Wiggenweld is a wrock band out of the UK, consisting of Libra Wintringham, Chord Applebee, and Jace Williams. Although they first came together as students at WADA, Wiggenweld didn't really take off until after their graduation in 2079. While Wiggenweld has a moderate following in the UK, their moody rockabilly sound has brought the band a strong fan base in Southeast Asia. Wiggenweld recently completed their 2084-2085 tour of Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand. They were last seen performing at the WWN festival on Diagon Alley during the summer of 2085

The Band

Libra Wintringham: Great-granddaughter of famed Weird Sisters lute player Herman Wintringham, Libra received a classical musical education during her childhood in St. Albans. After years of piano training, her interests turned to the guitar. At WADA, Libra studied vocal performance (and definitely no lute playing), along with the guitar and violin. She served initially as manager to the band, getting them work right after graduation, but once work became steady, Libra was happy to focus her attention on song writing and performing.

Chord Applebee: Heir to the Muggle restaurant chain Applebee's, Chord came to the UK to find something to occupy his time until he could receive his inheritance. Once at WADA,he found his passion in instrumental music (guitar and piano) and dramatic performance. Chord briefly interned at the Daily Prophet before his band went on tour, but he prefers performing wrock to anything resembling a 9 to 5 job.

Jace Williams: (TBA)

Wiggenweld EP (2079)

No Robes, No Service

Black Walnut at Midnight

Please Leave Me, Don't Go

Extra: A Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love (Cover)

Gemini (2081)

Wax and Wane


Little Flame Gone Out

Cauldron Bottom


God of the Sea

The Life Path Number

Blue Robes & Blonde Hair

Jumpin' Jellybeans


Elixir of Life (2084)

When My Photograph Stopped Moving

Clabberting Around

Lawnchair Daydreams

Elixir of Life

Two Guys, a Girl, and a Candy Bar

Sphinx's Riddle

Under the Stairs

Burning Broomsticks

A Pensieve Full of Memories

99 Bottles

I Set Fire to the Phoenix

Aqua Vitae Anthem

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