West Odessa
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West Scanlan Odessa

Date of Birth

2nd of February, 2066

Blood Status





Class of '84


Trouble, Battering-Ram, Westicorn, Odessa


10 ¾, Aspen wood, Fwooper Feather, Flexible.


Brown, Messy, long, and falls into his eyes a lot

Eye colour

A startling blue




West Scanlan Odessa was born 2nd February, 2066 in Ambleside, Cumbria in the UK to Leon Odessa and Wendy Banner (d.July 2 2068). He has one sister, Aspen Odessa , a former Ravenclaw. He started his first year at Hogwarts in September 2077 and was sorted Slytherin, though he was a Hatstall. He became Quidditch Captain for Slytherin during his 5th year, and was signed to the England Under Seventeen Quidditch Team before his sixteenth birthday. After spending a year as a reserve for the Wigtown Wanderers , he accepted a starting position as chaser for the same team. Along with Theodore Kinsley and Marcus Branxton, West has been in the top chaser team in the league for the past two seasons, having scored more goals than any other team during the course of the league competition during both years.

West has been a member of the wrock band, The Dead Kneazles, since 2082, after getting the idea to establish the band during the Summer prior to his fifth year. As of January 2085 he has a pet dalmatian puppy called Bellamy.

Personality and Interests

When he was younger, West was an annoying little so-and-so and he knows it, his dad even calls him 'Trouble' which West is used to by now. he's a pretty typical teenaged boy though, he likes watching Quidditch and stuff, and adores playing it of course. His interest in girls is well documented, and he is onto his second girlfriend now (since Feb 15 2081), Alice Fischer, after dating Bliss Ryans for the majority of his third year and part of his fourth. He once had lofty goals of becoming a great and powerful warlock one day, like his dad, who is a Curse-Breaker and Auror, but in recent years this has changed. Along with a fanaticism over Quidditch, he's developing a strong interest in music, and has been learning guitar for some time. His current aspirations include either being a Wrockstar or a Professional Quidditch Player. Or both. Both is good. He was offered positions on professional teams during his sixth year. He also enjoys expressing himself through some eclectic and unique fashion choices.

West is getting much better at learning in a classroom environment and spellwork is slowly starting to come together thanks to help from older Slytherins such as his former Quidditch Captain Dylan Montmorency and former Head Girl, Sierra Greingoth. West is however rather selective about what he applies himself to; he's not really willing to make effort for things he finds boring or pointless, and yet he goes above and beyond for those subjects that intrigue him, namely Ancient Runes, Herbology, Astronomy, Potions and Transfiguration. Though he likes Seren Bentley, Medea Romanos and Airey Flamsteed, his favourite professor is without question Abraham Botros, who is developing an increasingly grandfatherly presence in his life. He rarely takes notes because he remembers things verbatim. He's got quite a talent for art. He had a nile monitor, which he kept hidden in his dorm for several terms, but by fifth year the three foot long lizard was too much for him to handle, and the bruises and scratches were too much so he has convinced his cousin, Wandmaker Ira Banner, to take said lizard.


Academic Achievements

Slytherin Leaderboard 2077-2078, 2080-2081, 2081-2082
Slytherin Top Points Earner 2078-2079, 2079-2080
Aspiring Astronomers Association 2079-2080
Herbology Star-Flower 2079-2080
Hogwarts Runemaster 2081-2082
EBWEQBSC representative for Ancient Runes 2081-2082

Extra-Curricular Achievements

Guitar grade 8 - August 2082
Daily Prophet Internship - Junior Quidditch Correspondent - Summer 2081
Quality Quidditch Supplies Intern - Summer 2082
Apparition License - December 2082


Hogwarts Top Chaser 2077-2078
Hogwarts 4th Place Equal Chaser 2079-2080
Hogwarts 3rd Place Equal Chaser 2080-2081
Hogwarts Top Chaser 2081-2082
England U-17s Most Improved Player Award 2082
Hogwarts 4th Place Chaser 2082-2083
England U-17s MVP Award 2083

Hogwarts Champions(600 points) 2080-2081

Quidditch Commentator 2080-2081
Quidditch Commentator 2081-2082

Slytherin Quidditch Captain 2081-2083
England Under Seventeen Quidditch Team January 2082- August 2083

During the 2082-2083 school term, West was scouted and offered positions with the Wigtown Wanderers and Falmouth Falcons.

During the summer after his seventh year, West was offered a reserve position with the Montrose Magpies, which he turned down despite one of his Quidditch idols being the coach. He was also offered starting positions with both the Appleby Arrows and the Wigtown Wanderers, after long talks and negotiation he agreed to stay on with the Wanderers for a substantial monetary bonus, and was signed starting Chaser along with Marcus Branxton and Theodore Kinsley. After three seasons, including one season having achieved the league cup, West has renewed his contract once more. As part of the top chaser team in the league (most goals scored, two consecutive years), West's Quidditch career has been cemented, though the time will come when he will likely have to choose between Quidditch and Music. He received the Quaffle Control Masters trophy (with Kinsley and Branxton) for two consecutive years, the 85-86, and 86-87 Quidditch Seasons.


Gobstones 2nd Place Team Trophy - 2078-2079 
Gobstones Champion Team Trophy - 2079-2080 
Gobstones 2nd Place Team Trophy - 2080-2081

Gobstones Top Player 4th Place 2077-2078
Gobstones Top Player- 1st Place 2078-2079
Gobstones Top Player- 2nd Place 2079-2080


Early Life.


Leon and baby West

Born on the 2nd of February in 2066 in Ambleside in the Lake District, West Scanlan Odessa was a welcome addition to a happy and successful Wizarding family, consisting of his father Leon Odessa - a Curse-Breaker, his mother Wendy Odessa (nee Banner) - a Jewel Appraiser, and his sister Aspen Odessa (b. April 30 2062). Both former Slytherins, his parents were very family oriented despite Leon having to spend a lot of time away for work.

