Vashti Amstern
Vashti Rachelle Amstern (née Greenwell)


May 2, 2059

Blood Status


Marital Status

Married to Anakin Amstern

Also known as

  • Vash (most commonly used)
  • V
  • Spatulaclaw
  • Vashy
  • Queenie



Positions Held

  • Prefect
  • Head Girl
  • Owl Post Office Assistant Manager
  • Professor at Salem Witches Institute
  • Professor at Qallupilluit School of Magic (current)


An eagle owl (Calandra)


11.75 inches, Cherry wood, Unicorn Hair core, twirly


Bottlenose dolphin

Vashti Rachelle Amstern (née Greenwell) is the only child of Muggles Victor and Vivian Greenwell. She began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on September 1, 2070, and was Sorted into the house of Ravenclaw. She was a Chaser for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team for most of her time at Hogwarts (with the exception of the term that the Triwizard Tournament was held, the one time she played Beater in her first year and Seeker in her seventh year, and the two times she played Keeper, once in her fifth year and in her seventh year), and in her final year she was Head Girl. She graduated from Hogwarts in June 2077, and not too long after, she acquired a job as an assistant at the Owl Post Office in Diagon Alley. On August 20, 2078, she married former Hufflepuff Anakin Andrew Amstern, and on September 19, 2079, she gave birth to twins who were named Regina Mae and Naia Rose. Also in 2078, she began studying Arithmancy at the Wizarding University Edinburgh campus, and in 2083 she applied for the position of Arithmancy Professor at Salem Witches Institute and was excited to find that she was eventually accepted, even though it meant moving to the States for it. Her third child (Lucy Satine) was born on January 26, 2085, and her fourth one (Kimberly Naomi) was born on December 4, 2086. She transferred to teach at Qallupilluit School of Magic in 2087. On November 17, 2088, her fifth child (Lucas Victor Louis Viator) and first son was born.

Early Life

Born on a clear, sunny day at the beginning of May in 2059 to Victor and Vivian Greenwell, Vashti never expected to find out that magic existed and that she would be a part of it all. She had two wonderful but non-magical parents, went to

Vashti, age 9

a non-magical school for years, and had many non-magical friends. Strange things happened around her sometimes - like when her hair regrew magically after receiving a really atrocious haircut at a barber shop or when she got so scared watching a horror movie with her friends Susan Peakes and Thomas Atkinson that she made the television short circuit - but she didn't expect the reason behind it all to be because she was a witch.

Because she was an avid reader with a particular liking for fantasy books, she did have a few ideas and theories about the reason why all these weird things happened, the most prominent among them a secret hope that she'd get into Narnia one day, as The Chronicles of Narnia was one of her favorite book series. The magic land never appeared in any of the closets or wardrobes she looked in, unfortunately, but she wasn't going to be disappointed for very long because on her eleventh birthday, a different magical world was revealed to her.

A stranger showed up on her family’s doorstep with a letter saying that she had been accepted into a place called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Though incredulous at first, after many hours’ worth of discussion, she and her parents accepted the fact that she was a witch and gladly (but nervously) agreed that it would be best for her to attend "this Hogwarts place." All three agreed it would certainly be cheaper than sending her to the school they had been planning on, as they, though not exactly poor, never did have a whole lot of money they could just throw around willy-nilly on things.

Much of the money that was intended to be used to send her to that expensive private school was exchanged for wizard money at Gringotts Wizarding Bank in Diagon Alley and used to buy her Hogwarts school supplies. The one she was most excited for was her wand, which was 11.75 inches long, made of cherry wood with a unicorn hair core, and was described as "twirly."

Once she had bought all her supplies, Vashti spent the rest of her summer reading over the new textbooks she had, curious about the new world she would officially enter on September 1, 2070.

Life during her Hogwarts Years

First Year (2070-2071)

The night of August 31, Vashti was reading through one of her spell books, wondering what it would be like to finally be able to do these spells, and as she did, her nervousness about attending a new school began to grow. What if she wasn't able to do any of these spells? What if everyone already knew all this and she was left looking like an idiot? What if she didn't make any new friends? These questions haunted her well into the night, and she didn't get to sleep until some time after midnight. Consequently, she overslept in the morning, and she and her par

Vashti, age 11

ents had to rush to get to King's Cross station, run through the barrier to Platform 9 3/4, and allow her board the Hogwarts Express just before it left. She managed to find some people to sit in a compartment with (after stupidly running into a girl beforehand), and it was there she learned about more about Hogwarts and its houses and where she first really heard what the game of Quidditch was.

Upon arriving at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Vashti was promptly Sorted into the house of Ravenclaw. She quickly came to love her house, and she participated as best she could in the classes to earn house points. She even tried out for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team and somehow managed to make it on to the team as a reserve. From there, her love of Quidditch increased with every practice and game, as well as her love for the position of Chaser, which she played in the second half of the Consolation Game between Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

Though she kept a pretty low profile, Vashti did manage to make a few friends outside of Quidditch, including fellow Ravenclaw first years Helena Bandee and Nina Woods. She made a few friends at the Hogwarts Slumber Party as well, including Jacob Blunt, who would later become the Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain in Vashti's fourth year.

Overall, her first year at Hogwarts went fairly well, considering she was able to avoid getting very involved in the "Fight Club" that was going on during her first year.

Second Year (2071-2072)

As September 1 rolled around, Vashti grew more and more excited to go back to Hog

Vashti, age 12

warts. She made sure she went to bed early the night before so she wouldn't be running late the next morning. Her plan went well, as she arrived at Platform 9 3/4 with plenty of time to spare. She bid her parents good-bye and happily boarded the Hogwarts Express for the journey to Hogwarts. While on the train ride, she ran into a first year that she'd befriended in Diagon Alley, Victoria Rogers, and met two new friends, Jennifer Potter and Ellie Stone, the latter of which who would become the Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain in Vashti's sixth year.

Her second year went pretty well; she participated in more classes (one of which was the awesome History of Magic lesson about battles, where she met one of her best friends, Trixie Malfoy (now Broadmoor), and earned the nickname "Spatulaclaw" thanks to her Spatula of DOOM), and she tried out for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team once more, managing to join the team as a reserve again.

Though Rave

Vashti wearing her dress for the Alumni Ball

nclaw only came in third place, they might as well have won first place for all the celebrating they did over their win. It was probably THE best party Vashti had ever been to in all her life - and it was definitely the best cake fight she'd ever had. Though not one of the traits mentioned by the Sorting Hat, Vashti found out very quickly that Ravenclaws, along with being intelligent, totally knew how to party.

