Randolfo Elijah Ayala is a No-maj currently attending University for Engineering.

Randolfo Ayala was born July 7th, 2077 to Edwin and Rosalyn Ayala. Growing up in the projects he learned quickly how to survive on his own. His interest in school was low as he barely passed classes, not putting forth the effort, and skipping many lessons. When he was old enough at sixteen years old he dropped out of high school and lived with friends, forming their own group to make deals leading them to live financially well.

His parents found out about his jobs a year later after not hearing anything regarding school for some time and he was kicked out of his home. This was fine by him, he felt better off living on his own and he became a leader of a sort, deeming him as the 'Wolf' where he prefers to be called by.

Living on his own with his group they became a gang doing unlawful things and getting away with it. He happened to live nearby Abel who proved to be credible, but not apart of the group officially since he was still attending school. Wolf prevented others from messing with Abel and his friends after enough situations proving himself trustworthy. Through Abel, he got acquainted with Kirk and Darcy, but it would be Darcy who he would befriend and became the closest with. During the summers they would collectively as a group hang out with him and they'd roam the streets and shops, occasionally causing trouble before their curfew.

Wolf and Darcy became even closer, eventually dating each other. He would get expensive gifts for Darcy, including a car of his own, though he wouldn't say exactly how he got those gifts. Overtime, they became official and it became a question on how much about Darcy should Wolf really know about him. It wouldn't be for two years of dating that he discovered that Darcy was a wizard and in fact his whole family was.

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