crooning his ex's name throughout the echoy hall...


Debut LP (2052):

  • The Chimaeras

1st Album (2053)

  • [to be named]

2nd Album (2055)

  • The Wizard Who Killed Us

3rd Album (2057)

  • [Idk]

4th Album (2059)

  • The Witching Hour

Known Members

  • ?? - lead vocals and founding member - 2050-2059
  • Marcus "Axe" Lawson - guitar - 2052-2059
  • ?
  • ?
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Known Fans

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