But the ability to party, at least for her, did not apply to the Alumni Ball that was held towards the end of the term. Vashti did not (and still does not) like dancing, but she went only because her parents had found out about it and sent her a new dress to wear to the ball. So she reluctantly went but stayed at the food table most of the time, where she met her good friend Jayce Cannon.

Her second year ended quite happily, though it would not last for very long.

Third Year (2072-2073)

With the start of her third year came a brand new stressful experience – just before her third year began, her father was diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor. Reluctantly, she went back to Hogwarts and was further disappointed in the cancellation of Quidditch for the Triwizard Tournament. She didn't really get into the excitement over the Tournament, though of course she hoped a Hogwarts student would win. The costume ball held towards the end of term was sort of fun; she dressed as one of her favorite characters from The Chronicles of Narnia, Lucy Pevensie, so she did enjoy that.


Vashti dressed as Lucy Pevensie for the costume ball

Throughout the year, she corresponded with her mother and father through owls when she could and went home every time they were off for a holiday break. Some days were more stressful than others, depending on whether her mum’s last letter said her dad was doing better or worse

Vashti, age 13


Still, she attended classes and hung out with her friends, even making a few new ones, like Ty Adams, who gave her the nickname "Ti"; Louisa Carter, who would become one of her best friends; and Kurumi Hollingberry, who would later become a Gryffindor Prefect. One class in particular was quite significant to her year, and that was the one lesson in Charms about Boggarts. When it came for her turn to battle the Boggart, it turned into the one thing she wished it hadn't - a depiction of her father's death. She managed to banish the Boggart with Riddikulus after some encouragement, but the experience left her shaken, and she was more than ready to come home by the time the end of term came. Unfortunately, the day she got back became the worst day of her life, as just a few hours after she arrived at the hospital, her father passed away.

It was a devastating blow to the Greenwell family, and they would never be the same. Victor’s death brought not only emotional stress, but financial as well. Vivian had to get a second job, and Vashti even took on a part-time job for awhile, to make ends meet. Whenever Vashti wasn’t working, she took care of their small house – cleaning, washing dishes, making the beds, all the little things like that so her mum wouldn’t have to worry about it when she got home after a long day at work. All this kept Vashti busy and nearly convinced her that she shouldn’t go back to Hogwarts for her fourth year – her mother needed her more than Hogwarts did, she reasoned. Her mother, however, did not agree to her quitting her education there, knowing her daughter would be better off getting away from all this. Vivian refused to let her go to a Muggle school and by the time the first of September rolled around, Vashti had reluctantly agreed to go back to Hogwarts, but only at the assurance that her mother would live at Aunt Grace’s, Vivian’s sister, house for awhile so she wouldn’t be alone.

Fourth Year (2073-2074)

Vashti's mother forced her to go to Diagon Alley and get her supplies, though Vashti tried to spread it out as much as possible in the hopes that she'd still be able to convince her mother that she shouldn't go back to Hogwarts. One of the days that she went to Diagon, she entered Sugarplums Sweet Shop, wanting to get a piece of gum from the gumball machines there. Of course, when she did, she discovered that one of the machines had somehow been accidentally broken by Benjamin "Jimbo" Farley

Vashti, age 14

and the machine was spewing gumballs all over the floor. As she tried to stop the flow, another boy, Anakin Amstern, came in and tripped over all the gumballs on the floor. Then, after the chaos lasted a little bit longer, the shopkeeper came and fixed the machine, and they all introduced themselves to each other. Little did Vashti know that Anakin would soon become one of her closest friends and would be one of the first people she told about her father's death - and as a sign of their growing friendship, she was also one of the first whom Anakin told about his hearing problems.

Another day, Vashti ran into her friend Louisa, who was searching for her cat, Kitty. Whenever they managed to spot her, the cat would run further away. Eventually, the two decided to go to the Magical Menagerie to buy some cat food, in order to hopefully lure the cat to come to them. Once they had bought the treats though, they discovered Kitty had run into Knockturn Alley. Reluctantly, the two girls followed and tried to get Kitty out as quickly as possible, but even with the treats, she still kept wanting to run away, until finally a man (Atropos Trelawney) appeared and tortured the cat until it was unconscious. He ordered them to get out of Knockturn Alley, and Vashti quickly grabbed Kitty and led Louisa out.

Many days later, it was time to board the Hogwarts Express, and Vashti did so, even though she still didn't want to. On the train, she met Treyen Lockhart, and they, along with Kurumi and Stradivarius Salander, encountered a strange and unsettling edition of The Quibbler at the Food Trolley. After much discussion about it and the existence of nargles, the train arrived at Hogwarts.

There was one good thing about this year though – Quidditch was back. So, of course, Vashti tried out and was thrilled to find out she’d made the team again. Along with classes, homework, and Gobstones matches, Quidditch practices and games helped keep her mind off of other things, and gradually she began to not think about her father’s death or start crying as often as she had over the summer. Her once positive and friendly personality continued to become prominent once again, especially so after Ravenclaw won the Championship Quidditch match.

After that, the term ended fairly normally, bittersweet as always. She was ranked in third as a Chaser with five goals scored, tied with fellow teammate Emily Browne, but she had to say good-bye to one of her best friends, Trixie Malfoy, as well as teammates Emily Browne and Amadeus Kipling, since they were all graduating.

Fifth Year (2074-2075)

With the start of

Vashti, age 15

her fifth year, there was pretty much only one - okay, two - things on her mind: the OWLs, and Quidditch. As the year went on, though, she had a third thing to be concerned about - her mum's new "friend" (also known as a boyfriend), Marcus "Mark" MacDougal. Vashti didn't like the idea of her mother getting a boyfriend, as she didn't want anyone trying to replace her dad. She met him over Christmas break, and though he wasn't exactly a bad guy, she wasn't willing to give him a chance and disliked him from the start. On the last night before break was over, she cornered him and told him exactly what she thought of him and that she wanted him to go away, then stormed back to her room without bothering to wait for a response from him. She said a brisk good-bye to her mum and aunt when she left for Hogwarts the next morning.

It took a few weeks before she started to regret her outburst toward Marcus, but she tried to drown out the guilt by studying even harder for the OWLs and practicing extra hard for the Quidditch games, but as Ravenclaw did not make it to the Championship Game this time, she spent most of her time focused on studying. She couldn't hide from her guilt forever though, and gradually it started to get worse. She slowly realized that Marcus actually wasn't that horrible of a guy and that he genuinely made her mum happy - certainly happier than she'd been in awhile - and wasn't that a good thing?

This all became clearer especially after she talked it over with Louisa one night and Louisa thought she was incredibly cool for what she'd done. Knowing how rebellious her friend was (especially since immediately after Louisa wanted to leave the dorm after curfew and break into the Restricted Section and Vashti discovered a love potion the then-third year was hiding), Vashti realized snapping at Marcus really wasn't the best thing she could've done, and she needed to apologize.

