Strolling Gala munchkin

King of the Gryffindors

Walnut is the magical familiar of Kurumi Hollingberry. He is the self proclaimed King of the Gryffindors and demands attention and worship in the form of fishy offerings. It is best not to disturb this feline, for if you do you may just find something of yours - usually shoes - peed on. Walnut also has his own way for identifying people and places everyone into a smell category.



Walnut as a kitten

Walnut was breed in Magical Menagerie and remained their until a man purchased him, only to give him away to another pet shop. This confused the kitten very much and after a few days in another pet shop where people spoke a foreign language, a woman bought him as a gift to her daughter. The kitten then had to ride on an airplane and was confused as to why he had arrived right back where he started - he could recognize the heavy smell of butterbeer.

Walnut quickly came to respect his new mistress, especially since she always had tuna fish cookies with her, and became fiercely loyal to her.

Now, Walnut spends most of his time in the Gryffindor common room, overlooking his domain and punishing those that do not show him the proper amount of worship.

Sense of Smell

Walnut identifies people by how they smell and each human has a unique aroma. It is unclear at this time whether or not a person's smell changes over time. Furthermore, the smell of a person has no direct relation to whether or not the feline likes the person. For example, Walnut does not dislike the smell of pineapple, but he is not exactly fond of Gryffindor Joshua Carter .

Person Smell used to identify them
Afbeelding 25

Kurumi Hollingberry

cat nip

Charles Hollingberry

Craig Horner

Joshua Carter

Kinopoisk ru-David-Gallagher-534184

Simon Bennet


Treyen Lockhart


Jonathan Kim, Slytherin


[more coming...if you have been labeled by Walnut, letting me know would be awesome!]