West doesn't remember much of his first years, when he was still a baby his mother got sick and after a lengthy illness, Wendy died on July 2 2068. His grief-stricken father returned to England and began work at Gringotts Wizarding Bank in London a short time later in order to be home for his young children. West was only two years old, and his sister six when their mother died.

His father however has always been a presence in his life and a strong and reliable one at that, even when he has been away for work. In addition to their father, the Odessa children were often cared for by their mother's sister, Linda Banner; a woman who has been married many times and has many children. This horde of cousins are a menace and West and Aspen, in their childish battles when the cousin horde banded together against them, always stuck by one another and to this day furiously defend each other against any interlopers. Its Odessas against the world.

Pre-Hogwarts Years

Young West had a tutor from early on, and he's fairly well-versed in magical theory. He always loved to read as long as it was something he'd chosen and not something that he had to read. He's always been an energetic and hands on kid, and his father encouraged that and did his best to adjust learning experiences to West's needs. Leon Odessa has always been infinitely patient with West's infinite questions. Due to all his excess energy, his father had him do many extracurricular physical activities, some of which may be a little surprising: swing dancing is an example of this.

West never really knew his mum since she died when he was still a baby though he has some hazy, half-formed memories that are more about his sister and his dad asking him if he remembers things. photographs. and hearing about stuff. and they don't talk that much about it, not really. He finds it hard because his dad acts like its still fresh and new and just happened. But West is okay, he has his dad and Aspen and his Aunt Linda all of those admittedly heinous cousins.

He does remember his dad working a lot and having to stay with Aunt Linda and everything, though it was a lot better when his dad got a better job. Leon Odessa was the Head Curse-Breaker at Gringotts which was really cool and he was home more and for longer and everything like that. West really likes their house and he thinks its dumb when he and Aspen can't stay there. They have an elf called Chaucer so he thinks that really it should be okay for them to stay there when their dad is away, because Aspen could clean things and Chaucer could make food and West can take care of himself quite well now anyway.

During the years coinciding with the end of the latest reign of the Cult of Walpurgis , West's father has been out of the country, working undercover for the ministry at the request of Evander Bole , then Department Head of Magical Law Enforcement. West and Aspen had to spend Christmas with the Boles, and while his sister was at Hogwarts, West has spent much time with the Boles (Evander and Lilyan, and their children Brysen Moretti , and Xavieria Bole ), the Branxtons (Doyle and Cassandra, and their three children Sophia , Genevieve , and Marcus Orion ), or his Aunt Linda Banner , depending on who was available to take care of him.

This was the state of things when West turned eleven, and instead of spending his first Diagon Alley experience shopping with his father, Aspen had to take him to get his school things and his first wand, and his father was not there to see them off at Kings Cross.


First Year (2077-2078)

While most would count their Hogwarts experience to begin from the moment they walk into the great hall and get sorted, West thinks its very important to include his first Hogwarts Express journey. Unlike many first years he didn't get to meet other kids his age right away because he found himself in the Prefects' compartment , where he claimed a seat and met all the Prefects and Quidditch Captains since nobody actually kicked him out. There were a lot of cats and plenty of chaos and the Head Girl gave him a nickname that he thought was HORRIBLE and mean (some kind of fruit). Still, he was happy that he got to know who all the important people at Hogwarts are (read: the ones that the teachers like best and the ones that West aims to be better than) even if it meant missing out on meeting other firsties AND missing out on the food trolley since nobody told him that there was one. He also disappeared to find out something very important for the train-ride home, namely, how much clearance is there between the roof and the lowest tunnel?


West and Aspen Odessa

Of course West would have been introduced to the food cart had he stayed with his older sister, Aspen Odessa . The fifth year Ravenclaw was quite put out with him for rushing off, as she'd wanted to show him everything and make sure he was okay.

When it was time to get sorted and join the Feast, West waited with the other first years to be called up to the Sorting Hat. He sat down, expecting to be sent immediately to a house, but instead the hat had a bit of trouble deciding between Slytherin and Hufflepuff and West remained on the stool for 5 minutes and 49 seconds, officially making him a hatstall. Finally the hat chose Slytherin for him -the same house his father Leon Odessa had been sorted into- and West bounded over to join the Slytherin table.

First year became quite the whirlwind for West as he found his place amongst his fellow Slytherins and realised his strengths and weaknesses in different lessons. During a Herbology class, noting a bigger boy, Joao-lots-of-names , being mean to his sister, West headbutted him and got away with it - the first incident of headbutting for the year. West tried out for Quidditch and made the team, and earned himself the nickname 'Battering Ram' for his headbutting skills. Several Hufflepuffs were damaged in the making of this name and reputation.

He soon enough made a whole slew of friends amongst his fellow first years, including Blue Gracae , Theodore Kinsley , Isidora Miroslava , Kaiden Yarborough , and Cassia Somerlad . Several older Slytherins cemented themselves as influences on the first year, particularly Sierra Greingoth , Aurora Stewart-Quinn and Dylan Montmorency .

He managed a few adventures during the term -including campfire making with Kaiden, Kite-making with Isidora, and an interrupted pirate adventure with West as captain, Cassia as Navigator, Blue as Boatswain and Theo as Quartermaster- but the focus for West was mostly Quidditch, which he pretty much fell in love with. He found himself losing 20 points at the end of the term for murdering a school broom right in front of Professor Vindictus, since he was unable to contain his anger and bitter frustration at losing the championship game.

His father insisted he find a way to pay Vindictus back, but West wasn't thinking about that on the train ride home. The twelve year old instead had his plans come to fruition and that term he was last scene using the food trolley to help him climb out one of the windows and on to the roof of one of the carriages.

Second Year (2078-2079)

Thanks to the broom murdering incident of the previous year, West found himself with a debt to pay, and his father insisted that he go to Vindictus when the school year began and work off the cost of the broom he ruined. It was either that or not get a new one himself so West agreed but tried all summer to figure out a way to get out of it.