Cally, the owl Vashti received for her 16th birthday

Still, she procrastinated on apologizing until after she had taken her OWLs in June; then, she wrote a letter to both her mother and Marcus and sent it with the owl she'd gotten for her 16th birthday, Calandra, just a few days before the term ended.

The End of Term Feast wasn't too unlike most of her other End of Term Feasts, as of course she had to say good-bye to a couple seventh year friends, namely Jayce Cannon and Eirian Vaughn, as well as her sixth year friend and Captain, Jacob Blunt. She ended the term ranked in third as Chaser, with four goals scored, and fourth as Keeper, with three blocked shots.

Sixth Year (2075-2076)

Reuniting with her mum (and Marcus) at King's Cross Station wasn't quite as painful as Vashti had expected it to be. Her mum didn't scold her quite as much as she'd thought she would, and even Marcus seemed pretty understanding of it all.

The following weeks were spent better than Christmas had been, and Vashti was starting to warm up to Marcus as well as his children, Kristina and Derek, who had just graduated from Beauxbatons. During this time, she finally received her Ordinary Wizarding Level results and was thrilled to discover that she had received O’s in seven of them: Arithmancy, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, History of Magic, Potions, and Transfiguration. (She also received a P and D in two other ones - Care of Magical Creatures and Astronomy, respectively - but she likes to pretend that those never happened.) Then, a week before the end of July, her mum and Marcus

Vashti, age 16, after she received her OWL results

announced that they were engaged. Though at first Vashti was shocked and rather horrified, she eventually began to accept it and became relatively happy for her mum.

Her summer wasn't spent entirely with her family (and soon-to-be family) though. One day she received a message from Louisa informing her that Kitty had died and that Louisa wanted to bury her at the entrance to Knockturn Alley. That day was an emotional one, and it nearly made Vashti go against her good judgment of staying out of that place to make the man that had tortured (and, by extension, killed) Kitty pay for it. Fortunately, neither Vashti nor Louisa did such a foolish thing.

A carnival arrived in Diagon Alley around August, and the first time Vashti went there, she went straight for the food and refreshment area. As she stood in line to get something, a kid nearby wasn't paying attention to his exploding lemonade. It wouldn't have bothered Vashti at all had a guy named William Fullmer not pulled her in front of him so that she took the brunt of the liquid instead of him. After a bit of arguing, she came away with a new nickname ("Vashiti") and a newfound enemy/rival.

Also in August, Vashti was invited to her friend Trixie Malfoy's wedding, who asked her to be one of the bridesmaids. Vashti was thrilled and honored that Trixie wanted her to be a part of her big day, and she was glad that Trixie had found someone that she knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

The term started as usual on September 1, but it wasn't long until things started getting crazy. Just a little bit after the term began, she met up with Anakin on the seventh floor corridor, and after a bit of discussion, he asked her out on a date to Hogsmeade. Though surprised, Vashti happily agreed and thought her term was starting off pretty well.

This didn't last long, however. After a History of Magic lesson where her friend Louisa foolishly used the term "Mudblood" as an example of a saying, Vashti met up with her once the class was over to ask about it. They started arguing as Vashti didn't agree with Louisa's reason for saying it, but soon the fourth year told her how she'd used the love potion (the same one that Vashti had caught her with the previous term) on Dallin. Though Louisa said she didn't like what had resulted from it and claimed she wasn't intending to use it again, Vashti managed to trick her friend into showing her where she'd hidden it in her dorm then Summoned it into her hand. Vashti refused to let Louisa have it back no matter how Louisa lied or tried to persuade her that she wouldn't use it, and after Louisa essentially ended their friendship and stormed out of the room, Vashti Vanished the love potion and hoped Louisa would come to her senses in a few days.

She didn't. But Vashti at least had something to look forward to - her date with Anakin. It seemed like it took ages for the November Hogsmeade visit to roll around, but once it had, her nerves took over. This was her very first date ever, after all. She managed to be early to arrive in Hogsmeade and talked with a girl named Anna Phoenix while she waited. Anakin arrived soon after, and after saying good-bye to Anna, he and Vashti went to Madam Puddifoot's, unaware at the time what it was. Their time there did nothing to end the awkwardness between them on the date. After a few minutes though, they headed to the Three Broomsticks, which improved their date completely, so that by the time the day ended, they held hands on the way back to Hogwarts. Then, as they were saying good-bye in the Entrance Hall, Anakin asked her on a second date, and she kissed him on the cheek.

Sometime after the Christmas Break, Vashti and Louisa, with the help of Adam Fitzgerald, were able to mend their friendship, though not until after an encounter near the Whomping Willow involving dungbombs that only worsened the rift between the two girls. They finally apologized when they ran into each other in Classroom Eleven, and Vashti, along with Adam, started practicing on their Patronuses.

The Patronus Charm was Vashti's main magical focus for much of the school year. After reading a bit about Dementors, she'd decided that she never wanted to meet one, but if she ever did, she wanted to be prepared to protect herself from reliving her worst memories. So she began practicing it whenever she could and was pleasantly surprised when they happened to have a Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson on casting a Patronus.

Also throughout the school year, Vashti was concerned with figuring out what career she

The necklace Vashti received from Anakin Amstern on her 17th birthday

wanted to have once she graduated. After a particular Arithmancy lesson, she became interested in Curse-breaking, and then a career in wandlore caught her attention when it was studied in one of the History of Magic lessons. It was towards the end of the year that, despite the danger involved, she decided on becoming a Curse-breaker.

About halfway through the term, Vashti found out that Anakin was going to have an operation that would hopefully repair his hearing. She freaked out, jumping to the worst possible conclusion because of what happened to her dad and tried to convince him not to go through with it, to no avail. So for her seventeenth birthday, she received a dolphin necklace from Anakin, who wanted to get her something to remind her that no matter what happened because of his operation she was "stuck" with him. The dolphin was chosen because it was the animal that he thought he would be if he ever became an Animagus, and it was, in her opinion, one of the nicest, most thoughtful things anyone had ever given her.

Her sixth year ended on a relatively normal note, even if the End of Term Feast was interrupted by a baby house elf that had escaped from the kitchens and turned out to be the reason the kitchens had been closed all year. The feast was also rather bittersweet as she had to say good-bye to her seventh year friends, Caroline Scott, Mina Bennett, and Salander. But though Vashti was disappointed that Ravenclaw didn't win any of the cups, she was pretty happy that she ended up being the top Chaser of the Quidditch season, with ten goals scored, and was the Player of the Match with seven points in the Gobstones Consolation Game between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.

Seventh Year (2076-2077)

The summer

Vashti, age 17

before Vashti's seventh year at Hogwarts didn't start out on a very happy note, as almost as soon as it began, it was time for Anakin's operation. Vashti didn't sleep much for the next couple days, worried as she was, and she spent most of her time either at the hospital or shut up in her room. She came to see him the moment she was informed that she could and was immensely relieved to find that he was doing perfectly fine. Later, they met up in Diagon Alley, and after a bit of conversation, they finally admitted their feelings for each other and even shared their first kiss. From that moment on, they were officially "together."

That day was probably one of the best in her entire life, and when she got home, she went almost instinctively to her room, grabbed her wand, and attempted once again to cast a corporeal Patronus. This time, she actually succeeded and her Patronus took the form of a bottlenose dolphin, which she was quite pleased with.

A few days later, Vashti received her Hogwarts supply list as usual, but there was something else that unexpectedly came with it - a Head Girl badge. She was so stunned that she seemingly lost the ability to form coherent sentences for several hours afterwards, and the amount of congratulations she received from her family did nothing to help her regain the ability any sooner.

Fortunately, she did eventually manage to figure out how to speak properly once more, just in time for her mother's and Marcus's marriage. They had a very small wedding, but it was still nice all the same, and Vashti managed to get through the entire thing without crying once. (Well, she might've teared up a little when they said their vows, but she will insist that it was simply because she got a speck of dust in her eyes.)

Not too long after this, while she was in Diagon Alley, she ran into a person who was one of the last people she ever expected to see in Diagon Alley - her cousin, Cadence Greenwell. After the initial surprise, they decided to sit and talk for awhile and managed to catch up on all the things they missed or didn't know about each other. Much of their conversation dealt with Quidditch, which they had a mutual love for. Once they parted ways at the end of the day, they promised to continue to keep in touch, and this started Vashti's new curiosity in the rest of her family. If Cadence - and, as Cadence said, some of her siblings - possessed magical abilities, who else in her family might also be a witch or wizard?

Though the ride to Hogwarts was different every year, boarding the Hogwarts Express this time was certainly a new experience, considering she was able to get into the Prefects' Compartment for the first time, which was interesting. Everything went well, though, and even the feast started off relatively well, despite a few minor incidents with a few younger students that were resolved fairly quickly.

Shortly after the term started, however, things began to get a little rocky. Her friends Ellie Johanson and Dallin McKinley broke up. Vashti tried to talk to Ellie about it and help her realize breaking up might not have been the best option without trying to get into the middle of it or anything. Later, however, Vashti was sort of thrown into it when she ran into Dallin on a staircase later and he, when Ellie appeared a few minutes later, kissed Vashti in an attempt to make Ellie jealous. Vashti pushed him away and left immediately, deciding it was best to get out of there and let them sort that out than stick around and possibly make things worse.

She fretted about what her own boyfriend would think about it though, and when she went to the library to hopefully ease her mind, she was slightly horrified to find Anakin there. She found she couldn't just leave and avoid him though, and as he noticed something was wrong, she told him what Dallin had done. To her relief, he wasn't actually mad at her, as she'd made a point to make sure he understood she hadn't kissed Dallin back, and though he was probably upset with Dallin, they managed to get over this conflict.


Vashti dressed for the BOOfire event

Throughout the term, Vashti took her Head Girl duties seriously, and she worked with the other prefects and captains to put on a small event called a BOOfire. They all worked together to tell a ghost story related to the four founders of Hogwarts since that year they were celebrating Hogwarts' founding 1000 years prior. Vashti worked with Head Boy Treyen Lockhart on narrating while the others acted out the individual scenes. To keep with the spooky atmosphere of the story, Vashti made sure to wear an all black outfit and even some dark make-up, but Treyen seemed to take the whole thing less seriously so she magically altered his clothes at the beginning of the story to appear black.

Along with prefect duties, studying for NEWTs and attending Quidditch practices took up much of Vashti's time outside of classes, so she was unable to spend as much time with Anakin as she would have liked. It was probably this that led her to think maybe trying to maintain a relationship wasn't the best idea for either of them, especially with graduation and entrance into the adult world approaching so quickly. If they couldn't see each other much when they were living in the same castle, would they be able to see each other at all once they were out of Hogwarts and had jobs and other things to worry about? Vashti thought about it a lot in the last few months of term and eventually came to the difficult conclusion that she and Anakin should break up. So they did.

Around that time, Vashti had grown ready to graduate. She was still sad to leave Hogwarts, especially since she had quite a few friends who would still be attending the following term, but she no longer felt completely unprepared and was almost excited to start a new life outside the walls of Hogwarts. Though becoming a Cursebreaker was no longer the career she wanted, she still decided she wanted to stick around Diagon Alley if she could, and so she decided she would check whether any of the shops were hiring as soon as possible.

Though it was hard to say good-bye to her friends at the end of the term and she was disappointed Ravenclaw did not win any of the cups, she thought her last year at Hogwarts was still great. Ravenclaw still did manage to make it to the Championship match unlike the previous term, and they came in second on house point totals, so she was still extremely proud of her house and glad to have been a part of it.

After Graduation

Shortly after graduating, Vashti discovered that her cousin Cadence, whom she had just become reacquainted with the previous summer, had quit her job at the Owl Post Office and gone back to America. In need of a job herself, since she wanted to save up some money before attempting to go to a university, Vashti applied for it and was accepted. Unexpectedly but fortunately, she ended up loving working there, even more than she had originally expected, and so she has continued to work there even after she started university the following year in September 2078.

Not too long after starting her job, perhaps a few months, she and Anakin made up and decided to give the relationship thing another shot, despite any fears of what the future might hold. Around this time also, Vashti had decided to move out of her mum's house, and Anakin offered her to stay with him. They had a little fight about who would sleep where, as Anakin wanted to let her have the bed and he would take the couch while she wanted the opposite, but eventually Vashti won.

Also during this summer following graduation, she met another cousin, though one she had never met before - Penelope Greenwell. They began talking quite a bit as Vashti wanted to know why she had a cousin she, nor anyone else really, had known about. One of their days together, towards the end of summer, ended with Vashti taking Penelope to her grandparents' place, where the younger girl was staying, and had a less-than-pleasant encounter with the Selwyns. She hasn't gone back there since, except for the day the new term started, to take Penelope to King's Cross.

The rest of 2077 on into 2078 was rather uneventful for her, but in a good way. She was happy with the way her life was going, though she certainly wished she could see her more often like she had in Hogwarts, especially those like Louisa who were still there at school. Overall, however, everything was going well. And it only continued to get better as, towards the end of Feburary 2078, Anakin proposed to her at Sugarplums Sweet Shop, where they had first met, and she happily accepted.