West Odessa yr2

West about to start his second year

The train ride to Hogwarts began oddly, with several adults on board including the new Headmistress and several of the Board of Governors members, supposedly to reestablish a presence within the school and get to know the students. The BoG president happens to be his late mother's cousin, whom he calls Aunt Cece. She gave him a galleon to spend at the food trolley but West didn't get a chance because the train stopped suddenly and the students had to be transported to Hogsmeade Station by portkey. West generously let the School Healer, who was also on the train for unknown reasons, use his broom because she was not able to portkey. He later earned 20 points for this act of generosity.

At the feast he sat with his bestie Theo of course, only the two boys couldn't eat in peace because some first year girl, Serenity, was getting on Theo's case about an incident with a love potion where she had kissed him in Diagon Alley during the summer break. She was mean and rude and West was having none of it, so he thumped her in the arm for messing with his best friend. Another first year, a Gryffindor called Alexa Cambridge, butted in, and with the first years yelling and interrupting the feast, it attracted the attention of Professor Scabior, who simply silenced all four of them and gave them paper and pencil to communicate for the rest of the feast. He also took points from the Gryffindor, but West, as usual, didn't get in any serious trouble.

Despite his Quidditch addiction, and making the team as a starting chaser, West got to play in just one official Quidditch game, thanks to the fact that his great uncle died and his father pulled West and Aspen out of school to attend the funeral. During the tournament game against Ravenclaw which he did play in, he was injured, getting a serious concussion and breaking his nose when he fell off his broom unconscious. He spent over a week in the hospital wing, and then was sent home to recuperate. His father took him on a holiday to Egypt for his birthday and some quality time, and West returned to Hogwarts, much improved, and only spent one night sleeping in the Great Hall with the rest of the students who were there because the common rooms had been magically and mysteriously locked. West never bothered to find out the reason why. Starting near the end of 2078, West began guitar lessons.

Quidditch, injuries, and a funeral, weren't the only thing that kept West busy, during the term he presided over a wake for Blue's Kneazle, which starved to death after the great lockout of '79. It really was a year of facing death in a way, since West also helped his friend Kat face her father's death, even taking her to the Forbidden Forest to see if she could see Thestrals . He took a large sack of meat that he'd got the house elves to provide for Thestral-feeding purposes. During this little adventure they exchanged birthday gifts since neither had seen the other on their actual birthdays. Kat got him a snitch keyring, and he got her a necklace.

West managed to make a deal of the blackmail variety whereby he arranged for Selina Skylar and Vivi Branxton to get him a Nile Monitor, something they agreed they would do in exchange for his silence on certain matters.

Third Year (2079-2080)

Coming soon: -Summer, kissing Kat -Guitar lessons -Growth spurt -Bliss stuff -Mo coming to Hogwarts -Kaiden returning to Hogwarts -Alexa Cambridge arguments -Becoming friends with Alice Fischer and Ariana Logan

Fourth Year (2080-2081)

Coming soon: summer letters with Alice, visiting Brighton with Bliss, 'breaking up' with Mo. Dirty dirty Hogwarts. Telling Bliss about Alice things. New Guitar. New friends: Derry + Ascanius.  Quidditch commentating. Being dumped by Bliss, asking Alice out and getting concussed. Dementors! Kissing Bliss oops. Him and Mo mending their friendship. Alice forgiving him. Yay.


West Odessa, 4th year

Fifth Year (2081-2082)

Coming soon: Summer internship at the Daily Prophet. Meeting Olly and Schuyler. Not getting captain. Theo and Mo and Nigel getting badges. Extreme Theo loyalty. Friendship with Derry stands strong. Trouble with Alice. Halloween Party in the shrieking shack. Confiding in Botros about all of the things. Getting captain. Increasing Bipolar issues. 'Breaking up' with Mo again. The Dead Kneazles. Getting closer to Ascanius. Problems with Romanos. Quiz Bowl representative for Ancient Runes. Signed to the English Under Seventeen's team. England vs Armenia. Olly things. Egypt with Botros for Easter break.  OWLs. Almost being dumped by Alice. Top Chaser. Runemaster. 4th in slytherin points.

Sixth Year (2082-2083)

QQS Internship. Ice cream with Dora. Theo gets dumped. West and Mo sort of make up. Mo and Theo make the U17s team. Official Captain letter. Theo and Cassia and West officially have badges together, just as they planned in first year. Lots of Quidditch during summer. Band practice on wednesdays during summer. Guitar level 8. Cousins Ruby and Gabe stay with the Odessas for summer. Dinner with Alice's grandparents. Alice finally meets Leon. The Dead Kneazles Half-Hearted Valentines gig. Being diagnosed officially with Bipolar disorder and medicated for it. Getting offered positions with the Wanderers and the Falcons. Getting so close to winning the cup... and then losing it because of accidental snitchnip.

Seventh Year (2083-2084)

Breaking up with Alice during summer. Three times. Accepting a reserve position with the wanderers. Travelling with Mo. Visiting Jozsua. Circus party. Returning to Hogwarts... Quidditch cancelled, badge taken. Seeing Alice on weekends. Getting back together with Alice for Christmas... and it being over that same day. Or something.


Slytherin Quidditch 2077-2078

During his first year (2077-2078), West made the Slytherin Quidditch team as a starting Chaser along with his bestie Theodore Kinsley . He quickly began to idolise his older teammates, all of whom are particularly excellent Quidditch players, all dominating the top spots for their positions. Despite losing their Captain, Kimalia Fanster after the second match, Slytherin fought their way to the finals with Dylan Montmorency taking the helm. As was becoming standard for their technique, the Snakes dominated the scoring game, with West and Theo showing that the hectic training schedule had paid off, scoring six and three goals respectively. In addition to an near-flawless scoring game as evidenced in the final match of the season, the 2077-2078 Slytherin team boasted a formidable defensive side with Escalante strong-arming the beaters' game, and several players -including Montmorency , Muir, and Greingoth- flexible enough in their abilities that they were able to play well in multiple positions, both offensively and defensively throughout the term. Slytherin took second place in the 2077-2078 Quidditch Cup.