The next several months were busy, as not only was she trying to plan a wedding, but she also finally applied for the Wizarding University in Edinburgh, Scotland. Thanks to wedding planning and work, at least, she didn't worry about being accepted as much as she might have otherwise. Fortunately, she was indeed accepted into the university would be able to being studying Arithmancy there that coming fall.

The wedding was held on August 20, 2078, and everything came together almost perfectly, to Vashti's relief. She and her new husband spent their honeymoon in Hawaii, and reluctantly came back to the much colder weather of Great Britain for Vashti to start uni. 

Her first semester went very well, though it was a bit of a struggle to get used to at first, juggling between school and work and maintaining some free time to spend with Anakin and her friends, but she got the hang of it after a few weeks. She had much less of a struggle when her second semester started, though after about a month or two, she began to find it a bit of a struggle to motivate herself to do much of anything, as she began to feel ill a lot. Further investigation of the cause revealed a big surprise - she was pregnant.

The news completely terrified her at first, if only because it was so unexpected. Anakin, however, was very much excited to be a father, and he helped relieve some of Vashti's fears, so that she, too, began to be excited about it eventually.

Over time, they found out that she was in fact not having just one baby, but twins, and both of them were girls. They were born on September 19, 2079, and were named Regina Mae and Naia Rose.


Vashti ended up loving being a mother, even though it was incredibly difficult juggling that, work, and uni. It meant she had very little free time, and she didn't get to see her friends as often as she would have liked, though she still tried to maintain contact through letters whenever she could at the very least. A few years later, she was even promoted to assistant manager at the Owl Post Office, and the resulting pay raise certainly helped.

In 2083 though, as she was working towards finishing up her fifth year of uni, she saw a teaching job at Salem Witches Institute was open. Being a professor was what she had decided she wanted to be a few years prior, so this seemed like a dream come true. She applied for it, and eventually, after what seemed like an eternally long process, she was accepted. She was beyond thrilled by the news, although the prospect of moving was a bit nerve-wracking. Still, she looked forward to it, and in June that year, she and her family moved to Salem, Massachusetts. There, she also finished up her final year of uni and graduated in May 2084.

During this time, she gave birth to two more children, Lucy Satine on January 26, 2085, and Kimberly Naomi on December 4, 2086.

After a few years, she found out about an opening at a school in Alaska, Qallupilluit School of Magic. Vashti applied and soon was accepted for the job, and so in summer 2087, she and her family moved once again, this time to southern Alaska.

Several months later, Vashti became pregnant again, and on November 17, 2088, her first son, Lucas Victor Louis Viator1, was born. His middle names were named after her late father and her two best friends, Louisa and Trixie.

[more to be added in the future as it occurs]


Vashti has long, somewhat wavy, brown hair (though depending on the lighting, it can slightly look like more of a reddish-brown) which she rarely does anything with. She prefers leaving it down, but she sometimes puts it up when she's writing an assignment or grading homework. She has blue-grey eyes and stands at about 5 foot 6 inches tall. She is pretty average sized, having filled out a bit more from having kids and not being able to exercise quite as much as in her Hogwarts days when she played Quidditch.


Vashti can be a little shy when she is in a new place and knows absolutely nobody, but generally she's very bubbly, out-going, and fun-loving. She loves to laugh and have a good time, though she does know when to be serious. She's typically very even-tempered but can become very frustrated and angered by certain things and people, and she can be extremely stubborn. She also can be a bit competitive, especially when it comes to Quidditch.

Being a Ravenclaw, Vashti is very intelligent, but she tries not to act like a know-it-all (she doesn't always succeed though, particularly when she thinks someone is doing something wrong and, in her eyes, harmful). She likes to think logically but isn't afraid to think outside the box when necessary, and she absolutely adores reading, so she almost always has a book with her. However, she is often worried about her grades and can get really worked up if she thinks she's going to fail. When she's in such a state, it's usually in your best interests to just let her be, no matter how much she might try to force you to quiz her on everything something. As she has gotten older though, her studying habits have gotten a little less extreme, especially since she has had to balance so many different responsibillities at once. She still takes her grades and schoolwork seriously, but her priorities have certainly shifted now that she has children to take care of.



Victor Greenwell

Vashti's father, Victor Greenwell, was probably her greatest influence in her need to have

Vashti with her father, Victor Greenwell

perfect grades and in her initial excitement for the Wizarding world. When he was a student, his grades were nearly always perfect, and though he never intentionally put pressure on her to do the same, she wanted to be just like him and so she generally put that pressure on herself. He encouraged her love of reading, especially fantasy and history books, and actually didn't care that his daughter wasn't much of an athletic person - as even though he was, he hadn't really enjoyed any of the sports his parents had forced him to play. However, just as Quidditch became the exception to Vashti's dislike of sports, he soon grew to love hearing her talk about it as well as all the other things she was learning at Hogwarts. He especially took a liking to hearing and reading about the great Harry Potter, and every history book Vashti could get her hands on about him was given to her father to read.

Because she was so close to her father, Vashti was extremely devastated when he passed away, and at the time she was willing to turn her back on the magical world that couldn't save him.

Vivian Greenwell

Vivian G

Vashti's mother, Vivian Greenwell (nee Ridlyn)

reenwell is the one from whom Vashti gets much of her attitude and seemingly limitless appetite. Vivian was always very stubborn and a bit argumentative, especially as a teenager, and, as a very active girl who loved sports, was almost always eating something. She passed these traits on to her daughter Vashti, though for the first eleven years she worried her daughter would never share her love of athletics. Fortunately, Quidditch came into her life, and even though she wasn't extremely fond of the danger involved (as well as the fact that she herself couldn't play it, being a Muggle), she gave in and supported her daughter's enthusiasm.

She also shared her husband's love of history and instilled that love in her daughter as well. Vivian is a very logical, realistic person though, and at first did not believe the man who came to their house when Vashti was eleven to claim that her daughter was a witch. It took a lot of convincing for her to finally give her permission for Vashti to attend that strange Hogwarts school, and fortunately she has never regretted that decision. Ironically, after Victor's death in the summer of 2073, she was the one who forced Vashti to go back to Hogwarts though she didn't want to, a decision that Vashti is now very grateful for.

Grace Ridlyn


Aunt Grace, Vivian's sister

Grace is probably the one family member outside her parents that she is fairly close to. Even though Vashti often complains about Aunt Grace, she does enjoy being around her - at least most of the time. Grace is the reason - well, the main reason, as there are a few reasons - Vashti dislikes plants, and by extension Herbology class. Grace loves nature and has a huge garden in her backyard, which she always forced persuaded Vashti to help her take care of whenever she happened to be over at her house. The chore she typically got Vashti to do was pull weeds, something which Vashti complained less about once she started playing Quidditch at Hogwarts, as it kept her Quaffle-throwing arm fairly strong during the summers when she couldn't play Quidditch at all.

Marcus "Mark" MacDougal


Marcus MacDougal, Vashti's stepfather

Vashti first met Marcus, she wasn't very pleased. She felt like he was wrongfully coming in and trying to take her mother away from her as well as trying to take the place of her father, which was a role she felt he could never live up to. He is probably one of the few people Vashti has genuinely snapped at, though of course she regretted it after awhile. Their relationship improved over that summer though, once she had apologized the day she returned from her fifth year. She began to quickly see how he made her mother happy and how much he loved her mother, so she also began to accept the fact that he was here to stay. Even though she wasn't thrilled by their engagement, she wasn't completely upset over it either.

One thing that has also helped her get used to Marcus was the fact that, as it turned out, he was a wizard and went to Hogwarts too when he was younger. Also like Vashti, he was Sorted into the Ravenclaw house, though he does not quite share her enthusiasm for Quidditch. She has begun to enjoy listening to him tell stories from his childhood, mostly the ones that relate to his times at Hogwarts.

Kristina MacDougal

Kristina and Vashti are complete opposites. Vashti likes playing Quidditch, Kristina can't s

Kristina MacDougal, Vashti's stepsister

tand it; Vashti loves to read, Kristina wouldn't be caught dead with a book in her hand; Vashti doesn't care much about fancy clothes or make-up, Kristina loves all of that stuff. Yet despite their differences, they do manage to get along fairly well, especially since most of their conversations are about what spells they've been working on and other related magical things (because even though Kristina hates reading, she loves learning new spells and Charms - she just doesn't want to learn about them from a book). How annoying Derek is is also a frequent topic for them, as well as other boys (though these boys aren't generally described as "annoying" by them).

These conversations also remind them of another trait that they happen to share: Neither Vashti nor Kristina have had very many boyfriends. Fortunately, however, Kristina does currently have a boyfriend, whom she has been with for about four years now, and so during these conversations, she often gave Vashti advice on getting a boyfriend, and she was one of the first that Vashti admitted her crush on Anakin to.

Derek MacDougal


Derek MacDougal, Vashti's stepbrother

The relationship between Derek and Vashti is probably that of any typical brother-sister relationship: They both love annoying each other to no end. They're almost always poking fun at each other, and Derek loves playing pranks on Vashti, especially during the summer of 2076 in the days before her mother's and his father's wedding. The biggest prank Derek has played on her so far was taking and hiding all of her pairs of shoes except her only pair of high heels. He knew she hated wearing those shoes and only had them for the pep rally that was held at Hogwarts during her sixth year, so he thought it would be hilarious to watch her freak out about having to wear them and hopefully trip and fall a couple times. Her reaction to finding only that pair wasn't quite what he'd expected it to be though. She did freak out, but she also freaked out at him and threw one of the heels at him as she demanded to know where the rest of her shoes were. He didn't cave though, of course, and continued to keep her shoes where he'd concealed them until sometime around the middle of August.

Despite how much they frustrate and annoy each other, they do care about each other, and Derek has questioned her plenty of times about "this Anakin kid" she often talks about. He hasn't turned into the stereotypical "protective older brother" just yet, but that's subject to change.

Cadence Greenwell

For most of their lives, Cadence and Vashti were not very close as they never spent very much time together, espe

Cadence, at age 18, and Vashti, at age 13

cially once Cadence and her family moved to the States when Vashti was only about six years old. They didn't see each other much after that until a family reunion was held at the end of June in 2072, yet even then Vashti spent her time with the cousins that were closer to her age (five years seemed like a big age gap to her at the time). Even then, both of them were unaware that they shared something that most of the Greenwell family didn't - the ability to perform magic. Because of the Statute of Secrecy, they never spoke of it amongst their mainly Muggle relatives, and as they went to entirely different schools, they had no way of knowing the connection they shared.

That all changed in June 2076 when Cadence came back to England and got a job in Diagon Alley as an assistant in the Owl Post Office. Vashti and Cadence ran into each other one day in Diagon and were shocked beyond belief to find out someone else outside their immediate family was a part of the Wizarding World. They started talking and catching up with what was going on in the other's life and discovered a mutual love of Quidditch. Thus began their newfound friendship.

Penelope Greenwell

[stuff goes here]

Other Relatives

Vashti is not extremely close to her other relatives, mostly because she only ever saw them once or twice a year, and that was before she started attending Hogwarts. Now, she sees them very rarely, though part of this is because most of them have moved to other countries. On her father's side, for example, her Uncle Vincent, Aunt Stella, and their seven children - Cadence, Callum, Cora, Cedric, Carina, Camryn, Caitlyn, and Caleb - moved to the United States of America in July 2065 (though Cadence temporarily moved back to England in June 2076), and her Aunt Martha, Uncle Charles, and their four children - Bernadette, Brian, Briana, and Bartholomew - moved to France in May 2068. Only her Aunt Mary, Uncle Robert, their five children - Jeremiah, Levi, Xavier, Samuel, and Brenden - and both sets of grandparents still live in England. Her father's youngest brother, Matthew, was the one she saw the least of, as he rarely - if ever - made contact with his family. It wasn't until 2065 that they saw him again, and then it was only to hold a funeral for him as he died from unknown causes during the summer of that year.

Her mother's family is much smaller than her father's, as besides her mother and Aunt Grace, there is only their brother Ned, his wife Nancy, and their two children, Adam and Jocelyn. They currently live in Scotland.


Thomas Atkinson

Thomas is one of Vashti's best Muggle friends. They met when they were about five years old, and after an initial argument over who should get the box of crayons next, they became instant friends (but only after Susan Peakes actually broke up their argument). Vashti even drew him a very poorly drawn pictu

Vashti and Thomas

re of an elephant (his favorite animal) to prove their friendship. He was one of the only boys she talked to in her grade at first, since she was quite certain the rest of them had cooties.

Thomas was usally the troublemaker in the group. He liked playing pranks on Vashti and Susan, and he enjoyed breaking the rules - at least the smaller, less important ones so he wouldn't get into too much trouble. He was also the most athletic one of the group and tried to pull a reluctant Vashti into whatever sport he was playing at the time (with the help of Susan most of the time). The result was usually a ball kicked at his head (and missing nearly every time).

Though he never knew it, Vashti developed a crush on him once she got older. He was her first crush, but because of that and because it started about a year before she started attending Hogwarts, she never told him, and by the time she might've had the courage to do so, her crush on him had faded. Whether he might've returned her feelings is unknown - at least to her - and she is perfectly content to simply remain good friends with him.