West in his Quidditch uniform

Slytherin Team:
Kimalia Fanster (Kimalia)
Isaac Muir (lizasaurus)
Kennedy Escalante (Bubbles)
Sierra Greingoth (Anna Banana)
Dylan Montmorency (Govoni)
West Odessa (Tegz)
Theodore Kinsley (Emzily)

Asher Romalotti (Saraie)
Amelia Pendragon (Saiai)
Daichi Katharos (DuckyLinJi)
Angelina Andrews (Katergirl)
Zhenya Burton (Jessiqua)

Game Results
Hufflepuff vs Slytherin - Slytherin wins (170-0) (West scores 1 goal)
Ravenclaw vs Slytherin - Ravenclaw wins (150-40) (West scores 2 goals)
Hufflepuff vs Slytherin - Slytherin wins (160-60) (West scores 2 goals)
Ravenclaw vs Slytherin - Ravenclaw wins (175-90) (West scores 6 goals)

Slytherin Quidditch 2078-2079

For his second year (2078-2079) West once again decided to try out for Quidditch, and was one of the first to sign up. With his own broom instead of a school broom, he was determined to do better than ever. He and Theo both showed out pretty good at tryouts, as if having real brooms as opposed to school brooms actually has made a decent difference. When the rosters went up, West was pleased to see that he made starting Chaser again, alongside his bestie Theo, and a newer player, Katrina who West didn't know too well but thought she was pretty good on a broom. Of course Dylan played Keeper, Isaac Seeker, and Sierra and Kennedy were Beaters once more. The reserves were amazing this season too: Ariana Logan in particular who had to slot in as both Chaser and Beater during the term.

However, West found himself unable to participate in the first game of the season, which was against Gryffindor, because he and Aspen were pulled out of school to attend a funeral for his Great Uncle. West would have rather played Quidditch. He returned to the news that Gryffindor had won, and that Isaac was, for some reason, off his game. He luckily got to play in the next game, though disappointed himself by only scoring one goal, and Ravenclaw won, Isaac not even getting close to catching the Snitch, much to the team's frustration. Perhaps more importantly, West suffered a severe concussion after a literal head on collision with Vivi Branxton. His nose was broken and after Healer Tillstorm had taken care of that, she had him stay in the hospital wing for well over a week recovering from the concussion. This was his first serious Quidditch injury.

Subsequently finding themselves knocked out of the tournament along with Gryffindor, the Slytherins decided to have a match just for fun against the lions. The scrimmage match was refereed by Vivi Branxton and it was first to three Snitch grabs, with Slytherin scoring 60 points and 100 from snitch grabs by Dylan who played Seeker and immediately found a rhythm and exhibited great skill. Unfortunately the results of this match did not count toward the knock out tournament, and Slytherin took last place in the Quidditch Cup.

Slytherin Team:
Dylan Montmorency (Govoni)
Isaac Muir (lizasaurus)
Kennedy Escalante (Bubbles)
Sierra Greingoth (Anna Banana)
West Odessa (Tegz)
Theodore Kinsley (Emzily)
Katrina Hudson (PotterHeadforLife)

Amelia Pendragon (Saiai)
Richard Turner (Fira)
Ariana Logan (JennMarie)
Gerald Rush (RandomRaven)

Game Results
Gryffindor vs Slytherin - Gryffindor wins (180-30) (West did not play)
Ravenclaw vs Slytherin - Ravenclaw wins (160-15) (West scores 1 goal, and is knocked out)
Gryffindor vs Slytherin SCRIMMAGE match - Slytherin wins (160-40) (West scores 3 goals)

Slytherin Quidditch 2079-2080

With a new Flying Professor and Quidditch Official came a change in the way the Quidditch Cup is run, and a welcome one for the Slytherin team. Rather than a knockout bracket, its total cumulative points which will determine who wins the cup, and therefore a chance for the Slytherin team game to shine. The Quidditch 'alliance' established with Gryffindor the previous term has seemingly continued, with far more casual interaction and fun between Slytherin and Gryffindor than with any other teams. Slytherin practiced with both Ravenclaw and Gryffindor during the term, dominating both sessions. The final game for Slytherin's season was an impressive one, with Slytherin getting every goal, every block, every snitch grab, and every bludger hit in an exciting match against Gryffindor. The team work was superb, and while West only scored one goal himself, his passing game was flawless, allowing Theodore Kinsley and Zoe Tillstorm to score several times apiece.

Slytherin Team:
Dylan Montmorency (Govoni)
Peyton Baltazar (Bubbles)
Sierra Greingoth (Anna Banana)
West Odessa (Tegz)
Theodore Kinsley (Emzily)
Richard Turner (Fira)
Katrina Hudson (PotterHeadforLife)

Asher Romalotti (Saraie)
Zoe Tillstorm (lizasaurus)
Daichi Katharos (DuckyLinJi)
Ariana Logan (JennMarie)

Game Results
Hufflepuff vs Slytherin - Hufflepuff wins (180-80) (West scores 2 goals)
Ravenclaw vs Slytherin - Slytherin wins (140-135) (West scores 1 goal)
Gryffindor vs Slytherin - Slytherin wins (210-0) (West scores 1 goal)

Slytherin Quidditch 2080-2081

Slytherin's experienced and solid line up underwent a few changes this term, with fresh blood added to the mix. Four first-time players joined Dylan's core team, Ascanius Stark as chaser, Derry Ferrier as beater, and Clement Belrose and Sky Carter-Hope as reserve chasing and beating players. West spent a lot of time helping the new team members to get up to scratch, flying and practicing with them as much as they needed. The first game of the season for the Slytherin team was a tough one, and it ran long thanks to a freak blizzard which caused the game to be temporarily halted. Professor James set up a warm tent with hot drinks for the players and fans to wait out the storm. When the game resumed, Slytherin pushed hard against an over-confident Ravenclaw side, with Theodore Kinsley emerging as the star player of the Snake team scoring 5 goals thanks to some excellent chaser team work, West getting the assists and scoring an additional goal himself when Theodore was caught up in true terrortwins style. West managed to get his nose broken during the game thanks to a bludger to the face. After the first match, Slytherin skyrocketed to the top of the leaderboard, closely followed by Gryffindor who, in a surprise upset, decimated the Hufflepuff side and won their match 170-15.