Susan Peakes


Susan Peakes

Susan is also one of Vashti's best friends, and it is she whom Vashti has been friends with the longest. They've known each other ever since they were babies, as their parents were friends even before they were, so Vashti and Susan have pretty much grown up together. She's essentially the sister Vashti never had. They hang out as often as possible, and they've had their fights and disagreements as all sisters do, but they always make up with each other at least within a day's time. Vashti is probably one of the only people outside her family that Susan has actually fought with - typically she is pretty level-headed and is more of a peacemaker, such as when she broke up the argument between Vashti and Thomas when they were five years old.

Susan enjoys sports for the most part, though she doesn't completely share Thomas's enthusiasm for them. She does enjoy trying to make Vashti get involved in them though, and fortunately is rarely a victim of Vashti's retaliatory ball kicks to the head. Also, she does not approve of Thomas's pranking and rule-breaking and is usually the reason he ever does get in trouble for it.

Louisa Carter

Louisa, though one of Vashti's closest friends, has often been more like the annoying little sister that
Women krysten ritter 1280x800 6603

Louisa Carter

Vashti never had. They met in Vashti's third year - Louisa's first - and at the time, neither would have expected their summer to turn out as it did - with them entering the dangerous Knockturn Alley and watching Louisa's cat be tortured right in front of their eyes. Later, Louisa would be one of the first people that Vashti confided in about her father's death. And as their friendship grew, Louisa opened up more about her troubled home life to Vashti, who quickly though unintentionally (for the most part) became a sort of big sister figure. She also, however, acts sort of like a mother when it comes to Louisa, as Vashti tends to scold her when she tries to stir up trouble or purposely do something that is against the rules. This went a little too far in the 2075-2076 school year when Vashti stole took the love potion Louisa used on Dallin McKinley and Vanished it. This caused a temporary rift between them for several months, but eventually they managed to resolve their differences and became friends again.

They have continued to be best friends throughout the years, even when they moved to different countries. Louisa was asked to be the godmother to Naia Rose, and Vashti loves bringing her kids to spend time with Louisa. 

Anakin Amstern


Anakin Amstern

shti and Anakin met at Sugarplums in Diagon Alley the day that one of the gumball machines happened to be malfunctioning and was spewing gumballs all over the floor. Anakin was one of the ones who tripped over the gumballs and fell on the floor. After Vashti made sure he was okay and the shopkeeper had fixed the machine, introductions were exchanged, and Vashti was extremely surprised to find that he shared a name with one of the most famous movie villains in Muggle history - Anakin Skywalker, also known as Darth Vader, from the Star Wars movies. This only confused Anakin, but Vashti explained it to him, and a couple years later, once their friendship had grown, she and Anakin - along with Thomas and Susan - had a Star Wars movie marathon at Vashti's house (though it had originially been intended to just be something for Vashti and Anakin to do together). His connection to the character led to her calling him things like "Darth Vader," "Lord Vader," and various other Star Wars-related names.

Anakin was probably the first friend at Hogwarts that Vashti shared her troubles after her father's death with, and she was one of the first that he admitted his hearing problem to. Their friendship only grew closer after that - and seems to have developed into much more, as in their sixth year Anakin asked her to go to Hogsmeade with him as a date, and she accepted. Though their date was initially very awkward, they managed to relax long before the end, and as they walked back to Hogwarts, they even held hands.

They officially started dating during the summer before their seventh year but suffered a temporary break-up towards the end of the term. Their feelings still only continued to grow, however, so the break-up only lasted a couple months after graduation, and then they decided to get back together. In February 2078, Anakin proposed to her, and she accepted, and they got married later that year in August. Over a year later, their first two kids were born.

Anakin and Vashti's lives can be very busy and stressful with jobs, school, and children, but they do try to make time for each other whenever they can. It mgiht not happen as often as they would like, but Vashti always enjoys getting to spend alone time with him whenever it does.

Trixie Broadmoor (née Malfoy)

Vashti met Trixie when she was a second year and Trixie was a fift

Trixie Broadmoor

h year. Their friendship probably officially began during one of the History of Magic lessons, when they were learning about and participating in historical battles. It was during the battle that Trixie gave Vashti the nickname "Spatulaclaw," for her Spatula of DOOM, and Vashti gave her the nickname "Slytherdove," for when Trixie was covered with feathers from a ripped pillow.

When she was much younger, Vashti, though she admired Trixie and loved her like a sister, was also a little jealous of her as well. She had beauty, brains, talent, money, a ton of friends, guys who were interested in her, and in the 2073-2074 school year she even got the Head Girl badge, while all Vashti had (or thought she had) was at least a little intelligence (she was a Ravenclaw after all) and a few friends. She tried not to display her jealousy in front of Trixie though, as most of it wasn't really Trixie's fault and it wasn't like Trixie bragged about it either. Eventually, as time went on and Vashti grew up, she grew out of her jealousy and accepted the fact that, even though her life wasn't as perfect as Trixie's seemingly was, she did have a pretty good life compared to some, and she ought to be grateful for what she did have instead of bitter about what she didn't.

In fact, by the time Trixie's marriage to Alfred "Freddie" Broadmoor in August 2075 rolled around and Trixie had asked her to be a bridesmaid, Vashti was nothing but happy for her friend, and though she might've been willing to wear the high heels that the other bridesmaids wore if Trixie had insisted on it, Trixie was kind enough to pick out a pair of flats for her to wear, which Vashti was extremely grateful for.

They have continued to remain friends throughout the years, trying to keep in contact through letters and visiting whenever possible. Trixie was also asked to be the godmother of Regina Mae and was even entrusted to take Regina to Diagon Alley's Halloween event in 2083 while Vashti was in the States.

William Fullmer

"Friends" is no

Will Fullmer

t the most accurate term to describe the relationship between Vashti and Will (sometimes addressed mockingly as "Willie"), though over time they are no longer really "enemies" either. Their first encounter certainly didn't start their opinions of each other off very well. Considering Will pulled Vashti in front of him to protect himself from another kid's wild exploding lemonade, she was not very happy, and she got even more frustrated when he insisted that she ought to be honored that he'd "chosen" her to protect him. It only got worse from there when he invited her over to his house and made her pretend to be his friend to make his mother happy, as she was concerned with his lack of close friends.

Whether the pretending bled over into real life or it was the simple fact that they had a common love for Quidditch, Vashti and Will have sort of accepted each other's existence in their lives and might eventually become good - or at least decent - friends, as somewhere deep down they probably do care for each other. For now though, whenever they speak to each other, it is usually to ridicule the other or make some sort of sarcastic comment.