The second match, against Gryffindor, was tight. West did not play the whole match, arriving late due to a horrible case of food poisoning that had him vomiting on the pitch. Despite this he still managed to score once and work with Theo and Ascanius to ensure a dynamic scoring game. He also managed to vomit on his girlfriend's broom. No big deal. The final match for Slytherin for the term was against Hufflepuff, the one team that Slytherin had not managed to beat thusfar during Dylan Montmorency's reign as captain. However, Slytherin went into the match with the Championship already won. The game was a nailbiter, both teams scoring big, though the Slytherin Beaters dominated in the Bludger game. The Slytherin chasers were up against young Tobias Tempus keeping for Hufflepuff, and had to fight for their four goals, three of which West scored thanks to the top notch passing game with Theodore Kinsley and Ascanius Stark. In the best possible ending for the match and the Slytherin Quidditch season, as the team came together to score 190 points, with Dylan catching the final snitch. This secured them the championship, even with a Ravenclaw vs Gryffindor match still to come. However, celebrations were short lived because dementors appeared on the pitch and attacked West and Theodore. They were saved by patronuses from Professor James and Head Boy Oakey Gunter, but it did put a damper on the Slytherin celebrations. Slytherin finished the season with an impressive 600 points.

Slytherin Team:
Dylan Montmorency (Govoni)
West Odessa (Tegz)
Theodore Kinsley (Emzily)
Ascanius Stark (fanficfanatict)
Katrina Hudson (PotterHeadforLife)
Peyton Baltazar (Bubbles)
Derryth Ferrier (JustAlice)

Ariana Logan (JennMarie)
Richard Turner (Fira)
Clement Belrose (RachieRu)
Sky Carter-Hope (lazykitty)

Game Results
Ravenclaw vs Slytherin - Slytherin wins (210-65) (West scores 1 goal, is hit in the face with a bludger)
Gryffindor vs Slytherin - Slytherin wins (200-65) (West scores 1 goal, plays half the game with food poisoning)
Hufflepuff vs Slytherin - Slytherin wins (190-130) (West scores 3 goals, is attacked by dementors)

Slytherin Quidditch 2081-2082

Every single one of the returning team members were shocked to discover that Derry Ferrier was initially named captain after Dylan's graduation, after only one term of playing and still being completely new and inexperienced when it came to Quidditch, as well as not being the type of person most would consider leadership material. As devastated as West was in particular, he still tried out for the team (albeit without much confidence), and insisted that his former teammates support her. As difficult as it was for him, he quietly did his best to help her where possible. Derry is his friend after all. Despite his confidence taking a huge knock, West showed out very well at tryouts and of course made the team as starting chaser, just as he had for the four years previously alongside his best friend Theo Kinsley. This year Zoe Tilstorm returns to the team, and new students Adelaide Adams and Marissa Buratta, alongside returning student Caterina Moretti who tried out for the first time, also joined the team. Derry initially named herself Seeker for the first time, with the rest of the core team retaining their positions as the term began. However, tragedy befell Derry, who, while she was at home for break, fell off her horse and broke a whole lot of bones and fractured her skull. After her injury, did not return to Hogwarts and Professors Tyner and Lafay agreed to give the captaincy to West, who had begun running practices in Derry's absence due to the team not yet having had any. The circumstances were difficult for both West and Derry, but they have remained good friends, and she attended the first game to watch his team play and hoped she'd be able to play again herself in later games.

With his strong understanding of Quidditch tactics, West made some pretty drastic changes to the team line up, switching Katrina Hudson out of Keeper and into Beater alongside new player Adelaide Adams, and putting his own best friend, their star chaser, into goal. Initially Theo was less than pleased with this development but as West expected his best mate is an excellent Keeper. The Slytherin defense, as a result, is top notch, with Zoe Tillstorm, Clement Belrose, and Ariana Logan rounding out the defense-focused team members.

Unfortunately Slytherin lost their first match of the term, though West got 2 goals, and the defense was so good that Ravenclaw ended up winning on just 135 points, with Aidan Stone outflying Zoe Tillstorm for snitches, though the third year did her best and West appreciated her willingly stepping up to play Seeker at the last minute. West was scouted during this game, thanks to connections he made during the summer as an intern for the Daily Prophet, and was signed to the English Under-17 Quidditch team, much to his delight and genuine pride.

Derry was given the all clear to return to school and the Quidditch team in time for the second game of the season, against Gryffindor. Once again the Slytherin team played well, but suffered a loss. West scored two goals and three assists with Ascanius Stark scoring those three. By this point in the season, West made the decision to switch Caterina Moretti out of reserve position as she plays well with himself and Ascanius in chaser with Theo now playing Keeper. They ended the season having played exceptionally well despite the upsets of the term, even though they lost all three of their games and went from being the Champions to last place, a heavy burden for West. At the end of the term however, West was named top chaser for the school, with nine goals during the season, though that is not a personal best for him.

Slytherin Team:
West Odessa (Tegz) [C]
Derryth Ferrier (JustAlice) [S, B]
Theodore Kinsley (Emzily) [K, C]
Ascanius Stark (fanficfanatict) [C]
Katrina Hudson (potterheadforlife) [B, K]
Adelaide Adams (GrapehGrape) [B]
Caterina Moretti (Colley) [C, B]

Ariana Logan (JennMarie) [B]
Clement Belrose (Rachieru) [B, C]
Marissa Buratta (Starlight617) [C]
Zoe Tilstorm (lizasaurus) [B, S]

Game Results
Ravenclaw vs Slytherin - Ravenclaw wins (135-10) (West scores 2 goals)
Gryffindor vs Slytherin - Gryffindor wins (150-100) (West scores 2 goals)
Hufflepuff vs Slytherin - Hufflepuff wins (150- 120) (West scores 5 goals)

Slytherin Quidditch 2082-2083

The turn out for Tryouts during West's sixth year was notably large, meaning that West had his work cut out for him choosing a team, but also that there were more than enough talented people from which West might replace the outgoing seventh years. Though in the end he couldn't put everyone he wanted on the team, he was very pleased with his final choices, and hoped those that didn't make the cut would still tryout next term. Unfortunately Caterina Moretti was injured and unable to come to tryouts, so while West couldn't put her on the team, he DID ask her to be the official Slytherin team Caterer.

Slytherin Team:
West Odessa (Tegz) [C]
Ascanius Stark (fanficfanatict) [C]
Caleb Newell (Lissy Longbottom) [C]
Rhodes Merivel (Destiny) [B]
Adelaide Adams (GrapehGrape) [B]
Derryth Ferrier (JustAlice) [S]
Theodore Kinsley (Emzily) [K]

Astrid Emerson (PotterHeadforLife) [B] (CUT)
Asher Romalotti (Saraie) [B]
Sophie Newell (Anna Banana) [C]
Grace Paton (RachieRu) [C]

Game Results
Ravenclaw vs Slytherin - Slytherin Wins! (170-85) (West scores 1 goal)
Gryffindor vs Slytherin - Slytherin Wins! (210-60) (West scores 4 goals)
Hufflepuff vs Slytherin - Hufflepuff Wins! (190-0) (West scores 3 goals)


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Leon Odessa

Leon odessa

Leon Odessa

West's father, Leon Odessa, is the former Head Curse-Breaker at Gringotts Wizarding Bank. Leon was a Slytherin, class of 2055, born October 3rd 2036. He is very ambitious and dedicated and genuinely a jovial type of person at least until you cross him. He is not the type of person who can be walked over, nor is he the type to take advantage of others... except when it is for the benefit of his family. He is a firm believer in giving and getting respect, but also a man who is well able to spot opportunities and know which are the ones to take, and which have risks that are too great. He is polite, suave, diplomatic and a perfect gentleman. Leon also has quite the talent at putting others at ease, as he is a genuine soul who is discreet and easy to talk to. He has a Slytherin outlook and moral code, which while it is strict and he won't break his word, does not necessarily function to the standards of others, as such he's perfectly willing to use his ability to put people at ease to further his own goals, particularly if it effects the welfare of his family. He works well as part of a team, and is exactly the man to be relied upon to get a job done. He's the ultimate 'right hand man' though right now, not to anyone in particular. His own leadership skills stem more from his likeable personality than from any particular desire to be in charge, and he is effective more because he is particularly skilled at getting the best out of others than any other reason. Of course he is a trained auror and an experienced curse-breaker, so his magical ability is notable, but Leon also prides himself on being an excellent father, despite being a single parent and getting a little bit of help from his late wife's sister.

Upon graduating in 2055 he trained as an Auror and then began work for the British Ministry of Magic, during which time he married Wendy Banner. He transferred to the French Ministry in 2061. Leon began learning Gobbledegook and was loaned out as on-site security at the French Wizarding Bank. In 2062, when Aspen was born, he changed careers and became a Curse Breaker. This was better money for the family but he was by necessity away from home a lot. They returned to England in 2065, and West was born to the happy couple the following year. When his wife died in 2068, Leon began work at Gringotts so that he would be closer to home for his children, and more readily available. He was promoted to Head Curse-Breaker in November of 2069 and remained in the position for the next eight years. During this time he was heavily involved with the Cult of Walpurgis as a double agent and by 2071, he had managed to infiltrate the inner circle of cultists. His office at Gringotts had a direct connection to Martel D'Isigny's office at the Ministry. After the Cult was overthrown, he brokered an agreement with Evander Bole, and went undercover, disappearing with D'Isigny to France. After eighteen months, he apprehended the Cult leader and returned to England and his children. He is now partnered with Evander Bole and running security for a private firm.

Wendy Odessa


Leon and Wendy Odessa

Wendy Odessa is West's late mother. She died when he was two years old and he doesn't remember much about her, if anything. But her death is the reason West can see Thestrals, as exhibited during his first carriage ride up to Hogwarts in his second year. She was a jewel appraiser, and worked from home once her children were born. She is the reason the family live in Ambleside, as they settled in a home near her favourite cousin, Cassandra Rae-Branxton. West takes after his mother in that he exhibits the same exuberance for life, makes friends easily, and has a particularly creative mind. His artistic streak comes entirely from Wendy.

Aspen Odessa

West and aspen

West and Aspen playing in the snow

West's sister. A Ravenclaw. Aspen and West are very close, she is four years older than him and as of West's fifth year is training at the Ministry of Magic as an Auror.

Linda Banner

West's auntie. She has been married seven times, most recently during the summer before West's seventh year (the last time was five years earlier). She has nine children to  many different fathers. West and Aspen spend a lot of time at Linda's house in Brighton, and West visited during the summer before his fourth year along with his Girlfriend Bliss Ryans.

Ira Banner

Ira Banner is West's first cousin once removed, and a wandmaker who currently works at Ollivanders. He's possibly the grumpiest, most crotchety man you'll meet, especially since he's only in his early 30s but acts like he's in his 70s complaining about 'kids today' and such things. West isn't oblivious to this but he pretends to be because its dead amusing to bother him when possible. Also, he knows things about wands, which West thinks is cool. During West's fifth year, Ira taught a seminar on wandlore and took students on a fieldtrip. He also, upon leaving Hogwarts, took West's Nile Monitor since West couldn't care for it anymore.