Jayce Cannon

Vashti and Jayce's relationship could be described as nothing less than a typical brother-sister rel

Jayce Cannon

ationship. Before Derek came along, Jayce was like the annoying yet somehow lovable bother she never had. They tease each other at least once every time they met, but it was always a good-natured sort of teasing, nothing that either of them would ever get truly offended or hurt by. That is probably what keeps them from being actual siblings - they haven't ever really fought or argued like most siblings tend to do.

One time when they ran into each other at the Third Hand Book Emporium, they wound up creating nicknames for one another that they would continue to use from then on. Because of Jayce's "pretending" not to know what the book Vashti had picked up was about (even though it had clearly said in the title what it was), Vashti started calling him "Mr. Illiterate," and because of her extreme interest in books and reading, Jayce dubbed her "Bookworm."

Eliana "Ellie" Stone

[stuff goes here]

Kurumi Hollingberry

[stuff goes here]

Treyen Lockhart

[stuff goes here]

Tiffany Pevensie

[stuff goes here]

Dallin McKinley

[stuff goes here]

Ellie McKinley (nee Johanson)

[stuff goes here]

Maximus James

[stuff goes here]

The Ravenclaw Quidditch Team

With the exception of the time the Triwizard Tournament was held in her third year, from her first year to her seventh, Vashti has been fortunate enough to be a part of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. Despite having never played a game of Quidditch prior to her first year, Captain Adrienne Mercer must have s
Ravvie quidditch team 2071-2072

The Ravenclaw Quidditch team in Vashti's second year

een some sort of potential in the then-first year, and it is thanks to her that Vashti quickly became passionate about the sport, as well as playing the position of Chaser.

Throughout the years, Vashti has befriended many people due to being on the team, though she grew closer to some more than others. Still, she is glad to have met them all, regardless of how long she actually got to know them.


Ravenclaw Quidditch 2070-2071

[Vashti's first year]

Ravenclaw Quidditch 2071-2072

[Vashti's second year]

Ravenclaw Quidditch 2072-2073

Quidditch was canceled during this school year due to the Triwizard Tournament taking place at Hogwarts.

Ravenclaw Quidditch 2073-2074

[Vashti's fourth year]

Ravenclaw Quidditch 2074-2075

[Vashti's fifth year]

Ravenclaw Quidditch 2075-2076

Ravenclaw Team:
Seeker Ellie Stone (HaRoHeGiNeLu) [Captain]
Keeper Maximus James (Grangerfn1)
Chaser Vashti Greenwell (AlwaysSnapesGirl)
Chaser Jasmina Bennett (DH Vixen)
Chaser Hugo Doyle (neaped)
Beater Spike Hutchinson (hermygirl)
Beater Hateya Stern (Ashwinder)

Indiana Hutchinson (RachieRu)
Eino Uronen (Starbreeze)
Beatrice Castell (tomewitch)
Luna Kieren (Orla)

Game Results
Hufflepuff vs Ravenclaw - Hufflepuff wins (150-80)
Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw - Ravenclaw wins (210-0)
Hufflepuff vs Ravenclaw - Hufflepuff wins (150-40)

Quidditch Leaderboard
Goals Scored
1. Vashti Greenwell (R) - 10
2. Kimalia Fanster (S) - 7
3. Hugo Doyle (R) - 6
3. Lola Jones (S) - 6
4. Carter Phillips (G) - 3
4. Penny Laughgood (H) - 3

Team Standings:
1. Slytherin (3-0)
2. Hufflepuff (2-2)
3. Ravenclaw (1-2)
4. Gryffindor (0-2)

Ravenclaw Quidditch 2076-2077

Ravenclaw Team:
Seeker Ellie Stone (HaRoHeGiNeLu) [Captain]
Keeper Maximus James (Grangerfn1)
Chaser Vashti Greenwell (AlwaysSnapesGirl)
Chaser Beatrice Castell (tomewitch)
Chaser Hugo Doyle (neaped)
Beater Indiana Hutchinson (RachieRu)
Beater Travis Gordon (Walrus)

Lana Hyde (DH Vixen)
Harvey Watson (EW FAN)
Taylor McIntyre (Cassandra)
Luna Kieren (Orla)

Game Results
Slytherin vs Ravenclaw - Ravenclaw wins (175-30)
Hufflepuff vs Ravenclaw - Hufflepuff wins (180-40)
Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw - Ravenclaw wins (195-10) (Vashti subbed as Seeker)
Hufflepuff vs Ravenclaw - Hufflepuff wins (170-20) (Vashti subbed as Keeper)

Quidditch Leaderboard
Blocked Shots
1. Keefer Marius (H) - 13
2. Maximus James (R) - 12
3. Kimalia Fanster (S) - 8
4t. August Goldstein (G) - 4
4t. Vashti Greenwell (R) - 4

Goals Scored
1. Treyen Lockhart (H) - 12
2. Vashti Greenwell (R) - 5
3t. Hugo Doyle (R) - 4
3t. Beatrice Castell (R) - 4
5t. Isabelle Dupont (S) - 3
5t. Gideon Gert (G) - 3

Snitch Captures
1. Alec Summers (H) - 9
2. Ellie Stone (R) - 7
3. Anya Phillips (G) - 4
4. Vashti Greenwell (R) - 3
5. Isaac Muir (S) - 1

Team Standings:
1. Hufflepuff (3-0)
2. Ravenclaw (2-2)
3. Gryffindor (1-2)
4. Slytherin (0-2)


The meaning of the name "Vashti" is uncertain. It is usually understood to mean "beauty" or "goodness," but it is possible that it originated from the Old Persian *vaištī, which is related to the superlative adjective vahišta- "best, excellent" found in the Avesta, with the feminine termination -ī. Hence, Vashti could mean "excellent woman" or "best of women."

The name "Rachelle" is a variant of the name "Rachel" that is influenced by the spelling of "Rochelle." The name "Rachel" is Hebrew, meaning "ewe."


Vashti - Wikipedia Article

Behind the Name Rachelle

Other Names

1 The name "Trixie" is a diminutive form of the name "Beatrix" or "Viatrix", which is a feminine form of the Late Latin name "Viator".

Source: Behind the Name

Exams Results

Ordinary Wizarding Levels

Total: 7

  • Arithmancy - O
  • Astronomy - D
  • Care of Magical Creatures - P
  • Charms - O
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts - O
  • Herbology - O
  • History of Magic - O
  • Transfiguration - O
  • Potions - O

Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests

Total: 6

  • Arithmancy - O
  • Charms - E
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts - O
  • History of Magic - O
  • Potions - E
  • Transfiguration - O

Family Tree

Richard Greenwell
Esther Greenwell
Zachary Ridlyn
Madeline Ridlyn
Victor Greenwell
Vivian Greenwell
Vashti Greenwell