It is no surprise that West has a lot of friends, he's generally a friendly person and tends to have a knack for getting to know (and winning over) otherwise 'difficult' people. His involvement in Quidditch is a big part of why he is so well known at Hogwarts. As an extroverted and friendly person, who has no problems with crowds or speaking in front of people, its always been easy for him to get to know people. He might spend plenty of time hanging out with people as a group, but West does prefer one on one time, and any of his friends can attest to how much effort he goes to on a personal level. He doesn't do fickle and he genuinely cares, so he's the sort who will listen and be there as needed. He puts a lot of effort into his friendships and expects the same in return. He can get a little intense at times and expects a lot from people, but nothing he won't give wholly himself.


Theo and West, Second Year extraordinaires

At the opening feast, West was reunited with Theodore Kinsley , a boy he'd met and made friends with during his foray into Diagon Alley, where both had decided they liked chocolate frogs and that was as simple as it was to get them started. Friend AND business partner mind you. The two have plans. Galleon-making, world-domination sort of plans. And because of said plans, when Theo peed himself at the feast, West purposely spilled water on his own pants to make it look like he had too, or like they'd both spilled water on themselves. Because they were cool. And it didn't matter. West made it clear right away that he had Theo's BACK and vice versa and the two have been firm friends ever since. It was even more awesome when they ended up with beds right next to each other in the dorm, and then both were the only first years to make the Slytherin Quidditch team. It doesn't get much more awesome than that, and they planned to one day rule the SCHOOL, something that didn't quite turn out as expected, though eventually they both held badges. Second year quickly saw them strengthen their bond, and West is undeniably loyal to his bestie, even thumping a mean girl who had kissed Theo and wouldn't leave them alone. The pair of them are in kahoots when it comes to interesting new girl-related developments, and both have a bit of a fascination for hair. Indeed in third year, West having already kissed Katrina Hudson and Bliss Ryans, Theo was feeling a bit left out, so West arranged things so that Theo could get kisses too, basically playing wingman for his bestie. During third year, the pair of them had a particular magazine confiscated from them by Professor Everett Scabior, though they didn't get in any serious trouble. Throughout the terms, Theo and West's bond has just cemented further. They have been through a lot together and Theodore is the only person who knows absolutely every one of West's insecurities, and accepts him for it warts and all. The pair of them are inseparable, and West is extremely loyal to Theo. Come fifth year, Theodore Kinsley was named prefect, while West eventually was made captain, as the two boys had planned, even if it hadn't at all happened the way they would have hoped. During summer between fifth and sixth year when Theo was dumped by Dora, West was there for him and Theo stayed at his place for a few nights. West encouraged his best mate to try out for the England Under Seventeen team during the summer.


Blue, West, and Theo in the Great Hall

West and Hazel 'Blue' Gracae met in Diagon Alley when Blue was buying her first pet toad. The two of them bonded over their love for non-cuddly pets, namely amphibians and reptiles. West of course shared his desire to get a Nile Monitor, and he helped Blue name her late toad 'WMD'. She's pretty cool for a girl, even though she's in Ravenclaw (but Ravenclaw is okay because West's sister is one and he has other friends there too). He was pleased to find out that she made the Ravenclaw Quidditch team, initially as a reserve, because that is just another thing that he and Blue and Theo have in common, and she always comes to support himself and Theo when they play. The three together are an unstoppable force! Watch out Hogwarts, there is plenty to come and West says she's one of his bestest friends in the universe. In fact she's become one of the people West doesn't mind confiding in, and he finds all her insights about GIRL things very informative. He trusts her Ravenclaw brain, and luckily she was happy about West starting to date her other best friend Bliss during their third year. It was Blue who had been tasked with helping him find a name for his Nile Monitor, and she was one of the few people he allowed to feed it before he was forced to give it up in their fifth year. Blue was the one person who was completely privy to and understanding of problems that came up in West and Bliss's relationship, and along with Elodie the three of them felt very abandoned and hurt when Bliss began acting oddly. The best thing about Blue in West's eyes is that he can be completely honest with her and know that she'll still be his friend no matter what; she accepts him warts and all. During fifth year it became apparent to him that Blue found Nigel somewhat interesting and vice versa. He did a bit of encouraging there and the two Ravenclaws got together. 


Cassia, West, and Isidora

West met Cassia one day at the lake and immediately discovered that not only was she the same house as him, but entirely willing to go along with his adventures. Along with Theodore and Blue, they are members of an amazing pirate crew, established circa first year, and attempted to build a raft to adventure on the great waters of the Black Lake. As she is in the same year and a Slytherin, and cool in West and Theo's eyes, the three made early plans to rule the school, starting with Slytherin house. This has come to fruition for their sixth year as Cassia was named female prefect to go along with Theo as male prefect and West as captain, just as the three ambitious Slytherins had planned. She was also named Head Girl during their seventh year. Cassia is pretty much head of the cheering section during Quidditch games and West can always count on her to cheer for him and Theo. He appreciates her sassy nature and her sense of humour. During their seventh year, West asked Cassia out on a date, however she rightly surmised that he was trying to get over being dumped by Alice, and gently told him no, that she'd much rather keep their friendship intact, much to his relief.

Isidora bought West's friendship with ice cream when they first met in Diagon Alley before the start of their first year, but also she turned out to be pretty cool. She likes to go by Dora but West affectionately calls her Siddie or Sid to bother her... though she has grown fond of it. Its fun to bother her. She got sorted into Ravenclaw while West, almost right after her, got sorted into Slytherin. Dora and West worked together making a dragon kite during the prefects kite-making event in first year, and they quite often sit together in classes. Ice cream in Diagon Alley is a regular thing for the pair of them, every summer. Dora was especially curious about West's kissing escapades and the subject of testing out her every-flavour lipgloss came up. However, West had promised Bliss he wouldn't kiss anyone else so he came up with the brilliant plan of encouraging Dora to kiss Theo instead. And she did. West was pleased with himself. There's not quite anyone like Dora in West's eyes, and they have grown very close, and are very comfortable with one another. Dora is very involved in many aspects of West's life given she dated Theodore for two years and  became best friends with Alice who West began dating during fourth year. They often have intensely private conversations and can talk about anything despite both being strong-minded individuals who do disagree on occasion.

The only friend West made in Hufflepuff during his first year, he and yearmate Kaiden bonded after meeting unexpectedly at the Duck Pond and deciding to make a camp fire, over which to toast marshmallows and smores and other yum things. During their first year they liked to buddy up when they had classes together. Kaiden was not at Hogwarts for his second year, but West was glad to have him back for their third year, and encouraged Kaiden to seek out kisses from Mika, which has turned into rather a drama between the pair, as Mika is more fickle with her affections and Kaiden is rather besotted. Kaiden plays on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team and while they're on the pitch all bets are off, even if West does his best not to cause too much damage to his buddy. West is aware that Kaiden isn't as smart as he is, and he has gotten frustrated a few times, but no matter what West considers him a friend and likes spending time with him because Kaiden is a good person. It could be said that West isn't the best of influences on the Hufflepuff, but he is loyal to him and they are friends despite their differences and spend a fair amount of time one-on-one just talking and hanging out. Kaiden was made Hufflepuff Quidditch captain during their sixth year and West was very excited that they would be peers in this.

Going by the nicknames Mika or Mia, which are much easier to say than her full name anyways, this Ravenclaw is a bit of a trouble magnet, and since West is trouble, its only a matter of time before the pair of them find themselves in the thick of it. They first met at the Opening Feast at the start of their first year when she launched a cauldron cake across the Great Hall and found herself at the Slytherin table. Even West thinks that she's a bit full on at times, but he thinks she's fun too. He attended her birthday party during third year in the Room of Requirement. West was very sure that Mika and his friend Kaiden liked each other and he did try to encourage things there, but neither seemed to be ready for such things, though it did eventually happen. since fourth year, West and Mika have rarely spent time together, but they still get along quite well when she's not Ravenclawing too hard.

West and Mo grew up together and were best friends by default for the great majority of their lives. Their mothers were cousins which makes the pair of them second cousins. With puberty, the two of them grew apart some, and their friendship seemingly ended. It was not, from West's perspective, due to a certain Gryffindor girl, rather he felt like the two of them weren't communicating anymore, and no longer had things in common. He also didn't feel that Mo let him be himself or allow him room to have faults. He felt like Mo painted him into a set of expectations and spent so much time talking him up and denying anything that could possibly be bad about West, that he can't actually be himself around him anymore. Essentially they no longer knew each other as they once did and West was a little ahead in maturity and growing up than Mo was, and this got in the way of their friendship. West still really cares about Mo and he hoped they can work stuff out but as of the beginning of fourth year, he didn't have much energy to spare on that and felt like Mo needed to meet him half way. During their fourth year, West was instrumental in setting Mo up with his friend Caterina Moretti and the pair began dating. West also forcibly administered the antidote to the strange ice cream that Mo had been under the influence of during the term. Spending time apart over the year seemed to have benefited both of them and they gradually made overtures to restore their friendship, even if these were often misunderstood. Mo made Ravenclaw Captain at the start of fifth year, despite having his heart set on prefect, and West who was painfully skipped over at the time, encouraged him to wear his badge proudly. Later when West was made captain for Slytherin after all, it was Mo who insisted that West would do a good job and helped to bolster his shaken confidence. As of the end of 2081, West was not talking to Mo, thanks to feeling that Mo yet again lied straight to his face about the time he spends with West's girlfriend. The lying broke West's heart and he wasn't really equipped to deal with it. However its nearly impossible for the pair of them to remain apart for long, and West attended Mo's photography show during the summer before sixth year without the other boy knowing, and then when Mo made the Under Seventeen's team with West, the pair of them tentatively began speaking again, and West confided in Mo about some problems he'd been having in his relationship.

West and Penelope have been friends throughout their Hogwarts years so far, and he began calling her Loppy for short in first year. Incidentally this Gryffindor happened to be his first crush, though it wasn't serious and was more an appreciation for her hair and her Quidditch skills than anything else. Speaking of her hair, he and Theo had an agreement to stroke the hair of each other's crushes and report back about how it felt since they thought it was less suspicious than stroking their own crushes hair, and they were both far less embarrassed about the prospect of stroking the hair of a girl they weren't into. West to this day insists to Penelope (and Ella Bishop, Theo's crush whose hair West stroked) that it was simply an experiment to ascertain the kind of shampoo the girls each used. After all, haircare is very important to West and Theo. As the terms continued on, while he no longer has anything past platonic feelings for the Gryffindor, West has developed the tendency of turning to Penelope for advice about things since he trusts her implicitly and always ends up feeling better after talking to her. As West is getting closer and closer to her boyfriend Ascanius Stark, the things West happens to have insight on regarding Penelope are rather more personal than most people might think, but he can certainly be trusted, and is still just as loyal to her as he was when they first met.

West has always thought Nigel was pretty cool, the Ravenclaw's sense of humour is one that West appreciates greatly. Their bonding began in first year after an incident in Charms class when Nigel's arm was broken and West escorted him to the hospital wing. Both boys play Quidditch, though obviously Nigel plays for Ravenclaw. West has great respect for him, and Nigel was named prefect for Ravenclaw in his fifth year. When West started a band with friends Ascanius and Vesper, it was Nigel he first thought of to round out their trio into a foursome, both because of the Ravenclaw's nature and his musicianship. Nigel is now the bass player for their new band. West discovered Nigel rather liked Blue Gracae, one of West's closest friends, and has encouraged him in that respect, dishing advice as wanted.

West and Vesper have only known each other for a few years but they instantly clicked and he did his best to help her settle in at Hogwarts when she transferred from Beauxbatons in her fourth year. West got her into Quidditch and worked and trained with her until she found her stride. She's very artistic, as is West, and they bond over this and their shared love of music. They are very touchy-feely with each other and very close. In fifth year West and Vesper formed a band with Ascanius Stark and Nigel Barrington, called The Dead Kneazles. The four of them have been playing and gigging together ever since, and intend to go far.